The Road To Ziggy! Edens Zero Chapter 171 BREAKDOWN

After a long day of Liberation- Time to play video games!!

Good morning, everyone! I had a harder time with this opening paragraph than I care to admit. I’m trying to not rush myself with this. But I have work tomorrow and I was late getting up this morning(not that this chapter was available to me right when I got up). I’m just thankfully this chapter ends up coming out a day or 2 early more often than not!

After the Absolute F*cking HYPE that was last week‘s chapter; Mashima takes this down a little- it gets slower and allows us to see some character interactions. And THEN we get More Hype!! They meet with a Familiar Unfamiliar with a connection to Ziggy that goes deeper than any thought! And it’s all right here in Edens Zero Chapter 171: “Wander In Space.” Let’s begin….


We dive into the chapter with Rebecca and Happy finishing their Weekend Live Stream. Someone asks for her panties, but that’s just per the course with her male audience- B Cube and in real life. Her Subscriber count is currently 3,100,000– more than 3 times her original goal. But Couchpo’s count is now 5,730,000, so…… still got a ways to go. But with Coucpo’s help; she was able to make it to this point- coming a long way from her “less than trash” B Cube skills as Sister puts it.

That’s”E3″ is just an error. Rest is fine as f*ck, though.

Shiki and Hermit get in contact with Elsie, who confirms that she’s here in Kaede conducting her own search for Ziggy- on a planet not too far from the Zero’s current location. She tells them that her Homeworld was around here, surprising Shiki. She tells them it’s “a story for another time,” and promises to maintain contact if she finds anything. But some of the crew- such as Kris and Laguna- are finding this whole process to be a bit “repetitive.” Search For Ziggy; Find a World under his control; Free it; Continue search; Repeat. And they’ve been doing that for 3 Years Now. But Shiki’w determined to bring Ziggy down………

Meanwhile; the other ladies on the crew go to the Spa Of Edens to discuss the recent news- that Shiki is now one of the Oracion Seis Galactica. Kleene’s very worried about what’s to come for him- for them– now that he’s been declared a threat to the Government. But Rebecca and the others don’t really think much of it; they honestly just see it as a “compliment.” One to his strength and the other is the Government being “petty” about them dismantling Ziggy’s armies faster than they(the Government) could react.

Kris would kill me for looking at her while she’s like this. Though I think she’s gotten cuter.

Meanwhile; we see Shiki head to the Demon King’s throne room, where put Witch’s visor after her death. He thinks back to when they first met Witch– her introduction and returning the ship to its normal state. With her death- and Valkyrie’s- in mind; he vows to be the Edens Zero’s “Sword And Shield.” Wasn’t Homura the “Sword?”

Just then; he gets a call in his eye from Hermit, who tells them that they’ve gotten a distress signal from a drifter. Hermit is weary of them, but Shiki doesn’t think too much of it and decides to rescue them. But Rebecca senses something off about the Ether she’s feeling- as if she’s felt it before. She wraps a towel around herself, and runs to meet the visitor: Captain Connor.

But something is off about him: He doesn’t remember anything to do with the Edens One. And Shiki and the others have no recollection of him from their Return to Granbell. However– he does prove to have SOME connection to Ziggy, as he says that he worked in his Droid Factory manufacturing his Skeleton Army. But when he found out what the bots were being used to do- he bailed. But that still means he has a connection to Ziggy– meaning that they’ve got their first and only lead! Bringing Edens Zero Chapter 171 to a Rousing END!! Know where they’re goin’ next week………!!

Factory” you say?


Firstly; I’d like to talk about the designs of the rest of the crew. Aside from her “developing” more; I definitely think Kleene is a lot cuter than she was post Time Skip. I saw people comparing her to Angel from Fairy Tail, and- I can definitely see it. But I like the long hair on her- a lot more than her Brother. I mean……. YIKES. I’m not a fan of his new look; that wild, unkempt hair doesn’t look good on him. It makes him look like a cave person or something. Plus I know it won’t stick- drawing and animating that much hair’s a b!tch an’ a half, I hear. I don’t know what it’ll look like afterwards, but I already feel like it’s gonna be better than this. And Laguna hasn’t really changed much- he is “Fine.” I actually think that shaggy, droopy hair fits him a little better…….

Some people may have noticed that Sister’s design read “E3” when she’s “E2.” That was just error on Mashima’s part……….probably. Valkyrie was “E1;” Sister- “E2;” Hermit “E3;” and Witch “E4.” I really don’t think this is anything more than just a mistake. But you never know what’s gonna happen……..

Now the IMPORTANT part of the chapter: Connor. What the heck is going on with him? Earlier; he said that he agreed with Ziggy’s ideals, and seemed to be proud to be to be the Captain of the Edens One. But it seems as though he’s undergone some kind of Amnesia; he has no memory of a ship called “Edens One” and the only thing he remembers about Ziggy is working in his Droid factory- and he didn’t even know it belonged to Ziggy!! This, combined with his sudden disappearance when Rebecca made the shift over to World 30 and what Noah said in chapter 100; I think we’ve all come to the conclusion by now: Cpt Connor Has “Cat Leaper.”

Captain Connor The Cat Leaper!!

Considering what Noah told Rebecca in chapter 88; we know that jumping from one timeline to another can scatter your memories- Rebecca was incapable of remembering every time that she “changed her position in time.” It was only through being aware of Cat Leaper that she was able to keep her memories. Connor must still be unaware of the power. So whenever he “changes positions-” he loses his memories. So it might be a case where something happened, and he ended up “changing positions” over to this world. But……. Which “World” is this?

You would think that this is World 30 still- nothing has happened that would necessitate changing timelines. And you would think that Rebecca would be aware of it now. But…… could it have been she woke up from he little trip to the future in chapter 150? We know that that was a timeline in which she lost her legs and Nero 66 likely blew up. But when she came “back to the present;” was it Really the present of World 30? Or is this world 31? Heck; next chapter’s title is “World 3.” Are we even going through these in order? The title could refer to this being the Connor of World 3, or Rebecca going to World 3, or even this Being World 3! And in this world at least; he was just a worker is Ziggy’s factory.

But the part about the “Droid Factory” is something we CAN figure out. We knew that Ziggy was making an army based on the last chapter. And now we know where he’s making them. I thought the Edens One would forgo the Clothes factory and the Kitchen because- they’re Droids– and devoted a lot of that extra power to make and space to make Foot soldiers for their army. But I suppose this means that they’ve managed to set up shop somewhere- somewhere Shiki and Elsie probably wouldn’t even think of…….. like- Elsie’s Dead Homeworld?

I think Ziggy may have set up shop on Elsie and Justice’s home planet- a planet that they said was “beyond saving.” He could have set up shop here to f*ck with Elsie a little bit, and because travel to this planet is likely banned. But that’s just a mini-theory going into next week– it could be any Number of places in this cosmos.

Other things that are brought up in the bath: Kleene points out that Shiki’s new standing in the Universe could put Rebecca’s channel in danger. But I just want to pitch a scenario to you guys: Imagine the views she’ll get if she brings a member of the most Dangerous collective of individuals in the Universe onto her channel? Think about the Views she’ll be able to get with an Oracion Seis Galactica member guest starring in a video. Bet you anything she cracks a Billion subs. Suck on THAT, LABILA!!

But in other news; Homura ends up thinking about Creed again. Meaning that the crew and Justice really haven’t seen each other in 3 years. Otherwise she would know that Jesse pinned Creed’s death on her. Though I’m surprised she has nothing put on her head either. I’M JUST SAYING: With Nero and Drakken out of the way; there are 2 slots open in Galactica. Shiki is occupying one- Who’s gonna take up the other? Could Jesse’s shifted blame + Homura’s strength= Threat Level Recgonized?

Justice’s Version Of Homura

I think the last thing I want to talk about with this chapter is definitely Rebecca’s Reaction to the news. She hears that Shiki has been named a member of the Oracion Seis Galactica and she’s all like all like “And it’s No Big Deal?” She’s either trying to appear strong for the sake of everyone else like she did for Shiki after Witch’s death, or she doesn’t understand the gravity(no pun intended) of the situation. Think about this: For all the good I just speculated it would do for her B Cube channel- it also brings about New Problems; New Ether Master’s coming out of the woodworks to prove they’re “Top Sh!t” by taking out one of the Biggest Dogs Out There?

Not to mention Shiki’s threat level going up this high; the Governments actually gonna- you know- COME AFTER HIM!! Not to mention his crew. This announcement has put the crew at major risk- I just hope they all realize that……….


And- there you have it! My thoughts on the most recent chapter of Hiro Mashima’s “Edens Zero!” I think it was a very good chapter- one that’s kind of easing us into the new crew dynamics post-time skip- and their new designs. What did you guys think, though? Do you like their new designs? And what of Connor? Do you think his amnesia is genuine- or just a ploy from Ziggy? Let me know in the comments!

And until the next post, everyone- Have A Magically Fantastical Day! Later!

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