Granolah The Avenger vs Gas The Jealous! Dragon Ball Super Chapter 79 BREAKDOWN

Hello, my wonderful readers! If all goes accordingly; this should be one of my last posts in 2021. It’s been……… a year. CERTAINLY better than the previous one. But I sure hope that next year will start off…….. “Okay-ish.” That’s probably the most we can hope for at this point. As for my naming scheme in the title: Since Granolah is……… such a Sasuke Uchiha reference– I decided to go with on of my favorite quotes from him. “I AM AN AVENGER.It’s just pretty funny. And Gas- I took that part from Envy from Fullmetal Alchemist, and the fact that he seems to be “jealous” of Granolah. As you will see in the chapter. Dragon Ball Super Chapter 79: “Granolah vs Gas.” Let’s begin………


The chapter opens with Elec on his way to take care of “another errand.” When asked by the driver if they should get closer to the battle, Elec tells them to keep going on their current course- planning to go over when the fighting’s done so he won’t “get dust in his wine.” Back at the battle field; Gas continues to beat on Goku while Maki and Oil interrogate Monaito about Vegeta’s whereabouts. All while Vegeta gives Granolah the the Last Senzu Bean- restoring his strength completely. He sends Maki and Oil flying, and challenges Gas once again.

Monaito presents him with Oatmeel, who tells him to never thrown……….. them?- away again. He apologizes, and puts on his headset. As he powers up; his left eye changes like when he fought Vegeta. His power surges to new levels, and everyone can feel it. Gas throws Goku to the wayside, and turns his attention towards Granolah. Maki is panicked now that Granolah’s back to full strength, but Oil assures her that Gas is the strongest now.

The fighting starts- Gas creates these Energy shields on both arms to both defend and attack, but Granolah counters with a Rapid Fire attack. Gas would continue on to make a number of weapons- a javelin, some Kunai, a F*cking WRECKING BALL– but none of it can take out Granolah. Vegeta and Kakarot(as well as seemingly Maki) take note of Granolah’s prowess, and deduce 2 things:

  1. Gas only got this power a little bit ago. Much like Granolah at first– Gas isn’t used to this new power yet, and can’t fight properly.
  2. He only uses his ability to create energy constructs. At first; they think he doesn’t have the same abilities as Granolah. But it soon becomes clear that his pride won’t let him- he “Wants to kill Granolah with the technique he honed for years.”

But when it looks like he’s about to lose; his desire to “Win” surpasses that pride of his, and uses one of them himself…….

Yeah- F*ck That.

The technique holds Granolah in place while he blasts them. It’s an effective attack, but Gas considers it a “loss” for himself. Granolah rebounds and attacks, but Gas uses Instant Transmission to get up close and personal with Granolah. The fight continues, with both combatants showing off what they can do. And while Gas is using everything in his arsenal- Granolah’s battle experience is showing that he’s far superior with the usage of the techniques granted to them. This is enough for Vegeta to think that Granolah stands a fighting chance against Gas.

The Cerealian Avenger’s definat stance against Gas brings Dragon Ball Super Chapter 79 to an Empowering END!! This will not end well for Poor Gas………………


What can I say about this chapter? Well; I first off want to talk about the characterization of Gas and what it could potentially mean for the story. We learned at this(or considering when you’re probably reading this- last years) Jump Festa that this arc would be ending some time in 2022. No clue how much longer this is gonna be– I imagine that they kind of want to wrap this up in time for the “Super Hero” movie, which’ll be coming out in April(in Japan). I should clarify: I don’t WANT to say that they’ll rush the story- not that they wouldn’t. I wouldn’t put too much faith in Toyotaro if you want to enjoy this story anymore………..

He is the one who gave us THIS Sh!t show……..

All that aside; the only reason he rushed the previous arcs was because the anime had already covered them(believe it or not- BETTER), and he just had to “dreg through” them- doing things different because he was either following Toriyama’s original notes or just for the sake of being different. The Moro arc went on for 2 Years worth of serialization. And when you consider the fact that this is a monthly manga; it was actually rather well paced. Maybe a bit too long, but paced pretty good. ALL OF THIS TO SAY: I don’t think this arc is going to “rush” towards it’s end point. What I think is more likely is that the “Final Battle” of the arc will begin when the movie comes out- a little Cross Promotion– and end when it begins it’s Overseas release a few month’s after. I really don’t think this arc is going to rush its conclusion. Because I don’t think we’re DONE with the Heeters yet.

Now………. I think that the portion with Granolah as an enemy is over– it’s been over for a few month’s now. But I doubt that we’re done with the Heeters. We’re done with the “Granolah The Survivor” arc, but the overall story between he and the Heeters is still going to go on. As for how all of this pertains to Gas; we know from Goku’s exchange with Captain Ginyu and Broly that he can “tell” when someone’s not all bad. And in the case of Ginyu in particular; it was someone who followed Frieza’s orders to the LETTER, and he was still willing to let him go because 1)Goku and 2)because Ginyu showed a sense of Honor by not letting Jeice interfere in the fight. Gas showed a sense of Honor this chapter- by trying to avoid using the power “bestowed” on him by some Almighty Dragon!

This sense of Honor of Gas’ further lends to the theory that he- as well as possibly Maki and Oil- are just pawns in Elec’s greater plan; he doesn’t care about them, as shown by the fact that he basically Forced Gas to accept a power that he didn’t want. Or at least; didn’t want “handed” to him like this. He wanted to Grow– to hone his own skills with his own 2 hands. If Elec truly cared about them, then he would have respected Gas enough not to do this to him- especially if it shortened his lifespan like it did for Granolah.

What I’m getting at is the idea of Goku talking to Gas, and asking him if Elec truly has their best interest at heart. And when they realize that he doesn’tthey’ll double cross him. But that all depends on if Gas 1)Survives 2)Listens and 3)Thinks about it. I think making the exact same wish as Granolah is definitely gonna come back to and bite Gas in the @$$; Granolah shortened his life by 150 years. I don’t know how long these guys live for, but……. wait- how would Gas have access to these techniques? Hakai; Instant Transmission- How’d he get them? Are they literally just “attached” to becoming the “Strongest In The Universe?” Then again; you also have to wonder how Granolah got access to these techniques……..


Though all of this depends on Elec. I kind of want a subversion of the idea that Elec doesn’t care about his “siblings-” that he does care about them and whatever he’s going to do is really for them. I do like the idea that he just said “I wish Gas was stronger than Granolah,” and the Dragon could grant that wish- with his increased age just so happened to be a side effect of the power. Something like that wouldn’t be so bad, would it?

Speaking of which: What is Elec doing right now? I think he has an ulterior goal right now- one that may or may not involve the Dragon Balls. If we assume that he’s just in this for himself, then he may have struck up a deal with Frieza. One that has him turning over OG73-i to the Evil Emperor. Like he said: Money and Intel are the Best Resources In the Universe. Who would have more money than the biggest Real Estate Agent in this Universe? And that money can buy some pretty juicy secrets. If I were to summarize this one: Elec secretly made a deal with Frieza to have hand over OG73-i to him as part of a plan. Elec takes the money from Frieza, and uses the information they got from Zuno to continue building their own criminal Empire.

But then that would just leave the question of what Frieza could possibly want with 73………BROLY. Like Shimorekka said: He “copies you as you are now.” Perhaps the plan is to let Goku continue to train Broly to use his power properly, and then have 73 copy Broly’s power- in addition to his own. A warrior with his and Broly’s power in one with Infinite Stamina and guaranteed to obey him. Perfect plan– especially if his top scientist can make him and Army of these things like that 1 guy at the beginning of this arc.

Imagine An Army Of These Guys- With Broly’s Power

………….Anything else to talk about? I guess the developing relationship(STOP IT) between Granolah and Vegeta(DON’T YOU DARE). I like it for the same reason I’m liking Goku and Broly’s- characters with similar circumstances meeting, and the one who’s already been through the development “speeding up the process.” I think that Vegeta is going to train Granolah so he can use his power effectively and make it his own- just like how Goku is training Broly to control his own immense power. Though that all depends on if Granolah survives this. And that’s not even to mention his 3 years of life left.

Speaking of; I think that Granolah might choose to “get rid” of his power. He’s learning a lot from Vegeta, but I don’t think that the prince would let him live down the way he got this power. It’s like: Vegeta’s the type to thumb his nose at someone who “takes the easy way to power-” he’s EARNED the power he has. He didn’t use the ritual to attain Super Saiyan God, and learning Forced Spirit Fission helps him knock sh!t like absorption and Fusion out of the equation. Which is what would have made 73 forcefully fusing with Gas a little more interesting- but I digress.

Vegeta could offer Granolah the chance to avenge his people- the Right way. Rather than get his revenge and then die, thus letting the Cerealian tribe die out- he COULD tell Granolah to “live” and get his revenge. He could offer to reteach him everything that he would need to seek revenge on Frieza- cause he knows all the techniques he’s used. Hakai; Instant Transmission; Cloning- all things he knows. Well; he said he would only use Instant Transmission once, but we all know that’s a load of bull– the story will make him use it again. He’s been learning Hakai, and the cloning thing is something capable through Spirit Control, so I don’t see why he couldn’t use it. Or he could take him to Yardrat to have him learn them the proper way. Something like that…….

It looks like it’s already begun…………


……………….I think that’s all. I don’t think there’s really much left of this chapter for me to talk about. I talked about the main points, and gave a mini-theory. So I guess…… this post is done! That’s 2 NOW!! It may be on the very last day of the year, but I still managed it! And I’m glad that the last post I put out this year is a “Dragon Ball” related one. This just lined up PERFECTLY!! So, boys and girls- I bid you a good day. And until next year, all- Have A Magically Wonderful day. See you next year!!