The “Dawn” Is Coming- FAST. One Piece Chapter 1,036 BREAKDOWN

Hey, guys! Probably didn’t get out a few posts before this one came out, did I? You guys are seeing this in the future- when this post is complete. I don’t know how much I managed to get out before hand, but…… I hope I managed to get out 2 at least. And you know the 2 I’m talking about! But enough of that; you saw the title of the post- you KNOW what’s about to happen. The narrator’s prediction from chapter 955 is about to come to fruition. This arc is coming to it’s closing acts. I hope you’re all ready!! One Piece Chapter 1,036: “Bushido* Is the Way Of Death.” *A reference to “Hagakure- A Guide To Being A Warrior.”*

The Straw Hat’s Ring In The New Year The Only Way They Know How: PURE CHAOS!!!


Picking up where the last chapter left off; Zoro has managed to defeat the surviving Lunarian- King. He ends up slashing King’s wing off, and the Lunarian begins to plummet to the ground. Zoro blasts himself back onto the island and passes out. A flashback begins that depicts King and Kaido sharing a drink. Kaido infers that King thinks that he may be Joyboy because of the world that he wants to create. But King disregards the Legend, and says that he “no longer seeks anything” from Kaido- he’s given his life over to him, with the vow to make him Pirate King. This is made to parallel Zoro’s first battle with Mihawk– he made a similar promise to Luffy to not lose until he’s become the World’s Greatest Swordsman. Even if he has to become “King Of H#ll” to do it.

The Ruler Of H#ll- Roronoa Zoro

The end of the fight is transmitted by a Harpy Marie to another who just so happens to be in the Meeting room with a member of CP0. He can’t believe that the All Stars and Tobi Roppo have been defeated. “But as long as those 2 Monsters are still standing” he starts; “Those wins are Meaningless.

A recap of what’s going on occurs- the battle begins to approach a “Disastrous End.” If Luffy defeats Kaido, then the Support bearing clouds will fade away and the island will fall apart. And the Gun Cache And Explosives will go off- sending Wano and everyone in it to Kingdom Come. Momonosuke does his best to keep this island from getting any closer to the Flower Capital, while Yamato and the Number Fuuga make their way to the Repository. Fuuga is to distract the other Number “Rokki” while he takes care of all that Gunpowder and Explosives. But the Kazenbo is on it’s way……….

We cut over to the Attic between the 1st and 2nd floors, where Usopp is fighting desperately to defend the heavily-injured Kin’emon and O-Kiku. They insist that Usopp should leave one of them and save the other, arguing over who it should be. But Usopp tells them that they should continue to live– even if it’s in disgrace. Izo agrees with him, as he comes in to save his fellow retainers. He tells Usopp to take them and go, and opens fire on the Beast Pirates!

Shadow Paralysis Jutsu!!!

We then cut between Raizo and Fukurokuju’s Ninja Battle(they’re using “Paralysis Jutsu” to hold each other in place), Orochi fawning over Komurasaki, Apoo ditching Drake and Zanki after fighting CP0, and a few other battles before CP-0 gets in contact Lucci, who’s been informed that the All Star’s have all been defeated. And even though the Worst Generations chances of defeating Big Mom and Kaido are still slim at bestit might still be wise to leave the island before it blows.

And we end up cutting to Luffy’s Battle With Kaido– Luffy unveiling his “Gum Gum Roc Gun” move. Ryuo/ Conqueror’s-Imbued Elephant Gun. The 2 fall to the ground in exhaustion, but stand back up to Finish This. Thus bringing One Piece Chapter 1,036 to an Enticing END!! Go Get ‘Em, Rubber Boy!!!!



Where do I begin with this chapter? I think the parallel drawn between King and Zoro- how they both made promises to their Captains. Whereas King vowed that he would make Kaido the Pirate King; Zoro promised “The King” that he wouldn’t lose until he fought Mihawk again. I think that this scene is used to depict how Zoro could have ended up if Luffy was more like Kaido. My youngest brother- who’s started getting more and more into the series- told me about a theory on the “One Piece” sub reddit that Zoro and Kaido would be parallels. It said that Kaido was the “Zoro” to Rocks’ “Luffy,” but whatever happen to make Kaido think the way he does about Pirate Alliances occurred, and…….. well; you can gather the rest.

I think that Zoro and King are the more prevalent parallel now- 2 people held captive by the World Government for one reason or another saved by someone with the ambitions of becoming the King Of The Pirates. And they made vows to their Captains- albeit somewhat different. But I don’t think this parallel applies to Luffy and Kaido. Aside from Kaido mentioning that Luffy couldn’t be “Joyboy” either in chapter 1,014. But whereas Kaido made an effort to become “Joyboy;” Luffy does not nor- nor would he care– to become this mysterious figure.

Spoken Like A True Failure…………..

However; I do think that this is a parallel to Whitebeard in that he’s not ascending to a a status like this. As said by Doffy in chapter 801; Whitebeard “sat before the Throne” of the Pirate King- guarding it until someone who inherited Roger’s will came along to take the former King’s place. But he never tried to reach the Throne himself. Whereas Kaido DID try to become Joy Boy, and couldn’t cut it. So now he’s simply “gate keeping” it until someone comes along an proves that they’re good enough- that they’re better than him. And I think you know who that person will be…………

To move on from that point; I think that Usopp’s speech was really impactful- and very telling. It’s a big joke that no one dies in the series(outside of flashbacks- Flashback character will drop like flies). But I think we all expect 1 or 2 more deaths before this arc is said and done. We’ve been expecting someone like Kin’emon or Kaido. We’ll table the Kaido discussion for another time, and instead focus Kin’emon. And I want to focus in on him in specific because of how long we’ve known him, and how much we’ve had revealed of his past throughout this entire arc. He has to see O-Tsuru– and then……….let come what may. Or so his thought process would be.

Of Days Long Past? Or…. Days To Come?

I definitely don’t want Kin to die- I think he’s a pretty good character. And if anything; Usopp’s speech may just help him dispel the Wano Samurai’s way of thinking. In the future; I think that Kin’emon will not only serve under Momonosuke as a Retainer- but also help to teach the Samurai of the future to “Live.” In a way; Usopp’s will to survive in disgrace may be inherited by the entire country of Wano. But how will all of this tie into the Finale of the story? And more importantly: What does it mean for Zoro?

This is not my own original thought– I’d like to credit Joy_Boy Theories on Youtube for the thought. He thinks that Zoro is also adhering to the way of Bushido with his line of thinking- that he’d rather die than lose. But like Usopp’s telling Kin and Kiku here: It’s better to live in disgrace than to die in honor. Because if you Live, then you’ll get to redeem yourself later. No “Redemption” if you DIE. Joy_Boy Theories is thinking that the chapter’s title is referring to Zoro’s way of battle, and Usopp is here to dispel that way of thinking. As for how he thinks it ties into the story- at least what I interpreted from his words– is that Zoro’s self destructive way of fighting and living is in direct opposition to what Luffy wants. And if there’s 1 thing about Zoro that Oda has tried to hammer home; it’s that Zoro is easily the most Loyal of any of the Straw Hats- he’ll follow his Captain’s orders no matter how ridiculous they become.

But if you recall in chapter 6 of the story: Zoro told Luffy that if he has to abandon his dream for any reason– he’ll Translation 1)Make Luffy apologize for it or Translation 2)Make him commit Hara Kiri. What if Luffy gives him the order to flee? You’re probably thinking that Luffy would NEVER do something like that- never make Zoro do something that goes against his beliefs. Except he made the Whole Crew run away from Kuma on Sabaody. He did that without hesitation, but that was a specific circumstance- Usopp had to carry him away. Not to mention that they couldn’t beat Kuma no matter what they did.

One Of My Favorite Moments of the story. Maybe one day I’ll explain why…………….

………………… I don’t know where that was going; I completely lost my train of thought. BUT THE POINT IS: If Luffy has learned anything from his adventure, it’s that there are people out there tougher than him. And if he cares about his crew, then he’ll do what’s in their best interest to keep them alive- even if that means retreating. But if retreating there goes against Zoro’s beliefs- they’re gonna have a problem. It could be a case much Water 7 in which Luffy and a member of the crew have a differing opinion; Zoro’s opinion of “Death over Defeat” vs Luffy’s desire for them to live to achieve their dreams(which is why he never kills his enemies). And that is how e get a proper answer to “Luffy vs Zoro.”

But again: Not my own thought- just and idea that I liked. Another thing that I like- and would have liked to see more of- was Raizo vs Fukurokuju. I think Oda dropped the ball on that particular battle; he could have shown us how Ninjutsu works in the context of “One Piece,” and also give us a glimpse at the history between these 2. And of course obligatory “Naruto” references because Ninjas. But beyond just that; I think it would have been a good way to characterize both combatants in a way that doesn’t paint either as the “Bad Guy.” Because at the end of the day: Fukurokuju was just following Orochi’s orders. He’s not a bad guy- just got stuck with a bad Shogun to follow. Speaking of- Hiyori has got him wrapped around her finger. I don’t know what her plan is, but BOY is he in TROUBLE………..


There’s probably a lot more for me to talk about- I’m also certain of that. But I feel like it’s all “self explanatory-” if that makes sense. Apoo ditched Zanki and Drake, and CP0 defeated them. Now they’re leaving. Law and Kid are continuing their battle against Big Mom, and…….. that’s all. I don’t have much else to dissect.

In which case; I guess I’ll bring this one to a close. Let me know your own thoughts in the comments, and until the next post everyone- have a Fantastical Day. Catch ya later!!

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  1. Love your analysis about King and Zoro’s similarities and differences regarding their captain. Oda has done a great job making most of the #2 members of pirate crews interesting.

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