Bait and Switch. My Hero Academia Chapter 336 BREAKDOWN

So you know how last week; the final panel was indicating to us that Toru Hagakure was the UA traitor? Turns out: It Was Yuga Aoyama. That Toru panel was a mislead, I suppose. I don’t know how I feel about it quite yet, but I still feel that the story needed more lead up to this. This reveal is not a symptom of a rushed storyline; it’s more like Horikoshi didn’t bring this plot point up in so long that we kind of forgot about it- or lost interest in it completely. So it made the “reveal” last week feel jarring and weird. And this…… is something. I’ll…….get into it a little later. For now; My Hero Academia Chapter 336: “Villain.” Let’s begin.


We open the chapter with the kids training. Bakugo is testing out his new move “Cluster” on Deku. It combines the “Build Up and Release” concept he learned under Endeavor and generation more sweat than usual, but using it as more of a “Rapid Fire” release rather than “one Big Blast.” And Todoroki is also applying what he learned in his internship by trying to “make his right and left halves into ‘one.'”

Kaminari and Mineta think that- with the “Aces” on the Villains side out of commission(All For Destruction, All For One, and Gigantomachia)- they shouldn’t have much of a problem when the time comes for battle. But Yaomomo chan and Bakugo explain to them why they’re so immensely wrong that it physically HURTS:

  1. All For One disappears for years at a time- they likely won’t be able to find him even if they went looking for him.
  2. Tomura was incomplete last time they fought him and he still kicked their @$$e$. And they had more people back then.
  3. They’re on the Villain’s time table; the Villains will decide when everything kicks off. It could be any minute now or sometime in the next 3 months….
Now you’re gettin’ it!!

Izuku wants to go out for a quick walk to find somebody , and Ilda tells him that Uraraka’s little speech managed to alleviate the publics tensions; he should be able to walk around as freely as he wants.

We then cut over to the SUSPECTED Traitor, Hagakure, who followed the REAL traitor out into the forest: Yuga Aoyama- “Can’t Stop Twinkling.” He’s meeting with their parents, who are “pleading” with him to continue to follow All For One’s orders! You See: Aoyama was born Quirkless. So his parents forked over the cash for All For One to give him his “Naval Laser” quirk. But ever since that day; All For One has been using his family as a means to and end- having him as a mole in UA feeding them information in exchange for his Parents lives. And the guilt has been tearing him apart.

The True Traitor

Before his parents can give him All For One’s new orders- Hagakure returns with one person Aoyama didn’t want to see in this moment: Izuku Midoriya. His parents try to convince them that he’s not, but Yuga Aoyama’s own words admit to the truth: “The USJ Incident……. And The Training Camp…… I Helped Them. Midoriya- I am….. A Despicable Villain.” His reveal brings My Hero Academia Chapter 336 to a Tragic END!! He Clickbaited Us? Dude…….


I could blame this on the quicker pacing, but I think the reveal of the traitor- and just the whole storyline involving that- just didn’t live up to the hype of it. I still remember when it was first built up in the anime during season 3- ALL the “My Hero” Youtubers would talk about was the Godd@mned Traitor. I’ve heard everything from “Bakugo is Endeavor’s b@stard son and he’s helping the Villains on his own so he can bring down All Might” to “Mineta is overacting as a pervert to keep people away from him,” to even Mammoth Base Opera Castle’s “Number” theory. Which wasn’t that bad a Theory, honestly- none of these were. And of course things like “Monoma is All For One’s son” or something.

“I guess that makes me- All For Son!!!

Now…….. I’ve heard defenses for the “Reveal” last week such as “The traitor wouldn’t be someone we focused heavily on- why would the traitor be in the ‘spotlight.'” Like; the defense is that we wouldn’t focus on the traitor, and Horikoshi used an under-utilized character as the traitor simply because they didn’t have a lot of screen time. Aoyama on the other hand had a few moments where he was in the spotlight- his moment during the Provisional License exam; the infamous “Cheese” moment; his look when he and Deku got close to each other; his unknown whereabouts in the USJ; and a few more moments here and there. But has he EVER gotten his own solo fight? An in-depth flashback? Gotten any inklings of his family history before this? Have we ever really focused on Aoyama before?

I think Horikoshi took a hybrid route with this reveal- having it be a character that we’ve gotten moments of, but never got any real focus on him. Because everyone who said that as a defense for Hagakure being the traitor- weren’t entirely wrong. The traitor wouldn’t draw attention to themselves. But for it to be a character who had no build up AT ALL would have been a TRASH reveal. My problem is not with Aoyama being the Traitor- it makes perfect sense and gives us another parallel to Deku. My PROBLEM stems from the fact that we haven’t gotten even a hint at the traitor storyline in……. when the H#ll was it last mentioned? It’s pretty much what I said with the Hagakure bait-and-switch last week.

Why the H#ll was this a thing, by the way……?

Speaking of: What The H#ll Was That? Why did Horikoshi draw something like that? Was he trying to……. what was he trying to do with this one? I really can’t understand what he was trying to set up. Was it the whole “The girl who’s seen through is the first to see through the traitor” line of thought Vocal Pineapple was thinking? Or was he trying to subvert expectations and it just kind of “fell flat on its face?” I’m……..just…. kind of baffled.

On a more positive note; the Kids Training. We saw Bakugo apply the principle of “Cluster” during the War when his “desire to save” surpassed his “desire to win” to save Izuku. I don’t know why he thinks that it’ll work on All For Destruction just because it will on the nerd, but I’m definitely looking forward to seeing what he can do. And then there’s Dear Widdle Shoto.

I heard a theory- can’t remember where– that Shoto was always able to use fire and ice on both sides of his body, but he put up a mental block in addition to the physical block he put on his fire; he ended up “forgetting” that he could do it much like how Koichi “forgot” he could fly or how Tomura “forgot” what his Decay was really capable of. This debunks that– but the concept itself is EXTREMELY Hype!! What would happen if he were able to project his Ice like he does his flames? like; he can do an “Ice Projection” or something like that. You know what I mean– like the Pokemon move “Ice Beam.” Only……… the puns kind of beneath me……

This- But……..You know……


And- that’s all, folks! I honestly don’t have much to say about this chapter. I feel like what Horikoshi is building up is the idea of each of the kids being the “Specific Counter” to the remain quirks All For Destruction has. But for all I know it could just be a few individual fights while Deku and Bakugo fight All For Destruction alone. I don’t even know what the Villains are doing right now…….

That’s all I got for the lot of ya today, boys and girls. Til the next post, duckies- Have a Magically Wonderful Day!!

3 thoughts on “Bait and Switch. My Hero Academia Chapter 336 BREAKDOWN

  1. How can we have the traitor reveal without one last betrayal? Why the Hagakure fake out? I don’t know. I feel there’s more going on here. Or, at least I hope there is. If not. If this is all that sub-plot offered, it was not worth the wait.


    1. Yeah; it didn’t make sense to me, either. If Horikoshi is gonna reveal that she was ALSO a traitor, then he’ll have to do it in some very Big, Important, Pivotal way. Bait and Switches like this only work once(and this one Kind Of fell on its face a little).
      But I hope it doesn’t lead to the Heroes own fake out. The war was interesting because it kept switching the dominant side- first the Heroes got the jump on them, then Shigaraki woke up- Incomplete and cut off from his quirks thanks to Aizawa. And so on and so forth to the end.
      I feel as though he still has some kind of plan- like Aoyama’s family giving them information. Or…… could Aoyama DIE? Could he have planted an explosive like the one he placed with Nagant(is she just out of the story now?)? That would KILL Izuku!

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