The Sting Of Betrayal: Class 1A. My Hero Academia Chapter 337 BREAKDOWN

Reactions to these last 2 have been primarily Negative. And it’s not hard to see why…… it sort of feels like Horikoshi forgot this plotline, and had to wrap it up before the series ends. That said; I think he knew somewhat what he was doing. He knew he wanted to do something with this plot, and that he wanted to do it- but I don’t think he thought about when to reveal it or How to do so. What I’m saying will make sense at the end of the post. I usually have a lot to say about “My Hero” chapters. Couldn’t tell you why, though…… My Hero Academia Chapter 337: “A Disposable Life.” Let’s begin……..


I’ll get into this line in a minute………

We start the chapter from the Villain’s perspective, with Dabi responding to All For One’s dialogue in chapter 335 about having “friends to spare.” Dabi asks what’ll happen if their his mole is exposed, to which All For One compares Aoyama to a “Cheap Lighter-” if it works, then it’s a good thing. It doesn’t– it’s a little upsetting at first, but…….just move on to the Next One. Basically broadcasting that he’s a Master Manipulator to those he’s manipulating……..Like A Moron. But we’ll get to that later……….

Back at UA; Aoyama’s parents grab him and they start running from Hagakure and Izuku. Yuga thinks about the circumstances that led to this: He was born Qurikless. But his parents had heard a rumor that there was a man who could “freely give away quirks.” They payed the man, and Yuga was given his “Naval Laser-” which didn’t fit his body in the slightest. Even so; his parents did all that they could to make sure he lived a happy life. And when they had finally gotten comfortable with their lives- All For One re-entered the scene, and gave Yuga orders to infiltrate UA. And from there; he began his time as the UA Traitor- leaking information to All For One as ordered. And his recent order: “Lure Izuku Midoriya Somewhere Secluded.

I Simply Have To Ask: CAN YOU TURN THIS SH!T OF OR NOT?!?!?!?!?!!!

Izuku and Hagakure chase after the Aoyama family, but Yuga fires his Naval Laser- admitting that reading Izuku’s letter to the class made him “faller deeper into despair.” Hagakure uses her quirk to redirect the laser, insulted that Aoyama had the “nerve” to continue to sit in class with them after all that he’s done.

Izuku restrains them all with Black Whips, and they are taken back to UA where they are confined to chairs. Class 1A shows up, demanding an explanation from Aoyama. Tsukauchi shows up, asking them what they know about All For One. Aoyama The Senior says that they don’t really know anything about him- they were simply to follow his orders to the letter or he’d kill them. As he demonstrated for them when he started giving orders. But Yuga knew nothing about that until today.

Yuga speaks up, and admits that when he found out that Izuku was Quirkless like him; he felt more despair because he put his own misery over Izuku’s- he thought that this selfishness made his a “Filthy Villain.” But Izuku reminds him of the Good he’s done, like saving Bakugo and Tokoyami from the League Of Villains. He even calls out the Cheese Stunt as Aoyama’s “Cry For Help.” To him; Aoyama is just the same as Lady Nagant– someone All For One manipulated to his owns ends and disposed of. But even after being betrayed by this sh!t society- even after being used by All For One- She Kept Her “Heroic Spirit.”

He extends his hand, and tells Aoyama “You Can Still Become A Hero!!’ The look of hope in Aoyama’s eyes bring My Hero Academia Chapter 337 to a Hopeful END!! Some people have a bit of a problem with this– myself included. But there’s a Larger issue I want to discuss first.

You, Too, Can Be A Hero!!!”


I feel like at this point; everything that needed to be said about this reveal has already been said- if not by me last week, then by literally anyone who talks about this series. So I won’t harp on it……. too much more. I have something to say in regards to it in response to Mammoth Base Opera Castle. But for now; I want to talk about one of my FAVORITE aspects of this entire franchise: All For One’s Monologues. They’re some of my favorite moments in the series- but this one fell flat on his face and foreshadowed how he falls.

Why would he tell them this?

I talk a lot about his monologue in chapter 92 of “Vigilantes;” I feel like that monologue is a Defining one for the Symbol Of Evil- it tells you exactly who he is; Exactly what he wants; EXACTLY how he views the world- EVERYTHING That Is All For One can be deciphered from just those few pages. Or when he was being taken to Tartarus; his monologue about the different teaching methods he and All Might took to training their Successor’s. And the English Dub Voice Actor- Mr John Swaesy– does such an Amazing Job with his deliveries. Just- Best Part Of MHA for me. But not this one. Because it hurts his character.

All For One is a “Puppet Master-” and Pretty Darn Good One. He said it best in chapter 335; he has MULTIPLE plans that all converge on his singular goal. Plans that he’s had Hundreds of years to make and calculate. So Why– I ask you- Did he ADMIT to being a Puppet Master to the people who he’s manipulating? Why would he ever tell anyone that isn’t Absolutely Devoted to him like Ujiko, or Machia, or Kurogiri, that he’s controlling someone else until he doesn’t require their services anymore? All For One Would Never Tell Them That. Or at least I don’t think he would…..

It’s like he’s admitting to them that “I use people until they are of no more use to me- or until it stops being fun.” Basically broadcasting that he’ll dispose of them when they stop being useful. The All For One I know would have told them that he knew that Aoyama would be caught- because he has the desire to become a “Hero;” he’d make it seem like he knew that this would happen in a way that blames Heroes to push them to continue down the path of Villainy.

Wait A Second…………..

It starts the “Naruto Effect” all over again- where by I’m starting to think of other problems earlier in the story. For example; his final word’s to Star’s Vestige when it was destroyed. The Problem here is that this contradicts the character’s dialogue in chapter 94– where he admitted that he lost against All Might in Kamino! He said that he “put up a pitiful struggle,” whereas his fight with Star he b!tched himself by making it seem like he “Won” just because he “Survived.” The “Win Condition” for you was getting the quirk– you would have one if you had the quirk. You didn’ “Win-” Star Just Lost. To me; that’s a sign of All For One becoming a “caricature” of himself- like he’s not thinking of his actions now that his goal is closer than it’s likely ever been. Even though that’s when he needs to be the most on guard. All this to say: They’re gonna turn on All For One. They already aren’t rocking with him because of what he’s doing to Tomura. But now that he’s basically admitted to using them- his days are numbered. Even more so than before……….

But moving on from that; I kind of wanted to discuss Mammoth base Opera Castle’s point about the problem with this kind of Traitor plot- the “Lack Of Tension.” He brought up that having a “Reluctant” Traitor robs us of the conflict and repercussions. By that; I think he means that- knowing Izuku and the UA castthey’re not gonna hold Aoyama responsible. He’s not getting locked up somewhere; they won’t turn him into the Police; they’re not gonna judge himHe’s gonna be fine. Not to mention we’re not gonna get that “BAM” reveal- the “Betrayal” moment. This is a tragedy with a predictable ending; a Willing Traitor Reveal would have provided real conflict for our cast to fight against.

THIS would……. also be predictable, but in a Good way.

All this being said; it’s not like this storyline makes no sense. It was either going to be a Super Advanced Nomu like No 6 from Vigilantes, or even something like Kurogiri(Are we ever gonna cut back to that story, by the way?)- or it was going to be a parallel to Izuku with the Quirkless bit. All For One’s been doing this for hundreds of years- it’s almost a missed opportunity to not have one of the Pros have a quirk given to them by the Symbol Of Evil. But even so; having someone on the inside- knowing where his target is at all times- makes a lot of sense.

Though I’m wondering: If he can place “conditions” on quirks like he did for Lady Nagant– could he potentially have “inserted” something into the quirk that made Aoyama a “Willing Traitor.” From characters like Tomura or Best Girl Himiko chan- or even someone like Bakugo and All For One himself; we notice that quirks can have a Marked effect on their personalities(Tomura’s desire for destruction; Himiko chan’s “love” and how she expresses it; Bakugo’s Explosive temper; All For one’s greed). One of the abilities “All For One” gives the man of the same name is the ability to mix quirks together once they’re taken- resulting in a Brand New Quirk entirely. Thus “One For All.”

What I’m getting at is that Horikoshi could have explored the idea of someone receiving a quirk from All For One has their pre-existing personality altered by the quirk in some way- in any way that he choses. Come on- He Didn’t steal “Naval Laser.” No WAY he would take something like that. But he would combine a few quirks to make one like that. And if it had the “marked effect” of making Yuga a little more……. “hungry for the spotlight” we’ll call it, then- wouldn’t it make sense for someone as manipulative as All For One(Pre-Final Arc) to promise him that very spotlight if he did what he said? Or put a “condition” on the quirk that allowed it to take control of Yuga’s body- making him an Unknowing Traitor? Which would have tied in Perfectly to a scene this chapter.

The scene in question is when Aoyama is about to blast Izuku with his “Naval Laser;” we see the effect for “Danger Sense” activate. And like he said in his battle against Class 1A; it only reacts when there’s “malicious intent.” If it reacted from him using his quirk- he was coming at Izuku with every intention of hurting him. But if he’s a reluctant traitor, then why would he be doing anything with mal-intent? Was it just to make a get away? To protect his parents? Or…… What? I really don’t get what that scene was trying to convey…..

But in any case; we knew how this would go- Izuku and UA won’t fault him for nothin‘. His parents are gonna tell them everything they know about All For One at the moments, and all that cr@p. You know; the usual- but streamlined. There really isn’t much left for me to talk about. All I can say is that this traitor reveal has just……..I’m not a fan of how this went. If the Finale didn’t have so many problems, then……. maybe this would have been passible. I don’t know what’s going through Horikoshi’s head right now, but I hope he’s okay. Stuff like this is a symptom of fatigue………..

Please Be Okay……..


In any case, guys- that’s all from this week’s chapter. Let me know your own thoughts in the comments. Me personally- I’ll just be happy if Aoyama at LEAST got a kick to the d!ck. There’s gotta be SOME consequence to his betrayal. Reluctant or not; he still stabbed them all in the back. What kind of precedent would that set? “Just because you were manipulated by Villains means you can get away with MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS of Attempted Homicide?” Is that what you’re trying to tell me, Deku? Didn’t thinks so………

Until the next post everyone- Have A Magically Wonderful Day.

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  1. I wonder if Horikoshi has to give AFO flaws in order for him to be realistically defeated. In any case, my fear of how this series wraps up is growing with each chapter. That fact that is even wrapping up now is mind-boggling.I just hope I’m overreacting.

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