Rebecca Bluegarden- Into The Multiverse! Edens Zero Chapter 172 BREAKDOWN

Ah, the Multiverse– the new “In” thing along with being anything but a Cisgender White Male(I’m a Cisgender Black Male, btw). I’m making a joke, of course, but I still feel like someone’s going to blast me for making it. Political commentary aside; it seems like everyone is trying to use the concept of the Multiverse these days- Sony and their “Spider-Verse;” Marvel and the MCU tapping into the Multiverse(Just To Let You Know: I went to see Spider Man No Way Home Monday nightthe review is coming); DC and them trying to wipe away anything Zack Snyder touched.

And now; it looks like Hiro Mashima is throwing his hat into the ring! Or; I guess he’s been building it up for a while, and he’s going to be paying it off. You’ll see what I mean in a minute. I was a little confused at first, but after sitting on it for a minute- I THINK I got a good grasp of what’s going on. Let’s see if I can put that into words! Edens Zero Chapter 172: “Universe 3.” Let’s begins…..

1 Reason I Love The Multiverse


Picking up where last chapter left off; the crew picks up the drifting Captain Connor- or ratherFactory Worker Connor. As they eat; they tell Connor that they’re the ones who’ve been liberating the planet’s Ziggy conquers. And they want to know EVERYTHING that Connor knows about Ziggy- including where Ziggy’s factory is. He tells them that it’s a “Living Factory-” a Planet that infinitely produces machines for Ziggy’s army. The “Perpetual Motion” Planet: Lendard.

As they receive this piece of information; Rebecca gets on call with Noah. When asked what “World” they’re currently in; Noah explains that- in terms of Numbers– this would be World 416. The reason for being this far down the line is because Rebecca’s used “Reverse” a lot over the last 3 years- between the Aoi saga and the time skip; it’s kind of a wonder there aren’t more.

Noah continues on to explain the 2 ways in which Rebecca’s “Cat Leaper” messes with Time:

  • “Reverse-” When Rebecca Rewinds time and uses her knowledge of future events to alternate the course she and her allies take. But the “Greater Future” does not change- she cannot undo the preordained future.
  • “Leap-” That’s not what he calls it; I’m just calling it that for simplicities sake. It transports her to a Parallel world completely. But he will now describe these as “Universes.”

The “Universe” in which Shiki died was “Universe 1;” Drakken’s defeat and everything after was “Universe 2;” and the defeat of Poseidon Nero put them in Universe 3. Apparently; they’ve been in this Universe since before the destruction of Nero 66. But Rebecca doesn’t remember moving through time! So Noah begins to think that some other force moved everyone’s “positions. Rebecca begins to think about the choice that Shiki made, and askk Noah if he knows that the future holds with his “Eye Of God.” But Noah says that it’s simple “deductive reasoning-” he only knows what the future might hold, based on everyone’s “positions.”

Rebecca then talks to him about Connor, and wonders why his role changes so drastically each time they enter a new Universe. Noah explains that that’s just “how the Multiverse works-” a person’s entire history could change with the “World” they enter. Rebecca joins back up with everyone else- watching Connor teach Pino swears again. All the while; Rebecca runs through the Multiverse concept in her head, and hopes against hope that everyone on the ship can reach a “Happy Ending.” This despite their fates being to Die in each Universe…….

Sister and Hermit get on call with Elsie, and tell her where Ziggy’s factory is. She says that it was always an Industrial world, but she heard it stopped operations years ago. Hermit contributes this fact to Ziggy taking over. So Elsie plans to head over- knowing that Ziggy is definitely on that planet. And we cut over to Lendard to see just thatZiggy is on Lendard. With an entire ARMY of Skeleton Soldiers and all 4 Dark Stars! Wizard; Clown; Brigadine Mark II; and Killer Mark II. And they plan to sit and wait for Shiki and Elsie to come to this planet- hoping to End. This. NOW. Edens Zero Chapter 172 END!! Edens Zero Will Be On Break Next Week For New Years. Not just this, but EVERYTHING. Hence why this posts are all coming out later than usual.


I think after sitting on this reveal for a few days- I’ve finally figured out how this “Multiverse” is going to work: Each time they defeat a “BIG Threat” like Drakken or Nero- they “shift” over to another Universe. Or maybe just when something “BIG” happens. You know what I mean? Like; whenever something happens that causes a major shift in the power dynamic of the Universe- everyone ends up in an alternate Universe. If that makes any sense.

The way that I’m thinking of it: Each Universe has it’s own number of “Worlds.” Rebecca uses Cat Leaper to move from Universe to Universe, and it’s sub-version “Reverse” to transport from 1 world to another. Where we are now would be “Universe 3, World 416.” Wow- 416. The crew must have messed up a LOT to go from World 31 to 416!!! I know it was probably just a few mistakes in battle that she “corrected,” but still, man………

But to talk about what Noah and Rebecca discussed; there was a moment on Nero 66 where “the position of many people changed-” but it had nothing to do with Rebecca. So how did things changed………..? Oh, wait: Shiki’s Decision. Ziggy said that Shiki’s made the “wrong choice,” and we went into the 31st World. But if Noah can see things like Rebecca moving through time, then why wasn’t he able to see that moment? Was Xiao Mei interfering with Noah in some way. Shiki’s choice led to Witch’s death- the “Wrong Choice.” So he should have made the choice to stay and die? At the time; I just thought that Ziggy meant that their death’s would have been “painless.” But now it’s starting to look like the other path would have lead to something else……..

A lot of things are happening right now with time travel and the multiverse. If I were to try to piece things together: Shiki’s choice propelled the crew from Universe 2, World 30 to Universe 3, World 31. Noah was unable to perceive that choice(be it Xiao Mei’s interference or a limitation in “Eye Of God”), but he was able to see the “change” from 30 to 31. As for where the other path would have lead- they would have all died. Or……. would they? You’ve all probably heard by now the theory that Ziggy is an alternate version of Shiki. And the theory is now being helped because of that 1 scene.

There’s A Human Under There

If nothing else; this panel from chapter 165 tells us that there’s a Human under that d@mn armor. I don’t know if it’s an alternate Shiki or even an alternate Shura, but this scene screams to me that he is– or at the very least was– Human at some point in time. And we all know what happens when a series introduces the concept of alternate timelines and Multiverses: Alternate takes on everyone we’ve met. We already have a special case like Weisz Steiner, but when Mashima really starts tapping into the Multiverse- we’ll be seeing a lot of “WHAT IF” scenario’s coming to life. Like; “WHAT IF Shiki never defeated Drakken;” “WHAT IF Shiki killed Shura;” “WHAT IF Shura survived Nero 66;” “WHAT IF Laguna stayed with Oasis-” and many, many more.

What Ziggy probably is is a version of Shiki who chose to stay and try to save everyone on Nero 66- thus killing his crew and heavily damaging his body. To the point where he had to effectively become a machine. But that still leaves us with a few questions:

  1. Why is he acting like this- like a “Machine Supremist?”
  2. How did he get to the past to make Hermit and the other Shining Stars?
  3. Why did he chose to raise this Shiki?
  4. Has he already met Mother?
  5. Where’s the rest of his crew?

Those questions are kind of “scatter shot,” but the points still stand. I don’t know how much I believe the theory myself- I LOVE that part of the Multiverse, but…….. I don’t have enough information to say what’s going on. It’ll all make sense when the twist is revealed(all this assuming the Ziggy is a version of Shiki).

Two Sides Of The Same Coin?

I think the last thing I want to talk about would have to be Connor– and what his “changing history” means for other character. Such as Amira. His history and “role” changes drastically from one Universe to another- and I don’t think he’s the only one. Granted; this is something I just came up with over the course of this post, but I’m starting to think Amira’s history and “Role” has changed from the spy she was in Universe 1 and 2 to here? Heck; going from 1 to 2 switch her place with LABILA. Please or Lord Up In Heaven let her be miserable right now. She doesn’t need to be a sex slave or anything- just homeless and miserable. I don’t like Labila. At all.

But moving on from that; if her “position” got switched with Labila from Universe 1 to 2, and she and Connor are some of the only people who got very noticeable shifts- then……..has she “switched places” with someone else again? If so, then Who? I doubt that Mashima would kill her off by having her swap with someone like Creed, and I can’t actually think of anyone else. I entertained the idea of Couchpo, but I don’t know the “When” or “Why” they would have swapped. It’s just something I though of at the last moment.

But to talk about Connor himself a little more: Does he have Cat Leaper, also? Because Noah teased at the idea of someone else having Cat Leaper because of Connor’s absence in chapter 100, and Connor seems to be 1 of the only people who’s being effected the most by these “jumps.” The same with the Shiki/ Ziggy theories; I don’t know how much stock I want to put into this one. I like it, and I certainly see it as possible. But I try not to get too deep into Fan Theories- some end up being better than what actually happens. And when they turn out to be wrong, it’s kind of disappointing. Like the cat said in “Rick And Morty” Season 4.

I Just want to use an image of Amira is all.


And……. there you go!! It may be a few days late(Not gonna make a joke about this coming out in a New Year), but I managed to finish! Almost caught up to myself. Now if only my work schedule would go back to normal- it should now that the Holidays are over.

Let me know your own thoughts on the chapter in the comments. Do you think other character’s histories and “roles” have changed? And how do you think the conflict against Ziggy will end? That’s all I got for the lot of ya today, boys and girls. Until the next post, duckies- catch ya later, gators! And Happy New Years!

Happy New Year! And May It Be Better Than Last Year!!