All Eye’s On The Crew Of Edens! Edens Zero Chapter 173 BREAKDOWN

Or on they on….. something else….

I was originally gonna title this “A God’s Eye View,” but I realized that title would have worked better for chapter 88. And even there it would have felt like some cheap pun. Plus; this fits the chapter better in more ways the one. The cover page; Rebecca; and believe it or notFeather! She’s one of the Oracion Seis Interstelar I was looking forward to the most– alongside characters like Jaguar and Eraser. And of course Justice. But that’s enough of the opener; let’s get into the chapter! Edens Zero Chapter 173: “Feather Alighting.” Don’t ask me what the h#ll that means……..


The chapter opens with Hermit explaining the plan to attack Lendard- it’ll be a joint effort with Elsie’s fleet. But before she can go on; Cpt Connor cuts her off, and demands to be taken somewhere safe before any battle is to take place. Kleene and Wiesz tell him to take a Starfighter and leave, but he doesn’t want to be caught by Ziggy’s army. So they decide to take him to the Shooting Starlight guild for safety.

As Rebecca is swarmed by a number of fans; Cpt Connor begins to reminisce about his own daughter. Shortly after she was born; his wife took her and left him. Why? Because he was a member of the “Freedom Force-“ a group similar to Oasis that was dedicated to stopping Nero. When they were defeated by the Empire; Connor abandoned his ship before it sunk. If his family is even still alive; his daughter would be around Rebecca’s age.


When they arrive at the guild; Clarisse immediately starts to cry upon seeing Rebecca- completely missing what she had said. She repeats that they need them to take care of Connor(much to his annoyance at being “dumped” like this). Noah arrives, and immediately starts bantering with Shiki. As they’re about to prepare for battle; a call from Hermit comes in: The Interstellar Union Army has come to Blue Garden. And Noah adds the Feather of the Oracion Seis Interstelar has also come to the planet to capture Shiki- and she has the “Eye Of God” just like Noah!

And to make matters even worse; a Fleet of ships has surrounded the Edens Zero. Sister suggests using the “Main Cannon(don’t know if this is the same as Etherion),” but Shiki refuses to use it- they’re not exactly his “enemies” right now. Meanwhile; Feather and her personal guard come up to the Shooting Starlight guild, waiting for Shiki and his crew to come out. Inside; Shiki tells the rest to leave out the back while he distracts them, but Rebecca and the others refuse to leave him- “they either return together or not at all.” So they decide to stand and Fight– bringing Edens Zero Chapter 173 to an Exhilarating END!! If she’s able to fight well, then Noah should be able to as well………Right?


FEATHER. THAT is how I want to start talking about this chapter. I have been hyped for her since I made the comparison to Meredy in my chapter 168 review, because of what I saw of that character Fairy Tail. If we compare her to Meredy, then it’s possible that she’ll become and ally to the crew- in the same way Meredy was ally to the Fairy Tail guild. Though I wasn’t expecting her to be……. “so developed” I’ll say. We had only ever saw her from the head up and from the side in chapter 106(forgot about that scene), so I was expecting her to look a little bit younger– probably the youngest character in Interstelar. And I still think that she is– younger than even Justice.

But something like that would get into the question of the requirements for being in the Oracion Seis Interstelar- age restrictions; strength of character; Ether Gear; legal history; prior affiliation with the Space Government and the Interstellar Union Army; etc. in which case; that brings into question the ages of these characters. I’d by that Feather is around the same age as someone like Shiki or Rebecca, but I also see her being as old as Justice or Elsie. Somewhere in the time frame. So how did she rise to the rank of Interstelar at such a young age? Is it a case like in My Hero Academia where they take in orphans and stray kids to raise them to be……… Living Weapons against crime basically?

Yo~~ur Tu~~rn……….

As for her ETHER GEAR– it’s not impossible for 2 people to have the same or similar types of Ether Gear. The bot that Weisz bot was used, and it taught Weisz how to use “Machina Maker.” Who’s to say it didn’t teach others “Machina Maker” before they made it to Weisz? Heck; how many Gravity Based Ether Gear users have we seen in the story so far(4)? Homura literally learn to use Valkyrie’s “Soul Blade!” Not Impossible. But for her to have this specific Ether Gear is an interesting prospect to think about. Because you get into the question of How she learned to use it? If we go with her being an orphan taken in by the Space Government, then she likely learned it from Noah– giving them a connection to explore. If she’s a case like Rebecca– who had an Ether Gear without even knowing it- then who learned “Eye Of God” from WHOM?

To talk about that for a minute; “Eye Of God” is proving very useful to both characters. It’s allowing Noah access to knowledge that most- even Rebecca herself– is unaware of. He knows exactly where Rebecca is at any and all time in every Universe and every world! But now he’s not that only one that might have been aware of everything that’s happening. Feather could possibly be keeping her eyes on Shiki in particular because of his role from Universe to Universe. I imagine she’s very wary of the boy who defeated 2 Oracion Seis Galactica members at this point. And I can’t imagine that she’d be willing to overlook Noah’s role in all of this……………

Is This About to Happen?

Noah told us right when we hit triple digits that if he was outed as the GIA Director of the Sakura Cosmos- he’ll lose everything. He used it as compensation for putting Rebecca and the crew in danger. What’s going to happen when Feather figures out how the crew was able to beat Drakken? Will Noah be in trouble for aiding a Now-Universe-Threatening-Character like Shiki in taking down a threat on an Equal scale? Or will he get off scot free because of how of his role in all of that? Interesting story Mashima could weave right there………

To move on from that point; I just wanted to note that when Hermit got in contact with them to tell them the Union Army was on Blue Garden- Shiki and Weisz got those little lines on their eyes. Shiki has an O-Tech eye now, so it makes sense that there was a communicator in it. But Weisz getting a communicator in his eye? Why? Is this just something that all the crew has now, or…….. has he begun making some Upgrades? Like; is it possible that he’s integrated O-Tech into himself over the past 3 years? So now he doesn’t need the Arsenal armor in battle- he can now just “modify” himself to fit the situation.

I’m probably looking too much into it, but……. I keep up with spoilers. And as I work on this part of the post; some spoilers came out. Won’t say or imply anything; they’re in French. And despite taking 3 years of it in High School and 1 in Community College– I can’t read it. All I’ll say is that I wouldn’t discount this theory just yet…………

Why did Hermit give this to Weisz over Kris…………?

Something that I didn’t bring up in the review to “streamline” that portion was Mashima directly addressing the audience through Weisz by having him ask “Why didn’t they ask Xiao Mei or Noah to locate Ziggy?” Mildian being a planet that “moves” from one cosmos to another is something that I would buy. The planet’s “frozen in time-” I’d buy it moving around a little bit. Probably wouldn’t even have to change Time Zones from one Cosmos to the other– to make as many Frozen Time jokes as possible. And it means that we may well see Xiao Mei off world as well. Before the events of the Mildian Arc; I thought they’d just casually run into her on another planet, and it’s just like “Oh, Hey.” I think that would have been hilarious.

As for the “Eye Of God” excuse- YE~AH. Don’t really think I’d buy that one. If you want to sell me some idea that it needs a “specific heat signature” to lock onto, and a droid like Ziggy would lack something like that(especially after having been inactive for several years prior to the Aoi War)- I might be willing to buy that. But if this is another version of Shiki- a version that began converting to a machine, then……..why would he not be able to find him? Now, if that theory is revealed as true; would that mean that Noah is unaware of other versions of Shiki? Or does it mean that this Shiki is less human that we thought? Or would it end up being a plot hole? Either way; it’s certainly curious how Noah came to know this Ether Gear’s weakness………

I super excited to see how the battle will unfold next week. We’ve already seen Shiki in action, but I don’t think that we’ve seen EVERYTHING that he can do just yet. He may be able to do a few more things that we aren’t expecting. Again: Not telling you a spoiler. Just proposing an idea. And I’m also curious to see what the others are capable of- how far have they come in their Overdrives? Has Rebecca tapped into hers yet? These are the Questions!


…………… I think that’s everything that I wanted to talk about regarding this chapter. It got a little “scattershot” because I couldn’t work on it in 1 sitting like I used to. But with Jump being on break once again this week; I should be able to focus better. And maybe even get to the review of a certain Movie before it’s stops being “The Thing To Talk About.” Sh!t; I HOPE I Will. But in in any case; that’s all I got for the lot of ya today. Until the next post, everyone; Have A Stupendously Wonderful Day. Catch ya later!

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