1001 Ways To Say Kawaki Kills Boruto. Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Chapter 66 BREAKDOWN

You read the titleyou know what happens. Not really much left for me to do except talk about the chapter. But because I’m writing this a few days before the chapter actually comes out; I’m going to have to pad this out a little. But only a little. I’m gonna have to save some stuff for the “Analysis” section. But what I will start off by saying is that I’ve been watching a lot of Writing Analysis videos about “Naruto” lately, and this chapter feels in line with the theme of the videos I’ve been watching- specifically with regards to the “Curse Of Hatred” theme, or the theme of “Sacrifice.”

Kawaki would kill me for calling him this: “Isshiki Ohtsusuki 2.0.

I’ll get into it more in the “Analysis” section, but I wanted to make sure you guys take note of where this is going. Let’s see if you guys are thinking what I’m thinking. Boruto- Naruto Next Generations Chapter 66: “Do-Or-Die.” Let’s Begin……..


We begins the chapter with Kawaki remembering what Amado told him: “Take the power to protect the Hokage for yourself.” And that power has manifested in the form of a “Karma that is purely a ‘weapon-‘” a power that Kawaki didn’t know Amado had given him. Yeah; that whole thing about Kawaki having a choice in the matter was a lie– he reconstructed Isshiki’s Karma the same time he regenerated Kawaki’s arm. Eida tells Code as much, with the “motivation” he needed being saving Naruto from Borushiki. Shikamru takes not of Code speaking to someone, figuring that he has an “Ally” somewhere else………..

It is his power now, so………….

Kawaki looks down at his hand in surprise, as is Borushiki. But there’s no time to worry about that; Kawaki begins putting this power to use– using Daikokuten to summon Chakra rods from the Ohtsusuki World and Sukunahikona to enlarge them and sends them flying at Borushiki. He dodges, but the cubes start to rain down upon him. His display of control and power is enough for Code to think of him as a “Second Isshiki.”

Naruto is shocked to see what Kawaki is capable of, as he asks how he got these abilities. But Kawaki reminds him that Code said not to move or he’d kill Shikamaru(not that he really cares if it’s not Naruto or the Uzumakis). Hearing this; Naruto’s next questions becomes “How far are you willing to go?” Kawaki: “I’ll Do What Needs To Be Done- For You.” Afterwards; he continues his bout against Borushiki- displaying his abilities as both a Karma user and as one enhanced with Scientific Ninja Tools(to borrow a name from “LEGO: Ninjago- Masters Of Spinjutsu(as series due for a “Nostalgia Corner” in the Future):” Nindroid).

Kawaki comes close to winning the exchange until Naruto intervenes to save Boruto’s body. This breaks the rule Code had laid down- but Code doesn’t see much of a point in killing Shikamaru at this juncture. Naruto asks Kawaki if he really intends on killing Boruto, to which Kawaki repeats what he told him earlier: “He’ll Do What Needs To Be Done.” Naruto says that Boruto is his son, but Kawaki responds that he’s “also a Demon After Naruto’s Life.So Yesyes he will. He tells Naruto to move aside and face reality, but the Hokage refuses to move. So Boruto MAKES him.

Alright, Let’s Do This.”

Much to the annoyance of Momoshiki; Boruto wakes up, and begins to try and suppress Momo’s consciousness. He laments that the meds were only a Temporary solution, and how close he came to killing his father. Kawaki reminds him of their promise, and Boruto agrees with what must happen: Kawaki Has To Kill Boruto. He tells Naruto to give Himawari and Hinata his best, and sends him back a ways with “Wind Style: Gale Palm.” He stands firm, as Kawaki closes in- piercing him in the torso.

No one can believe what just happened, as Boruto lies on the ground with a hole in his chest- bringing Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Chapter 66 to a Tragic END!! That just happened– you’re reading it right. But……….



It’s Saturday Night, January 22, 2022 at 8:20pm when I started writing this part of the post. I have only watched 1 video regarding the chapter- I try not to so I don’t unintentionally copy their thoughts and opinions. I want any thoughts on the chapters I read to be my own. I say all this because I feel that I need to for this particular post. My thought when I read this chapter for the very first time was that Boruto and Kawaki planned for this- for Kawaki to “kill” Boruto while Code was around. It was all necessary for their plan to go into effect.

The Brother’s Vow

I want you guys to think back to when Boruto got his Karma mark. What happened? Time Froze, and Momoshiki appeared before Boruto, bestowing the Karma on him. And in this fight; Boruto showed a level of control over Momoshiki’s power that we’ve never seen before- thanks to Amado’s meds. Not only that, but we also know that these 2- at this juncture- are more Ohtsusuki than Human at this point. All of this put together(as well as Kawaki’s earlier statement in chapter 56– which should probably be the main piece of evidence) tells me that Boruto should be able to do the same thing. He should be able to freeze time- just like Momoshiki did– and put a Karma of his own on Code as they planned to.

If he gets that much access to Momo’s power, then using Space-Time Ninjutsu shouldn’t be too hard. And sense all the Ohtsusuki memories are “downloaded(which is why Boruto and Kawaki were such good fighters under its influence),” then Boruto would know how to plant the Karma mark on someone. He’s going to “mark” Code, and “reincarnate” in his body. That is what will happen– I’m almost willing to put money on it(I’m 95% sure- I’d never put money on something unless it was guaranteed). Which leads into the question of What He’ll Get out of “becoming” Code. A few things, when you think about what the story has set up for his character.

The next batch of images come from the very First chapter of “Boruto” I ever reviewed- chapter 56! They depict Code’s latent potential thanks to his White Karma mark. And as we learn from Resident Karma Expert Amado; the Ōtsutsuki will also gain all the memories, skills and knowledge from the vessel. Meaning if Boruto implants his own Karma on Code and manages to manifesthe’ll gain Code’s abilities.

He would gain Code’s claw marks, and the power granted to him by the White Karma!- probably. I’m not sure how a regular Karma and a White Karma would interact on the same Vessel. But if he did get the White Karma’s power, in addition to Code’s modifications, then that would make Boruto even stronger than before. Especially after Amado remove those Infernal Limiters. What all of this is leading to- the set up with Code and Boruto’s Karma- is made to give an idea of how powerful he and Kawaki must be going into The Flashforward.

If what I’ve predicted turns out to be correct, then that let’s you know what level Boruto will be at when it comes time for the “Clash Of Brothers;” he’s got effectively and Android with no clear limits on his stamina, can make claw marks and appear anywhere around the battlefield, and has thousands of years of combat experience from thanks to the White Karma- and possibly a few other surprises by the time we get there(clearly possessing the Regular Karma by then). Kawaki has his Karma back, and he’ll continue to learn Ninjutsu from Naruto and the others in the Leaf. Not to mention Amado potentially hooking him up with a few more “modifications” that’ll help him “Protect the Hokage.” I look forward to seeing what Kawaki’s build up to that moment will be like……………….

Whatever It Takes……….

After that rather Lack Luster speculation on my part; I think that I just thought of a Parallel in the story: Kawaki and Code. Both are strong Karma users- potential even stronger than those they admire so devoutly. Both are border line Zealots when it comes to the ones who took them in(in the case of CODE- there is no line). And both are being built up as stronger than those they revere. DIVERGENCE: Code had Limiters placed on him because it would have “undermined” Jigen’s authority. Kawaki has been granted new power and is able to- saytrap Naruto in another Dimension? And with Naruto lacking the Insane reserves of chakra he had before and the Uchiha lacking a Rinnegannot like it’s gonna be all that difficult. In short: Kawaki is what Isshiki was trying to keep Code from becoming- an All Powerful Warrior so devoted to his safety that he’ll end up getting in the way of whatever he intends on doing. I’d be very worried if I were Naruto………..

There are 2 things that I want to discuss when it comes to this chapter: The Long Awaited TIME SKIP- And Momoshiki’s Resurrection. The Time skip would be pretty easy to explain; Boruto would implement his plan and embed the his own Karma mark on Code. And while Code and Eida do whatever they’re grand plan is to capture Kawaki- the Karma mark begins to progress and Code will gradually become Boruto. Meanwhile; Kawaki continues training and growing stronger with his Karma, get more modifications from Amado, and prepare for whatever Code and Eida are going to do. But there’s a problem in all of this: Eida.

She wants a “Knight-” someone to love her for her and not the ability Amado gave her. And the only 2 people in the world that it can be are Boruto and Kawaki. She doesn’t really care which one it is(though she seems to be fawning over Kawaki more). So if Code can’t use Kawaki, then he’s have to use Boruto to feed to 10 Tails. But if all I’ve said comes to pass, then that won’t happen. Unless he were to use……… Momoshiki before Boruto comes back?

What about a Hole in their gut?

As seen with Jigen/Isshiki in chapter 47; when an Ohtsusuki vessel dies in the medical sense, then the Ohtsusuki is able to revive. “Boruto” is certainly dead in that sense. But as long as it bears Karma; it can still be used for Momoshiki to come back in. And I can imagine that when the vessel is dead, then the Ohtsusukification process will get an Immediate Boost in speed- like when you’re downloading something when the Internet is at its best. If I were to continue the analogy Amado started: Boruto being on the “internet” in the same “house” as Momoshiki is slowing down Momo’s download. But now that Boruto’s “disconnected” from the internet- the download is finished before Momo knew what hit em.

In this way; I see Code’s body taking a lot longer to upload Boruto’s “self” into his body- much longer than either Boruto or Kawaki. Kawaki’s had the Karma mark for……….. most of his life, it would seem. Like; say he’s around Boruto’s current age of 12-13(let’s say he’s on the older end at 14). His flashback to receiving Karma depicted him around 9 or 10. Not long, but it’s the longest point in his life we have to go on. Since he got sold off to Jigen at no older than 5 or 6, and likely had to have a few years of modifications and training to make it to this level. And we don’t know how long he was in the test tube. Point is: He’s had the mark for a while, and only made to 80% before it left him.

This image wasn’t from the last 20 chapters!!

Whereas Boruto couldn’t have had it for longer than a Year at most. And he’s almost as complete as Kawaki. I don’t know why this is the case(you can’t even make the argument that it’s the usage of Karma between the 2 because Kawaki logically would have been using it more than Boruto)- hopefully we can get that part explained a little more. But I guess we’ll leave that for Amado to explain when the Time Skip finally gets underway!!


…………..That should be it. I guess I could talk about the strain this will put between Kawaki and Naruto- as well as the rest of the Uzumakis. But……… I think that I’ve talked about all that I wanted to. I don’t really want to cover that “Family Drama” stuff until after the current arc is over. Because I feel like this arc will end next chapter, leading into the Aftermath- whether my speculation about a Time skip and Boruto’s plan is correct or not. So I think that I’ll cover that stuff in the next review(if I’ve managed to come back before then).

So I guess I’ll end things here. Let me know your own thoughts in the comments below. And until the next post, everyone- Have an Incredibly Magical Day. Later, everybody!!