The First Of Many! Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 43 BREAKDOWN

Hello, duckies! You know; I make sure I at least start a post as early as I can(after reading the chapter, of course). Because I wake up so early; I’m usually able to finish a post within like a day if left to my own devices. And yeah; sometimes my speculation goes overboard with series like Edens Zero or My Hero Academia, but I can usually still knock those out in a timely manor. I’m saying all this because I’m writing this at 9:40 in the morning- a time that most would consider “unholy.” And I. Am. Tired. I WANT to go back to sleep, but I won’t be able to cause I have work at 3! And I gotta get this post out while the Hashtag is still usable. So let’s stop wasting time and get into the post already! Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 43: “The Intense Battle Unfolds.” Let’s begin…..

vs Elgin!


Picking up where last week’s chapter left off; Donny and Percival charge at the Camelot Holy Knight- “Carrion Eater” Elgin. But he manages to dodge their joint attack by a hair’s breadth. He commends the attempt(particularly Anne and Nasiens), but tells Percival his attacks are “too predictable.” He ascends, and rains down “Epicurean’s Slaver-” droplets that drench the kids in something suspicious(No, not THAT). Elgin comes down, and merely stabbing the branch with his sword ends up splitting the whole thing up!!

Coming ThroughYOU!!”

Donny uses his magic to try and keep the branch up and together- but it leaves him vulnerable to attacks. And thanks to Elgin’s last attack and his Magic ability- “Wither-” his tissue is much softer and less durable than usual. So even little “love taps” from Elgin are enough to make him bleed. Percival comes to his friend’s aid- but he’s just as affected as Donny! So Elgin ends up beating on the both of em!!

With them sufficiently beaten; Elgin moves on to fighting Nasiens. But thanks to “Venom Mixing;” he was able to “teach” his body to use Cernunnos’ power!! Thanks to that; Elgin’s punch amounts to little more that a “bap” from a 1 year old! His strength and durability even reach the point where Elgin’s blade breaks upon contact with him. Whereas Nasiens is able to put up a veil and slash his arm.

Percival returns- revealing Nasiens power and delivering the finishing blow that takes out Elgin. Sin sighs exacerbated- realizing the situations about t get even more difficult from here on out. Thus; Four Knights Of The Apocalypse to a Telling END!! I’m running out of “END” tags…….

1 Down- But is he out?


…………….. I really liked this chapter. Like; I genuinely did. I’ve been feeling that the last few week’s of this story have been somewhat…… “tedious?” I don’t want to say “boring,” but I haven’t been all that “into” this sense Percival’s fight against Cernunnos. And that didn’t give me much to talk about. To make a long story short: I at some point thought about dropping this series. Not from reading it- ’cause I do love this franchise. But stopping reviewing it. Because- it just feels like a lot of these posts end up with me repeating the same points as the week prior. Like this week would just devolve into me talking about the same thing I said when the Dark Talisman’s were revealed; them being the “fire lit under the kids @$$e$.” I thought that- then Gowther showed up. Then I thought it again- but this chapter happened.

Huh…… I forgot you could do that.

I honestly forgot that Nasiens magic did that; I didn’t expect it to be quite as important as it was here. I guess that’s why the review with at the end of the Village of Demons arc was so short………

For those(like me) who forgot; Nasiens is able to ingest a poison or drug and utilize it in his arsenal as an attack or for his “Misty Rain.” I don’t think there was any sort of limit to how long he could use it or what he could do with it, but here it seems to imply that using a drug made with Animal parts(like Cernunnos’ Antler shavings) allow him to access that Animal’s powers in some manor. Here; he’s utilizing the Legendary beasts strength to fend off Elgin. And it seems like his skin has become similarly durable to the Beast’s horns. But what else can he do…………….?

Could he tap into more of Cernunnos’ power if he ingests more of its antler shavings? Will he be able to take on some of its extremities? I think you guys are starting to see what I’m getting at: Will he get a Cernunnos Themed Transformation? I think that would be cool– definitely something that would help him further on in the story. Especially if this arc is going to result in what I think it will. But I don’t know if he’ll be able to do that with other creatures. Like; Cernunnos is a Monster– a Magic beast with a lot of power as shown in his fight against Percival. He had power to be used; not many other creatures in this world do…….. But I still think he shoudl get some kind of transformation at some point!

Elgin’s Magic ability “Wither” gives new meaning to the name “Carrion Eater;” he probably ripped something’s flesh off and ate it. It’s a pretty neat ability that’s really useful on character like this. But it also means he probably isn’t that stronger himself. He probably just makes his foes weaker in comparison.

How to Make Carrion……

I don’t know if Elgin is really out- I think he could still come back and cause some major damage. But until then; who’s gonna be the next Talisman they fight….? I don’t know if it’ll be the Big guy or the female yet, but if I were to guess who these fights will play out:

  1. Nasiens is the deciding factor against Elgin.
  2. Anne vs other girl
  3. Donny against the Big Guy
  4. Percival vs Main guy

A fairly standard lay out that I think will definitely happen. But when the Main Guy shows up- THAT’S when they’ll need saving. Simple as that.


And- that’s all, folks! I just REALLY liked what Nasiens did in this chapter- I hope that he can do those giant bolts of Magic the Cernunnos is able to do. But maybe I’m looking a little TOO into it. Maybe he won’t get a Super Cool Cernunnos Hybrid transformation. Let me know your own thoughts on the chapter in the comments. And until the next post, everyone- catch ya later!!