Percival: The Rising. Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 47 BREAKDOWN

This one’s gonna have a few more My Hero Academia-isms than usual. Because that was my thought as I got to the end of the chapter: The theme of this chapter is very reminiscent of My Hero Academia. Like; what Percival does is something I would expect from a Super Hero. Which actually gives me something to speculate on so I’m not just repeating myself. All of this to say: This was a Really Good Chapter. Let’s get into it; Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 47: “Final Blow Of Desperation.”

The 4-By-4


Picking up where last chapter left off; the kids- after having made progress in their battles against the Dark Talismans- are taken by surprise by their Leader: “Thunderclap” Fiddich. Fiddich aims to take the Dragon Relief from Percival, but Donny uses his “Telekinesis” to keep it away from Fiddich, and sends the Holy Knight a way’s away. But he stands up almost immediately, and tests the limits of Donny’s magic. He catches the first stone- and the second beams him dead in the head.

As the kids deal with that; Fiddich begins berating his fellow Talismans for having trouble against mere children. This embarrassment doesn’t sit well with him, and he decides to make the kids suffer before they die. He calls back a furious Elgin- eager to get even with the children. Fiddich takes out a Healing Orb, and heals the 3 of them- bringing the Talismans back to Full Health while the kids are so exhausted from their previous bouts.

Seeing all their hard work redacted like that sends Anne, Donny, and Nasiens into despair, as they lament in their fate. But Percival refuses to give in– he takes the Dragon Sword, and vows to protect that which he cherishes with everything he’s got!! His determined words spur on Anne and the others, as they thank him for bringing them out of despair once again. Their hopes become Percival’s power; his Magic begins overflowing within him, as he channels it into the sword and slashes the ground underneath the Talismans!

Doranach responds by using “Impact,” but Percival’s magic is strong enough to protect him from the blast. Fiddich is amazed that a boy was able to inspire such hope with only an exchange of words. So he gestures to the Talismans to regroup and pounce at the “head” of the group: Sin– The “Commander.” Sin sends the kids away, and faces off with the Dark Talismans. Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 47 END!! Show me what you got Sin……….

Sin The Fox vs The Dark Talismans- NEXT TIME!!!


Percival’s Magic. That is the First thing I thought about while reading the chapter. Because I think that this chapter gives us a Pretty Big Hint about how it works. Notice how, when his friends started believing in him- his power spiked. It’s called “Hero Type,” and I’m beginning to think that means that the more “Hope” he inspires in those around him- The Stronger He Becomes. There’s this, and there’s of course the Sistana arc where his power grew in proportion to his friend’s belief in him. Although I have to question something: Is Percival “like this” because of his Magic, or is it because he’s like this that he has this magic?

Like; does “Hero Type” have and effect on the personality the same way a quirk would in My Hero Academia, or is it the personality that determines the Magic? That would get into the origin of the power system in this franchise- which would be welcomed so long as it doesn’t get confusing– and I think it would be a good test of character for Percival if he had to think about the “consequences” of this power………………

The other thing that happened in this chapter: Sin Is Surrounded. And you know the whole saying about the “Cornered Animal.” Meaning we’ll see just what kind of Fangs he’s got. All that he’s done to help Percival’s progression with his magic had to come from prior knowledge– it’s like he’s speaking from Experience. Though this could all just be common knowledge; I suppose it was a given that Percival could channel his magic into his sword. But not all Magic works the same way. I’m not saying he has “Hero Type” Magic, but………. he can do something.

The next chapter brings us to the 1 Year mark with this series. And a milestone like that tends to be when the series makes it’s “shift-” from the the “Hopeful Beginnings” to……… what the series will be going forward. A revelation or 2; character motivations are established; and a Big Reveal. I think that We Will Learn Sin’s identity next chapter. Is he also a “Knight Of The Apocalypse?” Or does he just work for someone who’s trying to put the Prophecy in motion? Something is up with Sin, and I’m ready to find out what it is………..

How does he always know what to say………..?

I also kind of want to talk about the Dark Talismans for a minute- specifically the leader Fiddich. He Is DANGEROUS- that’s a given. As seen in their introductory chapter; he killed one of his own men because Gowther got in his f*cking mind. And he admits to wanting to make children fall to despair- casually!! I think that he is the first inkling of these 4 being a “breed apart” from the other Holy Knights the kids have faced thus far- as if they’re going to be a little more recurring than the others.

I talked in the past about how I think that this arc is going to spin off into a training arc for the kids; that we’ll see them lose and regroup in Liones, becoming Holy Knights In Training and come back to face these guys. And if they end up capturing Sin here– the chances of that go up because now Percival- and thus the others- have a motive to go after them. And Percival is against killing, so they won’t die after that(unless Arthur makes an Example of them). Perhaps they’ll end up growing in power themselves and come for the kids again. Probably not– it’ll probably just be the one Rematch. But I think we’ll learn a little bit about them later on.

We got Ardbeg’s backstory; it showed how Camelot’s Holy Knights aren’t all bad- that they have some humanity to them(or at least they did once upon a time). I think that Elgin has the possibility to develop more as a character, and Fiddich I think would have a really good Negative character arc(rather than change his ways; he doubles down on his behavior, pushing the other 3 away). I really like the design for Elgin’s armor, and I would like to know how he got the name “Carrion Eater.” The same could be said about Fiddich, though I’m willing to be it has something to do with his speed.

Oh Dear…………..

Looking at how he appeared behind Perciva, and how fast he was able to toss that rock at Donny; he may have the ability to increase his own speed in some way, as well as increase the speed of other objects- to a limited extent. Which is a rather cool ability to have- and an under-utilized one if I’m to be honest. At least in anime/manga. It seems like a practical ability to have as a swordsman, and if he has the “speedy recovery” bit, then it explains how he’s able to rebound immediately after Donny tossed him.

Doranach might also develop in the future- maybe he’ll be more “buddy-buddy” with Elgin, but I really don’t expect much from Burgie. She’s kind of boring me– not even really that attractive, honestly. And because there isn’t much to say on her, I’ll say THIS: It was pretty funny when the Talisman’s recovered. Maybe it’s the sadist in me but I just Loved seeing the kids react to the Talismans being healed. I have this………… “Mental Tick” where- whenever I get annoyed and exhausted, or even sometimes hurtI end up laughing. And I feel like in that situation- I might pee myself I’d laugh so much. ‘Cause that looked pretty gosh darn Hopeless.


Took me a week, and I had to stop the regular schedule to do it- But I Finished The Post!! I put a lot of work into it, which is a testament to where this story is going. Like I said earlier: The 1 year mark is usually where we start to see what the series can Really do– we learn what it REALLY is. The story has been giving me more to talk about in the last few chapters more than ever before, and that’s only going to continue with time- referencing more chapters and statements; deciding which images to use……….. I honestly can’t wait.

Because………… after a while of just repeating myself with these chapters; I started to think about dropping the series in terms of talking about it. I’d still read it, of course, but I saw no reason to discuss it if I was just going to be repeating myself. And I don’t want to give you guys something that I was motivated to do- it’s not fair to you guys. Stuck with it, and wouldn’t you know: It’s about to get better. Can’t wait to continue to talk to you guys about this wonderful story!

That’s all that I got for the lot of you today, boys and girls. Until the next post, everyone; stay safe out there, and have a Magically Wonderful day. Catch ya later!!