Alber The Survivor! One Piece Chapter 1,035 BREAKDOWN

Do you get the reference? The naming scheme comes from the current arc of the Dragon Ball Super manga- the “Granolah The Survivor” arc! I’ve missed explaining the naming scheme of my posts. But to focus a little more; we get to learn a little more about King and the Lunarians! Something tells me Oda has been re-watching Fullmetal Alchemist. Not just in the appearancecomments like that would get you cancelled on twitter. No, no- this is very familiar. In any case; let’s get into the chapter! One Piece Chapter 1,035: “Zoro vs King.” And after last chapter I’m nothin’ but Hyped.


Cover Series: “Escape From Whole Cake Island!”

I don’t know who was expecting this, but- Here ya go!!

This week begins one of “One Piece’s” BEST parts: The Cover Series!! It’s a nice way to build the world further without detracting from the main story. And it’ll find a way to tie into the main story in some manor! I don’t know how this one will, but it makes sense with what we’ve gotten recently. This time; we’re following The Vinsmokes in their get away from Whole Cake Island and Tottland!! And Volume 1 picks up with them actually leaving Big Mom’s territory. We’ll see what happens to them next time……………….


Following the previous chapter; we see the conclusion of Sanji’s battle against Queen- as we watch the Calamity fly off the island! He takes Chuji the Mouse out of his pocket, and gives him back to Osome before passing out from exhaustion. Result Of The Battle: Sanji’s Victory. As he gets treatment from the Geisha’s(I guess there were 2 “All Blues”); we cut back over to Zoro’s battle against King. He leapt forward and slashes King’s mask(didn’t he ask you SPECIFICALLY NOT to do that?), forcing him to remove it completely.

Now ya done it!!!

Zoro realizes King’s primary weakness: When his flames go out- he becomes faster– but his durability weakens. Meanwhile; the rest of the Beast Pirates react to seeing King’s true face, and are reminded of the rumors: “Black Wings, White hair, brown skin- the traits of a Lunarian.” The race itself has a bounty of 100 million berries. So to keep his secret- King Incinerates the rest of the crew around him with “Imperial Flaming Wings,” and turns his sword back towards Zoro in Rage.

Zoro asks about the Lunarian’s history, but King doesn’t see any point in telling a “dead man” anything. He takes his Pteradon form, and takes Zoro to the sky. The battle rages on from there until both combatants touch down and admit to reaching their limits. Nevertheless; Zoro plans to send the Beast Pirates packing with everything he’s got left. King begins to think back to when he first met with Kaido.

The Origins Of The Beast Pirates- Part 1

Long ago; he met Kaido in a World Government Scientific Research Facility. Kaido was having his Lineage factor extracted for the Artificial Devil Fruit and King- or “Alber” as he introduces himself to Kaido- was having his durability tested over and over again. Kaido makes him an offer: He can either stay and continue to be the World Government’s “Guinea Pig,” or he can follow Kaido and “change the world.” He accepts the offer, and Kaido gives him the name “King” to conceal his identity from the Government.

Back in the present; the battle rages on, as King brings down “Imperial Flaming Wings” on him. King’s sword ends up latching on to Zoro’s with the divots in it, so the Pirate hunter breaks free. He rebounds, but King turned off his fire against for a speedy kick. But that gives Zoro the opening he was looking for– he slices King with “Bird Dance.”

King commends him for figuring out his weakness, but tells him that that does not guarantee him victory. He SAYS this- but goes on the Defensive. He takes to the sky, and attacks him with “Extra Large Imperial Flaming Wings-” in which a GIANT Dragon made of flames descends upon Zoro. The Pirate Hunter counters the attack with a new move of his own: “King Of Hell- 3 Sword Serpent– 103 Mercies: Dragon DAMNATION!!!” He cuts through the Flame Dragon, and ends up cutting into King- bringing One Piece Chapter 1,035 to a Poweful END!! 1 more to go…….. Also; pardon the language- had too keep it accurate to the chapter!

That’s 2……………..


We all know the first thing we need to talk about: The Research Facility. How did King end up there? Did someone turn him into the Government? Or…….. was he “born” here? I use quotations because I don’t know if they had a “Lunarian Breeding Experiment” in this lab so they could get a new test subject, or if he was “revived” like the Numbers were. Because if they were an “Extinct Tribe,” then where exactly would they have found Arber. Or where had he been hiding for the longest time? These are the questions!! I think we’ll be getting answers to them later on in the story(most likely in the form of a flashback). But something else that I want to talk about would have to be how all of this pertains to what the SSG came up with.

ThisTimes 1,000

MY Current Theory: The SSG used King’s Lineage Factor to make Lunarian Artificial Devil Fruits. It continues the idea that Vegapunk finally perfected his Artificial Devil Fruit experiment, and uses the Lunarians in a unique way. King can fly with those wings, and they’re known for their flames and durability. And plus- this was the Research Facility where Kaido was being held. And as we know; Vegapunk used Kaido’s lineage factor to make Momonosuke’s Artificial Devil Fruit. Here’s where things get curious: We know that at SOME point during their time on the Rocks Pirate crew- Big Mom gave Kaido his Fish Fish Fruit. And this Kaido is planning to start his own crew.

What I’m getting at here is that this was the lab where Vegapunk started to manufacture Devil Fruits. So~~……….. Could he have- sayTaken Alber’s Lineage Factor and started making Lunarian Artificial Fruits? Which is what he presented to the World Government on behalf of characters like Cobra, Riku, and Fujitora. Before you throw out your own ideas on the subject; I just want you guys to think about everything that we have learned about the Lunarians in the last few chapters:

  1. Wicked Durable.
  2. They can fly with those wings, as we’ve seen from King.
  3. They generate flames that they can apply to weapons.
  4. They can increase their speed(at the cost of some durability).

If they were to make Artificial Lunarian fruits, then the World Government would have a Legion of these “Gods” at their beck-and-call; an Army of Super Soldier that could go anywhere in the World they wanted without worry, and they wouldn’t even have to use Ships! Or not that many at least, since they can just fly over there. No wonder they don’t need the Warlord’s anymore- they have an army of Super Soldiers ready to jump when they say “jump.”


And then of course I kind of got vibes from the Ishvalans from Fullmetall Alchemist. Yes- The appearance. But also the whole race being wanted by the Government. Though I don’t remember how much the Amestris Government cared about the Ishvalans. I think they were a wanted in that series- it certainly seemed that a lot of the Survivors were intentionally hiding. Someone will remind me, I trust……..

But then you have the Cover Story!! I don’t know what Oda has planned for this one– this is just the first Volume of it. We can’t gather much from just that alone. The only thing we know about it is that it’ll focus on the Vinsmokes- which is fitting sense Sanji’s little character arc just wrapped up by telling us that he’s got the same abilities as his brother’s and nothing more. We’ll probably learn a little bit more about how their modifications work. I don’t know if Judge learned anything from his little chat with Luffy, and I can’t see he himself trying to find a way to restore his children’s free will and humanity. But maybe something will happen– to Reiju, if no one else.

A Princess Surrounded By Demons


And…… Yeah!! You know: I tend to like Zoro more, but- I honestly liked Sanji’s battle a little bit more!! Like; I just REALLY enjoyed that chapter! This fight was definitely really good, and i definitely like King more than Queen. But……. Something about Sanji’s battle……

As this was a big battle chapter; there wasn’t really much to talk about this week, either. I don’t know if Oda plans to cut back to Luffy, or if we’re going to rewind time a little bit to see the battle they started in 1,026, or if we’re just going to cut over to them. In any case; I enjoyed this week’s chapter- the Final Chapter for 2021. Let me know your own thoughts down in the comments. And until next we meet, folks- Have An Amazingly Splendid Rest Of Your Day. Later!!!

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