Anghalhad Struts Her Stuff! Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 45 BREAKDOWN

You know what Nakaba Suzuki- creator of this and the original “Seven Deadly Sins-” does REALLY well? Character Writing. He also handles romantic relationships the best of all the manga I’ve seen, but I’m sure we’ll get into that later on in the story. But the way he writes characters- both in terms of strength and who they are as people- is handled in such a way that no character feels particularly “unlikeable.” I’ve yet to come across a character in this entire story(be it the original or otherwise) that I can say I “Despise.” Sure; some can be over the top and annoying, but even THEY manage to have their own charm to them!

And that character work is on full display here as Anghalhad cements herself as one of my favorite characters so far! She and Donny begins their own battles in Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 45: “The Chivalric Code.” We’ll see what the title means a little bit later……….

Those are some ugly @$$ fish you got there……..


The chapter picks up where the last left off; the kids come up against 2 more of the Dark Talismans- Burgie “The Bewitcher” and Doronach “The Invincible(take a wild guess who’s who).” Percival announces that he’s one of the Four Knights Of The Apocalypse- everyone else has nothing to do with their fight. Anne pushes him out of the way, telling him that they wanted to travel with him- it’s as much their battle as it is his. So she tells Nasiens and Percival to hang back and rest, while she and a reluctant Donny take up this battle.

Donny wants to fight against Burgie, but her little crack about Anne sends the Holy Knight-to-be into a rage, and the 2 begins their battle- leaving Donny to fight the titanic Doronach. Donny manages to dodge Doronach’s attack, but after seeing his foes monstrous strength; Donny makes him float in the air. Unfortunately; Doronach’s magic power- “Impact-” activates, blowing Donny away just like Pellegarde.

Good thing those 2 are away from the Blast Zone.

Meanwhile; Burgie’s “Staff Of The Four Elements” puts Anne through her paces- she even ends up getting injury on her arm. Sin tells her that Burgie’s offense is reliant on her staff- she’s fairly weak without it. But getting it out of her hands is easier said than done- he uses that staff is actually rather impressive. So Sin intervenes with a plan: He has Donny lift Doronach again, making him use “Impact” and propel Anne into Burgie- knocking the staff out of her hand before kicking it away!!

But that doesn’t mean that she’s defenseless– her magic power “Mirage” allows her to make multiple copies of herself in front of Anne. She taunts that she won’t be able to find the real Burgie, but Anne’s own magic allows her to see through lies- letting her find the real Burgie and strike her down! Anne’s overwhelming confidence brings Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 45 to a Resounding END!! You know I didn’t see that coming……

Suck It.


Can I just take a moment to praise this art style? Particularly the art in this chapter because I feel that Anne’s design was perfect. Like; I really liked her facial expressions and the way that she “moved” throughout the chapter. Suzuki Sensei said in a recent interview that his own art style is inspired by Dragon Ball– how well Toriyama was able to draw a fight scene. And I personally think that Suzuki Sensei is able to convey a fight scene in a similar way.

I really like Anne’s portion of the chapter, too; her disposition in battle and how “in control” of her emotions she was. She said that she wants to become a Holy Knight, based on her behavior in her battle- she’s well on her way. Though I still think that she needs to learn some more “offensive” magic; the fact that she was able to see through Brugie’s Mirages was a very specific situation. Maybe we could finally see how one learns to use Magical powers in this story. Because you can learn Magic abilities, as shown with Meliodas and Chandler. We can learn how that whole process works. But what ability would she learn? And from who?


If we go with the logic of Pellgarde coming in to save Percival and the others, then I think that the best thing for him to do is drop them off on the other side of the Entangled Forest- on the border of Liones. From there; they could talk with the current King, who recruits them to do battle with Camelot. And who do you think that Percival will end up training with? The Knights whose “Eyes hold Holiness and Darkness-” Tristan!! And Donny’ll probably pick up training with Howzer again. Not sure about Anne or Nasiens, though. Maybe Anne can go with Veronica and Nasiens with……….. Hendrickson? His “Acid” ability is similar to Nasiens in effect……..

Though it’s looking increasingly like the kids are already strong enough to take on the Talismans; with Nasiens and Anne having overcome their opponents, all that’s left is for Donny to ocercome Doronach, and Percival to face the leader guy. And I get the feeling that the leader is going to be in a Whole Other League than these 3. I don’t know what his abilities are, but I get the feeling that he’s gonna put Percival through his paces. And when the others jump in- the other Talisman’s are gonna kick it up a notch. Maybe they’ll receive some more of Arthur’s “Chaos Power” and defeat the kids? Or the leader could bestow that power himself. All things that are possible.

The last thing I want to talk about in regards to the chapter is definitely Sin’s Knowledge. He seems to know a LOT about Camelot– between knowing the names of the Holy Knights in Arthur’s ranks; what the Mystic Beasts are; how the Chaos Staff’s work; and who knows what else I’m forgetting right now; he seems to have knowledge that he shouldn’t. I don’t know WHAT this would even mean for his secret origins, but I think it tells you that he’s been around for a little while- longer than we could have known. At least 16 years. Hm……………

In the review for chapter 41; I told you guys about the idea of Sin being Ban’s long lost son Lancelot. And that he was with the Princess of the Lake that would be Arthur’s wife- just like in Arthurian legends. If we continue this idea, then you could always say that the “Princess Of The Lake” has knowledge on Camelot through 1 means or another, and told Lancelot- who would take up the identity of “Sin The Fox-” all about Camelot’s strength and what Arthur is capable of. Which he’s using to make sure at least Percival makes it to Liones. Perhaps for a reunion with Papa Ban? Or is he going to his Princess? What’s your motive, Sin The Fox?

There’s more to this apology, isn’t there?


………… Think that’s it. It may only be the day before the next chapter, but- it’s out BEFORE then! Sorry this one took longer than usual- it’s honestly just my hectic schedule between reading other blogs; reviews themselves; work; video games and other hobbies- It’s all too much right now. But I’m not giving up– I’ll keep working no matter what the Universe throws at me!! I say that now, and then……..

But’ that’s all from me for today, guys. Until the next post, everyone- Have a Magically Wonderous Day!!

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