Manga Dump Post 11: The Complications Of “Life”

This Dump Post has a bit of a “Backstory” to it: Life is Complicated– at any given moment; it could throw you a curve ball that snowballs into………. a Boulder? You know; how a snowball rolling down a snowy mountain picks up more snow and becomes a giant ball? That kind of happened to me recently. Firstly; the internet where I’m living at was going in and out on Tuesday, when I typically work on the Edens Zero Reviews(I thought I could get it out in a separate post, but time doesn’t permit). So I had to get off my computer for a little bit.

Then my Job called me in because someone else called out. So I was faced with the choice of going in and getting more money or not. More money means I get to do a few more things– things that I HOPE will improve things here, so I went in. Thing is: I had started getting sick that day. I didn’t think too much of it that morning- I just took some medicine and the cold cleared up. But a little way’s into work; it started coming back- to the point where the coughing gave me a headache. So they called in someone else(why they couldn’t have called them in in the first place is BEYOND me), and I was sent home earlier.

And on Wednesday; I had taken a turn for the worst– I was coughing so much that I got a migrain; my nose started clogging; I had an ache in my lower back; I couldn’t breathe through this dumb@$$ mask I’m wearing- I just wasn’t feeling well. Thankfully I hadn’t lost my sense of taste or smell, so it’s not THAT. But I was still unable to work on posts or do much of anything for the past few days. Thus the Dump Post. Wish it hadn’t come to this, but it DID. Let’s begin.

Edens Zero Chapter 174: “Mind Getting Out Of The Way?

Those who have been reading my blog for awhile now know what I would have title this post. Even though it wasn’t the highlight of the chapter. There wasn’t really anything getting the main focus this week. Feather of the Oracion Seis Interstelar has the Shooting Starlight Guild hall surrounded. Because of his position, Noah is rendered unable to help- as little more than a diversion. But Shiki tells them they don’t need the help; they’re just gonna make a “Mad Dash” for the ship!


The Union Army opens fire, and Shiki uses his Gravity to divert the bullets- as Feather had predicted. She activates the “Ether Connect,” allowing her soldiers to use her Ether Gear temporarily. But even so; the crew just plows through em all, displaying what they’ve learned over the last 3 years. Weisz shows off a new use for his Arsenal Armor, and Rebecca shows her her Brand New OVERDRIVE!!!!

Connor is amazed by their incredible strength, to which Noah responds that they accumulated this strength to make sure they don’t lose anymore “family.” Hearing that they’re all orphans; Connor begins to think about something……..

The crew’s movements are too overwhelming for the Interstellar Union Army- even with “Eye Of God” allowing them to see what will happen. Shiki even manages to get in Feather’s face and holds her in place with Gravity! She calms herself, and warns them that they won’t be able to escape her “Racer Class” Ships.

Hermit and Sister think that it would be impossible to escape without taking out a few ships, but timely intervention from Connor presents them with a way out- bringing Edens Zero Chapter 174 to a Resounding END!!

2 things:

  1. Like I said in last week’s review; having Feather be the member that they fight next feels jarring. As in: if she had appeared earlier and shown what she can do before this encounter, then this would be a better way to show off what the crew can do. And while this is still cool; it makes Feather look pretty darn unimpressive– something you wouldn’t expect of either Oracion Seis Faction. So while I enjoyed this; I feel like we could have used a different character for this.
  2. Rebecca’s Overdrive. Visually; I think the ranking will stay the same- I don’t think it’s that “Impressive” itself. HOWEVER; it shows how well she’s able to fight in hand to hand combat. She’s certainly become much more agile, and I’m willing to bet that she’s much physically stronger now compared to 3 years ago. Plus, notice: She hasn’t lost her clothes AT ALL so far. Lovin’ it!!!
Kitty Kicks @$$!!!!!!

Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 46: “The Realization

Donny’s Resolve!!

This week’s chapter picks up with Anne standing over her defeated foe, while Donny struggles against Doronach “The Invincible.” The Goliath demands that Donny stand his ground and fight- even promising not to use his magic for the time being. Donny stands his ground, and the battle takes a turn in his favor, as he gets off a number of slashes on Doronach(much to his disgust).

Doronach literally flexes the wounds close, and moves in for the killing blow. So Donny uses his magic to make the Giant float. Doronach counters with “Impact,” freeing himself from Donny. It begins to look like a loss until Sin intervenes, telling Donny that the only “limit” to Magic is the user’s “Imagination-” it can be whatever the caster wants it to be. Donny never thought of what else he can do with his magic, so all he would do is make things float. But now that he knows he can do more, he takes Doronach, and tosses him deep into the Entangled Forrest!!


Donny is amazed at what he can really do, and Sin dubs this power “Telekinesis.” They celebrate their victories so far- but make sure to give Sin most of the credit since his advice is what’s been leading them so far. This leads Percival to ask the question on everyone’s minds: “Sin; Who are you really?

Before any answer can be given; Doronach reawakens. And to make matters worse: The Leader Of The Talismans Has Arrived- exuding and Potent Magic power that sends shocks up the kids spines. He chastises his comrades for their incompetence, and claims the Dragon Relief that Percival took- bring Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 46 to a Chilling END!! Oh they are SO Dead………

Now that Donny’s found his resolve and awakened his true power; this fight should help the kids not get their @$$e$ kicked TOO badly. Still gonna be beaten into a bloody paste, but less so. And hopefully Percival will get his Dragon Sword back, ’cause I don’t think the one he’ll make with his magic will do the trick this time………..

One Piece Chapter 1,037: “Drunken Dragon Bagua


After Judge let’s out a “Heavy Sigh” in the latest cover serial; we cut over to the Flower Capital, where the citizens begin to get their Sky Lanterns ready with their prayers. It’s indicative of the Fire Festival getting ready to End. Which leads into the PRIMARY part of the chapter: Luffy vs Kaido. The King Of Beasts is enjoying the battle so much that he takes a swig of Sake- and goes through his various phases of Drunk.

Luffy fights back against Kaido- displaying how much growth he’s made with his Haki since the fighting started. But as their battle continues to escalate; the Skull Dome’s structural integrity begins to deteriorate. Droves or Rebels and Beast Pirates begin to retreat from the Live Floor.

As their battle intensifies; we cut over to Marie Geiose with the GOROSEI talking about the events of the recent Reverie. But they put that aside for the moment, and discuss a more “Pressing ” Matter: Wano. They plan to capture Nico Robin at all cost, and hope that a battle involving 2 Yonko will be enough to get rid of any “Inconveniences.” The one with a Giant Mustache(The Bald One without the sword) says that “THAT Fruit” is little more than a Legend- even to them. But the youngest looking one says that they need to explain why the World Government gave a Devil Fruit a “Specific Name.”

We cut over to the Marines invading Wano. Their lookout gets on Comms, and tell them that he sees a “Giant Shadow-” which turns out to be Zunisha, bringing One Piece Chapter 1,037 to a Mysterious END!! What Fruit Are They Trying to Hide? And for what reason? And is Zunisha…….? NO……. But………. Also; One Piece Will Be On A One Week Break. Cr@p. But Oda needs his rest; I completely understand.

Who’s even talking right now?

My Hero Academia Chapter 340: “The Story Of How We All Became Heroes Part 3

Because the Heroes have decided to make Central Hospital the HQ for the “League Of Villains/ Paranormal Liberation Front Counter-Force;” multiple Police Stations have set up their Base of Operations in close proximity to the Hospital. But they’ve decided to limit the number of individuals in the Task Force- or at least the one’s who have access to such sensitive information- because of the Aoyama’s revelation. Such as Ragdoll of The Wild-Wild Pussycats; she’s here because her “Search” quirk is being used for Evil. The other’s aren’t here, leaving her bored and lonely.


All Might begins to explain the gist of their actions going forward. Whether it’s Plan “A” or “B-” it’s absolutely necessary that they split up the main forces of the Liberation front. Meaning they have to get All For One and All For Destruction a minimum of 10km away from each other, and make sure to get rid of Dabi and the others before they can interfere in this operation(primarily Dabi). And they key to this whole operation: All For One’s Little “Fly On The Wall-“ Yuga Aoyama.

While everyone seems to sympathize with him- and even to an extent on the Adults part Forgive him; He still committed crimes that have led to the Downfall Of Society. That’s something no amount of “Forgiveness” is going to erase. But Small Might is willing to trust in him- and in Aizawa’s faith in him. Speaking of; we see Eraser meeting with Aoyama in Central. The Doctor’s say that All For One didn’t implant anything abnormal in the Quirk Factor before he gave it to him. Aizawa figured as much- All For One wouldn’t have bothered with murdering someone in front of the Aoyama’s if that were the case.


He can see the fear in Yuga’s eyes- the fear of All For One’s power; fear of his own behavior; fear of what will happen if he doesn’t help- and even if he willhe’s scared. So Aizawa finds a way to “rip that fear out of him:” Fight. Even if it means being a “pawn” for the Heroes this time- even if he can’t stay at UA; he’s not allowed to sit and wallow in “self-pity” forever- He Has To Stand And Fight. ‘Cause it’s not like they’ll let him fight alone.

With new drive; Yuga sits up, and promises to help. But how can he? How do you trick the BIGGEST Trickster in History? Enter: Hitoshi Shinso– bringing My Hero Academia Chapter 340 to a Hopeful END!!

I think we all know where this one is going: Yuga is going to bring Izuku out into the open, and one of them will say something- only for it to be revealed that it was Shinso talking instead, and he makes All For One or All For Destruction go 10km in the opposite directions. Or………. does a certain Corpse have something to say to them. Considering we haven’t touched upon that plot point in a while; the reaction will probably be just like the Traitor Reveal. *Sigh*………….. D@mmit.

This is happening, but not in the way we were hoping- AGAIN.

Black Clover 319: “Great Magic Knights vs King Of Devils

And Lastly; we have the Magic Battle that won’t stop- “Black Clover!!” At just Half his full power; the Supreme King Of The Devil’s Lucifero proves overwhelming for our dear Anti Magic Brat. But as he struggles to stand up under the pressure exuding from the King; the Captains of the Magic Knights join the frey! But only thanks to Rill’s “Twilight Of Valhalla-“ that’s the only reason they an even stand right now. And as any Battle Shonen character knows: “If you can stand– you can Fight!……….”

But this is the Ultimate Devil so that’s all mute– he wipes the floor with the whole lot of them and tells them that they should have never stood up in his presence. But having been inspired by a certain Magicless Peasant- and being granted the title of “Strongest(which sends Lucifero over the edge); the Captains refuse to back down. And of courseNeither Will Asta and Liebe.

Black Guardian Asta appears behind Lucifero, and tells the Devil King that he “Could Never Understand How Awesome Great Magic Knights Are!!!!” His determined swing brings Black Clover Chapter 319 to an Interesting END!! I’ve been seeing people speculate that Lucifero is going to Break the Demon Slayer sword. I believe it. Because I feel like the Captains saying THAT– combined with the fact that they’re still Fighting back against them- might just make him go ballistic. He’s gonna break that sh!t out of Pure Rage.

Yeah- You DIE This Day, Anti Magic Boy.


Yeah………………. Not how I wanted this week to play out. Even as I begun writing this portion of the post(on Sunday); my job tried to call me in because someone else didn’t show up. I just……. did not want to go in today– they gave me an extra day of and D@MN IT I’m TAKING it!! My……… my store just kind of sucks. But it pays for my manga and games, so……. whatever. I just couldn’t deal with it today.

In any case; let me know your own thoughts down in the comments. What was your favorite chapter of these listed? And what do you think the future holds for these stories? That’s all I got for the lot of ya today. Until the next post, everyone; have a Magically Fantastical Day!! Later!!

There are several factors leading up to this moment…………

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