Sword And Armor! Edens Zero Chapter 197 BREAKDOWN

Is anyone else having a weird time finding the official translations for new chapters? I figured I asked ’cause the site I’ve been using didn’t have 196 up last week, and thus no review. It’s there now, but it’s the unofficial that I read on another site. And at this point I’m past giving you guys the Fan Translation and scans. But I will if the need arises(especially if it comes out 3 days before I usually post it). Thus; we have this week’s chapter review!

Last time; the Dark Star’s continued to systematically take out the Shining Stars, with Killer managing to infect Hermit, and Clown sicking a BEAST on Sister! He then begins to move towards their true objective…………… And now; The Chapter! Edens Zero Chapter 197: “Confidence.” This title is subject to change.

Remember when I would actually break down the text? Man was that a LONG time ago……….


Having sent his Beast to devour Sister; Clown is not free to make a move on their True Goal aboard the Edens Zero: Code 3173ETHERION, a power said to be able to “change the laws of the cosmos.” He begins trying to open the door– and then we cut back to the Coliseum where it seems as though Brigadine has won.

15 MINUTES EARLIER: Brigadine and Homura are facing off. He regales to her that- after he was defeated by Jaguar of Oracion Seis Interstelar- he was upgraded to be STRONGER than him. So now; he dubs himself the “Peerless Armor.” “Unfortunately,” he continues, “I will never face Valkyrie and her ‘Peerless Sword’ in battle.” And Homura takes offense to that, and activates her Overdrive.

This Is Pretty Darn Cool

The fight begins, but Brigadine makes it clear to her that Overdrive won’t be enough to win this fight. He knocks Homura around a little bit before trying to bum-rush her. She tries countering the attack with “Warrior Maiden Single Sword Attack: Dragon Flash,” but Brigadine uses his “Protect Fortify” to make himself shiny and seeming indestructible– Homura will not be able to pierce his armor.

The collision breaks her sword and knocks her into the sky, but she lands and makes a new one. She proclaims “My sword need not be peerless- All it needs is the power to protect my friends.” Brigadine tells her that she doesn’t have that, and she replies that it “comes from her friends.” She manages to get out of the way of the next attack, and prepares something else. All the while; Brigadine doubts that she’ll ever be able to get through his defenses. Furious with the lack of a fight; he condemns Homura as “A Disgrace To The Name Of Valkyrie,” but Homura tells him shove it. And the 2 clash.

Pretty Darn Cool

The collision ends up blowing back the lighter Homura into the pillar we see her up against in the present. Brigadine, left standing, ponders how she was able to do what she just did: Slice Up His Armor. She explains that his defenses were at their lowest level when he attacks- as with anyone else– at the cost of lowering her own.

BACK IN THE PRESENT: Brigadine commends Homura as he falls apart. With weak breath; she asks Shiki if she “fulfilled her duties as the Sword Of Edens.” Shiki, of course: “That doesn’t really matters to me- That Fact That We’re Friends Is More Important.Thus giving her the confidence that she needs. And bring Edens Zero Chapter 197 comes to a Hopeful END!! Simple but apt. 3 more to go………….


This fight kind of reminded me of Erza’s main battle during the Tenrou Island Arc- chapters 231 through 237. She fought the Dark Mage “Azuma” from Grimoire Heart. The resolution of that fight saw her realize that she wasn’t “protecting her friends,” but that they were protecting herso she would be able to win this fight. Or something along those lines. ‘Twas a good fight in a REALLY good arc. At the end; Azuma showed her- and all of Fairy Tail- respect as he was defeated. Brigadine did the same thing. And the fact that Erza and Homura essentially serve the same purpose(Strong, Beautiful Female Character); it makes sense that some of their fights would have similar beats.

Other than that; not really much to say on the chapter. I mean; beyond Etherion, which we’ll get to in a minute. But it was just a really good, straight forward Battle Chapter. Homura’s bonds with the crew gave her the strength to overcome her Biggest Challenge yet, and earned the respect of someone who’s toted as “Valkyrie’s Superior.” Although- THAT LINE: “My body was once destroyed by Jaguar- The Strongest Member Of The Oracion Seis Interstelar. But after countless repairs and remodels- I exceed his power back then.Jaguar- at the time of his death- was STRONGER than Justice, Eraser, Feather, and Holy. Haven’t seen what Cure can do yet. But I want you to think about EVERYTHING that we saw at least Justice and Eraser do 3 years ago. And he TRUMPED them. And Brigadine is saying that he is now stronger than Jaguar? That would make Homura “Oracion Seis Interstelar Level,” wouldn’t it? Or I guess above the Justice and Eraser of 3 years ago. Gonna be RE~~AL interesting to see her against Justice when all is said and done.

………………. Okay, there may have been more than I thought. ON TO ETHERION!! “The Power To Change The Laws Of The Universe…………” NOT a Cannon. At least; not strictly. Witch thought that the Edens One had Etherion in chapter 105 because of the damaged it caused going through Dragon Falls, so it’s some sort of weapon. And the Edens One either doesn’t have one at all or an inferior version of it- like Elie and Belnika in Rave Master. But that still doesn’t answer the question of WHAT DOES IT DO?!

I definitely agree with a lot of people I see on Twitter and on Discord; we’ll get some kind of HUGE revelations about either Rebecca, Ziggy, or Etherion in chapter 200. But I also just thought of a theory as I was writing that last sentence. “Rebecca has the makings of an Etherion Master” said Hermit in chapter 76. Witch deemed it necessary to tell Homura- the one now responsible for the ships offenses– about Etherion. Clown is saying it can “change the laws of the Universe.” Ziggy is upgrading the Edens One to find Mother- and he seems to need Etherion to do it.

WHAT IF Etherion is some sort of Engine- a power source drawing on……… “the ambient Ether of the Universe around it” or whatever- to make whatever it’s hooked up to fast enough to let’s just say warp space and time? So he can hypothetically “warp” to Mother? He is doing calculations to find her location. Even if he’s off, he might be able to end up in proximity, meaning it would be “smooth sailing” right to her. If I just predicted the end of the Kaede War Arc- I Want EVERY LAST ONE OF YOU to recommend this blog to someone. Link to this post; tell someone you know is into this kind of stuff about me; link to me on Social media- WHATEVER YOU HAVE TO. I mean that sh!t!!!

Gonna Need A Power Source To Get There, Right?


……………. That’s all I got, folks! I’ve said everything that I wanted to say, and I managed to do so in a timely manor. And a few DAYS ahead of schedule!! Depending on my mood; you may be reading this on Monday- maybe it’ll make the day a little better for you all. Or maybe you hate my f*cking guts and now want the day to be over sooner. In which case; I’m sorry to have made your day worse! But for the rest of you guys; Have A Magically Wonderful Day. By~~~~e!!!!

The Scariest Types Of All. My Hero Academia Chapter 357 BREAKDOWN

Hey, all. Boy, I can’t remember the last chapter of this series we talked about. Sorry I sound so unenthused; the last few days have been kind of “rough” for me. And considering what my work schedule for next week is looking like- it’s not gonna end any time soon. But I’m gonna keep going! All I Can Do. Last time we talked about this series; Shoto kicked his brother’s @$$, giving everyone a Morale boost! Several things have happened since then. We’ll get to that in a minute. But first; My Hero Academia Chapter 357: “Wounded Hero, Burning Bright And True!!Had to do the introduction first.


The Story So Far

After Shoto froze Dabi solid with his Ice flames; the news of his victory spread like wild fire, giving everyone the boost to try harder in their own battles. Ashido finds Midnight’s killer, so you can bet she’s out for blood. Fat Gum and Aoyama are going up against a Tartaros Escapee under All For One’s employ. Spinner refuses to accept that Dabi lost after refusing All For One’s “help,” whereas he himself just gave in like always. But during ALL OF THAT- Dabi might not be down and out just yet. Which leads us over the the battlefield against All For One, where we are currently.

All For One manages to get under Endeavor’s skin, leaving Hawks, Tokoyami, and JIRO of all people to fight the Big Bad alone. For whatever reason; Jiro’s sound attacks make All For One’s quirks “rebel” just like Star And Stripe did, which allowed the Heroes to strike his sole(discernible) weakness: That Iron Long On His Ugly Mug. THAT fails to end it, so Endeavor gets back up and takes out all his frustration with himself on All For One. And here we are.

Chapter 357

As Endeavor continues his crazed attack; All For One begins to think: “This is just like back then with All Might.” It’s enough power to make him think that he might actually lose this. The fight continues, and ends up on the ground. Kamui Woods even takes it upon himself to move all the Heroes out of Endeavor’s way! Hawks asks him why he’s not using his “Prominence Burn” to finish it, to which Endeavor replies that he can’t use it “wildly;” he has to make sure that it lands, or they’re done for. As such; he’s whittling down All For One’s defenses as much as possible.

All For One moves to try and take his quirk, but the No 1 drags him across the map, and uses literal HEAT VISION to keep his hands away. Endeavor says “The Only Thing Those Hands Have Ever Done Is Destroy People’s Lives!!!” All For One’s like “So Have Yours!” Endeavor replies “I Know!!” And he laments in all of his mistakes: Touya, and all of the people he’s killed; the way he treated his family; his petty jealousy towards All Might; and compacts it all:

My Mistakes Took Form As Toya, leading to so many stolen “Futures.” The Past Never Dies– rage, resentment, and even penance are wound together toward the Future. And the future…….. Is A Path For The Young.

A Path With So Many Bright Choices. That’s Why I Must Win This; so that when Those Kids Walk That Path- My “Past” Won’t Stand In Their Way.

I’ll Keep Raging Against Myself.

Enji Todoroki- The Number 1 Hero

Thinking about his past mistakes- the mistakes that lead to this moment; he vows to be the one to take on the punishment- and live to keep check over Touya. With all the hate for himself he has in his heart(try saying THAT 5 times fast); Endeavor unleashes his strongest “Prominence Burn” to date, and burns All For One to a crisp. But he ain’t dead yet. It’s “All For One,” guys; he didn’t come into this without a contingency plan. Even though this body is disposable at this point; he has a theory he wants to test. Heroes ain’t the only ones who are “Scary” When They’re Wounded.

Elsewhere- over the ocean- we see Yoichi make contact with Deku; he’s sensing something bad going on with his brother. But Izuku’s about to have his hands full it seems, as something starts flying towards him at top speed. Well this can’t be good. Thus; My Hero Academia Chapter 357 comes to a Frightening END!! CAME UP WITH THAT ONE MYSELF!!!


……………….. Give me a minute; it’s been a while. Um………. I think that this chapter ties into one of the more Prominent themes of the story(no pun intended) of “Passing The Torch.” This theme is more prevalent in the One For All/All For One gimmick, but it’s present here in that Endeavor is choosing what the next generation inherits. And one thing they won’t get is All For One. Also him using legit Heat Vision was pretty cool to see.


All For One Has Eri’s Quirk, Doesn’t He? Or I guess a “Counterfeit” of it. Scenario 1)Eri’s quirk factor was present in the Quirk Erasing Bullets, and All For One was able to extract that factor from those tiny samples of blood, and he’s now using “Rewind” on himself to get closer to his original power. Scenario 2)Ujiko was able to make a counterfeit of Eri’s quirk from the Deleter Rounds, and All For One was able to get it out of the rubble of his lab- or one of the other labs they had as spares. Both situations end the same, though. The question just becomes “What is he going to use it for?”

He seems to be using it to heal himself here- and it seems to be working better than the Hyper Regeneration quirk All For Destruction has. With that quirk; Tomura’s body is able to regenerate fully- except for the 3 fingers Re-Destro tore off. That quirk seems to heal you to the point when it was received; he got the quirk after he lost some digits, so he can never get those digits back(until he reached his “Singularity”). With “Rewind;” you could rewind someone to the point where they weren’t even Born(see Eri’s Dad for example). So All For One might not just go back to looking like Slender Man’s Shorter Cousin- he might be going All The Way Back! Which would beg the question of “Will He Get His Old Quirk Back?”

Hori-Horror Manga When?

Eri was able to return Mirio’s quirk by rewinding his body to a point where he had it, so……. could All For One’s body get rewound to the point where he had the original “All For One” quirk? Based on what we’ve seen of Eri’s abilities- That is entirely possible. But………. won’t that get rid of this counterfeit “All For One” quirk? Meaning whatever version of “Rewind” he has will get erased? And remember what Ujiko said when All For One was first introduced; he implied that All For One didn’t have the Hyper Regeneration prior to that point in the story. In fact; he said it would be 5 years before it was ready. Which would mean that returning to his original state- the state before the fight with All Might(that we probably won’t get to see)- would leave him not quite so powerful. Know what I mean?

And clearly he knows that “going back” to that will leave him extremely vulnerable. Which is why he still deems this body “disposable;” he knows that Endeavor is at least strong(and dangerous) as All Might was back then, and he saw first hand how THAT turned out. But he stands a better chance with his original power and younger body than he does the way he currently is. Though what he plans to do if he succeeds and doesn’t die is a bit of a question.

Like; what happens now that he has his old power and a younger body back, and doesn’t die? 2 All For One’s, and neither of them are willing to give up control. But one of them is not only Super Modified to be strong without quirks, but has also succumb to “Singularity,” has Hyper regeneration(we assume), a grudge that’s making stronger the more it grows, and the ability to turn anyone and anything he touches to dust. I don’t think that he’s thought this situation through completely.

Before………… all of this; I always believed that Tomura would overcome the All For One Vestige within him- absorbing him and taking back full control of himself. And then kill the Original for revenge. And the story would see Tomura tapping into those All For One-isms like intricate planning and manipulation to reach his goal of Destroying The World. Clearly that’s not happening, and it’s too late for that to happen anyway. But maybe Horikoshi is giving us a tease of “What Could Have Been” with this? Maybe the OG All For One and All For Destruction will meet up at some point and Destruction Decays All For One? Something like that?

Art, as always, looks really good. Especially with all the Fire and attention payed to Endeavor’s facial expressions. And that All For One panelthat was chilling. I agree that Horikoshi would be fire every single week, but………….. hopefully the end is planned out a bit better. Not gonna go there; just saying. Though I don’t think he’ll be writing manga for a while after this series ends. He seems to have taken a lot of breaks recently, and one of his author comments kind of indicates that he wants to finish this story as soon as possible. He’ll return some day I’m sure, but no time soon. 

So Cool.


Huh………… Pretty Good Chapter!! I actually kind of missed talking about this series. I know I’ve been kind of rough on it in places throughout this post(and when this series finally ends- I’m gonna “let it all out”), but this was a good fight. And Endeavor has proved to be one of the coolest characters in this Finale- an MVP, thinking about it. I wonder what he’ll do when it’s time to face All For Destruction. Will he even be able to move at that point? We’ll know if he’s still able to speak after this!

That’s all I got foy you all today. Until the next post, boys and girls; Have A Magically Day. Later!! 

Amado’s Gambit! Boruto- Naruto Next Generations Chapter 71 BREAKDOWN

Oh man; it’s been a while since I talked about this one, hasn’t it? What chapter was it? 66?! 4 MONTHS AGO??!!! Oh man……. Well; I’m back at this again! This series is about to go on HIATUS, but I still wanted to talk about it- if for nothing more than to show the series love. It’s goin’ through a bit of a “Rough Patch,” you know. The anime’s back to Filler H#ll; the manga still lacking a credited writer(Kishimoto has still only been listed as “Supervisor/Creator”); and now THIS. Hopefully things will get better for it.

Code(Limits Redacted)

For now; let’s see if we can focus on the good. ‘Cause this chapter is REALLY GOOD! But it continues a “trend” with the guy we’re supposed to treat as the Overarching Villain- one that I feel is going to culminate in him becoming the Ultimate Meme, should this series ever become the “Heavy Hitter” its predecessor once was. In my DREAMS that’ll happen. Let’s just get to it. Boruto- Naruto Next Generation Chapter 71: “Hindrance.” Wonder who that’ll be……..?


The Story So Far

Last time we talked- Kawaki killed Boruto to stop Momoshiki. Naruto becomes a concerned parent while his other son faces off against the Ohtsusuki’s little zealot Code. Momoshiki appears to Boruto and uses the last 20% of his karma- the portion that would give him back his true body- to repair Boruto, saving his life. But that don’t mean he’s gone; his consciousness is still present, so he can still do the whole “Borushiki” gimmick when the time comes. Also Boruto is a Full Ohtsusuki.

Code flees- but manages to plant a claw mark on Shikamaru’s neck. So when he goes to confront Amado about giving Kawaki his karma back; Code leaps out. They saw that one coming, and planned accordingly. Ladies and gentlemen: Delta has returned to the story. But Eida comes to Konoha and makes every simp for her. Shikamaru bluffs his way into persuading Eida to their side, but Kawaki’s own questions for Amado force them to flee- stealing shifty little Amado while they’re at it. Code gets his full power back. And here we are. Read the full story here.

Chapter 71

Code is about to “free Amado from his suffering,” but being the tenacious roach he is; Amado proclaims that he wants a word with Eida- about Kawaki. So Code stops. He tells her that the boy is “the ‘Ace’ up his sleeve;” an important gambit in the event that he is either abandoned or betrayed by the Leaf Village. Code suggests they ignore his desperate plan, but Eida is curious, and tells Code to butt out. But he’s not listening anymore; he’s already forbidden from killing Kawaki, and that guys at the TOP of his sh!tlist. He’s killing Amado right this second.

So Eida sicks Daemon on him. Daemon restrains him, and Code’s own “Killing intent” is reflected right back at him. So he dips out and back in via his claw marks. Eida questions if he really meant to kill Daemon in that moment, but Code dismisses it as a “Faulty Accusation-” when she shot first. Eida reminds him that he will be killed if he’s deemed a “hindrance” to her goals, to which he questions what the h#ll she’s talking about. So Amado lays it out for him:

Do you still not understand, Code? Eida’s got an invitation from Konoha now. She already has an opportunity to get close to Kawaki. But if she keeps associating with you; she’ll ruin this chance. So how are you not a hinderance?

The Brilliant Scientist And Survival Specialst- Sanzu Amado

Naturally Code tries to off him after that roast. But Daemon reminds him of his “place” in this operation.

Daemon vs Code!!- But first………

As that happens; we jump back to Konoha to see the aftermath of Code’s infiltration. Shikamaru explains Naruto and the others Eida’s ability and the existence of Daemon. Then we jump back to the lab. Code asks Eida to make Daemon calm down, but quite frankly- Eida’s done with him. He freed her from stasis, so she helped him get his limits redacted, but that’s where their partnership ends. He’s too “self-serving” for her taste. So she cuts him loose- much to the shock and sadness of Code. Daemon tells him that he’ll take care of Eida, but Code- under her spell- refuses to let her go. He’ll kill Daemon and become her only “Knight-“ or so he thinks.

Bug, seeing an opportunity to finally escape this entrapment, tells Code the secret to Daemon’s powers: His hands– he’s only able to reflect attacks when he’s touching you. Best case scenario: They take each other out, and he’ll be free. Worst case: Daemon wins, and he’s killed for that little stunt. And it’s looking like like it’s the latter, because it becomes increasingly clear that he can’t beat Daemon at this point. Even with his Limiter’s off. What a fre@kin’ waste.

Seeing as he can’t win; Code grabs Bug and escapes. But not before he gives Eida a chilling warning: “Once I devour the Chakra fruit; I’ll become a New Ohtsusuki, and your ability won’t affect me. That’s when I’ll finally know my true feelings toward you. Whether I want to love you- or kill you.He and Bug leaving, leaving the siblings alone to continue talking with Amado. Eida commends Amado for separating she and Code so well, but warns him that he’ll be killed if he’s bluffing. But he’s not– Kawaki is indeed “the Ace Up His Sleeve.”

The way he explains it: No one in Konoha- not even Naruto- is able to stand up to Kawaki’s power. And he’ll only keep getting stronger from here on out. But Amado installed a shutdown command when he gave him back the Karma mark– much like the code he placed on Code’s limiters. To them- to Konoha and the other villages; he’s a bit of a “Wild Card,” which also makes him the Leaf’s top priority. Which is where he comes in as his “Handler.” He created a problem that only he can solve.

Eida asks why he never installed it in the first place, to which Amado responds that “Jigen wouldn’t let him.” Daemon interjects, saying that he can deal with Kawaki if necessary. Hearing this, Eida begins to think of Amado as “just as disposable” as Code. Amado kind of agrees with her; the command code is more of “Insurance” to keep his standing in the Village. He has a different goal that requires Kawaki to have the Karma. It’s a bit of a long story, and he’ll have to tell Konoha anyway. And Shikamaru’s suggestion was sound, so he suggest that they start going to Konoha soon.


We then catch up with Code and his reluctant minion Bug. The old man’s complaining about getting wrapped up in sh!t again, but Code has 1 thing on his mind: Kawaki. He always seems to get what Code wants- be it the position of Isshiki’s vessel, or Eida’s affections, or even just a proper Karma mark. So since he’s no longer trying to appease Eida; he’s going to make Kawaki pay. Thus bring Boruto- Naruto Next Generations Chapter 71 to a Foreboding END! Boruto Will Be On Break Next Month. Okay. Why not? Even Author’s writing Monthly series deserve a break.


Sanzu Amado You Crazy Son Of A B!tch; you managed to pull off another death-defying conversation! He’s like a roach; he just won’t die! But just because he managed to talk down the siblings and enchant them away from Code- doesn’t mean he’s out of the woods just yet. Like Daemon said: He’s The Strongest Right Now. If Eida told him to, he would off Amado and there wouldn’t be thing the Leaf could do to stop them. But if they did, then they wouldn’t be allies to Konoha and Eida wouldn’t be able to slide into Kawaki’s DMs. That’s gonna be a “fun” trip back to the village………….

Especially if he has to play “Horsey” with that little sh!t

To speak on Daemon for a minute: The boy is strong. And Eida is hyping up that he has a few other hidden abilities that put him on another level- even stronger than Code without his limiters. Which we’ll get into in a minute. But yeah; it seems that he’s the strongest character in the series at the moment. But in knowing he just has to touch something; I think that Naruto and Sasuke might be able to work around that ability- if they go “balls to the walls.”

Another thing would be that ability of his. In his introduction- chapter 59; we see him reflect attacks from people that he wasn’t even facing– all while holding on to Code. So from this, we can gather that he just has to touch someone to reflect any attack………. right? Pages 37 and 38: He kicks a guy, and some tries to attack him when he lands. Not touching the guy he just knocked out anymore- and another guy gets his attack reflected. What the f*ck? Then again; Bug told us Daemon’s weakness. Who knows how right he was? For all we know, that information could have been wrong. Eida condemned him for it, but not in any meaningful way.

I suppose Daemon could have 2 conditions for activation. Maybe it’s also something of “looking at the enemy,” but then why didn’t Code’s attacks in this chapter get reflected back at him at that very moment? Something………. isn’t quite right…….. We’re gonna be learning some more about this little boy when they get to the Leaf; I imagine Shikamaru wants to know everything these 2 are capable of if they’re going to be living in Konoha.


And then you have Code. He JUST got his limiters off- and he just got b!tch made by a 10 year old. I’m assuming 10– he could be older. But that’s besides the point; Code is an underwhelming Villain. He’s said to be stronger than Isshiki now, but that clearly doesn’t matter when you have Daemon and a Kawaki who’s only going to get stronger now. And clearly; no one respects or fears him- Boruto’s lie about what happened that night was him essentially calling him a dumb@$$. That is how Boruto SEES Code: A dullard without a plan. Which he doesn’t even really HAVE. He just has a goal that he wants to reach because his DEAD “God” told him to.

It’s stuff like this- the lack of strength and fear of the character- that makes me think that Code isn’t the “Be All/ End All” villain of the story. But then who’s gonna be the “Big Bad” in the end? It’s gonna be Kawaki; that was telegraphed when this started. But I mean- until then. Who’s going to act as the Bad Guy until Kawaki switches up on the leaf? ‘Cause Code can’t hack it, and it doesn’t seem like he’s gonna be around for all that much longer. Hm………………………………………………! Amado.


Look: Amado’s a shifty, crafty, mysterious b@stard. That much we know. He’s nicer than Dr Gero, but he SO modified Eida and Daemon against their will; it’s the only reason that she and Daemon would want him dead in the first place. Helping Jigen “cultivate” vessels- experimentation on children and throwing away the ones who didn’t survive; cloning a dead man just so he can die to prove a point; the lies; threatening a kids life to get a place to stay; and probably so much more that I’m either forgetting or hasn’t been mentioned. All of this seems to be in service of this mysterious goal he has in mind; something that helps him to disregard these sacrifices. And it seems to have something to do with Kawaki and that Karma mark in particular.

I couldn’t even begin to imagine what that plan is, but it may be what leads to Kawaki flipping his sh!t. And whatever it is requires him to be the strongest he’s ever been. Meaning that restoring the Karma and implanting that command code probably weren’t the only things he did to Kawaki. And even what he says to Kawaki leads him down certain avenues that go to where he wants them to. Super sketchy. He obviously won’t tell Daemon and Eida his plan, but……… he’s told them enough. So now they have dirt on him to further get sway in Konoha. If he’s not careful; his plans may go up in smoke all because…………………… there’s a joke that I can make, but if this blog ever becomes “Main stream” I might get in trouble for it.


This was a Solid Chapter! I liked the fight; I like Daemon more(at the cost of liking Code less); and I’m liking how the story is flowing right now. Though I’m still waiting on that f*cking time skip they promised like 2 years ago. Oh well; it’s not like the content so far has been disappointing…….. at least not ALL of it. But it does give us stuff to look forward to in the future of the story.

Did you like the collage, by the way? That took a LOT of work to do!! Yet it was easier than when I do my other Big Collages. Weird. In any case; let me know your own thoughts in the comments. Until next time, everyone- Have A Magically Wonderful Day! Later!!

“Never Say Die.” Dragon Ball Super Chapter 85 BREAKDOWN

Man, how long has it been since we last talked about the “Dragon Ball Super” manga? Chapter 83? I mean; this is a Monthly manga, and that was only 2 months ago, but I feel like too much time goes by before I can talk about my favorite series! Though there’s a bit more of reason for that other than “Lack of Time.” This chapter is an example of that. Which may prove to be revealing of my feelings towards the story.

Also, for first time readers: 1)Hi and 2)I already know the Full Spoilers For “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.” Because I’m “Me.” I know all that goes on in that movie- about Piccolo; Gohan; Vomi; Dr Hedo and the Gamma’s- Got It All. So if you WANT to talk about them in the comments, then we can. And for those who want to AVOID spoilers for the movie- Get Off The Internet. You will not escape them. And now; the chapter! Dragon Ball Super Chapter 85: “To Each His Own Answer.” Let’s begin.


He JUST said that would make him stronger.

In the last chapter- chapter 84– Goku and Vegeta continue their battle against Gas. It almost destroys the nearby Sugarian settlement, but Goku takes care of that while Vegeta continues getting battered around by Gas. But he gets up, telling Gas that he “becomes stronger the more he’s hit,” thanks to Ultra Ego. Thus this chapter, in which we begin seeing Gas smack Vegeta around some more despite hearing seconds ago that it would only make him stronger. And so Vegeta manages to land a significant kick in his gut.

Gas displays an interesting use for Instant Transmission by using it to move Vegeta around the battlefield(which was a pretty cool idea, honestly). Goku tries to jump in, but Vegeta’s “Ego” starts to show as his Ultra Ego evolves- while Kakarot’s Ultra Instinct is no stronger now than it was against Granolah earlier. So he tells Kakarot to “figure it out,” while he continues to battle Gas. He takes the advice to heart, and begins to focus……………..

The battle continues, and despite the damage=power buff; Vegeta is still no match fo Gas. Though that’s more due to the fact that he needs actual DAMAGE to grow stronger- damage that is meant to kill him each and every time it connects. He may be getting stronger, but he’s also taking too much damage to keep going, and ultimately loses consciousness.

Gas takes this as an opportunity the end Vegeta’s life, but Goku intervenes with a protective barrier. He levitates Vegeta over to him, and continues to meditate until he finds the answer to his problem. The Answer– for better and worse: Ultra Instinct-Sign-. ‘Cause it “works better for his emotions.” And with his heart full of Saiyan pride; his heart’s anything BUT calm! But to Gas; this triggers his PTSD, as all he sees is Bardock looking at him all over again. The irritated Heeter moves in to wipe that look away, but the resulting collision ends with Goku knocking off one of his tusks- while also getting knicked himself.

From there; Goku begins to overwhelm Gas- so much so that the resulting outbursts of ki force the other Heeters to flee from their ship. It becomes clear to Goku that he’s “barely stronger” than Gas now- but he’s on limited time. He has to end this Here And Now.

Gas refuses to let Goku win, and hurls a barrage of ki weapons at him with all he’s got. Goku manages to evade all of it, and even uses the wrecking ball he made against him. And with him distracted catching it, Goku as able to move around and plant his foot FIRMLY in Gas’ abdomen- sending him far away. The Heeter’s look on with panic before they notice: Elec’s Gone. He went to talk to Gas.

Elec reminds Gas of their top priority: To Become The Top Organization In The Universe. And for that; Gas has to kill Frieza. But he’ll have to get past these Saiyan’s first- even if it kills him. Goku tells him to calm down; they’d be happy to fight Gas again any time. But Elec says that “Gas doesn’t have a ‘next time.'” Gas begins to power up………. with a catch. The Backlash of Elec’s wish will be made clear- NEXT TIME on Dragon Ball Super!! You like the reference?

Oh Cr@p.


If the -Sign- version is “better for his emotions,” then he shouldn’t have tried to Master it so soon. I’m sorry, but I needed to say that; that is genuinely p!ss poor writing. How is he doing BETTER in a lower form? I’ve always felt that Goku gaining access to Mastered Ultra Instinct fully was a bad idea, and this chapter proves my point. And then it didn’t even do what “Ultra Instinct” is supposed to; Goku looked like he was actually trying to dodge Gas’ attacks, rather than letting his body do it. The whole point of this technique(that has been made a form) is to allow the user to fight while also coming up with a strategy. Maybe I didn’t read that scen right; maybe Goku’s body was reacting like it did in the anime and thought of using it there. Heh; comparing the manga to the anime- my argument just went out the window.

So what now; are we just gonna have Goku use Mastered UI when his “hearts not in it” and he has to end the fight, while using -Sign- when he wants to enjoy himself? ‘Cause we’ll be seeing a LOT more of -Sign- going forward! WHICH PROVES MY POINT AT THE BEGINNING!!! Then again; it doesn’t seem like they know how to write Goku anymore. We might just see MUI again SOON.

Vegeta was right- It is “thoughtless.”

And then you have Ultra Ego. WHAT? I mean; OBVIOUSLY he wouldn’t be able to take all that damage and still keep going. No matter how strong you’re becoming; damage piles up, and eventually you’ll succumb to it. That made sense. The problem is that this transformation’s WHOLE DEAL is letting Vegeta fight like he wants and become stronger. But how is he gonna get stronger if he can’t withstand the damage that’s making him stronger? I almost want to think that this will lead Vegeta to learning some kind of technique that will help him subside that drawback, but………………. where would he even learn something like that? Would he even go for something like that? That form seems to have the marked effect of leaving Vegeta……………. mildly unhinged. So any technique that would that level of concentration to maintain in a fight would be rendered inert. So how the f*ck do you deal with this weakness. Please tell me they have a plan for this? Let me believe a lie!!

……………………………… Might be ripping into this chapter a bit too much. Since I couldn’t properly explain what the “ultra Instinct” problem was; maybe I should lay off em……….. a little bit. For now; I’ll focus on some of the Good of the chapter. That being Elec. MasakoX had this long standing theory that Elec would betray Gas’ trust and use his devotion to make him throw his life away, and that Oil and Maki would take a problem with that. He ended up being right; just a few months off with when it would happen. Though that’s not his fault; this arc is REALLY dragging its feet.

As for where this is going to go for the story…………. Gas might just die here. Which would kind of mess up their whole plan to have him take out Frieza. Or……….. does it? You can all probably gather where I’m going to take this idea. And it goes all the way back to the beginning mcguffin of the arc: OG73-i. If he was just a “segway” piece to tie this and the Moro arc together, then they could have done something else. I definitely still think that there is a reason that 73 was brought into this arc………….. despite how much this arc and series in general have let me down. Still Hopeful!! In any case; yeah, I think 73 is going to come into play.

Elec said he had “other business” in chapter 79, which is why he didn’t come to watch Gas fight Granolah. Toyotaro is trying to play the “Long con” by holding off on plot points like that(to……. “varying” degrees of success), but I think that these moments are going to have pay off sooner rather than later. Perhaps Elec had to reprogram 73 to obey his commands, and is about to have him copy Gas’ power at his absolute max. Which is why he’s pushing Gas so far; he wants the absolute Strongest version of 73- the strength of a warrior that can defeat Frieza, and an endless supply of stamina. I still say they could have gotten the same effect out of using the Dragon Balls to fuse Gas and 73 cause he should already be his strongest self after the whole deal with Moro, but then I’m not the one writing the story.

This would also work out well in service of characterizing Elec; he didn’t want a “Loyal Family-” he wanted a group of machines to do his bidding. Something that Oil and Maki seem to be picking up on………………..



………………… Fine? Okay chapter. I mean; as far as “Super” goes. “-Sign- being better for one’s emotions” makes sense I guess, but if he was losing with a stronger form and the full version of the technique, then why even bother letting him get control of it? Ultra Ego’s main gimmick is held back by the limits of…………. Biology? That’s just how things work. I like Gas’ now state, I guess. But…………. I don’t know, man. I’m never gonna abandon this series, but I’m gonna stop getting my hopes up.

That’s all I got for you guys today. Let me know your own thoughts in the comments. And until the next post guys; I hope you’re having a better day than I am. Later…..

Hermit vs Killer! Edens Zero Chapter 195 BREAKDOWN

I can’t even be my usual self with her.

You know? I had come into the week expecting to excited to write this review. And after reading the chapter- all things considered- didn’t think I would. I had to help my grandmother with groceries, and that was an hour or so. It’s like 4:30 Tuesday when I’m writing this; just got finished with the chapter………… ‘Twas Fine. But it didn’t “blow my mind” like last week’s. I’ll still do it, though. But don’t expect me to drag on the Analysis for too long.

In any case; you see the title. I didn’t use the “1001 Ways” thing this time; it’s a very basic, easy to understand chapter. So let’s stop talking around the chapter and get to talking about it!! Edens Zero Chapter 195: “Fictitious Story.” Let’s begin.


Picking up quite literally where the last chapter left off: Hermit activates her new Overdrive to combat her counterpart- The Dark Star Killer. The battle begins, and it becomes PAINFULLY clear that Hermit is too much for the Brain of Edens to handle. Sister- not being one to shy away from a rumble- looks for her opponent. But Clown is no where to be found. She goes around looking for him, and eventually comes across him in the Edens Spa. He invites her in(that’s telling), but Sister basically tells him to f*ck off. Then he pollutes the water and gives her a creepy monologue and look:

Water is “Life,” But In MY Hands- It Turns To Poison. I Am The Death Of Edens, And I Grant You An Inescapable Demise.

Clown- The Death Of Edens

We then cut over to Shiki, who manages to find Happy and Pino. But Killer left him little surprise: Giant Robot Centipede. He’s done his homework. I guess even after 3 years of levelling up; he’s still got a fear of bugs, ’cause he stalls on SIGHT!! Thankfully; Weisz enters the frey and destrys the Centipede. He apologizes for letting himself get tricked by Killer’s ruse, and they discuss how to get out of the Sub Dimension. Weisz has a plan for that.

We then cut back to see his girlfri-HERMIT continuing to kick the sh!t out of Killer. The assassin struggles on the backfoot, and ends up getting bombarded with bullet after bullet- only to revea that this is an illusion. With Hermit distracted combatting air; he moves in behind her(PAUSE), and uses his tail to infect her with a virus(PAUSE- Again). Then she flips the script on him by revealing that HE was the one in the illusion!!! She even mocks his dialogue word for word.

Just a regular @$$ punch- STILL HYPE, THOUGH.

As he fades from consciousness; Killer asks Hermit how she was able to see through the illusion. She explains that she was able to extract all his information from analyzing his fight with Weisz. And then she belittles her counterpart for thinking that he would win in a Programming battle. Thus; Edens Zero Chapter 195 comes to Triumphant END!! Alright, I had to look that one up. Not proud of that. But it happened.


What do I say? Where do I even start? This chapter was…………. Fine. It didn’t necessarily “blow my mind” like last week did, but it also didn’t put me to sleep. I think it was the initial shock of Overdrive not being an Ether Gear exclusive ability; it was a real “OH SH!T” moment for me, even though it made logical sense. I think one of the problems I had in regards to it is that I was thinking of it specifically in terms of combat. Like; it’s this stories equivalent of Super Saiyan– I only saw it as a power up, and not as………….. what it seems to be. Still don’t know what that is, though. In any case; THE CHAPTER. Hm……………. Weisz’ Plan? Sure; let’s see if I can jury rigg something together………………..


Since we saw him do it in chapter 192; we know that he can mess with Killer’s Sub-Dimension Program- he remodeled the wall n’ sh!t before Killer changed it to a dimension that “lacked” technology. And we know that these are LEGITIMATELY alternate spaces from what Brigadine said in chapter 186. But it was still made of technology-ala chapter 192. Killer removed machines from the sub-dimension Weisz was in. But he never tried touching the ground; he went straight for the Arsenal armor. What if he had, though? He was able to remodel it to blow up in his face(PAUSE). MeaningHe CAN Remodel This Dimension.

Now; what will he do with the Sub Dimension? Just escape, or is he gonna try to f*ck with Killer a little? It wouldn’t be out of character for him to do both. I kept trying to think of a way to explain that they were still on Lendard, and tie that into how Weisz plans to escape the Su Dimension, but………………… THESE ARE STILL OTHER DIMENSIONS. Like; these are still other plans of existence- there still on Lendard, but also not. Could ya tell I wanted to be a scientist growing up? In any case; I think that Weis might go as far as using his Ether gear to reprogram and remodel the Dimension- which might help him save Rebecca in the process.

………………….. Clown and Sister? I mean; they both have this……….. sadistic side to them. But whereas Sister’s is innocent- really more “Playful” than anything- Clown’s a straight up murderer. At least Sister will let you use a safe word!! It makes me wonder what will see when Shiki looks into their memories. Hopefully it won’t leave him mentally scarred…………….

Hopefully it has nothing to do with a bath tub………….

It was cool to see Hermit hopping around the battle field, and even cooler to see her one up Killer like that. It helps me get a better feel for what this War is supposed to be. It is not itself a “War Arc,” but is more like the equivalent to Fishman Island in One Piece; the post time skip arc where the main cast shows off how much stronger they are. And yeah; Rebecca and Weisz lost, Homura is struggling, and Elsie lost to Ziggy- but Shiki isn’t down and out. We haven’t focused a lot on Homura. Rebecca actually made Clown get so serious that he used his Battle Dress. Weisz was even winning before Killer pulled the Mom card. They’re stronger- and the Dark Stars know it.

I guess it might bring up the issue of how the Dark star’s are looking: They haven’t proven to be any kind of a threat. Like; they’re all getting beaten, and Ziggy doesn’t seem to be doing much of anything about it. Speaking of; Acnoella doesn’t seem to think of him as any sort of threat- which could indicate that Ziggy isn’t as powerful as we once believed him to be. I’ve always felt that this arc was a bit too early on for it to say anything about Ziggy’s forces. So now; I’m just left wondering how Ziggy’s gonna win this. Or heck; even make it out of this situation. So many Oracion Seis members- Galactica and Interstelar alike- are there. Like………….. I’m having a hard time grasping the situation- even knowing what this arc is.

She’s Probably The Most Dangerous Character Present, If We’re To Be Honest


But, Yeah, guys; that was the chapter! Didn’t, uh………. didn’t “Love” it, but I didn’t hate it. It was a “Pay off” to something cool, but I don’t think it lived up to the hype I had after last week. Maybe that’s my own fault. I just……………. I haven’t really been “Into” this arc, as I’m sure you can tell. I feel like it’s weirdly placed and doesn’t really have the direction that Foresta or even the Aoi War or Belial Goer arcs did. Hopefully Mashima can change my mind, but I’m not gonna keep my hopes too high anymore.

And sorry this post is so late; the internet where I am went on its whole “Working ‘Til Its Not” thing again. That and work; you know how it is. Let me know your own thoughts in the comments, and until the next post- Have A Magically Wonderful Day. By~~~~~~e!!!!

Commandments, Apocalypse, And Chaos! Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 66 BREAKDOWN

The Start Line

I SO VERY MUCH wanted to talk about chapters 64 and 65Honest And For Truly. But things came up in my schedule, and I we were rendered unable to talk. But MAN OH MAN were those chapters HYPE!!! So I wanted to at least talk about 1 of the chapters involving Galland and Melascula. I remember a few weeks ago; I saw a leak for the end of chapter 64- it showed off their Chaos forms. But I dismissed it- because I didn’t think the leak was real. I mean; I hadn’t seen any leaks for any of the other chapters. TRUST ME I LOOKED FOR EM- and I still am. But I never saw this series with anything.

We’ll talk more about the leaks later. But for now; we have a chapter to talk about! Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 66: “The Assessment.” We’ll leave that part for later……….


Small Recap: After having gotten smacked into the dirt by the superior warrior, Pellgarde; Gawain of Famine is shown for the first time how weak he truly was. So he just starts CRYING like a little B!tch. Tristan manages to calm him down like before, but things don’t remain that way forever- as Arthur sends 2 spies to get rid of Liones’ biggest military asset: The Former King Bartra and his power of Prophecy. One of the spies goes off to kill him in his weakened state, while the other reveals themselves to be “Chaos Melascula,” and revives Galland’s statue to become “Chaos Galland.” Very Clever Naming Scheme. They start tearing sh!t up, which brings the Four Knights Of The Apocalypse together once again to wreck their plans. And here we are.

THIS WEEK’S CHAPTER: In Camelot; Arthur explains who Galland and Melascula are to Mortlach(for those who haven’t read “Seven Deadly Sins”). Hearing that story of how they and the other Commandments ravaged Camelot, he the Knight asks his king why he chose to resurrect them. He explains that- in addition to being “Reliable Firepower-” it is to make them atone for what they did during the Holy War 16 years ago.

He sends out the scout………… creature….. bat thing– “Orlondi-” to scope out the scene. And Orlondi not only relays that the Four Knights Of The Apocalypse are standing against the Revived Commandments- but that his Niece, Gawain, is with them!! Arthur can’t help but laugh at the idea that Liones thinks they can “tame that wild stallion.” But nevertheless; Liones’ “Vision” puts Camelot at a strategical disadvantage. So he’s going to Liones to make sure that all ends today…………..

Back in Liones; the Four Knights stand against the bewildered Commandments. The other Holy Knights present believe they’ll be able to win, but Chaos Galland and Melascula feel otherwise. So they put the Prophesized Knights to the test!

Chaos Galland goes on the offensive immediately, but Lance and Tristan manage to avoid his attack- while Gawain tanks the attack and Percival………… well; we’ll talk about that later. Melascula manages to trap Tristan in “Cage of Darkness-” a spell even Meliodas couldn’t escape. But as soon as Lance and Gawain begin to take the fight to Galland; the tables turn in favor of the Knights. Particularly when Percival gains a MASSIVE influx of power. Thus; Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 66 comes to an Optimistic END!! Alright; I did have to look that one up……


I REALLY wanted to talk about these chapters- because they brought back one of Favorite Commandments in Galland. I liked his design a lot when I first saw him, and he was pretty menacing when he first showed up. Thing was: ONLY when he first showed up. He was essentially the Commandment’s “Hype Man;” they guy that gives you a rough idea of what you’re in for with this particular group of villains. And I felt that he filled that role perfectly.

He came, tore sh!t up, got thrashed by Meliodas and Escanor to show how much stronger those 2 are, and just left. Kind of a generic “Demon Bad Guy,” but it was fun to hear him talk- his voice in the dub was actually pretty good. And now he’s back to pretty much do the same thing- or so I think. I hope we do a similar thing to when he and the Commandments were first introduced; he comes, tears sh!t up, something happens to make him leave, training arc, comeback, get’s his @$$ kicked, and exits the story promptly. Something simple like that.

Come on- That’s Cool.

All that said; he’s a bit more “Brutish” looking than before- although it’s more than likely still the same Galland we knew back then. Though I don’t think he’s worried about using weaponry and being all “swiftly moving across the battle field” kind of brute. He’s a muscle head. Which could play into the Four’s favor. Lance is a smart kind; he knows how to deal with the “Muscle” types- just like Pellegarde dealt with Gawain a few chapters ago. Which brings up something I WISH I could have talked about in a review for last chapter: The Leader Of The Four Knights.

The end of the last chapter showed off the Four knights together again, and………… the one in the front was Lance. Which just made SO MUCH SENSE to me. He’s logical, pragmatic, calm, and above all else- He pulls no punches. He’ll tell you all the problems you need to work on, and he’s not afraid to finish the enemy. He just makes sense– especially where Gawain is concerned. I can imagine Gawain trying to pull the same sh!t he did with Pellegarde, and it ends the exact same way. Only he will tell Tristan to Belay That sh!t, and we can actually begin to teach Gawain how to use that power of his. They could honestly do that together; Lance being brutally honest, and Tristan giving advice when needed.

Although that gets into the idea of them fighting each other. Could Meliodas implement similar rules to the ones the Sin used? Probably. But moving on from that; I wanted to talk about who that other Hooded Figure was. Because there were 2 intruders from Camelot, with Galland being revived by Melascula when they were surrounded by Holy Knights in chapter 64. So who was the other guy? They said that they “knew Liones better than anyone in Camelot.” Who currently on Camelot’s side has been in Liones before? Someone who knows how dangerous Bartra’s visions are……. I think you guys know the answer.

16 Years Later And She’s STILL a Knock Out!!

Merlin Is Here To Kill Bartra– or perhaps she’s learned a spell to either deactivate his “Prophecy,” steal it, copy it, corrupt it, or SOMETHING ELSE. Either way; she’s out for Liones’ biggest weapon. And being a former resident, it makes sense that she’d be the one making her way to the castle over someone like Galland or Melascula. I don’t know what happened in the last 16 years that made things the way they are now– that’s a topic for a whole other discussion. I doubt it was something as trivial as “They cost me my arm,” given how these characters are. Oh yeah; Arthur’s missing an arm, by the way. Some sh!t went DOWN since the Holy War.

I think this fight might prove to be right up Gawain’s ally; Galland’s a BRUTE brute now- he’s not gonna try to dodge or “finesse” the situation. Though he won’t learn anything from that; he’ll just end up doubling down on the “Biggest D!ck” thing(don’t even go there). So I think the best thing for this fight to do for him is teach him that- not only is he inexperienced in combat- but he’s NOT “The Strongest.” That would KILL him. And lead to the training arc- should Suzuki Sensei chose to go that path.


…………………… That’s all I wanted to talk about, I guess. Because it was already late, I wanted to get a little more “in-depth” with my thoughts on the chapter. The internet in my place was messing up, so everything got slowed down. It SEEMS to be over that now( knock on wood, knock on wood, knock on wood), so hopefully this won’t happen again. Though I don’t know how many chapter reviews I’ll be doing with One Piece on Hiatus; Black Clover STILL being on hiatus; My Hero Academia; and work getting in the way. Might be more of this series and “Edens Zero” for a while.

In any case, guys; that’s all I got for y’all. Let me know your own thoughts on the chapter in the comments. And until the next post, all; Have A Magically Wonderful Day. By~~~~~~e!!!

Level Up.

1001 Ways To Say That Luffy’s An Emperor Now! One Piece Chapter 1,053 BREAKDOWN

Yeah; another one of those titles, again. But ya GOTTA see where I’m comin’ from, guys– the last few chapters have been so packed with content that it’s hard to pick just one thing to hone in on to make me consider it for the title! So; I just think of a whole bunch of titles, and say “1001 Ways To Say” whatever the BIGGEST thing is. Luffy is now an Emperor Of The Sea– 1 step closer to becoming the Pirate King- and so; we’ll focus on that. Alternate titles for that include “New Emperor’s, An Admiral, And A Banquet,” or “The 3 Billion Berry Kid,” “Yonkou Shuffle(okay; THAT ONE I came up with on the spot),” and more- as you will soon see.

For now; let’s take this a 1 step at a time. Let’s enjoy the last chapter before a 1 Month break! One Piece Chapter 1,053: “New Emperors.” Kyeh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh……………


In exchange for the colored cover promoting “One Piece: Odyssey(New Video Game);” we don’t have another volume of the cover story. As such; we dive right on into the chapter to reveal the Gorosei in. A. PANIC. They are telling the Marines to DO SOMETHING about that new wanted poster for a certain Rubber boy- they printers didn’t remove the initial “D” from his name, and they used a picture of his Gear Fifth to tell you who it is. But the CP-0 agent, “Guernica,” only gave them that picture. And Morgan’s- of all thingsis no liar. He ain’t fudgin’ D!CK- the poster and News Papers are going out as is. And the World Government can lick his Cloaca(look it up; it’s pretty funny!).

It is here in which we see the World reacting to the news- and the new bounties. “Straw Hat” Monkey D Luffy, Trafalgar Law “The Surgeon Of Death,” and Eustass “Captain” Kid: 3 Billion Berries eachWanted Dead Or Alive. Ba-BAM.

The 3 Billion Berry Boys

We then cut back to Tokage Port in the Udon region; Kid has stormed off to the Flower Capital, so the rest of his crew- as well as Law and his crew- start to move as well. You can gather where this one is going. In any case; we jump over to the Flower Capital to see the chef’s in the Shogun’s Castle preparing a “Traditional Honzen-Ryori Meal For A Shogun-” only to find out that no one was willing to wait. Jinbe stayed, but everyone else is down in the Flower Capital having the time of their lives. Everyone-save for the Immaculate Nico Robin. She’s down in the tombs looking for something…….

Tenguyama comes down, and asks if she likes his little “Kokeshi Doll” collection. She doesn’t. But she is curious as to why his collection would be in the basement of the Shogun’s castle. We get the reveal that he is not just the Tengu, but is in fact a former SHOGUN- KOZUKI SUKIYAKI, The Father Of Oden and Grandfather of Momonosuke. Although he suspects that Kin and the others have seen through his ruse, he has no plans of telling Momo; he doesn’t think he should.

This room was once a room for his little bobbies- like collecting Kokeshi’s and Swordsmithing. But Orochi happened, and he got locked down here for a number of years. By the time he escaped, Wano was already half-demolished by Orochi and Kaido- it was enough for him to think of committing Seppuku the moment he looked upon the rotted land and factories. But before he can explain why he chose to live; Robin cuts him off, and asks him about what she’s ACTUALLY looking for: The Ancient Weapon Pluton. According to Alabasta’s Poneglyph, it’s hidden somewhere in Wano. Suiyaki confirms as much.

We then leap over to the Prisoner Mines, where he Beast Pirates still loyal to Kaido are licking their wounds. But their recovery is interrupted by the arrival of a Navy PowerhouseAdmiral Ryokugyu. Using his unknown Devil Fruit; he is able to create plant tendrils that drain the collective Beast Pirates- King, Queen, Babanuki, and all- of their nutrients. He even used it to steal their booze. He calls for a Warship to be brought to Wano, and to not tell Akainu what he’s doing. He wants his approval– and he plans to get it by bringing in Luffy.

Feel free to tell me the actor he’s based on!!

And we now jump over to the Flower Capital to see the Banquet REALLY hitting its stride- music; fireworks; booze; food- Jolly Good Time. Luffy is congratulating the entire alliance while omitting his role in in the story- ’cause he doesn’t want to be treated as some kind of “Hero.” As Luffy’s beginning the whole toast; Kid walks up to the tower- with every intention of killing Luffy. But the boy’s too oblivious to that and just grabs him close as the fireworks go off. Kid breaks free, and reveals WHY he wants Luffy dead(more so no than before).

Apparently; the recent happenings of the world- inside and outside of Wano- have called for some New Emperors. The Yonko Of The Current Era:

  • “Straw Hat” Monkey D Luffy
  • “Blackbeard” Marshal D Teech
  • “Red Haired” Shanks
  • “The Bombastic Clown” BUGGY??!!!?!

Hearing the music; Ryokugyu decides to go to the Flower Capital. He plans to crash this party, and take in Luffy. Thus bringing One Piece Chapter 1,053 to a World Altering END!!! These adjectives are getting harder and harder to come up with. One Piece Will Be On A 1 Month Break. But we will have these “Road To Laugh Tale” pamphlets that show us some unused concepts Oda ended up scrapping. So~…………….. That’ll be fun.


Where oh where oh WHERE do I even START with this one? So many things have happened in this chapter alone- and we haven’t even gotten to the News Paper yet!! Oh when those News Papers DROP………… But me oh my I was NOT expecting that Line up. Of course we knew that Shanks and Blackbeard would still be Yonkou; Luffy was a given at this point; but that 3rd slot was a bit up in the air- though I figured it either be Kid or Law. So seeing BUGGY of all people up there came as a shock. I wonder what happened?

The Emperors Of The Sea(New Age)

My brother Malik told me about this theory that Mihawk and Buggy’s ships crossed each other, and Mihawk cut this Navy vessel in half, and they thought that Buggy did it. That pobably happened, but I don’t think destroying a Marine vessel in a single attack would qualify you as an “Emperor Of The Sea.” It had to have been something WORLD SHAKING– something on the same level as knocking Kaido and Big Mom into a pool of magma. Knowing Buggy; he probably lucked himself into a situation that made him look good. Like, sayDefeating An Admiral? Or Garp? Sengoku? Or some other Big Name that wasn’t in Wano?

Or it could even have something to do with the Giants, considering that Hajrudin of the New Giant Warrior Pirates- now under the Straw Hat Grand Fleet- is under his employ. Or, well- was. As of chapter 895(The Snake Man Chapter); they are no longer employed at “Buggy’s Delivery Service.” But you know Buggy– he’s not just gonna let an asset like that get away without a fight; he’d TRY, but the Impel Down prisoners that follow him around would probably gas him up and he’d HAVE to look good in front of them. Thus; lucking into defeating the Giant Warrior Pirates. It may have been something akin to that.

And then you have the Full Reveal Of Admiral Ryokugyu. Don’t know what actor he’s based off of, but I’m sure you’ve all probably looked into it a bit and will tell me later. That’s not what I want to focus on. What I really want to talk about is that Devil Fruit of his. It has been a theory that the current roster of Admiral’s each have a different Devil fruit type- Kizaru and his Logia; Fujitora and his Paramecia; which would mean that Ryokugyu would have a Zoan. Given that reveal; it could still be the case. But then I could make that argument for ANY Devil Fruit. So for now; I’ll throw my hat into the ring of him having a Paramecia type. And boy is it COOL.

The fact that he’s able to drain the nutrients explains why he’s been able to go 3 years without food; he can just drain the nutrients from the land around him! Or from his enemies. All the same. But other than that, I’ve just always liked characters with plant based abilities cool; something interesting like “being made of plants” or the plants coming out of the body- don’t know why. Can he regenerate, ’cause that’s something plant users are usually capable of? Maybe. Are we going to get the type and name of the fruit revealed when the series comes back? Probably not. But there’s always that chance. If we’re going into the Final Saga; Oda doesn’t have time to be coy about this sh!t anymore. Full Throttle, Senseidon’t hold out on us.

Speaking of; We’re Still Not Out Of Act 3. A lot of people have abandoned this “5 Act” bit. I’m about ready to myself. But us not leaving Wano here means that the post arc is going to continue. We are SO NOT done in Wano yet. Especially with the whole PLUTON BEING HERE bit. No wonder the World Government want to get in here so bad; there are only 2 places in the world that they can’t get to regularly: Laugh Tale, and Wano. And they’ve been looking for that one since the Void Century. If this thing would be anywhere, it would be on one of these 2 islands. So, so, SO much to talk about now.

But yeah; we’re not leaving Wano just yet. I still think that we’re gonna leave this year, and before all that news- I would have said something like Early November would start the Final Stage. But with this break, and ALL that has been revealed in just the last 2 chapters ALONE- I’m thinking more like late November to Early or even Mid December. Oda’s gotta have his break week every month! The man works too hard for his own good sometimes. I hope he rests well.

Another thing to talk about would be the reveal that Sukiyaki is alive. Never CONFIRMED that he was dead; we didn’t see a body or anything; we just know that he and Higarashi were switched out at some point. And this is “One Piece” we’re talking about. We probably should have seen this coming, huh? But he said that the one who crafted the Kitetsu blades- the Swordsmith Kotetsu- was his ancestor. Was this a ruse created for the “Tenguyama” character, or……….. did the Kozuki have a hand in the Kitetsu series? Curious………………


Now……………….. I CAN GO ON WITH THIS CHAPTER FOR HOURS. This could honestly make like 5 or 6 theory posts to itself. But I’ll stop here before I overdo it. Instead; I’ll let you guys tell me your speculation on the chapter. He picked a H#LLUVA CHAPTER to leave us with for the next month. But he made sure we had enough content that we can still talk about “One Piece” until it returns!! And when it comes back- We’re Gonna Go ALL. IN. Things are about to escalate to a scale we’ve never scene- as The Best Selling Manga In History Heads Towards the CLIMAX! Get Ready; Get Hyped; Stay Safe; And Prosper. Have a Magical Day, Folks………..

1001 Ways To Say The Wano Post Arc Begins!! One Piece Chapter 1,052 BREAKDOWN

Yeah; doing this again. There are just too many titles I could come up with for this review, so……. this is what you get!! And yeah; it’s time to get into the “End Of Arc” Epilogue content. Healing; emotions; repairs; set up; and Oh So VERY MUCH MORE to talk about going into forward- to the Final Saga Of The Story. From Dressrosa to now; the Straw Hat’s and their allies have been at War with The King of Beast- Kaido Of The Four Emperors. But that battle is done now. Meaning it’s time to go on towards the One Piece, and end this 25 Year Epic!! Boy was that a lot to take in in a 24 Hour Timeframe. One Piece Chapter 1,052: “A New Morning!!” Let’s begin.

Germa 66’s “Ahh…. An Emotionless Excursion” Vol 14

Takin’ it.

We continue the Germa’s escape from Tottland with Reiju and Ichiji walking out of Whole Cake Chateau- when they come across the mad scientist Caesar Clown. He’s an insane, sadistic sh!tbag, but he comes in handy when you’re forcing him to help you, so……….. They’re taking him. I guess now we’ll be seeing what becomes of Caesar and the Germa! Maybe he’ll give the boys their emotions so he can enjoy torturing them or something………


We begin the chapter in the Holy Land- Marijoa. The Gorosei are informed by the Top hat CP-0 Agent(let’s call him “Top Hat”) about the events of the Onigashima Raid. With their grestest fear “Nika” having finally awakened, 2 Yonko down and out, and Wano still closed off; the Gorosei panic that they won’t be able to keep this news on the DL. They try to find silver lining in the idea that they can finally have Nico Robin captured, but…………. NAH. In any case; someone hijacks the transmission, however, and says that they’re coming to their location now. Who? We’ll find out later. For now; we catch up with what’s been happening outside the Flower Capital.

We ain’t done yet………

Within the interior of Kaido’s castle; Drake and Hawkins remain conscious…….. just barely. When Hawkins asks if Drake was a “Government Lapdog” the whole time; he refuses to answer, instead telling Hawkins that he looks to be in worse shape than himself. So he asks why Hawkins ended up this way even after the cards told him he’d be safe sticking with Kaido. The Magician reveals that, when Kaido came to their front door in chapter 795; he just kind of gave up. And even by the slim chance that Kid won that exchange- he didn’t want to turn back around and suck up to him. Ergo, in chapter 990; he divined a “certain man’s” chance of survival- His Own. Probability of Survival To The Next Morning: 1%.

Cut to 7 days after the Raid: The Flower Capital is preparing for another Festival soon- Shogun’s Orders! Somethings are happening around the Capital; kids getting a proper education about Kozuki Oden; Komurasaki revealing herself as Oden’s daughter; clean drinking water; etc. But then we cut over to the Eternal Graves in the Ringo region, where Kawamatsu, Kin’emon, and Onimaru begins plans for another Shrine- one on par with the tome of Sword God Ryuma!! It’ll start with a proper grave for Oden, and gradually branch out to incorporate all of the Daimyo who fought against Orochi(starting with Yasuie), and then Ashura and Izo.

“One Piece” Has Good Panels For Stuff like this!

They lament in their roles when Marco shows up; how their allies have continued dying around them, while they 3 still live once again. And they can only hope that the same fate doesn’t befall their “Heroes.” Speaking of; we jump cut to the Flower Capital- The Shoguns Castle. Yamato has taken this “Vigil” to not eat of bath until Luffy and Zoro got better. So he’s chanting to himself “I’m Not Hungry!” on the roof. Low and behold; Hiyori comes in dropping kicking Momo in the face to tell them that Luffy and Zoro are finally up and at em!!- and they want meat and booze, obviously.

With them now awake; Momo says that they can finally start the banquet they’ve been preparing all week. They don’t recognize him, but don’t care at all. So he cozies up to Nami- and gets punched in the face. I love this series- I really do. But now that they’ve eaten and gotten some booze- it’s Ba~th Ti~me……. Neh hehe hehe heh heh heh. Unfortunately; the castle doesn’t have mixed bath, so boys bath somewhere else, and girls elsewhere. End Of Arc Stuff; not really anything to dissect of expand on.

The NEXT PART, however, tells us something ve~ry interesting. We cut over to Tokage Port, where Franky and Usopp are helping to repair everyone’s ships- and even find time to repair the General Franky. Everyone is amazed and relaxed now that all the fighting’s over, but Kid and Law know better; they know that the information that they managed to take out 2 Yonko is gonna make headlines in the paper somehow. And when it doesTHEY’RE GONNA HAVE SOME MASSIVE TARGETS ON THEIR BACKS. And being in an Isloated land means they have no way of knowing what’s coming for them next.

That’s when Scratchman Apoo comes in- telling them that he’s already snitched about the events of Wano. And because he was able to leak the information; he was also able to get the Paper. New Emperors Have. Been. CROWNED. And new bounties have been dealt out. Meaning exactly what Kid and Law said is coming to pass: Admiral Ryokugyu Is In The Skies Of Wano. He was ordered by Akainu to not cause any problems. But it’s Luffy and Kid, so………. All H#ll ’bout to break lose. Thus; One Piece Chapter 1,052 comes to a Chilling END!! Cliche adjective, but I’ll take it!!

*Sigh*………………… F*****************************ck.


There are……………. a Great Many Things that I want to say about this chapter- heck; This Whole Situation that was just announced. For those unaware: One Piece Will Be Going On A 1 Month Break Following Chapter 1,053. We’ll have some booklets or whatever coming out in the meantime that revealed some original ideas that Oda had for the story that ended up getting rejected. I imagine this ranges from everything to concept art, story beats, tidbits about the countries and islands we’ve visited, Movies characters, and many more things that we probably couldn’t even imagine. That’ll be cool.

But in the press release; it was ALSO revealed that- following the break- We will be in the Final Saga Of The Story. Yeah; this is just like Black Clover– the mangaka is getting a break to prepare for the Finale of the story. Why Oda’s break is shorter than Tabata’s is anyone’s guess- not gonna say anything more on that subject. But I think this might be the new model Jump’s trying now that their stories are being shortened. With My Hero Academia and The Promised Neverland‘s endings being…………………………………………………………………….. The Way They Are; I honestly think they should have done this a little sooner.

I can’t read this at all.

I………………. I don’t know how I feel. On the one hand; I’m so excited to finally solve all the mysteries the story has to offer- to finally know about the Will of D, the history of the Void Century………….. The One Piece. After what will be 25 Years this July; we’ll finally know everything there is to know about the story!! But on the other……………………. I don’t………. I don’t know if I’m ready yet. You know what I mean?

Like; it’s always been joked that this series would go until we as a species no longer exist, but it looked like it was closer than ever before with the reveal of Im. And we knew that Wano would be one of- if not honestly THE– most important story arc in the franchise. The themes; the action; the build up; what it means for the characters on both a personal level and the effect it’ll have on their standing in this world. I always knew that we’d be heading into the Final portion of the story following Wano, but……… to actually here them say it just made it feel so “Real. And it kind of…….. IT FREAKED ME OUT!! So I didn’t really……… react that well to the information.

One the bright side: Tabata and Oda have time to plan out the story so that they can make the best story possible that- unlike the Spade Invasion arc or Wano- the Final arcs don’t drag in places; don’t go on too long- basically they can avoid the problems leading up to this. And they can fit in with the Current era of being so short. And really; the only problem is that I’m not ready to say goodbye to these stories yet- not ready to say goodbye to “that era” yet. But all good things must come to an end, right?

We’re Gonna Being seeing a lot more of This sooner rather than later…………………………

For now; let’s just focus on the good- starting with this chapter! But which part do I want to focus on? Yamato’s interactions with the Straw Hats? The Bounties? Or Ryokugyu? Decisions Decisions!! Hm…………… Maybe I could talk about how much Death there was in Wano? “One Piece” had always made sure that Character deaths MEANT something- be it someone’s character arc, or an important moment in the history of that country that causes a chain reaction that ultimately ends with Luffy fulfilling that person’s dying wish unintentionally. It carries weight. So seeing more death’s in this arc than any other is kind of…………. “Unreal.” Know what I mean?

Think back to all of the other arcs in the story- think about all the character deaths that occurred in the Present storyline. How many can you think of by name? With this arc; we’ve seen Yasuie, Izo, Ashura, 2 CP-0 agents, Kanjuro, and even Orochi. That’s only 7, but that’s already more than Alabasta; than Skypiea; Enies Lobby, Impel Down, Dressrosa, Punk Hazard, and Arlong Park PUT TOGETHER. So I guess that Oda’s being a little less stingy with the Kill Card going into the final part of the story. Oh boy………. I just hope he keeps handling it with all the caution he does; Orochi’s death, and Ashura and Izo’s didn’t “come through” that well. Like; I GENUINELY thought that Orochi would still be a live somehow. Might need to convey these deaths better going forward.

His last words: “What is it about that crew…..?

But seriously, though- What’s up with those bounties? “The Names Of Those Who Have Been Dubbed ‘Emperors?'” Luffy, obviously. Between Kid and Law……………………. I can’t say. Law has done a bit more in his time allied with the Straw Hats. And when the Government does its little digging; they’ll find out about it all. But then you have the fact that Kid- pre time skip- had the highest bounty out of any of the Super Nova’s present on Sabaody. And in the 2 years he’s been in the New World; he’s come into conflict with 2 Yonkou(Shanks And Kaido)- just like Luffy. And he was the one who shot Big Mom into that hole in the ground. Either way, though; they both have bounties over a billion.

As for Luffy; what can I say that hasn’t already been said? On the low end; he’s got a 3 Billion berry bounty. High End: 5.6 Billion. Because “Gomu.” And it’s higher than Whitebeard and even Roger. If we’re going into the Finale; it makes sense that his bounty would reach that level. But the Government can’t go overboard with it because they don’t want people to know about the “Nika” problem, but underselling it would look just as suspicious. I suppose they could change it to “Only Alive” like they did for Sanji- so that they can make another attempt at stealing the fruit. Would that raise suspicions? It did with the Straw Hat’s when it happened to Sanji, but that was because of the Germa’s former relationship with the Government. Eh…….. maybe not.

Other things from the chapter: Momo can no longer cuddle up to Nami. We knew that was coming, but it was still SO~ VERY Cathartic to watch unfold. No more bathing with the girls for YOU, you little rat!! Although I though he’d lament in his “terrible mistake.” Yamato and the Straw Hats. Huh. Welp- SANJI’S DEAD. Which probably just warmed Zoro up to Yamato a little bit more. And to Brook. Though Nami is pretty puzzled by him. Don’t know how that’s going to end. A~~~~~ND GREENBULL. Paramecia or Mythical Zoan? ‘So hard to tell these days!!

There’s the line of thought that each of the current Admiral’s have one of each type of Devil Fruit: Fujitora’s Paramecia Stomp Stomp Fruit; Kizaru and his Logia Glint Glint Fruit; so Ryokugyu would have a Zoan. And because he’s an Admiral; people assume a Mythical– something to do with Plants. In that regard they’re right, it would seem. Take solace in that fact. Though I don’t think anyone was expecting…………. THAT. We’ll find out eventually- maybe not next chapter, but after the Hiatus. You know Oda Sensei.


Wow; I actually managed to talk about every plot point in the chapter that time- in a DAY no less!! Enjoy it ’cause it may never happen again. I don’t know what happens next; I just know that we can’t leave Wano just yet. To relegate something like copying the Road Poneglyph(H#ll; it seems like it might take a chapter just to FIND that thing if it wasn’t on Onigashima or in Orochi’s castle), or the decision on Yamato’s status, or heck- even saying “Goodbye” after all the stuff that the Kozuki and the Straw Hats and Heart Pirates and everyone else- to a FLASHBACK? No. I’ve seen enough of that sh!t from My HeroI Am Not Doing That Again.

My feelings towards My Hero aside; let me know your own thoughts on the chapter! And let me know what you guys think about us heading into the final stretch of the story! We’re almost there, boys and girls………. Almost there……………..


So that’s what we’re doing, eh, Mashima Sensei? “If It Has Ether- It Can Overdrive.Now THAT is telling. I think we’re going to be getting a lot more of these titles in the future. That much was probably obvious, though. But I didn’t expect for it to come from someone without Ether Gear……………… This bit workin’ for ya? Yeah; I’m getting a little annoyed with it myself. So I’ll say it: Hermit Activates Her Own Overdrive- something that I didn’t expect to see from her. Welcomed Surprise, Though. VERY Welcomed. Let’s get into this; Edens Zero Chapter 194: “The Ether Of All Things.” 6 More Chapters………

A Sister Cover On A Hermit Chapter? Works For Me.


Picking up where the last chapter left off: Labilia tries to take a Starfighter to go and help Rebecca- against the wishes of everyone on board. UnfortunatelyKiller and Clown have snuck into the Edens Zero. And before she can even scream for help; the Dark Star’s silence her- with every intention of killing her………. but in different manors. Before they can, however; Mosco arrives to save her. He sends she and Couchpo back to the safe room so he can deal with the Dark Stars. MORE TEASING WITH THE F*CKING BUTTON, and Sister and Hermit show up- the ones that they came to eliminate in the first place. The girls activate their Battle Dresses, and prepare to stand against the their counterparts!

Shining Stars vs Dark Stars!!- In A Minute.

But we cut away from that to see the other battle fields- starting with the Sky’s Above Lendard. Hyoga and Gowen are very uneasy about Justice being here, considering his grudge against Elsie. Shiro and Ibuki of Holy’s fleet inform them that they didn’t tell the other Interstelar about the battle- saying that they’ve already informed Victory, Eraser, Feather, and Cure that Elsie’s Pirates are allies at the moment.

While down below; Elsie teases Justice about leaving her restrained Half Naked. The joviality is interrupted with they both sense a powerful Ether coming towards them- God Acnoella. Justice leaves the make sure she hasn’t found them, while Elsie is worried that she won’t be able to fight restrained like this. Elsewhere; Shiki makes his way through Killer’s sub-dimension program, trying to make contact with the others.

He manages to get through to Pino, who informs him of her and Happy’s location, as well as the locations of Weisz and Rebecca. Because Happy and Pino are closer; he goes to save them first. But as he makes his way to them- a memory falls into his mind- one of Killer’s. It’s he and Human Hermit sitting by a river. He starts talking about the “Ether Of All Things:”

Ether: A Power That Flows Through All Things. When it reaches its “Critical Point-” we call that “Overdrive.” If the Ether Of this Rock reached its “critical point;” do you think it could Overdrive?

Human Killer Mark II

Human Hermit is a little perplexed by Human Killer’s musing, but says it’s “theoretically possible.” Which leads back to the Edens Zero for the Final Part of the chapter. Killer tries to activate his Sub-Dimension program aboard the ship, but Hermit cancels that sh!t out right then and there. Hermit berates him for thinking he’s going to win without his Battle Dress, but Killer doesn’t believe that Hermit’s “costume change” can match up to Overdrive.

But then…………. Hermit has it, too. She engages her own Overdrive, bringing Edens Zero Chapter 194 to a Riveting END!!! HAD THAT ONE ON THE SPOT, Be-0tch!!!


No, but seriously; she KIND OF looks like Dynamo from “The Powerpuff Girls,” doesn’t she? The Headband; the pigtails(I always preferred her with Pigtails like this); and the regular machine stuff. But what she has over Dynamo- I don’t need to say. Just look her. I hear anime has the weird censorship thing with showing under-boob- like; they can show RIDICULOUS amounts of cleavage, but they won’t let the under-boob fly. So when the anime gets to this scene; expect it to be different in that regard. Why do I know this? You know what I’m about.

My Point Exactly

But to get serious; What? It’s not something only an Ether Gear User has? But take your eyes away from her chest for a minute and look at her arms– the same patterns present on Ether Gear users are there. So did she learn Ether gear in the last 3 years? Or is it just what Killer said? I’m trying to just throw a bunch of questions at you guys. I’m thinking that she either gained a whole new ability, or her overall abilities have become stronger. If she has a new ability; it might be something akin to Killer’s “Sub-Dimension Program-” she can make alternate spaces to give herself the advantage. Although it works more for Killer because he’s an actual Assassin; he needs to be a tricky b@stard to win.

Hermit, on the other hand, is a Programmer– her ability let’s her hack into sh!t. That ability- to me– has always felt very situational. I am of course referring to the fact that her first ever fight in the story saw her hacking into Guns because they were……………… connected to the internet? That make any sense to you guys? That fight was cool, but I felt the way she won didn’t make much sense. So if I were to say what her Overdrive would allow her to do would be something along the lines of “reprogramming her opponents Ether.” Hold up; let me explain: “Guns Are Connected To The Network.” “Everything Has Ether.” I’m using the logic of the story to say that Hermit might be able to “reprogram” someone’s Ether flow to disable their Ether Gear, or even do something akin to what “Empire Ether” does.

But this also serves a purpose of telling us that characters without Ether Gear- such as Pino, Happy, and even Mosco– are able to get a new level of power later down the line! I think we’re all especially eager to see what Pino would be able to do with this power; she’d certainly look closer to the Human design we keep seeing, but I don’t know what her “level up” would end up being. Happy Overdrive? I know even less. But…………. something that Human Killer and Hermit said in this chapter……………… is kind of telling. They said that it’s “theoretically possible” for anything to Overdrive- Mountains, Oceans- even Planets. We’re seeing Droids that can, but what about other technology? Say……… A Ship?

You guys can probably gather where I’m going with this: The Edens Zero And Edens One In Overdrive. But I want to focus on the Zero for a moment- because we have it 100% CONFIRMED that it has Etherion. I think that in this story; Etherion is a mechanism that either allows the ship to Overdrive, or it may well only be usable after it Overdrives. I’ve been under the assumption that it’s a giant canon that has some weird time-space effect to it, like the Etherion in Fairy Tail. But what if it’s too powerful for the current version of the ship? And the Edens One- being the “Next Stage” model- is able to use it easier?

I’ve always been under the mindset that a Droids Overdrive(back when we thought it was limited to Ether Gear Users) isn’t as………… “limited” in its usage like Humans. You know what I mean? A Droids power source- no matter the model- always runs on Ether(in this story). They would have a bigger supply of it than Humans- Humans exhaust. Androids can keep going………. from what we’ve seen. So MY thought is that A Machine would be able to sustain Overdrive for much longer than a Human- possibly indefinitely. Like Ziggy, maybe.

Ziggy In Overdrive? Probably!!

That said; it’s not as if Droids and machines have INFINITE Ether- just more than Humans. Maybe Hermit will be able to maintain her Overdrive for weeks at a time, whereas Shiki probably can’t hold it for a whole day; hours maybe, but not a WHOLE day. Maybe if and when Pino gets her Overdrive(she’s getting an Overdrive- END. OF. DISCUSSION.); we’ll be seeing her in that state for a handful of chapters. This reveal just changes everything we know about what has been my Favorite Power Up of the Current Era Of Shonen Battle Manga.


There you have- What the f*ck am I doing? I don’t have to use some generic @$$ outro!! Although I will ask you guys what you thought of the chapter; what do you guys make of the new lore behind Overdrive? I like it! And now I kind of can’t wait to see what Hermit is capable of. Watch out, Killer; she’s coming for you!! Have a Magical Day Everyone!!

That Time A Guy Hit On Me(STORYTIME)

That title grab your attention? I was hoping it would. I’m also hoping the hashtag I use will get people’s attention on social media platforms(I’m on Twitter and Facebook), which is part of the reason I’m telling this story. It’s also probably the most interesting thing to ever happen to me– the story I’ll always tell that’ll grab people’s attention. That said: I’m kind of worried about the “blow back” from my own actions towards the end of the story. I certainly don’t like how I reacted at the end. And when I get to it- you’ll see why. Let’s get to the story………

This story takes place a few months ago- around October or November of last year. After week’s of not going in(because no one told me the schedule), I finally got called in for work. It was the morning, and we just got a truck. And I had to put up all the frozen goods. It’s a part time job, so it was only for like 5 hours and I was there for like 2 already. And I was just doin’ my thing knocking those boxes out.

A customer comes in with another guy. I heard their voices, but……… my immediate thought wasn’t that they were Gay. Because I knew a guy in Middle/ High School that talked all “flamboyant” and …….. “Effiminate?” Just- This is kind of the hard part of the post. how do I describe this guy without triggering someone? I know this story is gonna catch people’s attention, but I don’t know how to word everything quite right. Let’s just say: He didn’t talk regularly. And that guy had an on-again/off-again Girlfriend(a friend of mine). And even while playing Football; one of my teammates was Gay, and he didn’t have that “Flamboyant” way of speaking. I honestly didn’t put together that he was Gay.

In any case, like I said- Didn’t put it together. This next scene changed that. While one of them waited by the door for whatever reason; 1 came over to the Freezer section where I was still stocking. He comes by looking for this specific flavor of Hot Pocket, and I told him “I don’t think we have that brand, sir,” and I point to a the only kinds we have. He thanks me for pointing it out to him, and introduces himself. For the sake of this post; we’ll call him “Joel.” I just remember his name starting with a “J” also. And I introduce myself. Shook hands, which- during the COVID Era- Not my best move. But I was wearing work gloves so it was alright.

And THENHe tells me I’m “Very Cute………………” And; I chuckled at first. ‘Cause I’m like “HOLD UP WAIT A MINUTE What just happened?!” I just thought he was a really nice customer(a Rarity when you work in a Dollar General), but…….. THIS HAPPENED!! I laugh a little, and say “Thank You.” Then……. starts getting AWKWARD. ‘Cause……. He asked me out. Taken aback again, but I don’t want to be rude. So I tell him Flat out “I’m not Gay.” HE DOESN’T TAKE THE HINT, and keeps trying like “Are you sure? ‘Cause your VERY Cute.” It is at this point that he starts getting closer to me, and I start backing away bit by bit. Again: Trying not to be rude. Could have said something about the “6 feet apart” bullcr@p, but I was HIGH KEY PANICKING at this moment.

‘Cause by now I was coming up with a bunch of excuses like “I have a Girlfriend,” but he just WOULDN’T TAKE THE HINT!! I’m backing up more and more and everything! But eventually; He gets the Message– he backs down, and tells me “Alright, I’ll leave you alone.” Joel extends his hand forward, and my “knee jerk” reaction was to grab it with my left hand to make sure it didn’t drift to……….. parts unknown. He chuckled like “I’m not going to do anything to you,” and…….. I don’t know about that part. On the one hand; it was probably wrong of me to have just assumed that he was gonna grab the No-No’s.

On the other: He was persistent. He was getting a bit too close for comfort; I backed up as much as I could, but he just kept creeping closer to me. And as they say: “No means No.” He should have taken the opening line as a hint. Very unnerving.

After we parted way; I told the Lead in the story, and he asked me if I wanted him banned from the store. You would think with what I’ve said and set up for you I’d have said “Yes.” But for whatever reason- be it because I’m a Nicer guy than I though, or I never thought that he would come into the store again, or maybe I just thought that I was overreacting and didn’t think much of the story afterwards(aside from this)- but I said No. I said “No, It’s Whatever- just kind of funny.” Meanwhile; I couldn’t stand still- I was shivering and laughing just replaying the scene in my head over and over, thinking “I should have simply told him ‘No’ straight up.” ‘Cause I SHOULD have- I shouldn’t have lied like that; I should have stood firm and told him “Sir; I’m not into guys. I don’t care about your sexual orientation, but I need you to respect that I am not” on some “Respectful Boy next Door” type of sh!t.

I went back to stocking the coolers, and there were a few Distinct thoughts in my mind:

  1. This is going on my blog.This would probably have better been saved for Pride Month when that hashtag trends it’s highest. And it would be the first time I had a post ready to go months in advance…………. I probably decided to save this for Pride Month. I knew this story would go up here because it’s pretty funny; one of the most interesting things to ever happen to me; and probably get a lot of traction with the LGBTQ hashtag. I thought “These companies are doing it- why can’t I?”
  2. Huh…….I’m attractive.” As much as I had disdain for it; I kind of did like that someone found me physically attractive. I don’t know how this would have ended if it was a Female, but I did hold my head a little bit higher that day.
  3. Why did I say I have a girlfriend?” I can’t back that up- I don’t have any female friends my age to help me fake that if he comes back and tries. Like; shouldn’t have said that. And that’s not the only thing that I wish I had done different……..
  4. Why did I think that he was going to grab ‘me?’And why the f*ck am I dancing around saying my balls and my @$$? Whatever, Jalen. I didn’t like the fact that I “reacted” to his hand motion the way I did. I don’t care about people’s sexual orientation(or lack there of), Beliefs, race and ethnicity, or anything like that- so long as we can talk about One Piece or how amazing Spider Man: No Way Home was; we’re good. So why did I feel like he has gonna get “handsy?” And more importantly: What would I have done?…………..

I know my stories don’t usually have a “Moral” to them, but I feel like I may have learned something from this experience: “Stand Firm.” I should have told him straight up that I wasn’t gay- I did when the “Girlfriend” card started failing. I shouldn’t have been so shaky in telling him that I wasn’t interested; I should have firmly told him “No” and to drop the subject. I’m not gonna threaten to ban him from the store; he “shot his shot” and it didn’t work out- that’s not something to ban him from a Convenience Store over.

But I also shouldn’t have taken that card off the table for myself. Because……… it’s complicated. Like; that’s no reason to ban someone from a store that’s so close to their house and has the stuff they’d need. BUT………. well; I shouldn’t have to feel Uncomfortable every time he comes in to the store. ‘Cause he has come back– twice, I believe. But each reaction has just been quicker than the last. So……….. “All’s Well That Ends Well,” I guess.

But; YEAH. That………. that is a thing that happened to me. I don’t want to think back to this moment, but…… it’s hilarious!! And it fits well for Pride Month so it’ll trend better. If all works out; my blog should grow like never before. All this assuming I didn’t upset anyone with anything I said. Let’s Hope. Have A Nice Day, everyone.