A Horrible Twist Of Fate! One Piece Chapter 1006 BREAKDOWN

Hello, all you wonderful human beings and extra-terrestrials that can read human English!! We’re back at it again– after a week away regaining my energy; I finally back to talk about manga at nauseum once again! And as always; we kick things off with the next installment of Eiichiro Oda’s Legendary “One Piece!!” And if all goes well; this won’t be the only “One Piece” related post this week. One Piece Chapter 1006: “The Honorable Hyogoro The Flower.” Let’s get to it.

The 3 Captains Take Center Stage!!

This week; “One Piece” takes the cover of the magazine(along with Magu Chan and Undead Unluck). We see Law, Luffy, and Kidd in fighting positions- confident that they’ll be able to defeat whatever challenge is presented to them. The captions around them read “With Their Sights Set For The Very Top! The Strong Stand Side-By-Side- Striking A Defiant Pose!!” We also see in the bottom right corner that caption “The Incredible 3rd Act Of The Wano Arc!! The Battle Against The Beast Pirates Is Nearing Its Climax!!” It also let’s you know that we’re in for a colored cover page(which we’ll get to in a minute). But more importantly; it’s telling us that we’re nearing the climax of Act 3. I don’t know how seriously we’re supposed to take this– I’m just gonna treat it as a hint rather than an absolute.

I hear people thinking that Wano won’t be the typical “5 Act Structure” of old Kabuki theater plays- because they’ve been 4 acts in recent years. But I think we’ll get the 5 act structure. Acts 1 and 2 were build up; Act 3 is the Big Battle; Act 4 is the “speedy resolution;” and act 5 is the “Aftermath.” Which I’m GR~EATLY looking forward to. I think this act is also supposed to end with some kind of “tragedy.” Be prepared for that, guys. We’ll probably talk a little more about it at the end of the review. Which we should really be getting to. But first– a Colored Cover to commemorate Act 3 reaching the climax(supposedly)! It displays Kaido, The Calamities, and the Tobi Roppo poised to stand against the 3 Captains and their allies.

“Bring It On, You Little Upstarts!”

As you all know; my favorite Tobi Roppo Ulti- so seeing her colored like this makes me really happy. I like her and Page 1’s color scheme. Who’s Who’s was completely unexpected. And the rest are pretty good. It’s a nice little color page to commemorate an incredible Act of the Wano Kuni arc. Seeing the Calamities standing like that; it’s making me think that King is the “Top Dog” of the 3- which must be why Queen hates him so much.

We open this week’s chapter on the Live Floor- with Bao Huang(we learned in last week’s chapter about the Maries around Onigashima. I think Bao Huang might be their leader) looking out over the ledge. She’s looking out- or rather; through the Maries vision and over the chaos going on below, trying to find Momonosuke. She yells “He Got Away!! The Enemy Leader Momonosuke was seen escaping from the Forbidden Storeroom! We’ve lost sight of him now!!” She broadcasts her voice through the Maries around the island- telling them where Momonosuke was last seen. We see Yamato and Shinobu fighting against the Beast Pirates- with Momonosuke hidden under Yamato’s clothing.

United Front

As Yamato and Shinobu run along; we see Momonosuke “enjoying his hiding spot-” if you catch my drift. But his outline is spotted by a Marie, so they decide to head up the stairs to another part of the Castle. We then cut over to the Interior 3rd floor to see Sanji– having been freed from Black Maria’s clutches by The Immaculate Nico Robin and Brook- trying to get to the Scabbards before the enemy. But then he overhears on the Maries that Yamato is “with the Kunoichi.” He doesn’t know who this “Young Master Yamato” person is, but he can’t worry about that right now- the others need his help. So he asks one of the Gifters he just beat down which way this “forbidden storage room” is.

They tell him that it’s near the entrance of the Skull Dome(where another scene is taking place that we’ll get to in a minute). Problem is: Kin’emon and the others are in the opposite direction. He thinks it over for a second, and decides to go……….we don’t know yet. Oda cuts away before we can see which path he chooses. If I had to guess- he’s going to help Momonosuke and Shinobu. If I had to put money on it– then probably the path that leads to the Scabbards. Simply because they’re injured and can’t defend themselves at all– while Shinobu and Momo have some abilities to fight- at least against the lame-o gifters and Pleasures. Plus; some “Yamato” guy is there. So he doesn’t necessarily have to worry about them right now.

You B@stard…..

We then cut away from that to see how far Onigashima has gotten on its path towards Oden castle. No f*cking idea where this is– just know that it’s far enough on the mainland that it passes a mountain. It doesn’t seem to be MT Fuji…….maybe Atama Mountain? Which could only mean……..they’re close to Oden Castle. Not good. Huh; this act may just end in massive tragedy. But that’s not what we’re here to talk about; we’re here to talk about what’s happening at the entrance of Onigashima(where Sanji may-or-may-not have gone). Here; we see Carrot lying in defeat.

With the moon clouded over in the middle of the night; Carrot and Wanda have reverted back to their normal forms. And with that– Perospero took the upper hand. Thusthey’ve been beaten. Perospero sits atop a rock, laughing “Kukukukuku Perorin~. THAT was a close call- ‘Moonlight Warriors!!’ Your Potentially Victory Required The Luck Of The Weather Above!!” He taunts and berates them for their weakness(following the Major @$$-whoopin I’m more than certain he got), as Carrot and Wanda lie down on the ground in blood.

We see Carrot- still clinging to consciousness- remembering the last words that Pedro told her before he self-destructed: “Listen To Me- You-gara must Keep Moving Forward!!” Peros hears her groaning, so he picks her up by the face and condescends to her further: “You talk about ‘avenging Pedro,” but did you really expect to trespass in our country and have a ‘nice little picnic?!’” Carrot glares at him in anger, and Peros throws her back down to the ground, telling her “If you didn’t want to see your friend die, then you should have stayed in the forest and chewed on some grass!!! That’s where you belong.F*ck you, Peros. He laughs and walks back into the Skull Dome, and says that “I’m still against allying with the Beast Pirates- but we must teach these upstarts what it means to be an ‘Emperor.’” He admits that he’s still apprehensive when it comes to this alliance, but he also wants to make the Worst generation afraid. As such- He’s gonna go kill their crews. Or try to, at least.

This Doesn’t Look Good……

We then cut back to the Live Floor- amidst the chaos rather than over it. We start to see that some one the Rebel Samurai are succumbing to exhaustion, causing the flames to shrink and they begin to become Ice Oni’s once again. As one of them laments what is about to happen to him; an older Samurai tells him to “Endure it!! If you turn back into an Ice Oni and start rampaging, then you’ll REALLY die of exhaustion this time!!” He reminds him that Chopper is working on the cure to the Virus as they speak, so he has to hold out for just a little bit longer.

While they talk about the situation at hand; Apoo and other Beast Pirates begin to talk about a plan to get around the enemy forces so they can attack Chopper(per Queen’s orders). But the problem is the enemies they’re up against: Hyogoro and Drake. That’s right; Grandpa Hyou got his younger body back- ironically thanks to the effects of the Ice Oni Virus making his body expand so much. But because of Marco’s flames and his own stamina; he’s able to prevent the virus from making him go wild or anything like that. Convenient use of the enemies weapon. And it’s made him strong enough to fight back, so everything’s working out for the better!!…………..For now, anyway.

Ah Cr@p Baskets

As Drake and Hyou poses on the Beast Pirates b!tch @$$#$; they begins to whine and whimper about how “They’re like a ‘steel wall'” and how Queen infected them with the virus as well. But Apoo- being seemingly “The Man” of this group- tells them to “You know he’s not the kind of Boss who bestows mercy on crybabies…..” You see Half-Oni Hyou and Hybrid Form Drake preventing the Beast Pirates from getting through to Chopper. They’re questioning Drake would switch sides like them, and why the “Legendary Yakuza Boss” suddenly appeared on Onigashima like this. They do remember that they put him in the Udon Prison, right?

Orochi’s fromer Oniwabanshu(minus Fukurokuju conveniently) stand against him, remembering how his physique and strength in this moment now match the power he displayed when he fought Kaido all those years ago. They prepare to fight, but Hyou is…………..shivering. He questions whether this is a shiver of “excitement” or from his freezing flesh. The other Yakuza bosses from the other regions question if he’s alright, to which he responds:

Yeah……It’s so cold- but I’ve always had a strong grip on my mind!

It seems that accidentally coming into contact with that virus has extracted all the strength I have- to the very limit of my life.

It may be burning the last remnants of my body for “fuel,” but I’ll use this strength to cut down all of their main force.

Hyogoro The Flower

He looks down at his freezing hand- which has begun to sprout claws, and laments what is happening to him- and what he must do. He calls out to his fellow Yakuza Bosses and tells them “I don’t have much time left. If Tanuki san(Chopper) doesn’t finish the cure in time, and I’m on the cusp of becoming an Ice Oni- You Must End My Life Without Hesitation!!” He tells them to kill him without hesitation if Chopper’s cure doesn’t make it in time. Yatappe is apprehensive about doing it, but O-Chou reminds him that he’ll become “unstoppable” if he goes full Oni. But until then- They Fight. Fight with the pride and future of Wano Kuni at stake.

The Yakuza Bosses Move Out!

Hyogoro opens up the fight against the former members of Orochi’s Mimawarigumi with “Flower One Sword Style: Flaming Hair Of Holy Rage!!” One of the enemy samurai calls that style “outdated.” But even so; it knocks the Mimawarigumi in the air, much to their surprise. We hear Hyogoro’s inner monologue as he heads into what he suspects is his Final Battle: “Hehe- You know, Oden; IThere are times I think about what would have happened…….if you and I challenged Kaido, back when I was in my prime. But just look what your followers have done; Kin’emon and the others did a splendid job executing this raid in your name. And I, too, found myself an interesting apprentice.” He begins to flashback to when Luffy gave him all those tickets to get those dango in the Udon prison- thinking that “Now I know the DawnWill Come To Wano!!

He fights on- as Brachio Queen look down on him and prepares a Mouth Laser. He’s a Cyborg. He’s about to launch the blast at the dangerous Hyogoro- when he himself is attacked by Marco. He uses “Phoenix Brand,” disrupting Queen’s laser and actually ends up burning his tongue(Queen’s laser burned his own tongue- meaning he can be hurt with his own attacks)!! Queen- mouth bloodied- looks over at Marco, and tells him “THAT HURT, B@STARD!! Was that some sort of shock wave?!Looked more like a Fireball, to me. Marco responds “You’re supposed to be fighting me, remember?” So Queen charges up his blast again, and attacks Marco. He manages to dodge, but King intercepts him with his sword and lops off his left wing!! But he’s a Phoenix, so it’ll be fine in a minute.

Battle Of The Birds

Marco lands on a ledge, and begins to prepare a flame attack. With his other arm; he summons a flaming feather on his index and middle finger, and starts to create a flame in mid air. The fire begins to swirl up into a great big ball- one so big that even King ends up stopping in his tracks! Marco looks down at his foe, and yells “Blue Bird!!” He dives into the ball, and it ends up pushing King into a nearby building. As he lies in the rubble; Marco begins to dive towards him- creating a real MASSIVE shock wave the hits King head on!!

We see Queen- back in his human form- starts walking into the reckage caused by King and Marco. He has his Plague bullets ready, but ends up getting caught by Marco’s “Crane Talons.” He’s back up- but in bad shape, even for him. As he gasps for air; he comments “As expected- holding back 2 foes with bounties over a Billion isn’t easy.” Now; bounties don’t just indicate strength- that’s part of it, but not all. Even so; you have to either know some pretty deep sh!t or be incredibly strong to have a bounty as high as a Billion. Luffy is dangerous- the”Will Of D,” his own strength, and his own unpredictability. Robin can read the Poneglyphs and get some pretty interesting information. King and Queen are tough; leaders on a Yonko’s crew; and Queen has access to some pretty sweet tech. So Marco is just saying that they’re “tough-” though I think his bounty was also pretty high. But I don’t think his bounty reached the Billions mark. Total Bullsh!t, by the way. Considering this, what he would know about Whitebeard and the Whitebeard Pirates, and his position on that crew. Just sayin’.

Is It Inappropriate To Say “Crane Kick?”

We then get a panel of Chopper and the Mink Doctor and nurse helping him to make the cure- when it looks like they’re running into a little bit of trouble. We don’t get any dialogue, but it looks like there’s some kind of problem. My guess is that they won’t be able to make enough for everyone as Chopper had promised to the Beast Pirates.

We then see a very angry King and Queen getting up- ready to keep fighting. And wouldn’t you know? Perospero has arrived to the scene. He says “Well I’ll be- Isn’t that Marco over there?! He looks pretty worn out kukukukukuku Per~o~rin.” He did say he “hates Marco the Most,” did he not? So he’s going to go over and adds to Marco’s burden. I hope Carrot chan and Wanda are okay out there.

We then cut back down below to see a lot of people reverting to Ice Oni’s again. And because they’re already out of stamina from keeping the flames up; the only thing that they’d be able to do bite a few people and then keel over. Whoever turns into an Ice Oni now- is DOOMED. And wouldn’t ya know? Grandpa Hyou’s “out of juice.” The Yakuza Legend sits down, and tells Yattape to “Finish It.” He accepts his own fate- but Yatappe can’t bring himself to end the man he idolized for years. He looks down with a smile- knowing that he can die with no regrets. He leaves the rest to everyone else- as One Piece Chapter 1006 comes to a tender END. Tragedy Descends.

Fair You Well, You Old So-and-so!!

It’s looking like Hyou- as well as the others infected by Queen- are about to bite the big one. And not just them- when this island dropseveryone below and a lot of people on the island will Die. Okay; I doubt that Kaido will “drop” the d@mn thing. But I doubt he’s just gonna “softly put it down.This thing is gonna crash– sending a lot of people to the next world. And after the crash; I thin that is where Act 3 will end. And then we’ll open act 4 and everyone left alive is going to team up to fight against Big Mom and Kaido. As for how long Act 4 would be; I’m willing to say like 5-8 chapters. Seems a bit long when it’s supposed to be the “speedy resolution,” but compared to the other acts; it’s pretty short. And we’re going to need that at the minimum to defeat 2 Yonko.

As for Hyou and the others……..you know Oda by now; he doesn’t kill of character unnecessarily. Yatappe is mostly likely going to stop and Hyou will become an Ice Oni- only for Chopper to have finished the cure and started to redistribute it, reverting them all back to normal for good this time. But those are just my thoughts. I’d like to know your thoughts down in the comments. Until next time, everyone; stay healthy and be happy! Later!

Ether Gear Contest Winners- Edens Zero DISCUSSION

Hello there, my pretty little readers! If you guys read my review for chapter 130 of Hiro Mashima’s 3rd work “Edens Zero;” you’ll know that the Ether Gear contest winners had been decided. Only there was a bit of a problem in my review. You see: I had mistakenly labeled the Oceans 6 members Fabiano and Reverend Cyca were also fan made characters. But that is not the case. The rest are, though. This post is about me telling you the new information I’ve learned about these 5 character- creators and abilities, as well as lite speculation for their future. Without any further ado; here we go!!

#1- Callum Steelford(Submitted By @NCo726)

Contest Winner #1

Ladies and Gentlemen– Contest Winner #1 is none other than “Callum Steelford,” submitted by @NCo726. Congratulations to that person; you made an awesome design and a wicked sick Ether Gear For him. No name was given to the Ether Gear from what I’ve seen- but he has the ability to absorb the energy(it says energy, but I think we all know that they mean Ether) from the inanimate objects around him to increase his physical strength. Everything from rocks to water to even the air itself becomes the source of his power. But that ain’t even the Best part of it.

So………..this man- this………BEAST– has the ability to Straight Up ATOMIZE people, whether from up close or from an unspecified distance. This man can reduce people to atoms, my peeps. How and why did Mashima choose to use this…….BUSTED character?! Honestly; I don’t know how the crew is going to deal with this guy. Like; I am genuinely flaberghasted at this man’s power set. I think that if Mashima included a character that can atomize people; he’s going to include away to reverse that effect. I wouldn’t even know how you reverse being reduced to atoms, but I’m sure that Mashima has a plan to make sure this character isn’t ridiculously overpowered.

As for what his role in the story is going to be; he’s a member of the Oceans 6- just like the majority of his fellow contest winners. That said; I feel like- depending how Mashima chooses to write him- he could become a fan favorite. Popular enough to join the crew? Plausibly. Though it more-or-less depends on how much fun Mashima has drawing him. You know how he is. But I can see him fitting in pretty well with the rest of the crew. And his strength is nothing to sneeze at, ya feel me?

#2- Lyra(Submitted By @Altairiis)

Contest Winner #2(My Favorite Ether Gear)

This is “Lyra-” another member of the Oceans and a fanmade character. This one was submitted to the contest by @Altairiis. Congratulations to you, my friend; you made my Favorite Ether Gear out of the bunch! And I really like her design, too; between the heterochromia and the freckles- not to mention her clashing hair colors, the sunglasses, and her choker? This. Woman. is. B-e-a-UTIFUL. She would also be a contender for “Best Design” if not for the last one.

But the thing I like most is her Ether Gear- my favorite of these 5. It’s called “Gamble Rush,” and- as its name would imply- is heavily dependent on her “luck.” It’s Lightning based, with power depending on what number she rolls. Even numbers up to like 2, 4, and 12 are all “good rolls,” while an even number like 3 causes her to “short circuit,” and 11 would inflict recoil damage on herself. Simple- but effective. I don’t know if she’s going to use an actual pair of dice like her boss or if her hand is just going to glow with a certain number on it- but I’m interested to see her in action.

I can see her fighting either Homura or Weisz- maybe both. Homura trying to avoid her electric attacks, and Weisz getting hit by one of them, plausibly overloading the Arsenal suit. I can also see Weisz hitting on her a little bit- but not without reason. As for if we’re going to see her again in the story after this saga……….maybe. I hope so. I- like many anime fans- have a soft spot for Electric anime characters. Eneru, Sasuke, Killua, Laxus, Kaminari, Luck- All of them are great. And I want Lyra to be great, too.

#3- Nasseh(Submitted By @satansuol)

Contest Winner #3

THIS GUY right here. This man is……….probably the weirdest and creepiest of all. But a good design and power all the same. You did good, @satansuol(Cool name, by the way). I like the name of his Ether gear: “Eye Of Horus.” Horus is the Egyptian God of The Sky- with the sun in his right eye and moon in his left. Much like his name would suggest(“Horus” means Falcon in Egyptian); he had “Eyes like a Falcon.” What does any of this have to do with Nasseh’s Ether gear? Well; he has the power to read peoples memories. No; really. This man is able to see the memories of your past- and even remove and replace them with false ones!

Now…………I can see this man being the type to “Mess with peoples friends;” the type to pit one friend against another just for the fun of it. A Mashima-style d0uchebag. But I can also see him as being the key to unlocking a few things. Things like the Shining Stars memories working under Ziggy- including where they found Shiki, how close they got to Mother, and maybe even what happened to make Ziggy like this. He could also unleash Rebecca’s memories of the different timelines- from World No 1 all the way to now. He could end up revealing several key ideas in the story. And if he does, then that might just make him the single most important character out of these 5’s. Maybe even one of the most important in this story. But I don’t see him coming back at any point after this saga is over.

#4- Milani(Submitted By @Ft_72m)

Contest Winner #4(Would Be My Favorite Design If Not For………)

It’s funny because I actually did know a girl named “Melani” in real life! Didn’t like herat all. But based on her design; I might like this one. Like; just look at her in her introduction in chapter 130!! She’s hot. And the way that she’s wearing her shirt- not to mention her hair style and earrings. She’s just really fre@kin’ pretty. Which is a core part of her character. And a core part of her Ether gear, considering what she can do.

Her ability is called “Mirror World.” Think Brulee in One Piece- she creates a pocket dimension that exists between all mirrors on whatever planet she’s on. You can move about these mirrors as much as you want- but if the mirror breaks while you’re doing so, then your existence will be erased. What I think this means is that if she breaks the mirror she puts you in, then you will die. In this regard; think “Mirror Master” from The Flash comics. Which just makes me think that Rebecca is going to have to fight her. She has Super Speed- Milani mess with Mirrors; it’s too much of a parallel not to do it. I even know what I would title that review.

I also feels like she bears a striking resemblance to another fan character- the one just under her, in fact. They look so much alike that I honestly thought that they would be sisters in the spoilers. I think that less now, but I still think they might be related in some manor.

#5- Ijuna(Submitted By @honatu0726)

Contest Winner #5(My Favorite Desgin)

And lasty- my Favorite character design of the winners: Ijuna. Is it because of her boobs? I’d be lying if I didn’t say 60%. But more than that; I like how lifeless her eyes are- like she’s just seen too much sh!t and has now given up on life. They remind me of Sekre’s eyes in Black Clover. And I think the reason that Mashima chose Ijuna to be Shura’s secretary rather than a member of the Oceans is because of her design. In the character sheet that…….”displayed(?)” her; she had the same clothes- exposed chest and all. My thought is that Shura chose her to be his secretary because of her chest size. And he’s making her wear such a revealing outfit so he can easily grope her whenever he wants. Cause that’s the kind of scum he is!!

You can even see below the cleavage tears in her uniform- almost like someone ripped he shirt open and didn’t finish. Does that not sound like Shura to you? And going back to her “lifeless, dead expression;” maybe Shura’s abused her so much that she’s lost any will to live or to fight against him, and is just accepting his behavior at this point- just “going through the motion” with her boss, essentially. I can see that coming into play during her fight whoever. I actually had this slight idea in my head that Ijuna was the girl Britney was talking about- that Shura chose her over Britney to be his secretary because of her breast size, but looking back at chapter 120 tells me that that is most likely not the case. Though Mashima could change a few things.

It’s Possible………

But beyond just her design; I like her Ether Gear. She creates a thread of Ether between 2 people that makes them love each other(Shippers are gonna have a F*cking Field Day with that). But when she severs the thread; the individuals at both ends of the string Hate each other. That’s something I like about Ijuna and Nasseh: They can turn your bonds of “Friendship” into a major problem for everyone. While Nasseh can make you fight such and such on his behalf in the name of “Friendship;” Ijuna can make you fight because of “lost love.” She can increase and destroy peoples feelings for each other. And having people get all “lovey-dovey” during a War like this and then getting into nasty break up? THAT’S gonna lead to some dysfunctional @$$ teamwork on missions.

I also just came up with the idea that she’s a machine that was created to work for Shura, but……….I read the latest chapter and………that’s not the case. Still; she’s attractive and she can f*ck with the crews “rhythm.” I’m starting to see why Mashima chose her for the story.


And there you have it, boys and girls; the Ether Gear Contest winners and their abilities! What do you think? Who’s your favorite out of these 5? And who do you want to see in a prominent role in the story going forward? Let’ me know all your thoughts down in the comments below. Congratulations once again to all the winners of the contest; you made some wicked amazing characters, and I look forward to seeing what they can do in the story. And to all those who weren’t picked; Mashima stated that he wants to do another contest like this in the future! So be prepared for the future!

That’s all I got for the lot of ya today. Til the next post- catch ya later, gators!

Manga Chapter Review Dump Post 5- This SHOULD Be The Last For A While…..I Think And Would Hope…

Yeah; this should be the last on for a little while. I originally wasn’t even gonna do this this week- I was just gonna do a brief summary at the beginning of the next reviews regarding the chapters we’re about to discuss(One Piece, My Hero Academia, and Edens Zero). But I decided to just put this at the end of the week when the fan translations of the Shonen Jump chapters come out. I really wanted to talk about these chapters. Plus; it’s not like it’s hurting anything; I’m just doing a more detailed summary this time.

I hope you enjoy- cause this is how we’re going to do things going forward(a dump post after a hiatus). And I hope you enjoy the next few day, cause- if I got through all the “bonus post” I have for you, then we’re going to be pumpin’ out non-stop content for awhile. I feel like to a “chain post” right now. And it all starts here!

One Piece Chapter 1005: “Demon Child

Whoever Asked Oda To Draw This- Thank you.

In this week’s chapter of “One Piece;” Sanji finds himself at the mercy of the merciless Black Maria. She promised King that she’d go eliminate the Akazaya 9 while they’re still battered up, so she’s kind of gotta “speed things up” with Sanji. She puts on some brass knuckles, and starts beating on Sanji- much to the admiration of her subordinates. It looks like Sanji’s not gonna cave in- until he does.

They Probably Didn’t Expect Him To Do That………….

Shocked at how easily he gave into their demands; Maria and her Spider Cafe prepare to confront Robin chan. While all across Onigashima; everyone hears Sanji asking one of his crewmates- probably the most “sought after” one of the whole crew- and judges him, enemy and even some allies alike. But the Straw Hat’s know what’s going on- especially Nami. We see Robin put her foot down in determination, and cut back to Sanji- who is about to join Black Maria’s other “suiters” in her web. But Sanji wants to “be free to love all the women in the world.” That does not sit well with the Arachnid Woman.

She’s is about to strike him again for “cheating” on her, but Robin intercepts with a “Gigan-Tesco Mano Spank” right in the b!tches face! Like “Hands off my man, you blonde b!mbo!!!” For someone who makes a living on her beauty; that hit doesn’t sit well with the Tobi Roppo. And no; I am NOT shipping Robin and Sanji. Only I can be with Robin chan.

If that ain’t the dictionary definition of “B!tch Slap,” then I’m married to a Frog

Brook uses the “chills of the underworld” to break Sanji free from the webs, and he goes off to protect Kin and the others. Unfortunately for him; Jack is on his way to deal with them himself. Black Mariah hates to take orders from Jack, but it all works out because now she gets to take out Robin chan from “spanking” her in the face. She takes off her Kimono(can we see the front next week?), and pulls out a Wanyudo(I’ll explain later). She tells Robin chan that she’ll be working for Kaido from now on, but the ever-so charming Nico Robin tells her “No ThanksI’d rather die.

Elsewhere on the battlefield; Yamato explains to Momo and Shinobu that the things with the paper eyes on them are called “Marys,” and they are machines that transmit messages and visions from all over Onigashima to the Human Marys. As such; they are found out by a mouse Mary and forced to confront a number Beast Pirates. Yamato hides Momonosuke in his shirt(don’t even get me started on that) and they exit the room with extreme force.


This chapter was pretty good- though I doubt even I could squeeze out a lot of content for theory crafting or anything like that. The Marys are an interesting plot point, especially when you think about that scene where Usopp found one and started to question it. As for the stuff with Black Maria and Robin chan; I’m looking forward to seeing our dear Demon Child “unleashed.” This woman is very dangerous. You heard what her talents are when Usopp was interviewing her: “Killing.You do not F*ck with Nico Robin. And Black Maria has to learn that the hard way……..

My Hero Academia Chapter 303- “Top 3

Friends Of The Family

Picking up where last week’s chapter left off; Hawks and Best Jeanist- who had been eavesdropping- pop in and offer their support to the Todoroki family. Rei apologizes on behalf of her son Touya, but they tell her that that is unnecessary. Instead; Hawks asks about Shoto’s burn- which he finds out came from his mother rather than his father. Seeing that Shoto didn’t give up on either of his parents in the same way that Hawks did; Keigo starts to think that Shoto is “much cooler than himself.”

Hawks explains the situation going on in Japan over the course of only 2 Godd@mn days: The Nomu and the Paranormal Liberation Front having gone into hiding; prisoners broken free- including Tartarus level criminals; the core members of the Public Safety Commission either dead or in critical condition- The whole country’s about ready to implode on itself. And without the Safety Comission; enlisting Heroes from “over seas” is becoming quite difficult to say the least. But even so; the Top 3 Heroes are going to do everything in their power to keep things running smoothly.

Now I wonder as to who this is……….

As Hawks goes over what Endeavor could say to the public when he gets out of the hospital; he brings up something that Tomura has said during his battle with Endeavor. Specifically what came up: “One. For. All.” No one seems to know what it is- and the media seems to be asking about it and if it has any sort of connection to the Villain All For One. If only they knew………Though, with what happens in this chapter; that might happen a little sooner than they would think. And I guarantee they aren’t ready to hear it.

Thinking about it; Endeavor did hear on comms that Tomura might have been after Deku– which seways over to Tsu, Mineta, and Sato carrying Bakugo back to his room to rest. But along the way; he runs into Best Jeanist and Hawks, who’ve come to have a little chat with Izuku Midoriya. Unfortunately(and curiously); All Might has requested that he and Deku be left alone for right now- at least until Izuku is awake. Inside the room; we see a worried Small Might sitting at Izuku’s bedside- as the boy has a conversation of his own with the Predecessors. This is gonna get crazy in all the best ways.

“Maybe He’ll know something about it…….”

If you’ve followed me for a long time; you’ll know that one of the ways I think One For All will be revealed is through the media- All Might holds a press conference, gives the whole world the explanation and origin of One For All, and reveals the current user in Deku. Why? I don’t know; I just like the idea of the whole world finding out. I think it could lead to some interesting character reactions. And although I’m sure only the Top 3 and the class will know; I think the fact that the media is asking about One For All might be building to something like that. But maybe you feel differently. If so; let me know down in the comments.

Edens Zero Chapter 132: “Chrono Witch

When we last left off; the crew had begun an intensive 7 days of training with Xenolith in preparation to battle Ziggy. As they were learning to use their Ether Gear even while restrained; they find that themselves under an unexpected attack from the Machine King himself! Talk about “Cr@ppy timing,” huh?

Human Pino- Happy Pino.

Tied up and dangling from the ceiling; Shiki looks down as his Grandpa begins to form where Xenolith stood. Seeing as they are SO~~~ not ready to deal with this guy right now; Wiesz calls for Hermit to bail them out immediately. But Ziggy turns the VR-C world into space- where only her and Shiki are. Shiki demands that Ziggy return his friends, so he brings one of them down: Rebecca.Shibeccashippers are going to go F*cking WILD with this chapter. So Ziggy rbings Rebecca down and starts to crush her under the weight of his gravity- taunting Shiki while Rebecca’s capillaries collapse.

Angered and worried for his friends life; Shiki breaks free of his ropes and goes in for a powerful “Gravity Fist.” However; it turns out that Xenolith was only using the fact that this is a simulation to further motivate Shiki in the best way a protagonist like him learns: Threatening one of his friends lives!! Even though it actually wasn’t Rebecca- she’s still tied up.

He Never Did Remember What Plue was, did he?

As Shiki clings to the Okay-Rebecca; Xenolith begins to think that he can handle Magimech’s “Ultimate Secret Technique:” “Black Sky.Oh I can’t wait to see what that does. With that done; the crew’s training continues in earnest. We cut to a few hours later, and they all exit the VR-C world- exhausted beyond all definition. Well; all except maybe Homura, ’cause she’s all about that sh!t. Laguna was waiting outside the VR Room, and Kleene says that he should have joined them. To which he says he’ll “Think about it.” He also calls Kleene’s smile cute much to the annoyance of Kris.

As Xenolith tells them to rest up for their “real training;” Sister reminds them that they still have to find the relic. Conveniently; Xenolith has it on him: A Godd@mn Bottle Cap. They don’t believe him at first- until Shiki’s Water Adaptation Lacrima starts to react to it. He tells them that relics aren’t as “fancy” as they’re made out to be- it could be “anything that was on Mother.” As such; there are multiple f*cking bottle caps that were on Mother at one point all over Foresta. Well That was convenient, wasn’t it. Although it does raise the question of whether there are people living on Mother or- Shiki is one of those people, isn’t he? Got it, Mashima.

She was born on Mother- Not From Her

Rebecca’s all drenched in sweat(which people will already go wild to get), so she decides to hop in the bath for sexy bath time. Xenolith catches her before she walks away, and tells her that her Ether Power is far weaker than the rest- so she’s gonna have be a little more “intensive” than the others. She shrugs it off like “Well, they’ve had their powers since forever– I only got mine a little while ago.” But in the tub; you see that it got to her a little(if you can take your eyes off her naked body for 4 or 5 minutes). So much so that she pulls a Homura and starts training in the bath.

But her little “Bath Tub Sparring Time” is interrupted by a Naked Witch(Thank you, O Great Lord In The Sky). She reminds her that the Spa has the added effect of activating ones Ether- which is how she became aware of Cat Leaper. But she then adds that “Training here will amplify that.” So starting today; Witch plans to train Rebecca in the bath everyday- and then she’ll become a “Chrono Witch.” Now I Wonder What That Could Mean? That she’s gonna be like Witch and be able to manipulate time like “magic,” or is this something like the recent WandaVision reveal with the title of “Scarlet Witch?”

I Wasn’t Gonna Do This Review And Not Include This Image.

This chapter was very calm- I think we were all kind of expecting a “little bit more” than what happened. But we did get some lore reveals, and even have a new piece to speculate on. I already have a theory regarding Rebecca in the works, but I’ll get this new one later on. Also Witch= Waifu Of The Millenia- I Don’t Care. I wonder if Mashima is actually gonna show us all their training- are we gonna little segments over the course of this training arc where Rebecca is learning from Witch in the Spa? I won’t complain- I’m just asking!


And yeah, guys; those all of the chapters this week! Which one is your favorite? And what do you think is in store for us next week? I think my favorite of these 3 would have to be the chapter of My Hero. I’m looking forward to Deku’s Little Secret getting out. But these were all good in their own ways. That’s all for you today, folks; until the next post, guys- catch ya later!

Manga Chapter Review Dump Post 4- Alternative Discussion

Hello again, everyone!! Sorry to do these posts so close together, but as I said in my review for the recent chapter of Black Clover– I’m feeling a little bit “overwhelmed.” I don’t know if I want to go on Hiatus again, but I just need a little bit of time to just “enjoy” manga rather than my usual “Read Real Fast- Type Up Review- Post- Talk On Facebook.” I haven’t even POSTED on my Facebook page recently. I just need to slow down a little bit, yeah? So I’ll be doing this post, and then……..you might not see a post from me next week(unless I finish one of those 3 post I’m still working on), so just be warned. Now that you’ve been updated on what’s happening; I’ll tell you about what separates this “Review Dump” from the others.

You see; I already did the My Hero Academia and Black Clover reviews for this week. “So what chapters are you talking about?” you must be asking me. Well for 1; we still have to talk about this month’s chapter of Dragon Ball Super. That was posted 3 days ago. It should have already been in production already, but it fell on kind of an “awkward” day for me. So I haven’t actually begun to work it yet. That’s why we’re going to do it here. And the other- Edens Zero. Yeah; we’ll be talking about it here, too. There wasn’t a lot going on from what I’ve read, so I thought I’d just summarize it here, too. Though it is Pretty Fre@kin’ GREAT!!! Now that that’s out of the way- let’s get on with the reviews!

Edens Zero Chapter 131: “VR-C

Before we “dive on in” as it were; I feel that I must clarify what I said in regards to the Ether Gear contest winners in last week’s review. The only ones who were fanmade characters were Lyra, Milani, Nasseh, Callum, and Ijuna. Fabian and Cyca were actually made by Mashima himself. I apologize for the confusion. Now that I’ve cleared up a misunderstanding; we can get on with the chapter!

Spider Shiki!

We open this week’s chapter on a flashback- featuring a Younger(yet still delinquent) Poseidon Shura beginning to show an affinity for Gravity Based Ether Gear. He asks that Ziggy teach him more, but his father orders him to leave. As he runs off; Nero explains that he adopted Shura because his dice “told him to.” Which ties into last week’s chapter with Shura not liking his father’s trust in the dice. But that’s neither here nor there.

He continues on to say that he had planned to “bequeath” his power to Shura, but it seems that he’s incompatible with whatever it is. Ziggy mentions how “his dice roll some interesting numbers.Hinting at something for the future? I won’t discount the idea. But this flashback leads to the present, in which Shura displays his power to the Oceans 6, declaring himself “The King Of Gravity.” Below him; his secretary Ijuna tells him that “Everything is ready for departure.” But before he leaves Temple- He crushes Cyca’s head. He states that he “Doesn’t need a robot on his side if he’s going up against the King of Machines.” Fabiano will remember this. The others don’t really seem to care.

Back on Foresta; Xenolith puts the crew through their spaces. In the ships “VR-synC” facilities; Xenolith has them running and doing basic exercises like that. Witch explains that the physical training they do in this world is reflected on their physical bodies in the real world. Not only that; but they can adjust the time settings on the room in such a way that it’s 5x’s faster in there. So the 7 days that Xenolith has to train them before he has to do maintenance becomes 35 days! So in that time; he plans to put Shiki, Rebecca, Weisz, and Homura through their paces.

The Rutherford’s Have Joined The Party

As they’re running through the virtual world; the Rutherford siblings join in on the training(Kleene’s idea). Since she’s feeling better; she decides to join in on the training- so she can become a member of the crew. In excitement of having a new friend on board, Shiki leaps in- only to be stopped by the ever-over-protective Kris. But they’re friends now, so he let’s it slide. Yeah; Kris is beginning to warm up to the crew. So there’s that.

Xenolith orders them to keep running, and that their next exercise is going to be working on “Ether Deficit caused by physical restraints.” He’s basically telling them that he’s going to teach them how to use their Ether Gear even when restrained. Weisz- being a pervert- thinks that this means “Sexy bondage time,” but he soon finds out it’s……..not quite fun at all.

What He Was Expected
What He Got

Rebecca and Homura seemed to be pretty worried about it(they’re aware of their tropes at this point), while Kleene…….seems a little bit excited about it. But then they get to it and it’s not at all sexy. Xenolith begins to pick up one block after another, and throws them at the crew. The objective of this training: Using Ether gear even when tied up. As such; he wants them to use their Ether Gear to dodge the blocks. However, being an O Tech Cyborg; Kris s able to untie himself- though he may have missed the point of this training entirely. He is about to help Kleene, but she wants to do this on her own- surprising and pleasing Kris. Only for Xenolith to interrupt their moment by throwing a block in Kleene’s face.

As the crew struggles to use their Ether Gear to free themselves from their bondage; an abnormality appearing in the program. Xenolith begins to glitch out, and Ziggy takes his place! Somehow; Ziggy’s has managed to get through the Edens Zero’s defense system come into the VR-C world to mess up their training. And as Witch said: “Any physical strain felt in this world is reflected in the real world.” These kids are in major trouble.

The Demon King Descends Upon Ye……..

Now obviously Ziggy would be able to get past the ship’s security system- He made the d@mn thing. I wouldn’t be surprised if he has surveillance on the Edensz Zero as we speak. He’s more than likely watching them and listening in on their communications right now. So him breaking in just when they get tied up and can’t fight back. Shiki will probably break out next chapter- if not with his Ether gear than on put strength. Then he and Kris and fight Ziggy together- just like I always imagined in my head. That’ll be fun to see!

One of the things I like about this chapter is that it shows the whole crew training, and not just Shiki. I mean; you’re lacking Laguna and the Shining Stars, but I kind of feel like the Shining Stars can’t get stronger through “physical exercise-” they’ll have to upgrade themselves later on or off screen. And although Laguna is travelling with them; he’s not “one of them……..” just yet. Give him some time. But you get what I mean: I like that it’s more than just Shiki training. I feel like the crew is going to walk away from this with some inkling on how to use “Overdrive-” particularly Kris. In fact, if Shiki and Kris do fight Ziggy here- I fully expect Kris to go Full Overdrive. As for the rest; I can see them at least getting to the “first stage” we saw Shiki displaying.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 69: “The Evolution Of Planet Cereal

I felt that this months chapter of “Dragon Ball Super” was a pretty good one- however “convenient” it may have been in terms of the plot revelations. Despite that; it was a good chapter that told us a lot about the lore of this world- which is always a good thing. Listen to me- giving my thoughts like I just gave a full review of the chapter. Let’s get on with the review.

The Opening Page

Rather than jump back and forth between plot developments and important moments; I’ll just talk about both in detail. The part I want to talk about first: Vegeta and Beerus. Beerus starts by asking Vegeta how many planets the Saiyans have destroyed. Vegeta states that it’s “hard to say;” all the Saiyans knew was combat, so the number of lives they took is beyond uncountable. And it was only the annexation by Frieza that invading other worlds and destroying the inhabitants became “business as usual.” Beerus accuses him of blaming the Frieza for all of the Saiyan’s “sins,” but Vegeta instead claims that it was the King’s lust for power and control that lead to their down fall even before Frieza.

Beerus begins to be angered with Vegeta’s thoughts on the matter- calling them “ridiculous.” He displays part of the technique, and tells Vegeta that “As long as there is doubt in his ‘soul,’ then this power will never be his to wield.” Beerus reckons that Vegeta is taking on all of the Saiyan’s sins unto himself- he’ll need to let that go to use this technique. As such; he begins to whoop Vegeta’s royal b!tch @$$. He even goes as far as to reveal that it was He who authorized Frieza’s elimination of the Saiyans! It had nothing to do with “destiny” or anything like that; they died because Beerus wanted them to. So Vegeta needs to get rid of this mindset that he has to atone for all of their sins; he needs to “destroy” this mentality. After all: “Before creation- There must come Destruction.

Is He Actually………?

Vegeta is enraged by Beerus’ claim- attacking immediately. Despite telling Dodoria when he killed him that “he didn’t care about his parents, his planet, or his race.” I think what this scene was supposed to demonstrate is that Vegeta feels guilty for the Saiyan’s history- that he got so caught up in atoning for his own sins that he just started taking on the sins of his race. Which is dumb when you really think about. Those were the Saiyan’s sins; they had nothing to do with Vegeta himself. So he shouldn’t be trying to take them all onto himself. This is all that Beerus is trying to tell him.

Now you may be asking me right now “What does all of this have to do with Vegeta learning a new technique?” Well I’ll show you. During the fight; Beerus managed to get a hold of Vegeta, and holds out his hand. You know what this one is: Beerus uses The “Hakai” on Vegeta. But he only uses enough power to destroy Vegeta’s Armor. As the prince gets up in a daze; the God of Destruction tells him “If you really want this power, then you’re going to have to ‘destroy” any stray thoughts and ‘recreate‘ yourself from scratch.” As simple as that. I like this character development in Beerus, and I’m eager to see how “Super” continues to Develop Vegeta in the future. No matter what you’re thoughts on “Super” are; you can’t deny that this series has given some really good characterization and development for the Prince Of All Saiyans- even if they shaft him out of wins all the time.

How would Moro be able to defeat Beerus in Dragon Ball? - Quora
I Don’t Care What Every Single Person Says About This Arc: This Was AWESOME!!!

The rest of the chapter is all about Granolah and setting up what he’s going to be doing for the rest of the arc- in regards to what the Oracle Fish said in last months chapter, and just how strong he’s going to be going forward. At least; that’s what his goal seems to be. This chapter ends ambiguously. But I’m getting ahead of myself. We see Granolah return to planet Cereal, where he lands in a city where the the new inhabitants- the “Sugarians-” live. He asks for them to fix the ship that……..that other bounty hunter guy blasted. He then goes to pick up some food and water for he and his friend/roommate, “Monaito.” The Sugarians tells him that they can live in the city if they want, but Granolah turns them down. 1)For “amenable cohabitation” and 2)He can see the town he grew up in- or rather; what’s left of it. It serves as a constant reminder of “what he had lost.”

PTSD On Blast.

We then end up cutting over the the Heeters– who seem to be actual important players in this arc. Side Note: We learn from Granolah that they were the ones who sold off Planet Cereal to the Sugarians. Important for later. Maki tells Elec that they found Zuno’s location from extracting 73’s data. But that ain’t all they find: They find out that the Galatic Patrol owns the sector of Space- so they were waiting to ambush the Galactic Bandit Brigade when they arrived on Zuno’s planet. As Elec said last month: “Knowledge is power.” Now they know what’s waiting for them when they invade.

But they also end up seeing how the Galactic Bandit Brigade was freed from Galactic Prison by Moro’s 3rd wish. They learn that they were freed through the use of the Dragon Balls, and cross reference them with the legends of the Namekian people. Putting evrything together; Elec deduces that these Dragon Balls were used to resurrect Frieza(not knowing anything of the Tournament Of Power or anything). Maki tries to remember where she heard the term “Namekian” before. Which is when Gas drops on us the lore bombshell that “Namekians were a Tribe that once lived on Planet Cereal.The first of many lore expositions. This is very “exposition” heavy chapter. But a very convenient exposition chapter. It’s like; all of this lore is really “conveniently” revealed at the same time so that everything make sense. To the point were Elec just so happens to remember that Monaito is a Namekian. Well………That was conveniently timed, wasn’t it?

The Elder Of Cereal- Monaito

Back on Cereal; Monaito and Granolah eat their dinner(or rather, in the case of Monaito- just…….drink some water). As they chat; Granolah brings up the fact that Frieza’s back in power. Granolah is willing to go after Frieza completely free of charge, but Monaito tells him not to, as he “doesn’t have the power to take on Frieza.” Hearing that he lacks the “power” to do so; Granolah suggests that they use the Dragon Balls that Monaito just so happened to make. More “convenient plot revelations.” Though this plot convenience comes with an explanation about how different Namekians make different Dragons Balls.

We see on New Namek that Elder Mouri is giving a class on Dragon Balls. That was convenient. We learn that each set of Dragon Balls is made differently and varies in both size and number depending on their creator. Even the number of wishes and their power is entirely dependent on who creted them. Each village on Namek is gifted a Dragon Ball- which we learned were used as “Rewards” for “Bold Warriors” who sought out the Dragon Balls in times of “Great Suffering.” Basically something that a lot of people to wanted to use to restore what they had lost. But along the way; people like Frieza and Moro came about and wanted to use the Dragon Balls for personal gain.

Thus……..they went into hiding. Though Mori states that there are other sets of Dragon Balls made by other Namekians on other planets- such as Earth. For all that Elder Mori knows; there could be dozens of sets of Dragon Balls out in the Universe somewhere. And not just the 7th. Interesting world building, Toriyama and Toyotaro.

Back on Cereal; Monaito tells Granolah not to use the Dragon Balls for revenge- or to revive the other Cerealians that were wiped out. Not because he Hates them or anything; the Namekians and Cerealians lived peacefully together on this planet before the Namekians moved away. He’s just worried about the Sugarians being kicked out their new home. So Granolah goes back to his revenge idea, wanting to find the 2 Dragon Balls Monaito made. But the old man tells him “Revenge just gives rise to new enemies.” I wonder about that. Maybe he’ll seek out revenge on the Saiyans and then end up making enemies out of Goku and Vegeta.

Please Don’t Make What I’m Thinking Will Happen Happen……….

Granolah puts the ball back, and Monaito goes to bed. That night; the Sugarian news just so happens to report that a “mysterious orange crystal ball with 2 red star shaped markings on the inside” was found in the crevice of a mountain where a little Sugarian boy was hunting insects. THAT was convenient. Like; I would legitimately say that this is the most “plot convenient” chapter in the franchise. I’d even title it as such if I hadn’t already used it. And not just because I’m too dumb to think of a synonym for “convenient” but too proud to nut up and look it up, okay?!?!!

Granolah sees it, and compares it to the 1 star ball(the same Dragon Ball associated with Emperor Pilaf- the first villain in the franchise and Syn Shenron- who was originally the final villain) Monaito kept. He hears on the news that “Specialists at the Institute say it’s possible that the ball did not originate on Planet Cereal and are currently conducting research.” I mean; it didbut not from the Cerealians. They don’t seem to know what they have in their possession just yet, so…….Granolah leaps at the opportunity- quite literally. Which is something I’m liking about this arc so far: Granolah acting a lot like a Mandalorian.

Some times; you get chapters like chapter 67, where he does just come in an shoots up the place. But then you also have chapters like this, in which he has to do the “sneaky sneaky espionage” stuff. I like this heist moment- and I wish it had lasted a little bit longer. The way it’s portrayed; Granolah goes into town, breaks in, grabs the ball, and dips. I hope the anime- if and when it returns- expands upon this scene a little bit more.

Though I guess this is something he doesn’t want to do, so he didn’t want to drag this out any longer than was necessary

Granolah wraps up his face in a cloth, and goes into town. He leaps onto the Institute where they’re holding the Dragon Ball, and waits for the Sugarian scientists to leave. He then smashes the window, grabs the ball, and darts out of town into the forest. He stops somewhere, as Oatmeel asks him if he really intends on defying Monaito’s wishes. But Granolah tells them “I have a plan.” He puts down the balls, and asks Oatmeel to help him recite the spell to summon the Cerealian Dragon Balls. It- like with the Namekian Dragon balls- must be said in Namekain. So Granolah recites: “Takkarapto Tottoronbo Pupiritto Paro. I’m sure there’s 1 super uber fanboy out there who broke down the Namekian language and can speak it almost flawlessly. I am not that fanboy.

The next scene goes as you would expect: Sky goes dark, and the dragon comes forth in a flash of light. it actually reminds me how cinematic summoning Shenron used to be. Remember that? How every time he came out, it felt like the whole world stopped moving for a minute and we were greeted to the sight of an almighty Dragon God? Good times- especially when you compare to the little b!tch Shenron we have nowadays whenever Beerus is around. Even though it is pretty darn hilarious to see. The Dragons’s name is “Toronbo(according to the wiki),” and he will grant any 1 wish within his power. And with no language barriers put up. So Granolah makes his wish: “To Be The Greatest Warrior In The Universe!!As the Oracle Fish had predicted.

The Cerealian Dragon- Toronbo

I ultimately do think that this chapter is a little bit contrived and convenient on the exposition about the Dragon Balls. But I do like the lore and world building that this chapter added. The idea of the Namekians being these Nomadic people that migrate even as far as multiple Universes is pretty cool, and I like the idea that it doesn’t always just have to be “a set of 7 Dragon Balls.” It can be a set of 2, 3, or even just 1. That makes me think that this is going to be an important plot point for the future of the story- be it the next arc or even arc afterwards.

I like Toronbo’s design a lot- I think that this different design from the other 3 Dragons is pretty cool. He takes more after Shenron, but you can definitely see the spike design influenece from Porunga, and the face does kind of remind me of Super Shenron. But I think he might even be smaller than Shenron is. He doesn’t do as many loops, nor does he seem to even reach outside of the Forest. It just looks like he’s bigger than Granolah but that’s about it.

Another thing I like about about this chapter is the development and characterization given to Vegeta and Beerus. I think that these are 2 of the strongest characters in the series right now. So seeing them in this light is very welcomed. It’s a really Good chapter- but not exactly “great.” Solid, but needs work.


And……….yeah!! If I had to pick; I’d say that I like “Dragon Ball Super” more than “Edens Zero-” even though I feel that “Edens Zero” was the better of the 2. I think they were both really good, and are moving the story along at fine paces respectively. I’m super curious to see what these Manga have ins store for us next, and even more so to hear you’re thoughts on both of them. That’s all I got for the lot of ya today, folks. Til the next post, my ninja’s- later!

ASSEMBLE! Black Clover Chapter 283 BREAKDOWN

…………….I was gonna do out usual “cheery, happy-go-lucky” cliche opening paragraph that we usually default to when I have nothing more “interesting” to say in regards to today’s chapter, but……..I Honestly can’t pretend to be happy right now. At the time of me writing this, I’m presently experiencing all of the problems I usually have- seemingly dialed up to 11: My computer shutting off when I get into my “groove;” it’s too cold; the internet where I am is being stupid. Just all the problems I’m sure you’ve heard from me before. Whiny much?Yes- and prone to tantrum when my stuff starts acting up. Let’s just try to get through this post without me rage-quitting and smashing my computer over my knee, yeah? Black Clover Chapter 283: “A Huge Melee.”

Wizard King Moment Over- Now You Gotta Go!!

Following last week’s chapter- in which Asta displayed his new “Devil Union” mode and saved the Clover Kingdom from destruction at the hands of an Ancient Demon; Asta and the other Devil’s prepare to go off and help stop this problem at its source: The Spade Kingdom. The Ancient Demon- cut in half- falls to the ground in pieces, as Asta looks off in the direction of the Enemy nation(The Spade Kingdom is north of the Clover Kingdom), and says out loud “Although I said ‘Let’s Invade The Spade Kingdom;’ it’ll take a lot of time- even with Devil Union.Let me explain. Cause I feel like some people are gonna have a problem with this.

Now, when Asta says this; he’s referring to the fact that he only has 5 minutes with this transformation. And the Spade Kingdom Capital city where this is all happening is……..kind of far. Asta has displayed the ability to dodge light speed attacks- implying that both his reaction time and physical speed is beyond that. But even so; he can’t go that fast forever. It’s like an Olympic runner running 15 meters compared to 5 meters. They’re going to be able to run a lot faster in the 5 meter one than in the 15 meter run. Asta has his limits- just like the rest of us.

Back to the chapter; the Chibi Gilmedelo tells Asta “Long-distance teleportation is impossible without Sir Nacht himself- but Sir Nacht is not in a state where he can do that…….!!” He’s worried about his master. But without Nacht’s Shadow magic; they can’t traverse that distance. And what’s more- Asta’s out of time.

It’s About D@MN TIME!!!” yells the fandom.

Before they can even discuss how they’re going to go about getting to the Spade Kingdom; Asta’s Devil Union mode wears off, and he reverts back to normal. You even see Chibi Liebe split off from him. As they all fall to the ground; Asta mentions that it “wore off so quickly!” Is this implying that his limit isn’t even 5 minutes? Does he have a long ways to go before he’s even able to use it for that long? Maybe. Or myabe Tabata just wanted to draw something he thought was funny. His manga. And a GREAT one at that.

As they’re descending; Liebe yells “YOU IDIOT! Fly with Demon Slayer!” Ah, Demon Slayer- You’re a surf board now. But before he can use it as such; he ends up falling through a portal that appeared out of nowhere. That portal dumps him and the Devil’s out on in the Capital. The voice of the one who made the portal says “Growing ridiculously strong again, but still………” We zoom out to see sets of legs, exposing to us who just saved his magicless @$$. They go on to say “Trying to go alone- Aren’t you a bit cold?” Seeing them; Asta smiles, and says “YES!!” What a peculiar response to being called “cold.” I’m sure the official release will clarify what the H#ll this is, but for no- I guess Asta’s a “Stone Cold B@stard.

Humans Who Just Want Peace vs Bored Devils!!

We cut over to the Spade Kingdom- Spade Castle, where we find see the Tree of Qliphoth growing branches in the sky. I wonder where they’ll lead to? Down below in the Capital city; we see a number of Spade Civilians trying to escape the Devil’s that have escaped the Underworld. We see more Devil designs the Ogre from when this whole beginning of the opening of the gate; a cyclops; and just a whole lot of other Devils charging at the innocent people of the Spade Kingdom- while the Resistance members rush to their aid and attack the Devil’s directly. Albert yells to all of them “PROTECT THE CITIZENS WITH THE PRIDE OF THE MAGE DEFENSE FORCE!!!I guess that’s either the name of the Resistance or they were formerly part of the Spade Kingdom’s defense- their version of the Magic Knights or Spirit Guardians.

While the Mage Defense Force protects the people; we see Sally makes smaller variations of her “Slimy Salamanders” to round up all the civilians, and brings them into a veil of snow created by Makusa’s “Hideout of Snowmen” spell. Yeah; the man makes a “Snowman Safehouse.” In any case; it works to conceal them as they navigate to get these people out of the Capital City- which they plan to accomplish with Valtos’ Spatial Magic. He’s transporting as many people as he can away from here. 

The Cold Never Bothered Me, Anyway~….F*ck you, Elsa; It’s Too D@mn cold!!

As people are being transported away by Valtos; we see the ever unlucky Sekke trying to keep up appearances despite being absolutely shook. But I have to say that he’s hiding his fear Really, really well. I suppose that’s a point for you, Sekke. Externally; he yells to everyone “If you get caught, then my Magic will gush out fires!” He’s bluffing, of course; he can shoot bronze cannonballs with his Bronze magic, but that’s about it. While internally; he’s chanting to the Gods “DON’T FIND US, DON’T FIND US, PLEASE DON’T FIND US PLEEEEE~AAAAAAAAAAAAAAASE!!!!!!You know what: At least he’s not running and hiding, right

Outside the veil; the Mage Defense Force is fighting against a horde of Devils(there’s a really unique one that looks like a Werewolf), and Albert remarks that “These things are strong- and there’s a lot of them!!” No Sh!t, Sherlock Homes!! What an OBVIOUS observation. JK; I’m just padding for whatever reason. As he is about to be attacked by the Wolf-looking Devil; a massive Magic blast comes down from above to destroy it. Low and Behold- Sir Fuegoleon Vermillion has arrived! After dealing with the Dark Disciple he was assigned to; he goes outside to help his allies deal with the Swarm of Devils that have entered this world.

Lion And Salamander

He let’s Salamander turn into his full-on Dragon form, and starts roastin’ these Demons! Something of Note: Fuegoleon still has the fire arm. Meaning that he still has the prosthetic arm made of fire magic even while Salamander is in use. Interesting. As the Devil incinerate in Salamander’s flames; Fuegoleon says to everyone “Even though the county is different- We share the same desire to protect people…!!Fuegoleon- not in the story as much as one would think, but when he’s here; he’s AWESOME. And quite level headed and logical.

The Magic Defense Corp looks up at Salamander, and are left dumb-founded at the power of the Fire Spirit- of a mage of the Clover Kingdom. They even remark how “breath-takingly divine” this display of strength is. It looks like he is about to annihilate the Devils, but…….Flying ones end up swarming around him. So he and Salamander work to fight back against them. Fuegoleon starts blasting them from one direction- Salamander from another.

Dragon vs Demon Spawns

Back down below; we see the Mage Defense Force battling back a great number of Demons- ones that look like Oni’s; a Toad looking Devil; a bat; very uniquely designed ones. They all start coming after the Humans- eager to “play with them” like they always dreamed. One of the Mages Defense Force members tries to fight them back, but he realizes that “Their Numbers just keep Growing!!!No duh, guy; the gates open now and there is no way this thing is closing any time soon. As he realizes that the number of Devil’s flowing into this world just keeps growing; a Dragon and Ogre Devil breath Fire through Makusa’s “Snowman Safehouse” and discovers them all before they could get all these people out of here. Sekke is thoroughly sh!tting himself right now.

The Devils go in to attack them, but more of the Mage Defense Force- specifically one with ice magic- grabs the Ogre Devil by it’s arm, trying to freeze it in place to prevent it from coming at them. But while he’s busy trying to stop that one; the Dragon Devil is free to attack a woman and her child. All seems lost– as no one seems capable of stopping the increasing number of Demons. That is, until- a blast comes in and destroys those 2. But miraculously not the people of the Spade Kingdom or combatants. We see behind said people the Heart Kingdom’s Mana Method circles protecting them. The Ice mage turns around, thinking to himself “What was that powerful spell?! It attacked only the Devils and left the humans unscathed.

When the dust settles; Fuegoleon says “Good- You’re Here.” But guys- he’s not talking about the Black Bulls. At least; not specifically. So you guys remember how Vanica kind of-sort of Nuked the Heart Kingdom? And how the Elves came in and rescued all of those guys? And then Noelle asked Patri and the others how to become stronger? This is the pay off- The Heart Kingdom’s Spirit Guardians and the Clover Kingdom Magic Knights and the Elves have arrived. And they’re ready to kick some serious Demonic @$$!! Valkyrie Dress Noelle tells the lot of em “We Won’t Let You Devils Have Your Way With The World!!!” You see in the group shot Gaja, Noelle, Luck, Sekre, Best Girl Mimosa O-Hime Sama, Patri, Charmy, and more. As Black Clover Chapter 283 comes to a mic dropping END!! Black Clover Will Be On Break Next Week. Works for me.

Bring. It. ON.

Not much to dissect or talk about with this weeks chapter. It was a very clear cut, straight forward chapter- not much to speculate on. Aside from maybe who all was with Asta there. But you could probably gather who it was from looking at it. And I’m sorry if it felt so rushed halfway through. I’m really tired, guys. I might not do a post next week. Or I might. I don’t know yet; I’m starting to feel a little “overwhelmed” with the posts………..I’ll figure it out. Until next time, everyone; catch ya later, gator haters!

You Can’t……Lock Up…..The DARKNESS. My Hero Academia Chapter 302 BREAKDOWN

………….Does anyone even know where I got this quote from? A certain show on the CW that was really well received in the first 2 seasons but slowly got worse and worse but is still the highest rated show on that network? Any of this ringin’ a bell? Well I’ll give you a hint: It rhyme’s with “Z Splash.” You get 10 Billion points if you can tell me the answer in the comments. Now that we got the obligatory Dr Stone reference out of the way; we can talk about this week’s chapter of “My Hero Academia!” Yes indeed, boys and girls; we’re getting back to the ol’ grind this time around. So let’s go full force! My Hero Academia Chapter 302: “The Wrong Way To Put Out A Fire- Part 2.” Let’s do this thing.

“With ‘Brightest Day’ Comes ‘Darkest Nights,‘” right?

When we left off last week; Rei and the others had entered Endeavor’s room in Central Hospital. They begin to remember how Touya ended up becoming “Dabi-” how, in some capacity; they were All at fault when it came to him. “How?” you people who didn’t just go to the comments to harass me for saying such “blasphemy” are asking. Let me explain: Rei admitted last week that “You(Endeavor) weren’t the only one who didn’t want to look at that boy……” To me; that line means that Rei tried to avoid looking at Touya- that she either saw her husband or a “different kind of darkness” in him, and tried to ignore it and ended up ignoring him altogether. I talked about this with Mammoth Base Opera Castle over on his post about last week’s chapter, in which I had basically said that Rei was also somewhat at fault in this whole thing.

I’m not saying that it’s any less Enji’s fault that things turned out the way they did. Quite the opposite if you really stop to think about it. Because of the abuse and Darkness accumulating in Enji; she ignored the same traits in her son. Rei did not help or support her son in anyway, and because of that- as well as other things as we will see when I stop explaining myself and talk about the actual chapter- Touya……..became Dabi. The neglect of this family is what gave birth to this evil, as we will soon see.

We open this weeks chapter with the flashback continuing: Nighttime. I’m going to chose to assume that this is the night after Touya tried to attack the bouncing baby Shoto and his own mother to prove himself to his father. That night; Rei put Baby Shoto to bed(you can see that his snoring sleep bubble has a little ember on it- a nice little touch on Horikoshi’s part). We learn that, after that event- Enji Banned the older 3 from interacting with Shoto ever again. Which ties into the fact that Natsuo didn’t know that his baby brother liked Soba so much. All because of 1 Bad Day. After that; Enji left Rei in charge of Touya and the rest.

There’s A Joke I Can Put Here, But Even I Would Find That To Be “In Bad Taste…….”

As she sits beside the sleeping Shoto; Enji tells her “I have to work, so I can’t keep looking after him. Which is why I’ve hired some help. But you- Don’t take you’re eyes off of Touya.Um…….huh? Now, this could just be the fan translations I’m using saying something different- or it could be that that the old lady in the kimono we keep seeing playing Touya, Natsuo, and Fuyumi in the yard is a “nanny” of sorts that Enji hired to keep them away from Shoto. Either way; this doesn’t sit well with the still-in-shock Rei. She tells her worsening husband “……..That Kid……..just wants you to acknowledge him……” Here; she’s telling Endeavor why he’s becoming the way that he is- that he’s working so hard and burning himself just so his father will say “Good boy” or “I’m Proud Of You.” But with Enji’s head so far up his own @$$ that he can smell his dinner from the other night; Rei’s lament falls on sh!t filled ears.

Enji(in a silhouetted look, symbolizing his decent into the darkness) responds “……I can only show anyone…..the ‘World Of Heroes.’” As in he can’t do anything for the boy except for be a constant reminder of his goal- he’s admitting that he doesn’t have the skills as a parent, or even a person to get him to realize what is wrong with what he’s doing. As such; he’s trying to distance himself from him as much as possible. He’s trying- this is an action that he would repeat years later by buying his family a whole separate house away from him.

You’re Waiting For Someone Who May Never Arrive………

All that being said; you could say that this is a somewhat “cowardly” action on his part. Rather than actually face the problem and try harder and harder no matter how many times he might fail- he’s running away; he’s choosing to allow someone else with a better skill set take over raising and helping his son. The first part isn’t very Hero-like, is it? But as far as the “Letting someone else with the right set of skills” taking over the situation; that’s actually very fitting of a Hero in this series. We’ve heard that Heroes say a number of times that they’ll “Let another Hero with the right quirk” deal with a problem- rather than doing what All Might and Izuku do and just “do the best they can all Plus Ultra.” Now sometimes this works, but other times- you can’t afford to wait for someone else to do it. Because that “someone” may never come. I don’t know if this qualifies as a “Toxic mentality,” but it’s definitely something that needs to be fixed.

Back to the chapter; Rei even calls him out on what I was saying, telling him “‘Hero?’ Some ‘Hero’ you are- running away…….” Hearing his wife say this; Enji begins to become infuriated. He looks at her with a scowl, as if to say “……..Say. It. Again…….” He spent his whole life trying to become the #1 Hero, and now- someone’s called him out on his cowardice here and how “unbecoming” it was of a Hero to default to running away from the mess that He himself made. As such, in the next scene; we see him sporting the “Flaming beard,” which Horikoshi revealed was more of a “Power symbol” than an actual beard.

Image result for endeavor fire beard
YES, SHOTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But not just yet. First; we do a 5 year time jump, in which we see Fuyumi(Age 12) and Natsuo(Age 8, and somewhat taller than the 12 year old Fuyumi)coming into their older brother’s(Age 13) room begging him to play with them. Which sinks up to the scene we saw during the Sports Festival: Shoto being dragged off to the training room by his father while his brothers and sister are outside playing. At 5 Years Old No Less. Enji pulls Shoto by his arm, telling him “Don’t look at them Shoto- You live in a different world from them.” Shoto begs for his father to let him play with his siblings even once, but Endeavor refuses, saying he needs more “Output capacity training.” By this; he either means using his quirks in tandem to compensate for the other’s shortcomings, and keeping that up for long periods of time, or………when he was getting beat up by his dad.

Image result for endeavor and young shoto
This day.

As he’s dragged away to his unfortunate fate; we see in the yard the teenage Touya looking up at his father and baby brother with contempt and resentment. His eyes ask them “What’s so special about Shoto, huh?” Which leads us into that night, in which the elder Touya goes to his younger brother’s room while he’s asleep and ranting and raving about it: “OF COURSE I was in the Wrong there!!! Shoto had done nothing wrong, but Dad did, right?!” He’s basically admitting that he was in the wrong for attacking baby Shoto and his mother that day- that he shouldn’t have lashed out at them like that. He understands that what he did was wrong. That said; he still blames his dad for it. He’s blaming his father for what happened- neglecting him and causes his momentary mental collapse.

He continues to shout about how “He doesn’t even look at us!! We’re failures to him!! How ‘amazing’ is modern-day Hero society? Deciding their sons are useless and ditching them!!” He’s basically blaming all of society for his father’s neglect and abandonment- that he’s become so wrapped up in this “Hero Ranking” thing that it’s consumed and blinded him from seeing why he became a Hero. It’s one of the things that I hope changes following this War: No More Hero Rankings. Because of those rankings; Endeavor got wrapped up in trying to be “Number 1.” And because of his obsession; his family paid the price. How long before this repeats itself in another Hero? Multiple Heroes? Resulting in multiple Dabi’s? This needs to change.

Please……….Don’t deny my existence anymore………

Back to the chapter; we see that Natsuo is trying to sleep- just wanting to rest after a long day of playing. You can see that he’s visibly nervous and upset. So he asks his older brother “Why can’t you rant to Big Sis Once In A While…….?” As Dabi said in chapter 290; he went and complained and cried to Natsuo a lot. But I guess this explains his behavior when Shoto asked him why he sent Ending after them in chapter 292. Because we see in this flashback that one night- Natsuo just didn’t want to “deal.” He wanted to get some sleep- despite his brother coming to him with a problem. And rather than sit and listen to him; he instead ignored Touya- the same as their father. As such; Touya begins to freak out, and yells “Are you going to ignore me too, Natsuo!!! I’m talking to you because you’re the only one who can understand!! You know that the girls in this household can’t understand!!!!” He is of course referring to last week’s chapter in which Fuyumi expressed concern over his burns, and he refused to talk to her about it again. This is the end result of that. He can’t turn to his dad…….mother…….sister………Shoto……. Natsuo was last person in this house that he could speak to about any of this. And now he can’t even do THAT. Just a little bit more………

The next day comes around, and Touya is preparing to head out to Sekoto Hill- where he always heads to self-train(and the site of………). His mother catches him, and asks him “You’re planning on going to that Hill again, aren’t you?! Why don’t you go and play with your classmates or……!” And before she can stop him; Touya just cuts her off and tells her “I don’t need any friends!! We’re In Different Worlds!!” Let that line sink in; he’s become so warped by his father’s favoritism of Shoto that he’s basically speaking the same lines- as if he’s trying to “reach that world” or something philosophical like that. As such; Rei asks him flat out: “Touya, do you……….Really Want To Become A Hero That Badly?I don’t think so either, Rei.

“Daddy Issues” On BLAST.

Rei asks him if he really wants to be a Hero- if he truly cares about protecting people. Or if he just wants his father’s approval. Because all Touya’s been trying to do for the longest time is getting his dad to train him- train with him. He just wants his father’s attention- but he only cares about the one with an potential as a Hero: Shoto. And because of that; he wants to prove that he can be a Hero that surpasses Endeavor, Shoto…….and All Might. Like his father wants.

Rei tells him “To your mother; it looks like your in pain- so obsessed with your father.” Hearing this from his mother; Touya begins to realize something. Something extremely important to his development. But more on that in a minute. For right now; we hear Rei continue on to say “Touya– The world is such a large place, where you can do anything. Look at everything else around you- not just your father. Find the person you really want to be in this world.This might just be the First REAL Advice that anyone has ever said to him. Like- EVER. She’s telling him to stop chasing after his father’s love and seek a path that only he can walk. She’s simply saying that it’s pointless for him to continue to burn himself in pursuit of something that’s……..never gonna happen for him. The first piece of advice she has ever given her eldest son. Too bad for her that it came 13 years too late.

Where were those “Words Of Encouragement” when the neglect started?

Rather than help and encourage Touya; this speech only served to p!ss. The Boy. Off. The darkness within him begins to spew out in boatloads, as he tells off his mother. He tells her “What would you know, Mom?! You think Dad’s the only person that got me going?! Your family was poor– so they sold you away and you had No Say In The Matter. Isn’t that why I was born in the first place?” As he spews out his venom; Rei can sense- she can see a dark aura emanating from Touya. A darkness the likes of which she hadn’t even seen in her Husband thus far. And it’s frightening her so much that she’s at a complete loss for words. But to Top It A~ll Off; Touya leaves her on these words that- more likely than not– are Haunting her to this very day. Touya looks back at his frightened mother, and tells her…….really what I’ve been saying this whole time: “You‘re guilty, Too, Mom…..Was I right, or was I RIGHT? Rei is at fault here, too. Certainly not as much as Enji, but very much at fault as well.

As Rei’s mental state begins to wane; we skip ahead to Touya’s 13th winter- in which we see Touya’s body go through the dreaded “Change.I must say: Puberty hit the boy like a Brick Wall. His body becomes taller and more toned, as we see him training at Sekoto Hill as per usual. But today was just a wee-bit different. You see; in addition to his “small body” that was the result of a premature birth growing into a manlier one- his Flames grow stronger as well. His flames that day changed from their intense red- became Blue. Is this due to the presents of Nitrogen in his flames that might also explain his hair changing color? Plausibly. Though I kind of doubt it now. I think it has more to do with his body with his intensity.

As his flames changed in color; the young Touya says out loud: “So that’s it……It’s because of my body’s composition!! The flames are directly connected to my emotions(“Protagonist” much?). Amazing. If……..If I can do this, the Dad will Definitely be surprised, too!! Ahh, but….when I get all excited– for some reason; I end up crying.” I think the reason for that is because he thinks that this will be the day that his father finally accepts and acknowledge his existence- a them present in many villains in the story. They want to “exist,” but no one will allow their way of life or acknowledge them. Touya thinks that this is his chance to “exist,” but……….

Mental Collapse: Begin.

When Touya gets home; he walks up to his dad- happy as can be– and tells Papa Enji “Dad; the next time you get a day off- come to Sekoto Peak.” Hearing the name of this Hill and what Touya is saying; Endeavor grabs him, and lifts up the boy’s shirt to sees burns on his stomach. He thinks to himself “Burns! He’s been training in a way that he could hide the burns where they couldn’t be seen!!” He does care about his family’s well being- he just has more a………He likes Shoto more. And because he gives a rat’s @$$ about his son; he begins to scold him. But before that can happen; Touya begins to have his little “Snap” moment. He says out loud: “Something Incredible Happened- You Have Come! I think Shoto’s got some serious competition……!!! But I’m not sure if it’s enough against All Might yet, though!! But it’s something you have to see, Dad!! And Then You’ll Realize- I WASN’T A MISTAKE!!!Holy. F*cking. Sh!t Balls this kid has lost it.

You just see Touya’s excitement to show his dad his strength crumble away and become tears– a mixture of anger, excitement, sadness, and desperation. The boy just has a whole mental breakdown- even pulling his own hair in frustration in front of Enji. And seeing him do this; Enji begins to FREAK, and we switch to………….The Ultimate Scene. The point of “No Return” for most patriarchs in a family. The point where “Enji Todoroki” became “Endeavor-The man we met at the beginning of the story.

“Endeavor- The Origin

We cut to around some point in the day, in which we see that Enji has entered the room- and he proceeds to abuse his wife. What a F*ckin’ spectacle this is. And angry man coming into the room and beating his wife- leaving 2 kids to cower together behind the bookshelf while one actually stands up to the abuser and tries to save their mother(if that’s not the early sign of someone being a Hero; I don’t know what is). It’s, uh……..it’s a rather Dark scene when you stop to look at it. From the context of the scene; it seems like they were all having fun until Enji came in upset with Rei. Then he slapped her and she fell to the ground; Fuyumi and Natsuo cowered behind the bookshelf; and Shoto stayed to protect Mama. No Kid should Ever have to do this. And as much as Enji has grown and developed over the course of the main story; this scene serves as a reminder that he was an abusive man behind closed doors. Horikoshi has been good with making sure that Enji’s redemption is nice and slow- making sure that we never forget the kind of man he was. He’s not telling us to just “blindly forgive” the man- just……let him try.

As Rei is being battered by her husband and defended by her youngest son; Rei thinks back on what Touya had said months ago. “What Would You Know, Mom?!” She thinks back to when Enji came to her house on that day. She thinks about how she chose to go about the situation: “There may have been limited options for me, but………in the end; I was the one who ultimately made that choice. I intended to at least ‘smile’ through it in the end, and yet………” Rei is thinking that even though it was an arranged marriage; she could have at least fought against it- even if it was ultimately pointless. Rei is was just willing to accept her fate and go through the motions- playing the role of the “Happy Housewife” despite being miserable on the inside. Which ultimately led to This. So- in a wayTouya Was Correct.

And The Rest You Already Know………….

Past Rei looks up at her husband in fear, saying to him shakingly “……..I Can’t Stop Him……” And then…….We do a cut between the past and the present- between Touya, Rei, and Enji. The Main Players in this Whole Game.

Present Rei looks down, and says to Enji “And then…….you didn’t go…….” She’s referring to Touya wanting his dad to go to Sekoto Hill with him, and how he ultimately didn’t go- until it was too late to do anything. We see the then-Touya Todoroki sitting alone atop the hill, crying to himself “Quit crying…..!! Stupid Tears….!!!” Present Enji looks down as well, and tells them that “I thought this it would have only ‘fanned the flames.’ Or rather……..I didn’t know what to say to him…..” As I said earlier in the post: Enji lacked the parenting skills needed to deal with Touya- with the Beast that he ended up creating. He didn’t know what to do with him. So he didn’t go that day because showing up would just further fuel Touya’s single-minded obsession. NOT the right way to handle it. But not going wasn’t the right choice, either. As we see in the flashback that, as Touya began to cry more- The flames leaked out of his eyes– which pays off what he told Hawks in chapter 267 about his “Tears being burnt.

The Flames

We learn from Present Rei that she didn’t go that day because she- much like Enji- didn’t know what to do at that juncture. I don’t think either of them necessarily “gave up” on him- more like they realized that they lacked the skills to needed, so neither of them went. Somewhat out of fear, but more so out of……….”actualization.” And we see in the woods- Touya burst into flames. Dabi thinks back to that moment by himself, and says “That was scorching hot………You reap what you sow, I guess…….?” As the forest on Sekoto Hill burns down; we hear Dabi saying “After all; The Only thing he taught me was how to turn up the heat.” So he’s saying that it’s Endeavor’s fault his flames went wild like that- he never taught him how to cool himself down, so………

When the fire started; Endeavor rushed to the hill in civilian clothing and ran through the flames, looking for Touya. But he was nowhere to be found. All he found was………a jaw bone. He had assumed that it was all that was left of Touya and……..you get the story from there. And from that point; we learn what the 4 elders of the Todoroki clan(Enji, Rei, Fuyumi, and Natsuo) think about their family after that point to this very moment.

“Fractured Family”

Enji took this as being “The Point Of No Return.” He realizes that he “Killed” Touya- however indirectly it might have been. He cultivated the drive to surpass All Might in Touya, and neglected him when he thought that he couldn’t do it. The cries for attention went ignored, and……this was the end result. And because of the “murder” he commited; he couldn’t very well “turn back” from his path. All that he thought that he could do at the time was obsess over Shoto and nothing else- tying into the Sports Festival where we first meet him.

Rei admits that she became afraid of Enji after that. The more and more obsessed he became with Shoto; the worse and worse he became to the rest of the family. To the point where we first meet her in the Sports Festival flashback. But it wasn’t just Shoto who she saw becoming is father- she felt that it was all of her children. And then……..it happened. As for how their children were perceiving the events around them; Fuyumi- much like Hawks– saw that her parents were broken. But unlike Hawks; rather than “bite her tongue and keep quiet-” Fuyumi chose to avoid them. At every turn; she kept away from them- too afraid to get near. She ran away from the problem, while Rei “endured” and Enji kept persisting. Natuso confirms as much by saying “You brought all of this on yourself. You’re the root of it all, but……” he stops.

Rather than continue to blame all of this on his father- Natsuo instead accepts his part in all of this. He admits that he- much like his mother- was afraid of Touya. He couldn’t face him- he couldn’t help him in the way that a brother should. Now keep in mind; Natsuo was the younger brother. Touya was 13, and Natsuo was 8. He didn’t have the mental capacity required to deal with him. But you know how “Kind people” like Natsuo are: They blame themselves for not helping people- even if they were unequipped to deal with the problem. As such; he accepts some of the blame in this, too. He says that “If I just made myself face Touya and knock some sense into him, then maybe ‘Dabi’ wouldn’t have been born. He could have even treated Shoto to some Good Soba.” Weird……thing to say……. 

Rei presents to him the same flower he gifted her everyday in the Mental Hospital, and tells him flat out

You’re not the only one who’s responsible- and now we all have to take responsibility for what comes next. You’re Heatmay be Broken, but we’re here to get you back on your feet. Hou have No Choice but to Fight Dabi.

Rei Todoroki

Hearing his wife- who had years prior had a mental breakdown and burned their youngest child; that he used to hit day in and day out for trying to stop him from training Shoto; who knowingly entered a quirk marriage- say such powerful words to him; he asks her “….Are you…….Really ‘Rei?’” He can’t believe how far she’s come in her recovery, or how strong she is. She looks down, as if she’s thinking “……….Sort Of…….” I think she’s thinking that she is still “Rei,” but not the “Rei That Enji Todoroki Married.” She’s not that same “weak willed, ice cold” woman that was essentially sold off to him some years ago. She speaks up again, saying “One of our children- one who was put through much more pain than us; who had every right to resent me- Called me his mother again. He made friends at UA- and connected us all.” We zoom in on Shoto, who’s simply recalling his confrontation with Izuku. “Connect.” 

I like how Horikoshi is connecting us back to the earlier parts of the series with this little flashback arc. It’s made the Sports Festival even more important. Because Izuku was able to save Shoto from himself- Shoto was was able to recognize the “darkness” growing in Ilda and help him. And from there; Shoto has been able to move past his trauma- which is allowing him to start to forgive his father, and even to work up the nerve to go and see his mother in the hospital. This time- It All Comes Back to Deku. Impressive work with the connectivity, Horikoshi. Because of Izuku; Shoto is able to help repair his whole family- one person at a time. As such; Rei even goes as far as to label him “Our family’s very own Hero.” And that sh!t HITS. Anime watchers- Just you wait. 

Shoto picks up from there- throat burned and all- and reaches his bandaged hand out to his b@stard dad. He coughs a little bit, and tells his crying father “……..Before coming here COUGH COUGH……I talked with Mom. I didn’t think…….this would be yo~ur battle to fi~ght- and that I would ha~ve to do it my~self. But that……doesn’t seem to be the case.” He is talking about his thought process in chapter 298– when he had thought that his dad freezing in the middle of battle like that, as well as the fact that Dabi’s flames are stronger than Endeavor’s. He thought that because his dad didn’t have what it takes to take Dabi down when the time came(as well as thinking that Dabi was the “Dark Reflection” of his past self that he wanted to defeat to prove something to himself(plausibly)), then it was He(Shoto) had to do it. But his mother talked some sense into him, and he realized: He can’t possibly do this all on his own. He SHOULDN’T. If Endeavor doesn’t play a role in bringing in Dabi, then it would mean Nothing

Get Up And Help Me Save My Brother, You Rotten Father……..

Endeavor has to bring in Dabi. Not for the sake of his family- to protect his reputation- nor even to attempt to redeem himself in anyone’s eyes. This is the mess that He made primarily. He has to be the one to fix it. So Shoto tells him “Wh~en you’re do~ne crying; Get Up- and we’ll all go and stop Touya Together.” Outside the door; you see Hawks and Best Jeanist leaning against the wall- having heard every single word of the Todoroki’s family history. And with that– My Hero Academia Chapter 302 comes to an emotional END! Man; I’m actually proud of this post. I mean; I never put out a post unless I’m certain that it’s “perfect,” but I like the way in which I dissected this chapter. I love doing that; dissected themes and what they could mean for the story. I just find it fun to do– even if I end up being wrong on a few things.

But I would like to know your thoughts in the comments. Did you like the chapter? My interpretation of the chapter? I really want to know! That’s all I got for you today, boy’s and girls. Until the next post; remember as always to go beyond- PLUS ULTRA!!! 

The Peer Pressure Tag Game

Hello, boys and girls of all ages. How’s it going? Demon God Thadeus is at it again with another post for the lot of ya today! Only this post is a little bit different. Today; we are playing a little game. It’s the “Peer Pressure Tag” game, started by “Random Thoughts of My Fandom.” The rules are really quite simple y’all:

  1. Link back to the creator(Random Thoughts of My Fandom)
  2. Provide a link to the person who tagged you(Otaku Orbit)
  3. Answer all questions honestly
  4. Come up with 5 questions of your own. (4 have to be about peer pressure; 1 can be random and about whatever)
  5. Tag at least 10 people and provide links to their blogs. Please, no “you!”
  6. Recommend at least 5 books or songs you see everywhere/are very popular that you’ve read or listened to.
  7. Use the hashtag #peer pressure tag for easier visibility
Can Ya Tell I’m A Fan Of Gravity Falls?
  1. Have you ever felt pressure to blog about a popular topic (within your own blogs genre)?

Um………..Not externally. Like; I’ve never felt pressure from anyone to talk about a certain topic. I’ve only ever pressured myself into talking about a topic. I’ve calmed down on that, though.

2. Have you ever felt pressure to engage in controversial topics on your blog?

Not Once Ever. No one’s ever wanted me to address my thoughts on something like the “Black Lives Matter” movement. I don’t talk about those kinds of things because I don’t have the “level of maturity” required to do so. And besides; I want this to be a fun place to “escape” the miserable reality we’ve been hit with over the course of the last year or so.

3. Did you feel pressure to avoid discussing a t.v. show, manga, comic book or book because it’s considered unpopular?

Not at all. I talk about what I want to talk about. If I don’t like it or feel like talking about it, then I won’t.

4. Has any pressure you felt regarding changing your blog improved your blog?

Um……….I mean; I’ve certainly gotten better at discussing series now compared to when I first started my blog. I’ve learned how to use images and even edit them. And the new schedule I’ve got is stressing me out less, so yeah; I’d say these changes work.

5. What’s an anime or manga series (or any other entertainment medium) did you dislike at first but ended up loving?

There are 3 different series for this category: Bleach, Fairy Tail, and Black Clover. If I had to pick the one that I like the most of these 3; it’s Definitely Black Clover. I wish I hadn’t given into the internet’s initial reaction to the series- I judged it too harshly based on the early reviews for it. A fact that my brother will Never let me live down. I’ve been reading Bleach and Fairy Tail for a while now, and I definitely say that I no longer have this “Mental Aversion” to them that I used to.

Now that I’ve answered all of the questions Otaku Orbit asked me; I get to ask you lucky 10 a few questions of my own:

  1. Have you ever felt pressure to talk about a certain topic while it was “fresh(brand new)?”
  2. Do you feel pressure to do something else other than blogging in your everyday life?
  3. Do you feel pressured to do more posts than just the ones you do every week? Like; do you do more posts each week than you actually put out there?
  4. Have you ever felt pressure to talk about a popular series even though you yourself may not personally like it?
  5. What series has someone recommended to you that you have no interest in for one reason or another?

Now, for the people who I’m going to tag; I apologize for tagging you if you’ve already been tagged:

  1. Mammoth Base Opera Castle
  2. RJ Writing Ink
  3. Crow’s World Of Anime
  4. I Drink And Watch Anime
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  6. J. P. D. T.
  7. Anime Tokoyo
  8. Unmpire
  9. StarlitDen
  10. Blessed With A Star On The Forehead

And I’m especially sorry if this game is a little bit out of all of your “comfort zones;” I did not mean to put you in a situation you didn’t want to participate in. I hope you have fun, though. And now for the songs and books I think you’ll all like:

  1. We Want Your Soul-” A Song By Andre 3000
  2. One Of Those Hideous Books Where The Mother Dies-” A Novel By Sonya Sones
  3. Tangerine-” A Novel By Edward Bloor
  4. Blinding Lights-” A Song By The Weekend
  5. What Do You Want From Me-” A Song by Forever The Sickest Kids

And Lastly; we have use the hashtag #peerpressuretag to make sure we’re visible. And with that; this post is over. I want likes from every single one of you on this post- you have NO IDEA how much difficulty I had writing this post! It was only supposed to take like a day or 2, but for whatever reason; it wasn’t saving. I don’t even know if it’s gonna save this time. Let’s just hope, yeah? And if this works, then pleaseLeave a like! And share with all of your friends. Til next time, everyone- later!

Plan Of Attack. Edens Zero Chapter 130 BREAKDOWN

This cover is more cute than it is sexy- which fine on it’s own, too.

Hello all you lovely little readers out there in internet land! Demon God Thadeus is back at it again with another discussion on this week’s chapter of Manga Legend Hiro Mashima’s “Edens Zero-” probably his best to date!! Okay; “cheesy, generic” intro over. We got a very dialogue heavy “set up” chapter this week. So those who don’t like to sit and watch people plot against their enemies for a- then you might not like this chapter. But if you’re like me and just LOVE to see people plot against one another and set up the next bunch of chapters going forward in the series, then……….You’re in for TREAT. Edens Zero Chapter 130: “Oceans 6.” Ah; I get it, Mashima. I wonder how many of those movies there are now? Whatever; movie reference understood.

This weeks cover page depicts Rebecca in some kind of Swedish girl outfit in her room, surrounded by a whole bunch of pillows and what I can assume is either Happy himself or a plushy of Happy. Because the way it’s looking off in the distance is kind of odd. I imagine that she did once try to sell “Aoneko Channel” merchandise to become more popular, and she had a lot of Happy plushies made. But……….still nothing. So now she might just have dozen’s of Happy’s lying around in her closet or something. Which is kind of creepy if it were anyone else. I also get a more “cutesy” vibe from this cover rather then the usual “sexy” Rebecca cover page. It’s a nice change of pace.

We open this weeks chapter with the Interstellar Union armies fleet of Commando Carriers- the “Angel Feathers.” We cut to the inside of the main ship to see Creed……….being a creep.

When The H#ll did you and why are you………..?

So……….I don’t know how or when he had time to take pictures of Homura, but……..I certainly know why. Apparently; he took pictures of Homura because you know- she’s hot. But I can’t for the life of me think of when he’d have time to take these specific pics of her. Like; the first one we see corresponds to Panel 1 on page 9 of chapter 126, the second from panel 6 on page 16 of chapter 122, and the last comes from page 10 of chapter 126. All 3 times; he didn’t have his phone out. Unless his suit has like a camera in it just transmitted images to his phone. Which is entirely possible. But it’s just……..really creepy. I mean; he’s just sitting there looking at her pictures on his phone. I’m sure when the anime comes out; we’ll be doing that, too. But it’s just kind of weird, you know?

As he stares intensely at the photos; Victory walks in- fresh out of the shower. Victory jokes “Watching ‘dirty videos’ on the job, Creed?” Okay; that’s kinda funny. But it also be kind of sad that someone’s watching p0rn at work, right? Creed flusteredly replies that he’s not- playing it off like he was “just analyzing the crew of the Edens Zero.” You sure were analyzing Homura, huh? Victory tells him not to worry about them, as “Compared to Elsie Nero- they’re barely a threat.To underestimate the Edens Zero would be grave mistake that you might not get to make twice. Drakken had to learn that the hard way- at least in World 30.

Creed adds that “The more I learn about them; the more mysteries I find.” He shows Creed their files, seeing their personal information:

  • Rebecca Bluegarden: “A B-Cuber? Never Heard Of Her(Now that’s just mean).”
  • Weisz Steiner: “……A guy from 50 years in the past……..?”
  • Miniature Androids(Happy and Pino)
  • 3 Androids that used to work for Ziggy(Hermit, Witch, and Sister)
  • And what is THIS thing?(Moscoy)”
  • Shiki: “The kid who inherited Ziggy’s power.”

Okay; so they know a little bit about the crew. At least; the main crew. They don’t seem to have any information on Homura or know that the Rutherfords or Laguna are on board. But when they find out; I get the feeling that they’ll go from a “low priority threat” to a Wanted crew. And their especially gonna have questions for Weisz and probably Rebecca, considering who Weisz……..was going to be? and about Rebecca’s history and power. Not just that, but Shiki’s origin might fall into question, and then you have the discussion of Etherion to deal with. A lot could happen if they were to be captured is the point. Meaning that at some point– the Interstellar Union Army will come after them and start searching the ship.

Watch Your Back, Granbell……….

Back to the chapter; Victory says that “they’re a weird bunch,” but that they shouldn’t bother with them. Which they probably won’t. As Justice said in chapter 122: He has no interest in Ziggy or Nero- nor does he have much of a reason to go after Shiki directly. That whole “hatred of everyone connected to Elsie” probably only applies when he’s face to face with that person. But as for who he’s set his sights on primarily- it’s certainly Elsie. Anyone else is kind of just a “low priority” in his mind. But that’s Justice. Creed and Victory are much more concerned with the actual problems in Nero and Ziggy(and of course Elsie). Victory says as much to Creed, and adds that “I just hope this doesn’t turn into anything too catastrophic…….” Welp; it’s been nice knowing the Aoi Cosmos, right guys?

This naturally segways into us seeing the battle damaged Justice on call with Holy once again. They sure are close. This is like the 2nd time that she’s called him directly, and she’s just as “playful” as she was we they had that Prayer Council. Is Mashima teasing a Love Triangle? Or is this more like a “Little brother/Doting Older Sister” gimmick? I’d be fine with that. But she didn’t call him up just to tease him- she does have important information for him. Starting with “Nero’s Top Official’s have assembled on the Planet Nero 1- also known as ‘The Temple.'” Okay; diving right on in with the info dump. I’m guessing that this planet is like Nero’s “Base of Operations-” where he “hangs his crown” as it were.

Holy’s Warning

Justice responds with their group name: “The Oceans?” Goin’ all in on those “high sea” references, eh? Not bad. Holy adds that “his twisted, deadbeat son” will be at the meeting, too. Of course she’s referring to the misogynist, spoiled, greedy little punk we met at the end of chapter 118– Poseidon Shura. But Justice admits to not caring about him much, either. “One Track Minded” much? Holy even calls him out on this and tells him “You should- he could be a Real Threat.” If even a member of the Oracion Seis interstelar admits that Shura is a potential threat, then that means that he’s very dangerous. Probably in the same way that Shiki is a potential threat to everyone. I had figured that Shura would be a major problem for the Union army, but for him to be labeled a problem by even Interstelar? That just means that Shiki might just be able to defeat Justice if he manages to defeat Shura. At least; if my power scaling here is correct.

Holy continues: “Now is our best chance to destroy him. If we don’t; the Aoi Cosmos will suffer for it later. With men like him; there’s not telling what they’ll do when they get real power.” Okay; she’s clearly dealt with Shura’s “type” before. And she is correct you know; when it comes to a brat like Shura- there’s no way of telling what he’ll do when he takes over from “Daddy.” A “rich boy” like him might just run the Aoi Cosmos into the bottom of the cosmic sea. So if they are to take out Nero and Shura- the best time would probably be now since they’re all in disarray with what’s happened on Foresta. But even then; it’s gonna be a problem.

Now THAT’S Interesting!!!

As Holy states: “There are too many ‘Big Fish’ in the Aoi Cosmos.” You have Elsie, Ziggy, Shura, Nero, and to a lesser extent- Shiki. With all these “Major players” in one cosmos; things might just get more chaotic before any semblance of “peace” comes about. As such; she tells Justice that there’s no way he can handle all of them on his own(especially not with his single-minded obsession with Elsie clouding his judgement). As such; Oracion Seis Interstelar members Jaguar and Eraser are heading to the Aoi Cosmos!! You may remember Jaguar from his appearance in chapter 28, and Eraser being the Zeref-looking guy from chapter 106. Both of them are coming to the Aoi Cosmos. Meaning that the sea has just gotten even more crowded. Honestly; I’m the most curious as to what Eraser can do. Jaguar’s fine, but againHe looks like Zeref!!! And I haven’t gotten to the point in Fairy Tail where I know what Zeref’s abilities are; I just know that he is “Not to be F*cked With.” I have my only little “theory” budding from the “Big Reveal” in this chapter, but I’ll talk a little bit about that later.

Justice asks if Holy’s going to join in, but she responds that she has “other fish to fry.” Interesting. With what she just said in regards Shura and just in general everything that’s going on; I would have thought she’d be involved in this saga in a much bigger way. But it seems like she’s got other plans going on in the background. From what we see of her this chapter; she looks to be in some kind of bar. Maybe an infiltration mission of some kind? Or perhaps she’s just meeting up with a date. It could be either one, really. In any case; she might not be apart of this war in the beginning. But I kind of suspect she’l play some kind of role in the end. But we see the end of their discussion there, and we cut away to Nero Planet 1: “Temple.”

Does that mean like half the d@mn planet’s drowning?

I have to say; Mashima’s going all in on the “nautical” aspect of this part of the Universe. I mean; it has an actual F*CKING ocean!! With actual fish in it. There were even those coral we saw as Elsie’s crew got closer to Foresta. And here; we see that Temple is half sunken. Like; LOOK AT IT!! Half the planet is submerged in the cosmic ocean! Does that mean that half the people on this planet are Merfolk? Because Mashima skipped out on that during the Red Cave arc. And, much like the “Oracion Seis” faction and the concept of “Etherion;” Mermaids have been something he put in his last 2 stories. And if he’s to keep this trend going, then Mermaids have to appear in this cosmos at some point. In fact, considering his appearance in the chapter- I’m almost certain that there are Mer-people on this planet! Just you wait……..

We zoom in on the planet to see the interior of at least top, above-water part of the planet- seeing a massive city and what seems to be a Castle city on top of a cliff. My guess is that only the wealthy can live in the Castle city- the rest live in the town. We also see it’s 2 satellites in the sky, with clouds we saw from orbit spiraling around above the city. We see some kind of pillar hovering in the sky. Whether that’s where the next scene takes place or in the Castle town is unknown. But we see a few statues of “Monster From The Black Lagoon” type statues, leading us to a door. Behind the door- we see his hand clasping dice. As he rolls em around in his hands; we notice that they’re spotted with claws. Ladies and Gentlemen- I present to you the One and Only Emperor Of The Aoi Cosmos: 1 Poseidon Nero Of The Oracion Seis Galactica.

Mer-People Confirmed.

We zoom out to see the man himself- tentacle hair and all. The webbing on his face; the tentacle shaped hair; the spots on his skin- this man is Merman. Now all we need to see are the Mermaids and life will be complete. He announces to the Oceans and his son(who seems to take more after his Mother by the looks of it) the reason that he called them all here: “The Ocean Weeps………Though it’s tears be a drop of the blue cosmic sea- They will become a Desolate Darkness to reduce my flesh to ash.Okay; that tells us about his character right off the bat. He seems to like to speak in “philosophical metaphors” involving the sea. And I think what he’s saying here is that there’s trouble in the Aoi Cosmos, and it might just be the thing that ends his reign. Which brings him to main topic: Ziggy.

“Foresta has been violated” he starts, “at the hands of Demon King Ziggy.” At the sound of this; we see everyone reacting. I feel that this is probably the best time to tell you: The Ether Gear contest winners appear in this chapter. For those whom were not aware; Mashima was holding a contest where anyone could submit their own original Ether gear and characters to be used in the story. And apparently; Mashima decided to introduce these winners in this week’s chapter. 


He’s done this before with his previous works- new “Dark Rave’s” in Rave Master, new magic in Fairy Tail, and now; he’s asked fans from all over the world to create new characters and new Ether Gears. And this chapter debuts the winners- which I just so conveniently have information on thanks to 11thDoctr on twitter. Well; I have info on most of them. Ladies and Gentlemen; The Ether Gear contest winners and(some) of their abilities:

  1. Callum Steelford: ?
  2. Lyra: “Gamble Rush.” Uses Lightning Ether gear that depends on her luck- the higher the number she rolls; the stronger the attack.
  3. Nasseh: “Eye Of Horus.” Light based Ether gear to erase peoples memories and plant some fake ones.
  4. Milani Lucra: ?
  5. Cyca: ?
  6. Fabiano: ?
  7. Ijuna: Some kind of Ether whip from her fingers.

I would like to say congratulations to all those winners; these designs are sick and their abilities sound really interesting. Though I don’t exactly know if all of them are original characters; just Lyra, Nasseh, Callum, Milani, and Ijuna. And I only know those are because of Doc. But to all of those who won the contest- whomever you are; I can’t wait to see them all in action in the future! And to those who did not win; do not despair- Mashima says that he would like to do another contest like this in the future. You’ve still got a shot!

I Hope Lyra Sticks Around in the story……….

Back to the chapter; we see Shura visibly react to when Nero mentions Ziggy. So Callum asks who that is. Lyra(the one with the ability I’m most excited to see in action) explains that, once upon a time; Ziggy and Nero were once friends. Not only that, but He’s the one who taught Shura Gravity Ether gear. Okay; That’s gonna be important. Ziggy’s the one who taught Shura how to use Gravity Ether gear? That’s certain to tie into Shiki’s fight with Shura. Maybe Shura has a similar weakness to Shiki, and Shiki could exploit that during the battle to win, and vice versa. And then you also have the fact that, since Ziggy and Nero were once friends, then- in Shiki’s mind- They’re his friends, too. But of course; Shura doesn’t think the way that Shiki does. And Nero……..we’ll…..get to that in a little bit. But I think he might choose to trust Shiki when it comes to dealing with the current Ziggy.

Nasseh says(as a hint to his ability) “Memory……Yes; if memory serves: Ziggy is a robot- and already deceased?” Nero says that “He has returned to life……..Has he lost his heart, and become a ‘Cadaver of Darkness’ to strike me down?” More personality shown. So unlike a lot of minor and a few Major antagonists in the past; Nero believes that “Machines have hearts.” So we won’t be having that same trope repeated again when it comes time to face him. Which, if he catches wind of Shiki’s involvement on Foresta, is going to make him somewhat more accepting of the crew. “They can’t be all bad, if they were once Ziggy’s friends…” is how that would go. And then you have what he’s saying about Ziggy right now.

This Scene Here

Is he implying that Ziggy has come to the Aoi Cosmos to kill him? That he’s come to put a stop to a potential threat to his plans in Shura and Nero? Which actually make them(at least Nero) the good guys in this arc. At least; in the same way that Elsie’s one of the “Good guys.” I’m loving this saga so far. The Red Cave stuff was important for the story and for World Building, and the Foresta arc was just amazing– the perfect arc all on its own, and a perfect “set up” arc for the rest of the saga. And seeing this part of the chapter; I’m really liking the pseudo-“political” aspect of the saga. It’s like Mashima’s building this part of the story up to be once again- like One Piece. I’ve drawn parallel’s many times between this story and One Piece. And seeing this little discussion; I’m starting to get reminded of the “Reverie” arc, or the meeting in Marie Geious after Luffy defeated Crocodile.

But back to why Ziggy’s in this cosmos; he might be here to kill Nero so that he won’t get involved in his plans- probably because he fears Nero’s power. As a member of the Oracion Seis Galactica and ruler of the Aoi Cosmos; Nero is undoubtedly powerful. But then; so is Elsie. And as Ziggy stated in chapter 103: “That Piratess is trouble.” What is that Elsie has that makes her more of a threat to Ziggy than Nero? Or perhaps I should be looking at this in a different way. Because he did add that Elsie is trouble for him at his “present stage.” Maybe whatever he’s looking for in the Aoi Cosmos is going to help him reach the “next level” and he’s planning to take out Nero before Elsie? Probably.

Shura asks his father why his old teacher would want to do something like that. But Nero doesn’t have the foggiest idea as to why.

More winners(At least; I know Milani is)

We see on next page more contest winners: Milani Lucra(I know for certain), Cyca, and Fabiano. Out of these 3; Milani is certainly my favorite design. Not just because of her boobs; I just think she looks the best. Cyca and Fabiano also look pretty cool, but they’re about the same in terms of how much I like them. I’m rather curious as to what their abilities are- particularly Cyca.

Milani replies to Shura “It doesn’t matter– Any act of violence performed in the Aoi Cosmos is Tantamount to rebellion against his Imperial Majesty(Nero). After all; such acts are far from beautiful.” Alright; she’s all about the “beauty.” I feel like she’s gonna be the one to fight Homura in that case. It’s been said repeatedly that she’s beautiful(for obvious reasons). So I feel like she’d see Homura as a threat to her being “the prettiest.” She also looks kind of similar to Homura. In any case; I think that would be an interesting fight to see unfold.

Cyca- who seems to be the “wise monk” type- adds that “As a machine- I am ashamed of his behavior. Baring his fangs against the Great Nero Empire…….” Alright; he seems to be speaking “on behalf of all machines.” He doesn’t like how Ziggy is making all machine’s look- it’s not good for the cosmos. So he feels personally responsible for taking out Ziggy. I wonder how that will play out. Fabiano seems to be the one that’s more willing to “Go to war,” as he even says “Your Majesty- We should take him to war. For the people of the Aoi Cosmos; Let us strike down the Demon King.” He wants to put an end to this battle before it gets out of hand- the “General” type of guy. And because of that; he’s also probably the most loyal to the Poseidon family. Which might turn out to be a problem in the near future.

Hearing his top General’s advice; Nero decides to make his decision- and roles the dice. He decides what he does by roling those dice he’s so fond of- a trait that his son despises. Shura says “Not those dice again, Father- I don’t see how you can leave these important decisions to chance.” But- for what is probably the first and only time that Nero has ever truly scolded his son- Nero says “Hold Your Tongue.Bet Shura didn’t see that coming, now did he?

Nero’s Power

It is here where we get an inkling as to how he managed to take over the Aoi Cosmos in, as he puts it, a “single generation.” Mashima doesn’t give us everything just yet, but he tells us enough that we can speculate as to what he can do.

He tells Shura and everyone else that “The eyes of my dice will never betray me. That is the power of my Ether. It is with this power that I built this empire……in a single generation.” 1)This means that Nero was the one to take over the Aoi cosmos- not one of his ancestors or his parent before him. Nero took over, and built the current Aoi Cosmos from the ground-up. 2)These dice have something to do with Nero’s Ether gear. Which I feel like is implying that, although’s strong– his Ether gear is not in itself the thing that makes him so dangerous. I think he might have an Ether gear akin to that of Noah’s “Eye Of God-” an ability that allows him to look through time, or to see different possibilities. And using the ability; he can guide events in such a way that it works out for himself and everyone in the end.

I think that the perception we had of Nero when he was first name-dropped in chapter 106 was a little more “ominous” and “Tyranical” than he really was. Don’t get it twisted, now; I fully believe that he is a ruthless killer when it comes time to protect his kingdom. But otherwise; he seems to be a benevolent, logical Emperor that makes good decisions- as opposed to his son, Shura. Maybe he didn’t take over the Aoi Cosmos with force; maybe he just guided them towards a better way of living, and they made him their Emperor. Maybe Nero’s not a bad guy after all. Meaning that what he does in regards to Shiki’s crew or the Interstellar Union army is up to these dice, too.

He roles his “Sacred Guiding dice,” and all 3 come up the same: 1. For a total of 3. Fabiano speaks up and asks for everyone(Oceans 6 and audience) “……And? What do they tell you?” Emperor Nero gets up, and walks away from the meeting, saying “If that is our fate, then I will obey.” They ask him again “What’s going on?” Nero replies to them: “I will do Nothing.” Much to the shock of his top commanders and his son; Nero resigns himself to just sitting and waiting. As he walks out of the room, he tells Shura: “Shura, my son- I leave the matter entirely in your hands.

“Shock And Awe”

Shura gives his father a somewhat confused look, and smirks, asking “You better mean that father…..” When he says this; I think Shura is think a little bit too big right now. When his father said this; I think Shura’s mind went from “When is this old man gonna croak?” to “Well; if this one’s My call……..” Guys; I can honestly see Shura betraying his father and staging a coup to take the throne from Papa Nero. I advise you guys to look into the history of the name “Nero” for reference. I think you’ll see my point. To put a long story short: Nero was a Roman Tyrannical Emperor. After years under his rule- a coup was staged. And it’s unclear how he died- be it suicide or murder. The details might be little bit different here, but I think I get what Mashima is going for.

In Shura’s mind; He should be the Emperor. He should be the “Undisputed King of Everything.” But his father won’t just retire and hand him the reigns of the Aoi Cosmos. But now; his father is giving him the freedom to deal with Ziggy in any way he wants. He might be planning to become the “Hero” and take the throne because of public opinion. And if not; he might be planning to use Ziggy’s rampage as an excuse to get ride of his father. Either way; he’s planning to overthrow Nero. He’s just waiting for the right opportunity- which his father has just handed him. Much like everything else in his life.

Watch You Back, “Your Majesty……….”

Back to the chapter; Nero replies to his son’s earlier statement with “I am not so foolish as to defy the dice.” Okay, that let’s us know that he has the utmost faith in the dice he’s rolled. He will not question it; he will simply go along with their decision. As such; I doubt that he plans on getting involved much. I think he saw more than just what would happen in regards to Ziggy when he rolled the dice; he might have seen something regarding Shura’s future. And considering the kind of man that Nero seems to be; I’m guessing it’s going to be something that’s important for how his son turns out. He might just be planning to use this as a “character building life lesson” so Shura can become the “Emperor he knows that his son is.” Or he could just be in denial that his son is spoiled scum. Because we get to see Shura’s inner thoughts, which say: “What’s foolish, old man- is letting those ridiculous numbers order you around.He takes orders from no one.

With his father out of the room; Shura calls for his personal secretary(and another Ether Gear contest winner) “Ijuna(another F*cking cool design)” to transfer over command of the Oceans 6(the Strongest Team in Nero’s ranks) to himself. Ijuna wears a……..very revealing outfit. Probably because Shura’s making her. In all honesty; I feel like she’s been……”taken advantage of” we’ll say and that’s the reason why she has this “lifeless” expression. I mean; just look at her suit. It actually kind of reminds me of Momo Yaoyorozu’s suit in My Hero Academia. But that’s- much like Milani or Lyra- is not the main reason I like her design. I also like the artwork from Doc’s twitter page that shows off an Ether whip coming from her finger. I’m really enjoying these character designs; the people who made these character really are good artist.

MAN This Character Design Contest Was Really Cool!!

The Oceans 6 team give their own thoughts on the matter, with Callum saying “I have no problem with that” and Lyra saying “Go ahead. Give us your orders. But if it’s anything pervy- I’ll pass.She might not be long for this story if that’s her attitude. I mean; you saw what he did to those girls who stood up for that crying girl. He crushed em against the ceiling for “defying” him. So if he wants all these girls to dress sk!mpy and half naked, then…….they gotta do it, or they die. So if she’s not opened to something like that, then Shura might just kill her. She has every right to refuses his advances; Shura’s just a spoiled little rich boy.

Milani asks what he intends for them to do, while Nasseh makes another quip about memories saying “Yes……I will commit your voice to memory.Get ready to have some crazy stuff happen. He might manipulate the……..crews………Kleene. She had her memory of Muller’s torture erased last chapter, but with Nasseh’s ability to manipulate memories- he might just end up bringing that memory back. Which means that Kleene will remember what happened. But, knowing Mashima; her time with the crew will prevent her from succumbing to the same agony and pain that came with the memory- she’ll be able to remember it, and find a way to not let it it ruin her like it did before. But this is only a possibility. Another one is in reference to the Shining Stars.

Nasseh’s Purpose In The Story

Witch stated in chapter 106 that their memories and the ships’ travel logs had been erased. Maybe one of the reason’s why Mashima chose Nasseh is so that he can awaken the crew’s “latent memories.” From Kleene’s traumatic past to the Shining Star’s time and experience travelling with Ziggy, to even Rebecca’s memories of travelling through the different timelines. Noah did impy that she moved through time a lot. Maybe Nasseh will show us all the times and even shed some light on what Xenolith was talking about in chapter 125. Visit my post for my personal theory on the matter. Nasseh could even end up revealing everyone’s memories from the other timelines. He could be one of the most important characters for the Future of the Story. Nasseh could potentially lead to a whole bunch of big story revelations if and when he interacts with the crew- which just makes this contest even Cooler. I mean; this is just really great.

I’ve noticed that whenever I talk about story potential; I kind of stop just short of explaining everything I talk about. I’m sorry for that;I just don’t want to end up taking to long on my posts. My computer is really old, so it shuts off at random times even though it’s connected to it’s charger 24/7. And the internet isn’t super good where I am, so I have a limited time before my posts stop saving. As such; I want to hurry and get these out so it’s not super long in between the chapter and the review. And for this; I’m really sorry. But hey; we can always talk in the comments, right?

Back to the chapter; we see that Shura is a little bit excited to confront his old master again. He places his finger on the cubic dice, and says “Do you even need to ask?” He crushes his father’s dice, and says with a zealed look: “I’m Gonna Squish Ziggy Like A Bug!!! He’ll Be A Beat Up Pile Of SCRAP METAL!!!!I don’t think he liked Ziggy’s teaching. He might have some sort of resentment towards authority. Because he always got whatever he wanted; he wasn’t used to hearing the word “No.” But then he had to listen to his father and Ziggy, who were the only people who could tell him “No.” As such; he wants the only people that can stand in his way Gone. And now is the “Golden Opportunity” to get rid of them both at once.

Also He’s A Psychopath.

We cut away from Shura’s ecstatic monologue over to the Edens Zero for the final portion of the chapter. We cut back to the inside of the meeting room, where Xenolith is continuing to explain things to Shiki regarding Ziggy. He claims that there was “A reason that Ziggy specifically targeted Foresta.” Happy asks if it was because there were so many machine’s on the planet, to which Xenolith replies “That’s part of it, but……” he pauses, and reveals “I suspect he was really after me.” Shiki jerks in shock, to which Hermit adds “If you really are Xenolith, then that is a possibility.” She so does not believe that this is Xenolith. I’m sure if and when he displays his power; she’ll at least believe that he’s strong. But I’m not sure that she’ll be by that this is THE Master Xenolith. She probably will.

Xenolith continues on to say “He(Ziggy) Fears Me.” Shiki thinks that it’s because he was once Ziggy’s teacher, but Xenolith feels that it may be more than that. “I’m an old, rundown machine now; I couldn’t hold a candle to Ziggy in his current state.” Keep in mind: Xenolith is over 500 Years Old. Even though chapter 125 showed us that he’s still got some fight left in him; he’s an old model- just like Nadia. And you know how old men are portrayed in anime: “If only I were a few years younger; this guy wouldn’t be a problem!” That is Every Single Anime Old Man’s Catchphrase- my hand to G0d. Or at least they say it a few times per a fight! At some point; you just kind of start to wonder if they’ve really gotten weaker in their old age, or if they’re dozens of times stronger than they were in their youth. Not like it’s a problem or anything- It’s just something I’ve noticed over my time as an anime fan.

But back to what I was saying; Xenolith may be able to put up a fight- but against a stronger, much more durable and somewhat younger machine; he’d be crushed like a tin can. So he speculates that the thing that Ziggy was probably afraid of was His and Shiki’s meeting. He was hoping to take Xenolith out before they met because he’s afraid that Xenolith will make Shiki Stronger than him. Hearing this; Shiki is put at a loss for words, as Xenolith tells him: “I Will Grant You My Power. Find Ziggy- And Defeat Him.” We see the 4 main players this time around- Shiki Granbell, Elsie Crimson, Poseidon Shura, and Ziggy preparing for the future- as Edens Zero Chapter 130 comes to an ominous END!!! I switched over to the regular site a little way through the post, just to let you know.

The Master- Pursued By His Students!!!

I don’t know if you guys could tell, but I adored this chapter- it blows last week’s chapter out of the water by a WIDE margin. That chapter was really good for emotional moments, but I like this chapter more for what it set’s up for the future. Between Shiki getting that training arc I’ve been talking about to finally seeing Nero and getting hints at what he can really do, to even his son being left to deal with his old master- it’s like Mashima wanted those Ether Gear contest winners to know just how much he’s excited to use these characters in his story. I’m also really excited to see these characters in action, and how they behave. As am I.

Knowing Mashima; his enjoyment in writing and drawing them will determine how relevant and how long they’ll be in the story. I got be honest; I’m probably hoping that Lyra sticks around in the story. Join the crew or just become a recurring villain- I just want to see more of her. MAN, this was a good chapter! But those are just my thoughts. I would love to know your thoughts down in the comments. That’ll be all from me for now, guys. Until the next post. Now if you’ll excuse me; I have a certain game of tag to play. Later!

Manga Chapter Review Dump Post #3- Stuff Went Wrong

Hello, everyone! I know: “YoU’rE dOiNg ThIs AgAiN?!” Yes; yes I am. Things on Friday when I usually start writing my post for the next week didn’t go so well. First; the internet at my place didn’t allow my computer to connect to it. So I had to wait for like an hour for it to get to work. THEN I had to talk about the new Edens Zero news over on my Facebook page(let me know if you want me to talk about it here), and then I just kind of got distracted in the awesome news for that series and how Absolutely F*cking Amazing this weeks Jump chapters are. So some of it is my own fault.

In fact; it might all be my fault. For one; it took me a while to calm down and continue reading the chapters. And then it took me a while to decide what to do in regards to review. Because no matter whatthese posts were going to be late. And I kept getting distracted, so i just decided to do another “Dump Post.” Plus I woke up late knowing that my computer would have trouble connecting after a certain time. Sorry if it sounds like I’m making excuses for why you’re getting less content. And sorry that this week is gonna be “lite” on content. I’ve been feeling a little “overworked” lately, anyway.

In any case; you know what this is: I’m just gonna summarize the manga chapters from this week. So let’s get on with the post, shall we?

One Piece Chapter 1004: “Millet Dumplings

In this week’s chapter of “One Piece;” we cut away from last week‘s cliff hanger that teased Kaido’s hybrid form to see what the rest of the battle field is like. Particularly that plan Tama teased us with in chapter 999. Yeah; we probably should have seen that one coming. Oda just loves to f*ck with us like that.

What would happen if he actually ate that much?

We learn in this chapter that Tama had her legion of mind controlled SMILE users(such as Speed, Gazielle Man from Bakura town, and even Udon Prison Vice Warden Daifugo) take her to Onigashima because no else would bring her along. On the way there; she made a whole lot of Kibi Dango balls and had her army pass them around the battlefield under the guise of it being one of Queen’s strength-boosting drugs. But in actuality; she’s recruiting more of the enemy into the Rebels ranks and weakening the enemy substantially. It’s something that everyone suspected was at least part of her plan. But what the “grand scope” is isn’t stated.

I should also point out that she only seems to be turning the SMILE users- which leads me to believe that her ability only works on artificial Zoan users and not actual Zoans. Which makes sense because SMILEs make you more “animal” than “Human” in a lot of cases.

We then cut away from Speed and the other’s doing that to see the Franky Shogun doing battle with Tobi Roppo Sasaki and his Armored Corps. It looks like Franky’s getting the best of his opponent- until the Armored Corp decides to intervene. And what’s more; it looks like Tama and the others are being chased by the enemy- but it turns out that was a trick to get Sasaki to let his guard down; they’re all being controlled by Tama and are helping to deal with Ulti and Page 1. Seeing as they’re now the enemy; Sasaki attacks them and disperses them with ease.

Just To Let You know that this week is gonna be a little but of a “Catch up” chapter

Ulti tries to attack Nami once again, but Nami gets her with “Thunder Lance Tempo.” However- due to the level of strength(and the fact that she’s an ancient Zoan user); Ulti is able to get back up and is more upset than ever. Both she and Page 1 are upset, in fact. So Usopp recruits some of the Armored Corp to their side with “Lethal Dango Star.” With them at their side; Tama, Nami, and Usopp charge on to do……..whatever the larger plan is beyond this. Based on what we’re seeing; it seems like Kaido is not the “goal” they have at the moment. Maybe they plan to get rid of King and Queen.

Seeing his former crew turn on him at the drop of a hat like that; Sasaki calls for them to stay steadfast and gets distracted- allowing Franky to strike him with “Franken Sword: V-For-Victory- Flash!!!” No clue on if that finished the fight, but it’s hefty damage. He’s an Ancient Zoan user, so he’s pretty durable. But he should be unconscious, if nothing else.

Sasaki SLASH!!!

We then end up cutting over to the Great Banquet hall on the 3rd floor of the castle to see Sanji captured in Black Mariah’s web. She taunts him for being incapable of doing much of anything against the women on this floor, and commands him to call for Nico Robin. She explains that they’re gonna “break all her limbs and dispose of her when they’re done.” Sanji- Furious– tells Black Mariah “Underestimate Nico Robin At Your Own Peril.” Which hints at something big for Robin chan later, which is always a good thing. But it also means that Sanji knows something that we- and likely the other Straw Hat’s- do not. That or he just has confidence in the women on his crew. Which is understandable.

As he says this; King gets on the comms and tells the Tobi Roppo where Law transported the Scabbards in chapter 1000. But Bao Huang warns them that there is a “mysterious tenth person” there with them. I wonder as to whom that person is? Looking at the silhouette; it’s more than likely Hiyori- here to tend to their wounds and then……..go off and do something else so they don’t get overly emotional during the battle? One Piece Will Be On Break Next Week. But of course. Considering everything Oda’s been giving us over the last few weeks; it’s not all that bad.

A Rather Feminine Design There, yeah?

My Hero Academia Chapter 301: “The Wrong Way To Put Out A Fire- Part 1

This week’s chapter of “My Hero Academia” is primarily a flashback chapter- focusing in on the Todoroki family’s life leading up to the supposed “death” of the eldest child of the family. As well as how this whole……….EVERYTHING started.

The Matriarch Returns……..

Where we last left off in the present; Rei- cleared to leave the mental hospital she had been commited to for several years now- returns to discuss their family. While elsewhere; the topic of discussion his planning his next move to torture his family.

This all leads to the long-awaited flashback in which we find out how this whole family was started: The up-and-coming Enji Todoroki went to meet with the Himura family- a prestigious and wealthy line- to discuss with them the arranged marriage with Rei. Enji looked as angry and determined as ever, while Rei………looked a little bit sad. “As if she were ice herself” as Enji put it. Probably because of the lack of control over her own life. But she bit her tongue and went along with it for the sake of her family. We also get the scene where Enji learns what her favorite flowers are. So there’s that.

Things happen and the first of their children is born. One day; Touya bothers his father about training- like he promised to do on his day off from Hero work. But his father snuffs him once again- telling him it’s “for his own good.” After getting the stink eye from his son; Enji meets with Rei at the doctors office to confirm Touya’s condition: “In regards to his quirk; he’s inherited a stronger fire-based quirk, but his body is dominated by his Mother’s genes.” They hear right from the doctor that Touya’s body isn’t suited for the heat- causing him to burn himself whenever he uses his quirk.

She’s just worried about you, bro!!

As a result; Fuyumi was born. But she also showed no aptitude for being a hero. All the while; the neglected Touya begins to become more resentful of his family- snapping when Fuyumi expressed concern over his well being. But his angered feelings would go on to be ignored by his father- who instead fell into despair over the path he ended up setting his own son on.

Rei tries to talk him down and remind him of Touya’s feelings. Endeavor replies that “No matter how much I try to tell him- He shows up with Burns everyday.” He laments that he ended up putting too much of his ambition onto Touya- making the boy as one-track-minded as his father. As such; he tries to get him to give up on being a Hero altogether. Thus- Natsuo. As another child was born- Touya’s anger and feelings of inadequacy begin to fester. At the same time; Endeavor’s own jealousy for All Might begins to twist and warp him to the Endeavor we met at the beginning of the story. All the while poor Rei is beginning to feel a little down- spiraling down the same path that led to…….that. Until………..Bouncing Baby Shoto Came Along.

When This Baby yelled out- Their Fates Were Sealed

I really like how Horikoshi structured this part of the chapter; the lack of dialogue lent to the visual storytelling motif he was trying to convey. How Endeavor, Rei, and Touya began down the path that would ultimately lead to who they become by the time the main story kicks off. Between Endeavor’s jealousy twisting him into the cold man we saw in the Sports Festival, to Touya slowly going crazy from the neglect of his father, to Rei slowly going crazy the more kids she has with Endeavor. And it ultimately culminated in the birth of the Baby Shoto. You can see it in all 3 of their faces- as the baby just cries out, not knowing what the H#ll went on to bring him into this life.

Back to the chapter; we end up seeing Touya walking through a nearby forest area- activating his quirk to his heart’s content and burning himself up in the process. As he begins to burn up; Touya shouts out “Look At Me……Look At Me…….” He comes home, showing his dad his burns and greatly worrying the whole family. Endeavor tries everything he can to get Touya to give up on this aspiration- for his own Good- even telling him to act like a “normal kid.” Kind of hypocritical coming from this Endeavor that’s telling him to “Look beyond all of this.” But whatever.Besides; the neglect + Endeavor’s original ambition being imprinted on him= One F*cked Up Kid.

He’s Lost It.

As Touya begins to heat up(and have a whole mental break down) inside the house; Rei yells for him to cool down. His siblings are left to watch as Touya heats up, and blames their father for what happens next by saying “Dad ignited it in me…..!! It won’t go away…..!! I can’t………Get It Out Of My Head!! LOOK AT ME!!!!!!!!!!!” Touya’s flames ignite, as he moves in to attack Shoto. Years later; he’d try this sh!t again. Rei laments that “The one in the most pain isn’t you- You weren’t the only one who refused to look at that child.Now that’s telling.

You could see it in her mental state that she was moving progressively further towards the Rei that burned Shoto, but it seems like Shoto wasn’t the only child she couldn’t bare to look at. Though in the case of Touya; it was either because she saw her Husband in him again, or because of the other “darkness” she saw swelling up in him. Either way; both of them might be to blame this time.

Black Clover Chapter 282: “Black Guardian

Asta’s Full Devil Form Revealed. If I were to make a whole post on this chapter alone, then that’s most likely how I would start it. Actually, considering the contents of the chapter; I might just put the image of the full form up and segway into the review like that. I might not even start with the opening page or some kind of cr@ppy opening paragraph. As a matter of fact– since it’s the “Main Event” of the chapter; I’ll just show you now and we’ll call it a day.

Remember A Time Where No One Like “Black Clover?”

Okay, I’m not seriously gonna end this part of the post with that but come on- THIS is F*cking AMAZING. We actually pick up where last week’s chapter left off: Black Asta and Chibi Liebe arrive just in the nick of time to stop the Ancient Demon’s Country-Destroying blast. Over in the Spade Kingdom; Yuno responds to Zenon’s earlier taunt by saying “Unfortunately- The Clover Kingdom Still Has That Guy.” Anyone willin’ to bet money that he’s talking about Damnatio? JK; Damnatio’s too busy being mesmerized by the power of a Devil.

Back over in the Clover Kingdom; Asta and Liebe display their “Devil Union” mode, and……….It’s awesome. It’s not the “Devil Fusion” I desired, but it’s even better than that. At least; in terms of the design I imagined. I like the concept of fusion more, because you can get some pretty interesting characters when you combine 2 different people’s personalities. But this is great. However- it has a similar drawback to what Black Asta had back in the Royal Knights Exam arc; he can only use this form 5 minutes right now(gotta nerf him somehow), so he’s gotta rap this up quick.

The Guardian Demon Of the Clover Kingdom Descends

The Ancient Demon motion his hand to attack, but Asta brings out his Black Divider and cleaves the Demon’s hand in half. Damantio is left absolutely speechless as a magicless commoner comes the aid of the one who only 6 months ago was ready to send him off to the gallows and be done with the situation- is now here to save him, and the rest of the Kingdom that shunned him for the same reason.

I think the thing that I like about this is what it represents for the series and for Asta. I mean; the parallel’s are clear: This is like when Pain invaded the Leaf Village and Naruto had to come in and rescue everyone. Is it gonna lead to Asta having an emotional moment with himself that leads to him realizing something important? Probably! Maybe learning about Licita, or just something about himself as a person- in the same way Naruto did at those falls. But that might just end up being straight up plagiarism.

Back to the chapter; we see the silhouette of Liebe looming over the Clover Kingdom- represent the titular “Black Guardian.” It represents that with Asta as Wizard King- they have their own “Guardian Deity-” or rather; “Guardian Devil.” Down below; we see people such as Scarlet and that whole group; the Hage Village Church kids; even Magic Knights like Sol and Kirsch begin to accept him. All the while Nebra and Solid get upset by being shown up by a “Mere Commoner.” But they all collectively chant “Go- ASTA!!!!!!.” And 1 2 3- The Ancient Demon Is Vanquished- head slashed off by a Magicless Muscle Runt.

Is This why last week’s chapter was incomplete?

With the Ancient Demon defeated and the Clover Kingdom; Gilmedelo urges Asta to get over to the Spade Kingdom before Nacht……..

This arc is reminding me of the Pain Invasion stuff- but more stretched out a lot more impactful for the world of “Black Clover.” For one; Asta just used the Devil power that was once spurred to save everyone- thus gaining their love and trust in the same way Naruto did years ago. But it also functions as a parallel to Lumiere and what he did to defeat Licht 500 years ago. And seeing as Julius’ secret is out; they’re going to need a New Wizard King. But not Asta- just yet.


Well guys; that’s all 3 chapters for this week. I know I probably said more for My Hero Academia and Black Clover than I did for One Piece. But I feel like if these were to be the full on “Analysis Discussion” that I usually do, then One Piece might just end up being the shortest. My Hero would have to be the longest- simply because there was A LOT to talk about with this week’s chapter. I might have had to post that Friday of Next Week.

Horikoshi’s Art Work From The Art Exhibition Going On right now.

All in all; I think my favorite chapter from these 3 would definitely have to be Black Clover, with My Hero as second. Unfortunately; that puts the legendary One Piece in last place. But that doesn’t mean it was a “Bad chapter;” I just liked the other 2 more. But that’s just me. Let me know your own thoughts in the comments. That’s all I got for you beautiful people today. Until the next post, everyone- Later!

Tears Of Goodbye And Tears Of Joy! Edens Zero Chapter 129 BREAKDOWN

Hello, all you beautiful people out there in internet land! Man; wasn’t the Foresta arc amazing? But alas; all arcs must come to an end eventually. We got characters meeting up,setting up conflicts and conversations for the future of the story; hints at the future of the story; and amazing fights to look forward to in the anime. This week, though, in loo of cool action; we get more character interactions, revelations, and just in general a nice, calming chapter. Which is always nice to have. I hope you’re ready, too; this is going to be a very “dialogue heavy” chapter- and you guys know what I do with my dialogue heavy chapters! Here we go; Edens Zero Chapter 129: “So We Can Smile Brighter.” Let’s do this thing. Also, just to let you know; the full chapter came out earlier than usual, so I’m using that site this weeks instead of the usual.

The Rutherfords- A Tragic Tale With A……Well; It Hasn’t Ended Yet.

This weeks cover page is a unique one. Instead of giving us a funny little “Look what these guys do while they’re on the ship” or just a random thing that happened at some point in the past(or a fan service cover); we get to see a much more…….emotional cover page. It depicts Kleene as unconscious in an etherial plan(naked) with her borther standing in front of her- raring to combat anyone who wants to mess with his sister. He’s lacking his signature scarf, but……..I feel like that’s still his mercenary suit. If for no other reason than it doesn’t look like the jumpsuit they were when going into combat on the ship. I don’t know if he’s gonna continue to do the “Merc for hire” thing because- like I said in last weeks review- if Kleene wants him to stay; he’ll stay however begrudgingly. So it’s like…………we’ll most likely get to that at the end of the review. Because this could also tie into what Justice is using as an excuse to chase after them.

Rather than pick up with where Rebecca ended last weeks chapter; we open this week with the ship still in Foresta’s atmosphere. Smoke is still coming off the planet from the numerous Forest Fires and the Doomsday System and the Drones that came after them and of course all the Fighting. A lot went down on this planet is the point- far too many for me to link to. I don’t really need the numerous links to chapter’s you’ve all been reading- I just need to them prove certain points. But when it comes to just talking about stuff that went on; you’ve been reading along long enough to know what I’m talking about. I won’t link unless it’s important from now on. Because even I find that sh!t to get annoying sometimes. And I’m the one doing it!

A Call From Big Sis Elsie

Anyway, back to the chapter. We see that Shiki and the others are in the meeting room- on call with Elsie. Oh; big sis was worried about her little bro-bro. I’m serious; it’s like Elsie is Shiki’s older sister- at least the way I see it. It’s a neat little thing that I like. And I hope to see more moments of these essentially foster siblings together in the future.

She called to check on them, and seeing as they seem to to okay now; Elsie says “I see all of us made it back to our ships.” I should say: Elsie is low key mummified right now. Bandages all over her head and eye and everywhere. Especially around the area where she and Justice stabbed each other. See there? No link. Seeing here all banadaged up like that; Shiki can’t help but to ask “You were hurt- Are you okay?” Elsies responds that “Our ship is equipped with the latest in medical technology. What about you lot?” He responds “We have Sister, so we’re fine.” Not to compete, but……Sister’s probably better. At least; I would like to be treated by Sister because…….she’s hot. That ties into my brother’s problem when it comes to Nun’s in anime, but I don’t really care all that much. Let’s move on; I’m just needlessly padding these things out.

Homura interjects- speaking to Hyoga and Gowen “You have saved us.” Gowen blushingly responds “…….F-forget it…….” Hyoga replies that they’re just glad to see them alright. Rebecca speaks up in regards to a certain Oracion Seis Interstelar member: “Still……that ‘Justice‘- I can’t believe anyone could give you such a hard time……” Shiki adds that he’s “Ridiculously strong.” And Boy does he know it! Wow; I don’t think Shiki’s ever lost a fight quite that bad before. Or………okay; he lost against Drakken pretty darn hard in World 29, but I wouldn’t call that whole thing a mere “fight.” That was a conflict- 1 factions versus another. That was a “fight-” “Mano a Mano” as it were. And it terms of those; Shiki hasn’t caught an @$$whoopin’. A loss or 2, but not a massacre.

Pino says “He’s part of the Interstellar Union Army Special Forces: Oracion Seis Interstelar.” Happy asks if they’re a “big deal.” I wonder about that, Happy.

Supposedly” She Says…………

Elsie explains to them what she knows about the Oracion Seis Interstelar: “I would say so. The 6 of them are in a class of their own- even within the Government. Their power rivals even that of the Oracion Seis Galactica(Supposedly).” I like how she sneaks in the “supposedly” line at the end there like Justice hadn’t given her a problem in their Dragon Ball style death match. And I like how she’s essentially shirtless and in bedroom slippers during this call. So casual about a lot of things. All the while; Shiki can’t help but say “…….Awesome” to hearing what he just heard. I don’t know if he’s thinking “Cool” awesome or “Bad” awesome. Is he excited to fight Justice again? Or is he a bit worried about it? Maybe both- he is a Shonen protagonist. He could like fighting to some extent like some older protags like Goku and Luffy, or he only sees fighting as necessary when he has to protect his friends- like Denji or Yuji.

Gowen speaks up, saying “I guess they’re a helpful bunch for ‘normal, law-abiding’ space voyagers,” and Hyoga asks “But to us– they’re a load of trouble.One would imagine- for Shiki and the crew; they might end up being a problem if they run into Justice again. I doubt that the rest of the Interstelar cares all that much. This is more “Justice’s vendetta.” Honestly; I don’t think the rest of Interstelar is as mean and obsessive as Justice. As such; Elsie apologizes them: “It’s my fault they singled you out as enemies- I’m truly sorry.” Shiki tells her “We’re not worried about it” with a big ol’ grin on his face, so Elsie segway’s to the next problem at hand: Ziggy. She says “We will continue our pursuit of Ziggy. It seems we were right- He did come to the Aoi Cosmos.” And with that; she signs off- leave Shiki to think about what to do next.

Say What Now……?

When Elsie signs off; we see in the background Weisz and Laguna up against the wall. Laguna is seen to sweat, as he asks them “…….So you guys know Elsie?” Rebecca nervously replies that “It’s…….a long story.I’d certainly say so. I mean; there was the little “half joke” she made about selling them all off on Guilst and such. “Half joke,” remember that? Laguna then replies “Now I see why you would pick a fight with Drakken…….” He’s thinking that they were only able to fight against Drakken because they had the Elsie backing them up. But Weisz refutes this claim by saying “That has nothing to do with it. That fight was our fight.” Like I said a review or 2 ago; they’re not exactly “friends,” but Weisz is much more accepting of him than before. Or……..more tolerating of him would probably be right word for it.

Hearing this; laguna realizes “Good point- you could have teamed up(with Elsie) against him, but you didn’t……………I don’t get you people.Isn’t that just funny? Although I feel like there’s this “unspoken rule” amongst Galactica that none of them can get involved in the other’s business. So I doubt that Elsie could have helped them even though she’d want to. I imagine that’s probably a good way to get you booted out of Galactica. But in any case; Laguna’s taunt prompts Weisz to comically yell “HOW LONG ARE YOU GONNA BE ON THIS SHIP, ANYWAY?!” Laguna says nothing as he walks away. Rather; he thinks about the answer to this question. And it. is. Important. Like…….let’s……actually talk about what he says first.

Okay Then!!

As he walks away from the meeting room; Laguna Husert thinks to himself “……Until I accomplish my goal. Until then; I’ll just keep ‘playing my part-‘ the part of a ‘man who has no goal.'” CURIOUS!! So simply “finding a planet to live on peacefully” is not his true ambition. Or at the very least; not his main goal. I definitely think that that might just be part of it. But more than that; he’s after something. Or perhaps- he’s already at his destination. I think that he might be working for someone right now. Perhaps someone big. I had this mini-theory that he was working for a different branch of the GIA(the Aoi Cosmos Branch, perhaps?), but there’s been no evidence as to him being a secret agent. I more or less just said that to explain how Amira made the witch with Labila without anyone having noticed. But the more I think about it; the more that theory just starts to fall apart.

But something that I did just think of is the idea that he wants to defeat Nero. Maybe his origins are routed in the Aoi Cosmos, and he left when Nero took power. And now that he’s met some insanely strong people; he might be planning to “use them” as his pawns to defeat Nero. Loose, off-the-cuff theory(can’t even really call it a theory), but it’s the best I got. Laguna is a man shrouded in mystery.

Laguna’s True Goal…….?

Back to the chapter; we cut over the “Edens Kitchen” part of the ship- where we see Couchpo chowing down. Yeah; shoulda seen that coming. She’s eatin’ and eatin’ and eatin’ and then sees sitting across from her none other than Moscoy. When she sees him; she can’t help but ask “WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!” Moscoy is also partaking of food as he says “Amorscoy!!!Ah~………..Mashima, you mad man. So……..Couchpo still sees him as an enemy because of his role in she and several dozens of B Cuber’s being kidnapped and taken to Guilst. But Moscoy refutes this claim. My guy- she saw your face. Just admit to being “corrupted” and I’m sure she’ll forgive you. In fact……..

Couchpo just ignores it, and tells him to “Eat up.” As such; Moscoy begins to devour more and more food. Seeing her former captor taking in food in the same fashion as herself; she begins to warm up to Moscoy by saying “Oh! I like the way you chow down! Keep it up; no one who loves food can be bad!!” That was quick. Quite honestly; I don’t what to say about this. It’s not like it serves no purpose to the story- I think this is just to “clear the air” between these 2 because………..let’s not kid ourselves; Couchpo is probably joining the crew. So it’s just good for these 2 to make sure everything is “okay.” Plus, it probably doesn’t take much to get on Couchpo’s good side. Make her good food; I’d bet she’d say “yes” if you ask her to marry you.

Translation:I hope we have enough food on board.

As the 2 engorge themselves on the ship’s food; Witch is left to say “Treating our kitchen as if it were her own home- Lady Couchpo is a force to be reckoned with.” In short, though she won’t outright say it- she’s worried if the food supply will be able last them. It again makes me wonder where they get things like fuel, food, fabric for clothing, money to pay for all of that- Where does it all come from? I wouldn’t necessarily mind if we had a whole little mini-arc dealing with stuff like that, but…….just don’t dwell on it too much. But the fact that Witch is having a reaction to shenanigans means something. Maybe that’s the point of this scene.

Off to the side; Witch sees the little girl Rebecca saved from that town- who’s name is revealed in this chapter to be “Aruna-” eating and crying all by herself. Witch walks over to her, and asks her “Aren’t you hungry?” Aruna sniffles, and simply tells her “………I asked that girl(Rebecca)…….and her friends……..to show me where Miimi died……..” She is again referring to the little bird that Mora destroyed when Commando Team Beast first came to this planet. I guess Rebecca and the others took her to bury Miimi- something that………I honestly would have liked to see. For……..for personal reasons. It’s like; I kind of get how this feels because I lost someone important to me just last year. So it’s like; I would have liked to see this girl bury her friend for “closure” purposes. 

Ah, Witch- You have such a way of comforting people………

Aruna pulls out her phone, and looks at a picture of her an Miimi- happily together. Witch asks if Miimi was her friend, to which she shakes her head yes. She looks down at the picture of Miimi in her arms, and tells Witch “…..I…….don’t have a mom or dad……….Miimi was my only family…….Sound familiar, anyone? This is a parallel to Rebecca’s origin story in chapter 2. A girl- orphaned an on the street- finds a animal friend that lives with her. The only difference I’m seeing thus far is that Happy was turned into a machine by Pr Weisz, while Miimi seems to have always been a machine.

Other than that, though; it’s pretty much the same thing. Even down to someone saving her from a situation. And I think that implies a few more things. Like what Xenolith said in chapter 125 in regards to what “the power of gravity” is: “Gravity is ‘the weight of your heart.’ It will sometimes make other’s ‘hearts fall into you.’ Or sometimes attract a young woman from the future.” The “heart” matter is shown in the events of the phenomenal chapter 98, and the other part I think refers to Rebecca- connecting to the final page in chapter 4. But now; I’m starting to think that what wasn’t the only person Xenolith was referring to. Maybe he was also referring to Aruna. In fact; it might make more sense for him to be referring to someone else since he doesn’t even know who Rebecca is. But nothing is concrete.

Back to the chapter; Witch tries to relate to Aruna- by telling her a certain story: “Lady Aruna– we……recently lost a friend, too. It made us very sad, and we miss her very much. We desperately wish to see her again.” And then you just see an image of Valkyrie in one panel when she talks. It’s…….it’s reminding us of what happened to Valkyrie. But Witch continues on to say “We cried lots of tears- just like you. But if we never stop crying, then we make our friends in Heaven sad.” Aruna- the dear, sweet, innocent child she is- asks Witch “Miimi was a robot. Can Robot’s go to Heaven?” I Should Clarify: She’s not saying this in the “condescending villain” way that we get from characters such as Mora. She’s more “Huh? Robots can go to Heaven?” A cute, curious type of way.

“Motherly love”

Witch replies “Yes- our friend was a robot, too. So after you’ve cried all your tears; please smile as much as you can.” I assume that ties into something from earlier in the story- but I’m completely blanking on what it’s referring to. But I can sum this up pretty well.

Witch is telling Aruna that if she stays sad forever, then Miimi will be sad up in heaven, too. She wants for Miimi to cry for now- to “get it all out” at this moment. And when she’s done; she wants Aruna to smile for twice as long- because seeing her smile will make Miimi happy. It’s like; she’s telling her to cry so she won’t be sad anymore. Or something like that. And the reason it would make Miimi happy- as Witch states- is because “True friends wish for each other’s happiness- no matter how far away they may be.And I am willing to bet that Heaven is……..in a whole other place that I don’t even want to get into. Especially in a Space series. I wouldn’t even BEGIN to know what “Space heaven” is like. But Witch tells her “If it will help you to smile more later, then you may cry all you want now.” Aruna begins to let it out, and Witch holds her close as she does.

We cut away from this touching moment over to the Meeting room. Inside; we see the still-shut-down Xenolith sitting against the wall. Hearing the explanation of who this is from Shiki; Hermit becomes sceptical: “Xenolith?!??! You mean The……. Master Xenolith of the Heavenly Knights Of The Dancing Sakura?!” She begins to refute the idea that this person is THE Master Xenolith from the “Dark Ages.” Even accusing this machine of simply “using the name.” Hermit claims that there’s no way he could still be alive. Shiki responds “That’s why he’s a robot now.” Burn on you, Hermy.

………….Okay; now this is happening……..

Shiki continues to say that he suddenly “shut down-” which did happen. But Hermit asks “And that’s the reason you brought him here?” Is it just me, or is she not happy that Shiki brought a mysterious machine on board the ship? I mean; granted- Shiki doesn’t know everything about this guy. Honestly, for all he knows; this could just be some faker. So she’s not entirely unjustified in her reaction. Even so; Homura interjects that “Well……..we could not very well just leave him there.” And Rebecca adds that “The ground was kind of blowing up all around us. It was bad.” I would think she’drealize that considering she was the one that had to stop it.

Happy and Pino walk up to up to Xenolith, and Happy says that he’s “obviously beat up,” and Pino adds that she’s not getting any ether readings from him. But Shiki speaks up again, stating “He used the same move as me- and really strong version of it.” He is of course referring to the epic “Gravity Center” that momentarily stopped all the fighting on the planet. Everyone on Foresta at the time probably felt it, but didn’t exactly know what it was. So that’s evidence that this guy is at least strong. But not that it’s the Master Xenolith. And then…….a sound. A noise comes from Xenolith’s body, saying “Download Complete.” With that; his eyes begin to glow again, and 1 2 3- Xenolith is up and crane-kickin’!to the surprise of everyone around him.

Okay, Now THIS Is A Thing.

After thoroughly shocking everyone currently in the meeting room; Xenolith looks around quickly and asks “Huh? Where am I?…….Oh! You survived the ‘Doomsday System,’ eh? Well Done, Boy!!” He then looks over at Rebecca and Homura with…….“less than pure” eyes and intentions, as he moves his hand up in a “cupping” position, and says “Oooooooooh!!! And here we have some Fresh Little Fillies!!Okay; pervy boob fondle time incoming. Rebecca and Homura can see it coming to- just make peace with it, ladies.

At this point; Shiki is………pretty darn confused. Not only did this person who just passed out get up like nothing ever happened, but he’s acting……..less dignified that he was when they first met. Like; drastically different. Seeing Shiki so confused; Xenolith explains what happened: “The way things were going; I, too, was in danger of being infected with that virus. So I temporarily all my personality data into cloud storage.” Alright, I think I get it. He was afraid that being a robot would start to mess with his mind and the virus would get to him. Which might be more evident in how he was acting there to how he’s acting now. This “silly lecher” is the real Xenolith, and the one that was all kinds of serious was him starting to succumb to the effects of Muller’s virus. So to prevent himself from completely giving in; he had his everything in regards to his mentality- personality, memory, thoughts, and more- put in the cloud. And when the crisis was averted; he began to download it back. Sneaky- even if I don’t entirely understand it myself.

Hermit asks the strange robot “And…….Who are you?” Xenolith- steadfast in who he is- asks “Didn’t the boy tell you?” It’s of little concern whether they believe that he’s Xenolith or not- as he has a much more urgent matter to deal with, and needs Shiki for it. He points at Shiki, and tells him “The Truth Is- I made contact because I have favor to ask you. Apprentice of Ziggy- This is something only you can do.Now THAT’S A point of Interest!!!

Xenolith’s Request

I wonder what this could be? It’s more than likely something that concerns the other 2 big Gravity users out there right now: Shura and/or Ziggy. I feel like it would be a bit too “easy” to just say that he wants Shiki to do something about Ziggy. Although……..it’s entirely possible that he’ll explain what “Dark Gravity” is and what Shiki can do about it. And the reason why “only he” can do it is because he’s the only other “Good” gravity user, or because he’s Ziggy’s “apprentice” in specific. It’s………most likely that now that I break it down. Though it could pertain to Shura. No; it’s about Ziggy. Never mind.

As Xenolith is about to tell Shiki something crucial; we cut over to the Medical room(Sister’s room) for the final part of the chapter. Or, more accurately; the waiting area. We see a distrot Kris sitting on a bench- worried for his sister’s health and holding his face in his hand. Weisz walks up to him(I speculated on this last week), and sits beside him. Kris seems to be uninterested in anything Weisz has to say(not even reacting when he comes by) until Weisz admits “………I ran into a wack job scientist at the server. He told me about you…………That catches Kris’ attention. He looks at Weisz with an anxious expression, saying “No…..!!! MULLER was there?!!?! Is THAT why Kleene….?!?!!” Weisz simply responds “Well…..you’ve both had your share of grief.” I guess he’s trying to say that Kris was also through a tough ordeal. So he should worry about himself at least a little.

Kris replies “THAT’S NONE OR YOUR BUSINESS!!! Where’s Muller?! I’ll Deal With Him MYSELF!!!Like. I. Predicted. Kris still has a sore spot for what that b@stard did to Kleene(and himself to a lesser extent), so he wants to go in and get his own payback. And I can guarantee you that Kris has had assassination missions as a Mercenary before. He ain’t afraid to cap a n!gg@. A problem that might come into play in regards to how the crew do things, but………I doubt they give a f*ck about friends pasts. In any case; Weisz tells him “We blew him to bits.” And then Kris just gives him this…….this look.

Awkward Apology Is Awkward

It’s not a look that says “How Dare You Take Away My Chance For Revenge,” but it’s also not the look you would give someone who got rid of your childhood tormentor. It’s a look that’s just genuinely confused. And I imagine he’s a little bit confused by the fact that Weisz did that- or that he’s even talking to him right now, considering the rather cold reception they got when they boarded the ship. Or more like confused that this guy had the………. “strength of character” we’ll call it, to do something like that. Even though he didn’t actually kill him. I thin Weisz is doing this kind of “vague wording” purposefully to prevent Kris from going after Muller. Obviously not for Muller‘s sake, but to prevent Kris from “crossing a line-” unaware that he’s possibly already crossed it. It’s like…….a whole thing.

Back to the chapter; we see Weisz trying his best to apologize to them for the cold reception. He’s all awkward with it like “So……..I know I’ve been kind of hard on you guys…….but I guess………you’ve been through a lot…………” And Jinn just sits there like “………” Awkward apology is Always Awkward. It’s like; neither of them have ever been in a situation like this before, so they don’t exactly know what to do. Fortunately for them; a distraction comes along: Sister exits the Medical Room. She exhales with relief, as an anxious Kris stands up and frantically asks “How is Kleene?!??!” She looks over at him- smirking. She tells him “See For Yourself.” He dashes inside, yelling for his sister to respond.

The former Element 4 member speaks up while looking away from her brother, saying “Brother- I was……..sick for a long time. My Heart Was In Darkness- I couldn’t show my emotions very well. But now the sun is out…….In My Heart.” She turns around to display………..A Beautiful Smile. As she says “It Feels Nice- Like A Gentle Breeze.

Kleene Rutherford- Happy At Last.

When Kleene turns around to show her brother her amazing smile; Kris can’t but looks at her with this……….this floored expression. Like it had been a long time since he had seen his sister smile like this. He almost looks like a kid looking a chocolate cake with cookies on it. Just……absolutely stunned. And it looks like now we’re gonna get to see what she’s really like. From all the stuff that happened with her fight against Homura in World 29; we can gather that she has a rather “crude” sense of humor, and her she seems to know how to relax in comparison to her brother. Though I also think she can be a bit manipulative, based on the how she manipulated Kris into forgiving Homura at Dragonfall. I’m super curious to see how she acts now that her mental state is conducive to allowing her to emote correctly. It’s……I feel like we should get a chapter with just these guys hanging out on the ship. Just them doing whatever in between planets.

In any case; Weisz asks Sister what she did to make her better. Sister explains that she erased 2 specific memories: The one where she and Kris were held captive by Muller, and the one where they were rescued by Drakken’s debt collectors. Hold up; so you mean Drakken’s debt collectors took them in? Does this mean that Muller owed Drakken money and they were taken as……..collateral? Payment? Probably payment. Or is it that they were taken in because their family had dealings with the Dark Alchemist? And when Muller killed their parents; the kids were taken in to pay off their debt. It’s not like that’s impossible. It’s not like it’s “out of character” for Drakken. Maybe he loaned them money to get them started, and they started a business from there. And they were paying off their debt in intervals until Muller broke out of prison. I see what your doing here, Mashima. “Everything’s connected,” is the name of the game, huh?

Weisz even points out how weird it is, saying “Drakken Saved Them?” He finds it weird that the person who killed his mom would take in a couple of kids like that without………Oh, I get it now. He must have also needed one of them to become the “Element Of Wind” for the Element 4. If you’ll recall; Laguna explained in chapter 110 that Drakken needed the Masters of the 4 elements to help stabilize his Ether. Maybe part of the payment was using Kleene as the Element of Wind to stabilize himself, and Jinn had to work as a Mercenary to pay off the rest.

The Element 4 Explained.

That potentially explains why Kleene was working for Drakken, but what of the other 3? Laguna hinted at having an a “grander ambition” earlier in the chapter. Maybe Drakken was the only way he saw at that particular time that would allow him to achieve that goal. But now that Drakken’s gone; who better to help him achieve his goal that the people who defeated his former boss? As for Fie and Daichi- they’re just crazy. Daichi just wanted to torture people, and Fie just wanted to kill some people. At least; until we see otherwise. I don’t really think we’ve seen the last of those 2 just yet.

Back to the chapter; Kris is………absolutely Shaking with joy that his sister is well again. Kleene speaks again “You promised me, brother- You promised that you would find a woman named ‘Sister,’ and you did.” She smiles at Sister, who just gives them a smug little smirk. Like “Heh heh heh…….” And with her healed; Kris looks up- tears of joy so vast that even the normally stoic, distant mercenary can’t hold them back- and tells his sister “Kleene………..I’m………So Glad You Pulled Through……..” Kleene responds that she’s “glad to be back,” as Edens Zero Chapter 129 comes to a happy END!!

To balance the sad- a Happy Smile!

I vastly enjoyed this chapter- maybe a little more than I probably should. I like what this chapter sets up for Shiki and Laguna, as well as continuing to increase the size of the crew. Come on; Aruna is joining. No family to go back to; no home to call her own; nice people who can be her family; she’s JOINING them. Kleene wants to stay, and more than likely wants Kris to stay. And Couchpo is plausibly joining the crew, too. So the crew is ever growing. As for the chapter itself; I like how Mashima balanced Aruna’s sad tears with Kris’ happy tears- it makes this chapter feel “bitter sweet.” Which is honestly the vibe I got from the Foresta arc itself.

Speaking of: What happened to the Relic? The whole reason the Crew of Edens came to this planet was because the Mother Ether in Shiki’s water adaptation lacrima guided them to this planet because there’s another relic here that contains Mother Ether. But then This Whole D@mn Arc happened, and that just kind of fell to the wayside. On the bright side; they still haven’t left the planet yet. So they might not have completely forgotten about it. I guess we’ll figure everything out- as “Edens Zero” CONTINUES!! Until the next post my lovely friends- I’ll catch ya later, gators. Buh-bye, everyone!