Hit And Run- And Hit Again. Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 44 BREAKDOWN

‘Ello, ‘Ello, ‘Ello; is everyone doing well? I know I am– both Weekly Shonen Jump and Weekly Shonen magazines are on break because of new years. So as long as I don’t slack off; I can basically take as long as I want making these. I’m making this before I even finished the Edens Zero review! All I have to do is work on these little by little, and I’ll be able to play on my NEW Nintendo Switch Lite as much as I want! Thank you, New Years!!

But that’s enough of me chanting “Hooray;” we still have to talk about the chapters that came out the week prior! I actually started writing this Wednesday of last week, but I had this sneaking suspicion that it would be out some time the week after. May not be able to ride the wave of that hashtag, but this should be okay. All this and I haven’t even given you guys the VAGUEST of information about the chapter. Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 44: “The Lost Children.” Let’s begin……………

Rest In Peace, Donny……..


Picking up where the last chapter left off; the kids have managed to defeat the first of the Dark Talismans- Elgin The Carrion Eater. But Donny and Percival got messed up pretty bad, and need to be healed. While Percival takes care of that; Nasien’s begins to feel the effects of the Cernunnos’ shavings he ingested: he saw a massive increase in his durability and power- but is extremely warn out after the power wears own. He berates himself for not have conducting an actual test before hand, and Percival reminds him of their “deal.” But Nasiens says embarrassingly that that was a “figure of speech………”

For Better Or Worse- He Lives!!

Percival decides to save Elgin, as he doesn’t think killing someone would leave him feeling alright. Sin calls him soft, and warns him that saving Elgin will come back to bite them later(and considering he’s a “Carrion Eater-“ that may be more Literal than Sin realizes). Taking this into account; Percival uses his magic to levitate everyone and fly as far and as fast as possible. But doing this for an extended period of time is beginning to take it’s tole on the boy. And that ain’t even the worst part: 2 more Dark Talisman’s show up! And they’re riding the Magic Beast “Sleipnir-” and 8 legged Horse who can run on land, sea, or air.

The Female Holy Knight chastises Elgin for his failing, and the duo get ahead of the kids. She uses her Chaos Staffs- the “Staff Of The Four Elements-” to create attack them with Wind Sickles. Percival uses all of his strength to dodge them, but ends up coming to a Sand Wall created by the staff. He turns his magic into a protective “bubble” that bounces off the wall and branches. But this leaves him completely spent, taking he and the exhausted Nasiens out of the fight and leaving Donny, Anne, Sin, and Sylvan to face the Dark Talisman’s alone……..

Anghalhad- Spread Em.


So I guess the Cernunnos Horn shavings won’t give Nasiens the power up I thought that it would. Half expected that; I had a feeling after I finished that post that this wouldn’t lead to what I thought it would. That said; I’m not sure what’s to happen with it in the Future. It could be a case where he ingests the Horn shavings multiple times and they begin to have a much more permanent effect on him. I’m holding out for a transformation Cernunnos Transformation. Although I don’t think that it would fit Nasiens very well now- he’s the “Enchanter” type. He’s not one for physical combat; he’s the one who casts a spell from long distance. I can see him getting a Magic Power boost, and it may help out his hand-to-hand combat, but……… I don’t know how well that would work for him.


Then you also have Elgin to worry about. Woo, BoyIs He P!ssed. The way he glared at them through the crack in his helmet let’s you know that he wants payback. I can imagine that he’ll come back once they’ve managed to defeat this big guy, and beat them up while they’re at their most exhausted. That– or it could be that he’s Grateful to Percival for sparing his life. Like; he’s still mad that they beat him, and I definitely think it’s an insult to him as a warrior- but he may well feel like sparing him in the same way. It’s just a thought………..

I also think this let’s us know a little bit about Percival’s personality- that he won’t kill an enemy. A lot of protagonist have this trait– for one reason or another. Percival’s reasoning here might be the fact that his Grandpa was murdered by his Father, and he doesn’t want to be anything like his dad. And while I’m personally getting tired of that trope; I can also see what the writer is doing by keeping characters like Elgin alive. I doubt that Elgin is going to be saving them, but again- he might choose to spare them for sparing him. “Now We’re Even” type of thing.

Wasn’t it 6 legs?

The Mystic Beasts. Seems like a new concept to the series; I can’t recall anywhere in “Seven Deadly Sins” where the Mystic Beasts are even alluded to. Oslo is not listed as a Mystic Beast- just a “Black Hound,” meaning it’s just a regular animal that you would find in nature. Meaning that this is a completely New concept in the franchise. Unless the most recent movie revealed them and their origin. I haven’t seen that movie yet. Feel free to tell me if you’ve seen it in the comments.

For now; let’s say they’re new to the story. Where would they have come from? I think the answer is a little more simple than anyone thinks: The Mystic Beast are ordinary creature imbued with “chaos” by Arthur, granting them extra abilities. Which would mean that Nasiens MOMENTARILY gained access to the power of Chaos. Man, I wish he would retain some of that power- just for a little bit. But in any case; the Mystic Beasts are certainly proving to be a powerful threat. I wonder how the kids are going to manage against Sleipnir here………..

As for what’s going on now; I think we can all see where this is going. Nasiens was key in defeating Elgin; Anne’s a girl; Donny’s shorter then this guy; and Percival is the strongest of the 4 of them. 4 Dark Talismans- 4 kids. The individual battles are being set up and teased. The kids are going lose this. But thankfully; Pellegarde is on the way to save them. And whenthey come back- the kids are going to separate these guys and fight them each alone. With their Brand New POWER UPS!!! Yeah; Training Arc Inbound. I could talk at length about what they could do, but we haven’t seen enough of the battles to say what the Talisman’s can do, or seen some more of what the kids can do to say what their “level ups” would be able to do for them…….

Help is On The Way!!!

I’m still stinking to my own idea that Nasiens body still holds all the some of Cernunnos’ power; all Anne can do is tell when someone’s lying- she needs something for battle; Donny can make things float, so maybe he’ll learn how to lift larger objects- or even gain a level of telekinesis; and good ol’ Percival– he may end up learning to make more constructs with his magic. Or even learn the full extent of the “Hero” Type. These are not things out of the realm of possibility……….


And…… There You Have It!! Second Post Of The New Year!! And because of several factors- we’re going to be on a bit of a “streak” for a little bit right now. Which I Enjoy. I just hope I can keep this streak going as long as possible!

Let me know your thoughts on the chapter in the comments. What do you think this new Dark Talisman is capable of? And how much longer is Pellgarde going to be? We’ll find out when “Four Knights Of The Apocalypse-” CONTINUES!! Til next time, everyone- have a Pleasant day. Later!!

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