Let’s-Go-Next-Stage!!(An Exciting Announcement)

……………………. Had to redo this part. It sounded a little……….. “artificial,” I’ll say. And I want this to be “authentic.” Because what I have to tell you is of the Utmost Importance. It sounds a lot more serious and “bad” than it is: I Have A New Website. fictionoverlord.webresolvers.com is the name(of course- that will change soon), and it’ll be where I put my……. “Main” content; Chapter Reviews, Theories, Discussions, etc. Though that’s not to say that I’m just gonna “abandon” this one; I wouldn’t leave you guys like that!! But expect less from here; Storytimes, Nostalgia Corners, and whatever else I can think of. Though it’ll be over there, too. Like; they’ll be on the other site and here, and maybe of some of the other stuff, too. Won’t say “When” and “What,” though.

But I can already hear you guys asking “Why are you making another site?” It was my dad’s advice- he’s been helping me get set up and everything. And now my posts are shared to my Social Media pages automatically. The set up of the site, too. Though I recently changed the colors. The other, honestly PRIMARY reason: I Now Have A Merch Store Over There. Yeah, gonna be selling anime/manga merch, and maybe a few other things I’ll throw in to keep things balanced!! The first 2 products: Naruto Headbands and One Piece phone cases.

So……….. Yeah, guys. I’m gonna start making money off of this now! Well, not this site specifically, but you know what I mean! And like I said: I’m not gonna “alienate” you all, or “force” you to go over and buy my merch- I simply wanted you all to be aware of the changes that will be occurring. This was………. shorter and less “bombastic” than I had originally planned. I was gonna explain the origin of the name of the post, but……… Nah. I’ll let you look into that one(Hint: “Black Clover”). You can check at the merch at my shop now, and check out my reviews for the recent chapters of One Piece, My Hero, and Black Clover over there, too.

That’s all I got for you all for the day. Until we meet again, boys and girls- Have A Magical Day. By~~~~~e!!!!!!!!

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  1. I’m guessing the Let’s-Go-Next-Stage comes from Vickleblanca’s Black Rover? That’s pretty dope.

    Congratulations on your new website and feature changes! Sounds promising, good luck!

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