“Knowing One’s Place.” Black Clover Chapter 318 BREAKDOWN

…………………How do I even start this one? Like; what can I say about Lucifero right here? He’s powerful? He’s a S Tier Villain? I mean- he’s not and he is. If we’re judging based on just his introduction and strenght- YES. Character and motivations…….. none to speak ofYet. It’s still early for him. But I’m getting to “Analysis” stuff too soon. But I don’t know how else to get you guy’s as hyped as I am for this one. The King Of Devils REMINDS everyone present right now of who the H#ll he is, and that they should be VERY Afraid right now. Black Clover Chapter 318: “In The Presence Of The Devil King.” That’s not……….


Faced with the Highest Devil in Existence– the one responsible for killing the only person who ever treated him like- wellA Living Thing– Liebe’s RAGE boils over, and he angrily asks if Lucifero remember he or Licita. Lucifero of course does not remember some random chick he killed some odd years ago- he just wants to make this “Magicless Trash” pay for ruining his plans. His raw anger is enough to force Asta and Liebe to the ground. Liebe tells Asta that all he wants in this moment is to Defeat Lucifero. So they utilize Devil Union, and take the fight to the Supreme Devil.

With 4 minutes left in his Union time; Asta thinks that they should be able to defeat him. But No– he stops the sword, and runs his finger along the edge to see what it can do. It ends up drawing bloodsending him over the edge. The mere idea of “Scum without even a scrap of magic” has the potential to harm him if he loses focus is so…….. Ergregious that he…….He just slugs Asta with all he’s got. Not literally, but you know what I mean; he clocks Asta into the dirt. The Best Design Devil(what we’ll be calling him until we get an actual name) comments that even in this incomplete state; Lucifero is still unbeatable.

And now I’ve soiled my hands on TRASH.

The only reason the Black Bulls haven’t been crushed under the extreme pressure of Lucifero’s mere presence is because of Vanessa’s “Red Thread Of Fate.” But she can’t keep this up for much longer- and the weight just piles on the closer the Devil King comes to them. And he just knocked Asta right next to em. As everything begins to squish under Lucifero’s sheer might- the Captains Of The Magic Knights step up to face the Supreme Devil. Bringing Black Clover Chapter 318 to an Intimidating END!! The more the merrier……… but I don’t think Lucifero is in any kind of “Merry” mood……………


SO…… Lucifero is “Built Different. He’s NOT going to pull his punches on these guys- he’s using literally everything within his power to SMASH Asta and Liebe for what they’ve done. I’ll get into why they’re not dead yet in a little bit, but for now I’ll focus on talking about Lucifero as a villain and what I like about him: 1)His character design is Awesome– perfectly terrifying without being distracting; a Biblical design that invokes a lot of Christian depictions of the Devil; and has the potential to be even more. I feel like that Dark energy depicting on Devils is working well as a quilt. And while I do like the crinkles on his body- I hope that he forms a cloak of sorts. He’ll look more menacing that way.

Why do you keep trying?

2)His personality. I always enjoy it when a Villain is “Above it all-” one who gets as furious as THIS thing whenever Asta and Liebe manage to damage him. Like; they use Devil union to lung at him and try to cut him, but he STOPS it. But when he pulls his finger away; he sees this itty bitty teeny tiny cut on his finger- AND SLUGS ASTA INTO THE DIRT!!! Like; the mere idea of him this “Magicless Trash” and some “Low Rank Waste Of Space” daring to draw blood from his finger is enough to make him go cross eyed. His own Ego won’t let him process the fact that there’s someone in this or any world that not only stands up to him- but are able to draw blood.

From Megicula’s dialogue in chapter 300; we know that Devil’s have a very “Defeatist” mentality when it comes to their class system- they don’t even bother to fight back or disobey those above them; just role over and let come what may(which is more often than not torture in the Underworld). It’s meant to parallel the Clover Kingdom’s own caste system and how the world itself views Magic and power(to an extreme extent)- continuing the theme of “Rising to be More” present in the story. And the Devil’s mindset just further cements that. But there in lies Lucifero’s Contradiction.

He’s never met someone who was able to make him bleed- no one’s probably even tried to do so. He’s used to everyone and everything beneath him going lower– not trying to match him. His Ego can’t take it- and neither can his mind; it’s not clicking in his mind what’s happening right now, so flipping out and using a lot of power to try and crush this thing that’s made him bleed. Much like a certain Magicless Commoner. He’s fighting back despite this force that’s trying kill him with all he has- just like Asta’s been doing his whole life. Asta’s thematic connection to Lucifero is just a reaffirmation of his character and his own character arc. What will come after that, though? I don’t know- we’ve all heard it before, I shan’t bring it up. It’d be cool, but we don’t know right now.

AngerBut Also Confusion?

But that leads me into why Asta is able to take what Lucifero dishes out. You guys know where this is going– Asta being immune to Fate– Asta and Liebe’s use of Anti Magic is interfering with the God Of Fate’s Magic, undoing his “fate” to die the moment that Lucifero get’s his hands on him. Pretty simple, right? But the question then becomes: Is this God’s magic being undone on purpose or by accident? Like; did someone or something else bring Asta and Liebe together so they could undo fate’s “Cruel Design,” or did Fate bring them together so that they could resist their Magic and fight against Lucifero on equal terms?

You’re probably thinking “If they’re immune to Fate, then how did Fate bring them together?” There are a few possibilities for this one:

  1. Fate didn’t bring them together an they’re being together is just an “accident” that just so happened to work out for everyone.
  2. Liebe’s Anti Magic only activated after Asta received the Grimoire, and that undid any and all “Fated” to happen to them.
  3. They aren’t “immune” to it so much as they can “undo” it, which is why Rouge was able to affect Asta even when using “Black Asta.”

The first point continues the theme of Asta being “nothing special-” a random occurrence in the world that just so happens to have risen to be what he is now. The second may have been debunked by Liebe’s internal monologue in chapter 269– or at least the way it was presented. I heard the idea that the grimoire choosing Asta may have lead to Liebe developing Anti Magic, but Liebe depicts it more like he unlocked it a while before Asta received it. Though it was only his perception of time. And he was in a book at the time, so I don’t know how much you wanna trust that one.

Keep in mind: It was only in Liebe’s perception of time. We don’t know how well we can trust that.

The Third one seems to be the most likely- the idea that Asta and Liebe aren’t “passively” immune to Fate; they have to be aware of what’s coming. But that raises the question of how they’re “undoing” their own fate in this fight. That’s a simple Shonen trope that- much like all other tropes in the series and the genre- Tabata is trying to use to his advantage: Instinct. Make all the “Ultra Instinct” jokes you want, but the concept of a character fighting and using his powers based on “Pure, Animalistic Instincts” has been around ever since the day’s of Dragon Ball– since the dawn of the Battle Shonen Genre.

It wouldn’t even be the first time that a character- namely Asta– has used his instincts to battle. Just go back to chapter 4 of the series, in which the narrator literally states that his body’s “super reflexes” reacted to Magna’s attack. Who’s to say that Liebe’s Anti Magic isn’t “reacting” to Divine intervention in the same way- without he or Asta even being aware of the fact that it’s happening? But then why would Vanessa’s Fate Manipulation work on them? Because it’s not there to hurt them- it’s there to Help. And the Anti Magic only reacts to something dangerous. I’m bringing up and answering my own questions to make a point: This theory has validity. But let’s put that aside for some other time………

I think that the last thing I want to discuss is certainly the most prevalent right: The Captains Battle Against Lucifero. Things are about to get- HEATED. And I don’t just mean the Battle!!

Captains Of The CLover Kingdom vs The Ultimate Devil- NEXT TIME!!

I think that Fuegoleon and Nozel are going to play important roles- Fuegoleon moreso than Nozel because he’s already had a moment with Megicula. But I’ll put off that part for a little bit longer. What I REALLY want to talk about before that would definitely be Jack’s role. As of chapter 278; Jack gained the ability to “cut through Gravity.” That’s going to be a pivotal ability in fighting against Lucifero- especially if his power can cut through all of the Gravity and not just what’s holding him down. If he can cut through Lucifero’s pressure, then the Captain’s will be able to move about freely. This then opens the door for the Vermillions to take the stage.

Once again: Mereoleona has had her own battle against the Ancient Demon. But she’s still probably the Strongest Captain in this line up. Or at least; she has the potential to be considering “Hellfire Incarnate’s” ability makes her stronger and stronger the longer she fights. So she’ll definitely be an important factor in taking him on- at least getting a critical hit on him that opens way for the True star of the show: Fuegoleon. With the Fire Spirit at his side; he not only has the potential to utilize Spirit Dive, but- like Yuno before hand- has the potential to tap into Saint Stage the longer he fights “on the brink of death.” And that is where a Permanent injury is inflicted. I kind of doubt he’ll die here, but this would be a perfect opportunity to set up a way to defeat him- a permanent injury inflicted that Asta and the other’s can take advantage of.

Though this is all assuming that my theory about Lucifero being “scared” for the first time ever. If it’s true– if he really CAN’T comprehend that these people can damage him and his “Flight or Fight” instincts kick; he’ll run away, and begin trying to find a way to incarnate Fully in this world. And the next portion of the series will be focusing on how he plans to do that and stopping it- as well as finding and destroying him and Best Design Devil. We’ll learn his name soon, I’m sure.


I don’t know what it is about this series that gets my speculative juices flowing, but I LIKE IT. These posts are taking longer and longer to get out though- maybe I should actually start planning these posts out a little bit more. I want to get to reading and watching a lot of other series and other posts before the list gets too long. Maybe this year…….

But that’s all I got for the lot of ya, today. What did you think of the chapter? Or anything I’ve speculated? Let me know in the comments. And until the next post, everyone- Have A Magical Day!!

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