The ORIGINAL Demon King! Edens Zero Chapter 101 BREAKDOWN

Welp; we’re in the triple digits from here on out! A hundred and 1 already……and anime in the works…….and it’s selling better than ever. It’s honestly a great time to be a fan of “Edens Zero!” Unfortunately; I cannot use pictures still. Which sucks even more because this chapter has 2 images that I REALLY wanted to use. Oh well; still got to do this! Edens Zero Chapter 101: “Singularity.” I think this more refers to “solitude” than something to do with gravity or anything. Although~…………Nah; still think it’s more about solitude.

The chapter’s cover page is the 11th character file. It’s about Connor– only he’s pixellated and looks like a video feed breaking up. And this is because Pino forgot him from World 29. World 30 Pino believes that he existed, but can’t seem to remember. And all his information is is just a question mark:

  • Name: ?
  • Powers: ?
  • Element: ?
  • Likes: ?
  • Dislikes: ?
  • Attack: ?
  • Defense: ?
  • Marksmanship: ?
  • Ether Power: ?
  • Intelligence: ?
  • Captain: ?

From what Pino can remember; he’s a good pilot(steered the ship through a debris field), kind of a pervert, and taught her “Burble Burble Burble.” I believe that Hermit said not to use words like that, yeah?

We open the chapter on where it a~ll began: The Planet Granbell. Pino is excited to see her masters homewolrd, and begins recording the scenery. You know; robot stuff. She says a lot of things robots would do. Weisz is trying to keep her from running off too far- based on what Shiki and Rebecca told them about Granbell. Rebecca is similarly worried about the Granbell robots; last time she was here, she and Happy got tied up and were almost burned to death. Shiki, however, has a plan for if that happens. Yeah; Shiki! The Plan: “Run Away At Full Speed!” He tells everyone not to hurt them s they run. Also; Witch and Sister stayed behind on the ship to do a few system’s checks. Which leads into Weisz asking about their origins.

Hermit says that she and the other Shining Stars were built by Ziggy himself on Granbell. And then they went out on Ziggy’s quest to find Mother- until they found Shiki and they turned back around. However; Hermit can’t remember precisely where Shiki was found. This is because their memories of “outer space” were erased- likely by Ziggy. For what reason is unknown, but she thinks it would have been on purpose. My line of thinking: Ziggy wanted Shiki to get the Edens Zero anyway. But he didn’t want him having “cheat codes.” So their minds were wiped of “what lies beyond.”

Weisz starts to tease Shiki about his origin, but Shiki isn’t too concerned with where he came from. As far as he’s concerned; his home is the Planet Granbell in the Sakura Cosmos! It’s not like it would change the fact that the Granbell robots raised him-which makes the next part heartbreaking.

Pino screams “Look!” and they are treated to a most unfortunate sight: The bodies of the Granbell machines. Shiki looks all around him; Mithra, Annie, John, Sir Castella, Michael- every last bot in the Kingdom- lifeless. Hermit examines them, deducing that they’ve run out of the ether they used to function. What’s more; her scans show that they were not afflicted with any sort of virus- despite Rebecca and Happy’s persistence. She she taps into one of their logs to find out what happened. And it is revealed to them: It was all a lie.

The FULL Story: Ziggy gathered up all of the Granbell robots and said to them “Our lives will only last a few more years. We machines can no longer avoid this fate. Please….before that time… Shiki to Reach The Skies.” A conclusion to the flashback we got in chapter 1. Plus more. Castellan: “But what are we to do? Without the great power of the Demon King- we lack the technology to build a spaceship, or any way to contact other worlds.” With that said; they come to the conclusion that they’ll have to last until someone comes to Granbell(that person just so happened to be Rebecca). Castellan warns not to neglect repairs.

Cutting forward to chapter 1; Sir Castellan receives word from them about Rebecca’s arrival. So he gets in contact with all the robots(the blank stairs they gave as Rebecca and happy went up to bed). He tells them that the “plan” goes into motion tomorrow morning. Shiki finally sees the truth as to why his friends turned on him- to save him. He even sees the bots final moments of activity- ad it tears him up inside. Man; just one emotional Shiki moment after another lately, huh? That said; this is starting to remind me of Dragon Ball.

Like; Shiki and Ziggy are like Goku and Grandpa Gohan. Shiki is very similar to Goku in that he was initially super strong, but gets stronger throughout the course of the series. Shiki and Rebecca’s relationship is like a mirror of Goku and Bulma’s; “A chance meeting that ends up being the thing that saves the Universe.” It’s a good homage to the grandfather of modern shonen battle manga, and my absolute favorite anything in existence.

Anyway; Rebecca and Happy take it all in- as Shiki begins to cry “You’re kidding………right, guys*SOB HICK SOB*?” Weisz and Homura aren’t as……”reactive” we’ll say. They talk with each other, but not much beyond that. As for Pino; she’s just concerned for her master. But the thing that breaks him out of his disillusionment: Demon King Ziggy has returned. He silently walks up behind them-torn and damaged from years of inactivity. And then he says “Rest in peace, ye noble bots.” Shiki turns to see his Grandpa- standing as if he never stopped. However; he’s covered in moss, and his cape is torn- and he’s missing a horn. Gotta to be honest: His legs caught me off guard. They look like springs if anything.

Shiki turns around in shock, and Hermit is overjoyed. Everyone else is just confused; Rebecca doesn’t know what to make of the information she’s received in the last 5 minutes- not to mention the bot she had always heard was dead is moving about. Weisz is similarly confused- as is Homura. Nevertheless; Shiki’s supremely happy to see his grandfather. And just when you think you’re in for a Shiki giving his grandpa a great big bear hug like Goku did to Gohan-the rug’s been ripped out from under you. Shiki runs to hug him, but Ziggy lifts his hand- and the entire ground around himself and the crew begins breaking apart. And they can’t even react right because the intensity of Ziggy’s gravity is holding the to their individual pieces of rubble! But the Granbot bodies are falling into the crevis’.

When Shiki tries to stand against him; Ziggy squishes him back into the dirt. He speaks once more: “Shiki….I was wrong.” Shiki raises his head only to hear one of the most heart piercing line he could ever hear: “I never should have raised you or sent you to the sky.” Like the Granbots; he’s spouting off “What foolish, ugly creatures humans are.” He says this whilst grinning. Now……….I don’t think this is serious. My theory is that he he’s trying to test what Shiki can do at his current level. Then he’s gonna say something like “Not bad,” and then admit that this was just a test. As for why he was powered down……..maybe he was faking. Maybe he shut off to save energy, and awakened to see his grandson off on his adventure- and say goodbye, based on the title of next chapter. Of course they don’t know it’s a test, so they’ll take it seriously. And like they said in volumes 2 and 3: “The Demon King is always the Final Boss.” So this will be Shiki’s last test before leaving the Sakura Cosmos.

Hermit calls out “They’re NOT!! Humans come in all kinds- just like bots!! You can’t assume they’re ALL Evil!!!” His voices fall on deaf ears; he simply replies “Of course-There are humans I can use.” And down from the sky comes the War Ship- EDENS ONE. As the ship begins it’s landing; a voice calls out “Now is the Age of Mechanical Life Forms. We will rule over all mankind.” The crew looks up as one of their biggest challenges yet comes before them. And Pino gets the shock of her life: “Pino…….You Belong With Us.” Edens Zero Chapter 101 END! To Be Continued In Chapter 102: “Time To Say Goodbye.”

Like I said; I think Ziggy’s just testing Shiki’s strength. I imagine he had his body “modified” to wake up when Shiki reached the full power of his Ether Gear. “But what guarantee did he have that Shiki was gonna come back to Granbell?” you might ask. It’s Shiki; not that complicated or hard to read. I don’t expect this to bee too long. Based on the title of the next chapter; it might be a one chapter fight, and then the emotional goodbyes and reunion with Connor, then off to the Dragon Falls! And then- to the NEXT part of the Universe! I don’t know what that part is, but I can guarantee that this is gonna be exciting!

That’s all for now, folks. Catch ya later, tail gators!

The Demon King-DEFEATED?! Black Clover Chapter 256 BREAKDOWN

You wanna know something great? The last “Black Clover” review got 2 reactions! People are starting to recognize this series greatness! I’ve often said that this series and it’s counterpart My Hero Academia alternate between my 3rd favorite series- with this one taking over as 3rd most of the time. I love this series- the characters, the art- I love it all! So the fact that it’s getting the recognition it deserves makes me even more excited to talk about it! Now let’s see how many post this one gets! Black Clover Chapter 256: “A Captain’s Duty.”

The chapter opens with the sky going dark- as Dante begins “Full Power” in his pursuit of Yami. The pure evil mana in the air right now makes the other Black Bulls quake in their boots. Finral is debating on whether or not to go and get another Captain to aid Yami- but he feels that if he moves even one step out of place- He will be eradicated. We cut from his scared demeanor to see Dante- 80% Devil Power. Which, for a Devil Possessed Human, is 100% See; the possessed share their power with their Devil. And as long as this symbiosis exists; the Devil Possessed can’t access 100% of their Devil power without the Tree of Qliphoth- or some other doorway to the other world.

Asta, however, is a special case: As he is not in a proper “pact” with his Devil; he has no control over what percentage he taps in to. For all we know; “Black Asta” could be a mere 5% while the form he used against Dante(his “Truly Human” form) could be 10-15% or something.

Dante-brimming with “Evil Intentions-” uses the spell “Gravity Singularity-” which I can best describe as a “miniature Black Hole.” His plan with this ball: Take 1 or 2 of Yami’s legs. The only thing he needs is to bring Yami in alive- not “in tact.” He throws the singularity at Yami, who dodges- but the Mountain behind him has a hole in it. And a hill is completely missing. And Dante also carved up the landscape. Needless to say-Yami’s scr#wed if he gets hit even once. Dante’s essentially got the same power in his hand that Shiki has in Overdrive– which if you read the post is not good for Yami.

Yami tries to uses “Dark Cloak Dimension Slash,” but the gravity around Dante has the slash “distorted” by Dante’s gravity. I think the piece that was going to hit his fell into his second singularity. Yami wants to bring down the Black Moon to cancel out Dante’s spell, but if the singularity drags it in- that’s game over. So rather than bring down the Black Moon; he condenses his mana zone and dodges each of these singularity with “max sensitivity.” Dante counters by lifting up a chunk of the land and blocks Yami from coming any closer. Not only does it keep Yami away- it provides cover for him to throw a singularity right in his face.

Yami dodges a few more of these attacks- only getting nicked by one coming past his face. As he tries to rebound; Dante drops a plate on his head, sending the Black Bulls Captain into the dirt. Dante remarks “You’re interesting, Yami Sukehiro-for a human.” The Black Bulls begin to fear the worst for their leader-until he gets up. “Right here-Right now- I’ll go beyond my limit. I can’t be their leader- If I don’t surpass myself in front of them!” Yami gets and exciting and bloodied- smiling as he says this epic line. He condenses his mana zone to its absolute lowest, as Dante chants “Nice try-but it’s pointless, Yami Suke-” New Spell: “Dark Magic- Death Thrust.” He turns his sword at Dante- and in an instantDante’s torso vanishes. But the thing makes this scene even cooler is the fact that he meant for it to come out as another slash- not a cannonball. He blasted Dante’s torso into the next dimension- and he didn’t mean to do that. Black Clover Chapter 256 ENDS-With a One Piece style DONG!

I love this series- so very much. And I’m glad that more and more people are recognizing it’s greatness. As for the chapter; I think Tabata’s really come along why in his art style- it’s become a lot more refined than it was in chapter 1(which had great art from the start). I refuse to believe that Dante’s dead. There’s no way his torso is actually vaporized. But I don’t think he can continue this fight. He will be captured and prodded for information- beyond what he’s said. But I don’t think we’ll be hearing much out of him. And I don’t think that Vanica or Zenon are coming to save him- at least not personally. They might come to get Yami and have some of the Dark Disciples try to save him. If they succeed; his siblings might just be like “Yeah, sure; whatever.” And if they fail; “Meh; who cares?”

That’s all for this post, everyone! Catch ya on the flip side!

Izuku Midoriya vs Tomura Shigaraki Part 1! My Hero Academia Chapter 277 BREAKDOWN

Wow………I can’t believe we’re having this happen right now. In the midst of the world descending further and further into madness; we’re still able to see this fight unfold. We all knew that Izuku and Tomura would have multiple fights in the story. But-now? When Tomura’s more of an “it” than a “he?” And Izuku hasn’t even demonstrated Nana’s “Float” quirk yet? But oh well; I’ve been waiting for THIS one for a WHILE, anyway! And, like with One Piece; no pictures this time. My Hero Academia Chapter 277: “Who…?

Picking up right where we last left off; Izuku jumps in and headbutts Tomura. The 2 successors lock eyes with one another as Izuku takes them further and further away. His teachers react in confusion until Midoriya yells out “If Shigaraki can’t use his quirks, then now’s the time to go all out!” The other heroes are too preoccupied dealing with the Mid-Ends, so he and Bakugo are the best they’ve got to go up against Tomura as he is now(quirkless, but totally stacked). Referring to what Gran Torino told him last week; he calls the “worst case scenario” would be “Losing his teacher.” Oh, my dear boy- you just predicted the future. I just hope you can pull an “Infinite 100%” and change fate a second time. By the way: I’m talking about All Might.

Aizawa hears all of this-flashing back to what he told Izuku during the Quirk Apprehension Test: “You’ll never be a hero with your kind of power.” And as he does; Bakugo leaps into the frey with his “A.P. Machine Gun!” However; Super Tomura refers to this as “little fireworks-” He’s unaffected. He wipes them away as easily as he wiped away Endeavor’s “H#ll Spider.” He’s about to move forward to attack bakugo, but Izuku catches him in his “Black Whips.” But he just moves forward anyway because he’s RIPPED right now. “Sorry, but I’m not interested in you at the moment,” he says to Bakugo. He looks like he’s about to kick his teeth in, but ENDEAVOR comes in with a flaming right hook! Tomura blocks the hit, but still gets knocked back.

Endeavor asks “Where’s Shoto?” The boys say it’s just the 2 of them. The monstrous Tomura rebounds, commenting “I’m so close……..Okay then…” Endeavor warns them that Tomura’ physical strength has become almost like All Might. So the boys better be on their tippy-toes- cause they’re not getting orders this time. Except one: Keep Him Away From Eraser.

Tomura darts forward- planning to just grab Deku and leave(it’s what he’s here to get, anyway). The voice in his head screams louder and louder: “Get One For All…….Give it to me, little brother.” His deranged face looks up to reveal a scar running over his right eye. The voice catches his and Izuku’s attention, as they collectively go “The f*ck was that?” Endeavor attacks again with “H#ll Spider” as Tomura tries to figure it out. “‘Little brother?’ No-that wasn’t me just now…….You’re so stubborn, Sensei. This is my power-my body. The hallucinations of you-aren’t what’s urging me. Back then; I thought of you as ‘The Ruler of Darkness.’ But in the end; You crumbled before a single man. Thank you for all you’ve done for me- from the bottom of my heart, but…….. I don’t want to become you. I want to be greater.

You see the link, and you’ve read the theory. But if you think for even a second that the word “No” has ever stopped All For One from getting what he wants- You Don’T Know Evil. He may have rejected this attempt that simply “asked,” but how is he going to fair when this “request-” becomes a “demand?”

In the “All For One” realm; his master’s face decays away as his corporeal body screams “This is MY Will!” Just as he says this; Gran Torino jumps in and kicks him dead in the face. “It’ll be fatal if you land one so it’s best to hold you here. You’ve become an unbelievably powerful man. But don’t you DARE step on Shimura’s ideals-ever again!” he screams. This is a funny scene- I wish I could use pictures right now. So; Tomura goes from his “deranged focus” face to the most “The f*ck‘re you talking about, old man?” And it’s such a drastic artistic change from just a few panels ago! It’s honestly one of the most hilarious things I’ve scene in manga format before. And what makes it even better is how good of an artist Horikoshi is. He can go from super detailed double page spreads, to these golden comedic moments, to super detailed All Might expressions, and even give us the grotesqueness of All For One’s face! AMAZING!

The next scene sees Horikoshi take a cue from Dragon Ball: Gran Torino bulks up just like Master Roshi does! He accuses Tomura of “only bringing pain to those around him.” Granted: he doesn’t know what Tomura’s been through. But I don’t think it’s his fault his life turned out like this! All For One has something to do with this- as well as society as a whole. Horikoshi’s made it abundantly clear that this society has grown “complacent” because of heroes. And Tomura’s setting out to change the mindset that “Heroes will take care of everything.” In a way; Tomura is also a hero– just like he always dreamed of being.

Gran Torino is about to punch Tomura’s lights out as Endeavor gets behind him with and fire attack. But Tomura- tired of these distractions- jumps around them both. He’s about to lunge at Deku eagerly- only for Katsuki Bakugo to shoot off BOTH bracers! The explosion sends Shigaraki crashing into the ground, only for Endeavor to hit him in the kidney “Vanishing Fist!” The impact of this punch sends us over to the Gunga Villa- where Mt Lady struggles to keep a rambunctious Gigantomachia at bay. My Hero Academia Chapter 277 END!

Let me ask you all something: Do you remember when they were building hype for “Heroes Rising-” the second(and supposedly last) “My Hero Academia” movie? People were buzzing about “”My Hero Academia’ is ending soon’ says creator” based on Horikoshi saying that “Heroes Rising” contained elements that he wanted to use as the ending of the story. Remember all of that noise? I’m not saying any of it was true; I’m just bringing all of this up because it seems like we’re heading for a pivotal moment in the story. And whether that be All Might’s death, or the Tartarus prion break arc, or some other 3rd thing- you can’t deny that “My Hero” is setting up its endgame.

I don’t know how much of the story we have left, or if the controversy surrounding Dr Ujiko’s original name has made him a bit uneasy and he’s starting to “rush” the story, but it certainly feels like we’re getting ready for something big- or is it just me? Not to mention all the callbacks to certain things(KaminarixJiro moment, this chapter going back to the Quirk Apprehension test, etc). It just feels like this is going to end in a turning point.

In any case; I hope you enjoyed. Thank you for reading along with me. Til the next post; go beyond- PLUS ULTRA!

Well-THAT Was Unexpected. One Piece Chapter 984 BREAKDOWN

Is it just me, or does it feel like I used that title already? Have I? After 502 posts; I kind of lost track of all the titles I use for reviews. Also, something different about this review: I left my mouse in my other pants. So we’ll be going back to basics: No pictures. And that’s how it’ll be until I found out which pair of pants that is. So very sorry. And my internet is acting up so…….the posts that I had planned got a little bit delayed. But don’t worry; Thursday is going to be a “free day” from now on! That means that it could be our regular WHAT IF’s– or it could be a review for a season, or a THEORY, Nostalgia Corner, Favorite Things, or something. Or hey; nothing at all! You never know, now. I might go more into this later on, but just to let you know: Nothing Consistent on Thursday. Now; on with the review!

One Piece Chapter 984: “My Bible.” The chapter begins on volume 27 of “Oh My Family.” An emotional meeting between Father and daughters! Chiffon and Lola’s reactions: “WHAAA~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~T?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!” Either this reaction is “We have a dad?!” or “Wait….Really?” Though; maybe not that one. I think it’s just “YOU’RE OUR DAD?!” And of course; really exaggerated funny faces-typical of Eichiiro Oda. And Bege and Pez in the background looking at him like “THIS is my father-in-law?”

We open up the chapter on the hallway area: Page 1 rushes to his sisters side. After calling for a medic; he orders some of the Beast Pirates to go after Luffy and Yamato. See; he does care about his sister! Even though most of the reason he wants to go after Luffy is because his Elephant Gun almost dislocated his jaw. Keyword: “Almost.” This-coupled with Ulti’s quick recovery- make the Gifters say “Ancient Zoans are TOUGH.” She gets up, and immediately hugs her “Pay Pay.” “Pay Pay~; they heurt me really ba~d! Delicate little me~!!!!” So Page 1 says “If you’re hurt then rest(you little psycho).” And the ever bipolar Ulti says “Try again!” Though; is she bipolar, or does she just want “Pay Pay” to to show concern for her? She could just be a doting sister who loves her little brother(I’m assuming she’s the older of the 2).

In any case; Ulti is eager to get back at Yamato for that “Thunder Sigua(6 Trigrams)(which is different from the “Bagua(8 Trigrams)”) .” In the official release, she simply calls it “Blunder Bagua-” both are ways to indicate that Yamato is in fact weaker than papa Kaido. She wants to “show him what it’s like rolling with grown ups.” This indicates that Yamato is younger than he looks. I’ve assumed that he was like late 20s- early 30s based on Kaido’s age(roughly 50). Anyway; they get alerts as to Yamato and Luffy’s whereabouts- and page 1 heads off, leaving Ulti behind(much to her annoyance).

Speaking of: Luffy vs Yamato! So the thing about last time: Yamato is not out to harm Luffy- he just wants to talk. But Luffy is focused on other things at the moment(finding and kicking Kaido’s @$$, freeing Wano Kuni, Meat, becoming King of The Pirates). However, because Yamato helped him out against Ulti and Page 1; he’s willing to lend him 5 seconds. Luffy is a grateful person- but even someone as……….”on track minded” we’ll say- as him knows that you should never talk to strangers. But Yamato doesn’t walk to talk about this particular business in front of all these people. He wants to go somewhere else to talk- but Luffy has an important talk with his dad to get to. So to end this little skirmish- he shows off “The Results of His Training:” Ryou. The attack creates a massive explosion- which provides them with cover to get away.

Something Yamato says during this encounter catches my eye: “This reminds me of him more and more- of our fights together.” Hm……fights with his dad? Or fights with……….?

We then cut over to the Skull Dome, where Orochi is preparing to execute Momonosuke. But because he’s a vendictive little dork; he starts spouting off “This is the brat son of Kozuki Oden- Momonosuke! He and the Red Scabbards were sent here by the Witch Toki!” But none of the Beast Pirates are buying any of it. Especially with one Knight Of The Sea Jinbe and the lovely, enchanting, elegant Nico Robin discrediting his everyone word. Robin is anxious to rescue Momo, but Jinbe says they have to be patient. Little do even they know- The Infiltration Squad have invaded. The noose around Orochi’s neck is tied- now we just need the dork to put his head through it.

While on the other side of the island; Law’s Polar Tang has made it to the other side. Everyone’s ready to invade Kaido’s castle, with the Scabbards putting their absolute trust in Law. I can’t help but feel Shinobu should have been here to make this scene more impactful. She was the one that mistrusted Law’s crew in the first place.

When they rise up; Law uses “Shambles” to transport the Scabbards to the island- before he and his crew re-submerge and head to another side of the island. At Kaido’s backdoor; the Scabbards are met with some unexpected allies- Marco drops off Nekomamushi and Izo! Izo’s got this scar over his left eye now; I think he got that during the Payback War against Blackbeard. Neko explains that Marco knew where Izo was, so they stopped to pick him up. I’m sure Izo had his reservations about “returning to this life-” until he heard that the field-of-battle was Wano. And, while I’m sure he wants to have a moment to talk and catch up with his old friends and his sister; he has another War to go and fight. Wow; whenever we see or even here mention of Izo- it usually has something to do with a war. Poor guy!

In Kaido’s keep; Bao Huang informs the Dragon that Big Mom still hasn’t arrived(probably still chasing after Nami swan and Best Bunny Girl Carrot chan- oh; and Shinobu, too). So he decides to make their “big announcement” himself- along with his Calamities. The 4 of them come out on stage, and Kaido makes the big “Onigashima Initiative” announcement. Is their gonna be some kind of “Onigashima Force” made up of Kaido’s Calamities(King The Wildfire, Queen The Plague, and Jack The Drought) and Big Mom’s Sweet Commanders(Katakuri, Smoothie, and Cracker)? Or is there something else going on that we’ll find out about in 7 or 8 chapters? Probably the latter, right?

While in his attic; his son and his sworn enemy make an alliance. Luffy- graciously giving Yamato 5 minutes of his time- listens to what the boy has to say. He starts: “One day; I went to my dad and said ‘I want to be Kozuki Oden!-‘ and he beat the h#ll out of me for it.” Luffy begins to get impatient, so he continues: “I was THERE 20 years ago! I saw it! The Legendary ‘Hour Long Execution!’ There’s never been another Samurai like him-and Orochi and my own DAD killed him! It was frustrating to say the least. But more than that; I felt an Inferno in my chest and my streams of tears were like rivers!”

As a show of trust; he shows Luffy his “bible-” Odens Log Book. The thing he wrote down his legend in- the only thing in the world that might hold the biggest secret in the story. And Yamato’s been hiding it from Kaido for 20 years! Boy; if he beat the cr@p out of you just for saying you wanted to be like that “Fool of A Lord-” just imagine what he’d do to you for hiding the location of Laugh Tale island and the World Governments secret closest guarded secret from him?-Probably. I don’t know the full detail of what the f*ck Oden put in this thing. For all I know; he could have wrote down Toki’s little “kinks!” But I think that Yamato and Kaido’s relationship is enough of a reason to have Sanji go up against Kaido as well.

Think about it: Yamato wanted to be something different than what his father had intended for him- just like Sanji. I know we just got a whole arc about Sanji’s family history, but I think that this parallel between the 2 could lead to a big character moment for Sanji. Besides……….. actually; I don’t even think I want to go there in this day and age.

Yamato compares this book to the bible– at least; as far as he’s concerned. And because he so reveres Oden; he plans to carry out “Odens will-” and reopen Wano’s borders. Yamato takes off his mask, and reveals to Luffy- he’s a she. “She” became a man because Oden was a man. So, being the fan girl she is- she decided to become a man. Yet again; a man decides to act as a woman in Wano. I think the thing Oda is going for is in 1 part a subversion of the trope in Kabuki theater(Wano is being billed as a Kabuki play with it’s individual acts) of men playing women, and has woman playing men. But I also think this ties into the feudal Japan references present in this arc.

In feudal Japan; women couldn’t do much. There roles consisted of cooking, cleaning, and tending to the young. That’s about all. So, like the landscape of Wano having “super vibrant colors” in the anime to contrast the “black and white” of feudal Japan; he has the woman in more prominent, combative roles. And there’s absolutely No political reason for him to do this so don’t even get that conversation started. In any case; Yamato asks for Luffy’s help- commenting “You remind me of Ace…..” One Piece Chapter 984 END! WHOLY SH!T; did Yamato and Ace……………? I mean; Ace did come to Wano a few years before his death. I guess they met and the battle Yamato was remembering during his fight with Luffy was a bout he had against Ace.

On the lowest end; Yamato would have been 4 or 5 when Oden was executed- making him 24-25 in the current story. So it’s not like it’s impossible that they………….But Yamato would be identifying as a boy from that age to now. So either “he” went back to being “she” to be with Ace(if only for a little bit) or Ace…… know what; let’s stop it there, yeah? See you guys later!

The Edens Zero Chapter 100 BREAKDOWN Special!

The prophecy seemed so far away. And now we’ve finally reached the day. Keep in mind the past-be open to the strange. Because I get the feeling that things going forward will change. And if you don’t know where I got this little rhyme from; I got it from the Cipher page at the end of the Gravity Falls episode “Dipper And Mabel vs The Future.” I love that show; I want to talk about it someday soon. But that’s not what this post is about. Ladies and Gentlemen………we’ve made it. It’s finally time. This will be Edens Zero Chapter 100:EDENS ONE!” Let’s GO!

We’ve Come So Far!

The cover page: The Crew of Edens in Chibi mode. Shiki holding his fist triumphantly- having defeated the biggest bad the Sakura Cosmos had to offer him. Rebecca flexing her “cuteness muscles,” Homura looks at the screen like “I’d be too embarrassed to say that I’m glad to make it to 100 chapters,” Weisz is like “Yeah, or whatever.” And Pino and Happy also look happy.

We open the chapter with the humans of the crew meeting with Noah on Blue Garden. In the Shooting Starlight guild; Noah is congratulating and thanking them for defeating Drakken Joe. And while Homura and Rebecca are capable of acting in a friendly manor towards him; Shiki is still on the fence regarding him. As far as he’s concerned; he’s the guy who put Rebecca in a lot of danger. And even though Shiki is “super friendly;” forgiving him just like “that” might be a bit of a stretch.

The praise makes Rebecca a bit flustered, while Homura says “We did not fight for the peace of the Sakura Cosmos.” I mean; they didn’t. They were being chased, they fought and lost, and then they came back with information to win. They’re not heroes-even if their actions end up that way. Even so; Noah says that they should receive the “Grand Cordon of The Cherry Blossom .” But because the only reason they were able to win being Rebecca’s Cat Leaper-they have keep their involvement in Drakken’s defeat on the DL.


So, as collateral; he offers something much more important: His True Identity. You see; Noah is a actually The Director of The GIA-Sakura Cosmos Division. Let me clarify: He’s not actually the director of the whole organization- he’s just in charge of this sector of space. Which seems like enough considering what Drakken was doing.

When Weisz says “You’re in cahoots with that Spy lady;” this sends Shiki into spiral. On one hand; this means she’s Amira’s friend-who’s now his friend. But on the other; he put Rebecca in a lot of trouble. Noah gives a similar response that Amira gave: “It was part of the job.” This line makes it a little bit hard to know whether they actually care or not. In the case of Noah; I would believe that he actually does have some sort of care. According him; he’s been watching Rebecca since she was a little girl(at least since Happy was hit by that car). So he at least cares for her- in the same way you would care about a pet or a sibling, would be my guess. Amira, though……..

This is sufficient information; if it leaks- he’ll lose “everything.” And now they have dirt on him. Compensation for putting Rebecca through that. Shiki gives a defeated look, and Homura gives a “Oh Cr@p” look. Either Noah knew exactly what he was doing, or he has no idea who he just told his secret to. After promising not to tell; Rebecca asks for a moment alone with Noah-to which Shiki reluctantly agrees.

Regarding Rebecca

Their talk is simple: Rebecca asks what Noah knows about her background. Noah says that even though he’s checked her background; he wasn’t able to find anything about her, and just came to the conclusion that her place of origin is not the Sakura Cosmos- but somewhere beyond. Now left with more questions than answers; she switches the topic of conversation: Captain Connor.

To answer the question I had last week: Rebecca says that the debris field present in World 29 that made the trip to Sun Jewel longer was not present in World 30 and they arrived at the same time. She believes that her power may have accidentally erased Connor from existence, but Noah doesn’t think so. “The odds of that are slim,” he says; “But I suspect that the events of the past were changed by some other power than your own, Rebecca.” This leads Rebecca to the conclusion that there may be another person with “Cat Leaper” out there. Noah promises to look into it, and Rebecca departs.

Man; F*ck You, Labila!

As she exists Noah’s room; Rebecca runs into Labila. They awkwardly walk towards each other before Rebecca bows her head in apology. Labila asks what she’s even apologizing for. Rebecca says it’s her fault Labila was captured in the first place- remembering what Drakken had intended for her.

In a rare moment of genuine humanity; Labila thanks Rebecca for saving her. And proceeds to walk it back by uploading a video of Rebecca’s daily life. From her sleep schedule to her eating- even her in the shower(straight up ILLEGAL, btw!)! And you know; it’s moments like this that make me think about her getting tortured by Daichi in World 29. At least; it would. But it’s what she does next that makes me think there’s hope for her: After and embarrassed Rebecca turns around to chew her out; the B Cube Sensation Labila makes a meme face at her and says “I hope you keep making your boring videos-Because You’re NEVER Going To Beat ME!” THAT Line. She doesn’t say it in a condescending “I huff my own farts” tone. It’s more like a “You’ll have try a lot harder to beat me” way- like a rival character would give to the protagonist. Does this mean that she’s going to be a lot nicer to Rebecca? Don’t get my hopes up. But I think I’ll at least stop hoping for her to fall into a volcano- at least for now.

We then cut over to the Edens Zero’s Dress Factory. Kleene has decided to try out some new clothes- considering she’ll be here for a while. See; Sister wants to “observe” her for while. She calls Kleene a “special case” because of her suppressed emotions. So get used to seeing Kris and Kleene for a little bit! Oh; and Called It Again.


I at least expect Kleene to stay as a permanent member. But I don’t expect for Kris to stay forever. At least; I don’t expect him to stay on the ship. He may follow them to protect Kleene, but it may take sometime before he comes around to the idea of having “friends.” You know how these things go.

Hermit and Moscoy are pleased that she likes the dress. Kleene even picks up the word “Moscoy-” much to the annoyance of her brother. Her hairpin smiles at Kris, who becomes mute once again. Witch and Sister take note. The Question Now: Why are her emotions being suppressed? Is it really that her powers go out of control with her emotions? Or is there something more to it?

Back at the Guild hall; Shiki shows the holographic statue of Mother to Homura and Weisz. The crew reaffirms their goals:

  • Shiki: “Befriend Mother.”
  • Rebecca: “Become #1 B Cuber in The Cosmos.”
  • Weisz: “Money, Women, and_” everything he just said is a front; he’s definitely wishing for his Mom back.
  • Happy: “Fish.
  • Pino: “To become Human.”
  • Homura: “To see her mentor again.”

But Shiki first has a request: To Go Back To Granbell. He wants to see if everyone’s back to normal- and visit his Grandpa’s grave before he sets out on his quest.

Instead of A Dragon; It’s A Fish

We then cut over a ship-somewhere else in the Sakura Cosmos. The Ship: The Edens One. When it pans out from the sign; you see that the interior of the ship looks a lot like the Edens Zero- only it’s based on a fish rather than a Dragon. A robot walks up to the captain, asking if he’s alright. Captain Connor says that he’s remembering a dream: “I was wrapped in something warm….like a family……..and in the dream, I let myself…..bah; it doesn’t matter.” The droid tells him tht they’ve received a transmission. Connor: “The Time Has Come To Keep Me Promise. The Edens One Is Setting Sail For Granbell.” While on Granbell; his eye glows. Demon King Ziggy is about to return. Edens Zero Chapter 100 END!

“I suppose I should check in on my grandson….”

So……..does Connor have Cat Leaper as well? Maybe! Did he meet Ziggy years ago and make a promise with him? Maybe! This chapter was good- but it felt like more of a set up chapter. All the plots that were revealed are things we’ll be following up on in the future. Did this hurt such a momentous chapter? No, but I had trouble focusing while writing the review. And if I lose focus, then either I find whatever Youtube video I have on in the background more interesting, or whatever I’m writing isn’t something “wicked great.” I think the chapter was a good set up chapter, but kind of a “let down” for a 100th chapter. Maybe if whatever were to happen in chapter 101(“Singularity”) were to happen here I’d be a little more invested.

Still; 100 Chapters COMPLETE! Only 391 more to go(at least in a perfect world)! Till the next post people; stay golden!

Harley Quinn Season 2 SPOILER REVIEW

Man; it feels like it’s been a while since we last talked about this show, huh? And it kind of seems to me like we never talk about the same animated show twice, right? I mean; we’ve discussed Rick And Morty and 13 Reasons Why more than once, but that’s about it. So I’m glad that I can discuss a show once again for a change. Thus; DC Universes Original Animated Series “Harley Quinn!” And I’m proud to say that this season was BETTER than the first!

Watch Harley Quinn Season 2 on DC Universe
Key Image

Season 1 saw DC’s ever-popular Harley Quinn breaking up and moving on from “Mistah J.” This season saw her fully moved on from the Joker-doing her own thing without even thinking about him. The problem, though: She was completely ignoring Gotham’s other super villains-which allowed them to form the “Injustice League” and take over. Part 1 of the season saw her fixing her mistake and trying to take over Gotham herself- which was booted out of the United States because of the mass destruction brought on by the events of Season 1.

Part 2 of the season was about her and Poison Ivy’s relationship- and also about dealing with the the overarching Darkseid and the Apokoliptan Invasion brought on by Harley trying to deny her feelings for Ivy.

Harley Quinn Season 2 Trailer Features Catwoman and Batgirl
Long Time DC Fans Knew This Was Coming!

Yeah; went from the mass restoration of Gotham to a personal relationship story. And so organically, I might add. It didn’t feel like they were trying to force this relationship on the show- it genuinely built to this. It all happened in episode 7: “There’s No Place To Go But Down.” They had managed to kill the majority of the Injustice League- aside from Two Face and Bane. Harley and Ivy were captured and taken to Bane’s comic book stomping ground: The Pit. In an escape attempt gone awry; Harley ends up almost sacrificing herself for Ivy. But Ivy wasn’t ready to let go-so she dives back in to save her. Adrenaline pumping and the heat of the moment; they lock lips for the first time.

RJ Writing Ink | Animation | Harley+Ivy In New Episode
F*cking Awesome

Ivy was really consistent this season- and so was her relationship with Kite Man, of all things! Seriously; an A List Batman character-who is an A List FICTIONAL CHARACTER ON HIS OWN- was with a bare minimum D- Lister like Kite Man?! HOW?! And why the h#ll was there relationship so good to watch?!

It’s genuinely surprising that this show made Kite Man into a great character. He starts off as a reactionary character; someone who’s watching the world around him go by. But come the end of season 2; he takes charge and breaks things off with Ivy because he knows what Ivy knows, but won’t admit. I think it’s because he’s such an easy character to overlook that they were able to make him so great. With characters like Poison Ivy or Harley or Joker, Batman, etc- they’ve had so many renditions and re-imaginings that it gets harder and harder to put you’re own spin on them. But when it’s a character that’s used so little; any attempt can feel good to watch.

Ivy’s story is her engagement/wedding with Kite Man. You can see how an event like this could easily get sidetracked- especially without the Justice League around to keep someone like Harley from teaming up with the biggest bad in the DC Universe. But more on that in a little bit. Kite Man, after having failed twice previously to propose to Ivy, finally manages to succeed. But again; Gotham in pandamonium at the moment. Ivy mostly tries to stay out of this mess, but her connection to Harley keeps dragging him back in.

co/ - Comics & Cartoons » Thread #112657773
Who Would Have Thought, Huh?

Harley’s story, as I said, was trying to take over Gotham from the Injustice League. She had initially just wanted Gotham to stay a “Post Apocalyptic Wonderland,” but seeing that the league was trying to rule over it- she decided that she would rule it if anyone would(with a little coaxing from Ivy). This results in her beinf frozen by Mr Freeze for 4 months and the IJ’s grip on Gotham growing stronger. Since fighting them all at once was a no go; she and her crew opted to take them out one by one- starting with Penguin.

Out of all of their defeats; the most emotional to see was the death of Mr Freeze. If you’re familiar with DC lore-particularly surrounding Batman and his Rogues Gallery- you’ll note that Mr Freeze isn’t a villain in the “traditional” sense. He’s not some “megalomaniacal super villain-” he’s a Doctor that’s desperate to cure his ailing wife. And he saves her in the end-at the cost of his own life. It’s like the famous Wreck It Ralph line: “Just Because You Are ‘Bad Guy-‘ Doesn’t Mean You Are ‘Bad Guy.'” Before he dies; he tells his wife he loves her, and tells her to find happiness. Ends up with that “Villain Empowerment” guy from last season. Meh; “To Each His Own.”

Another aspect of the season that I saw building up: Dr Psycho’s betrayal. Now……..Harley is in a similar situation to Mr Freeze in that she’s not necessarily a “bad guy;” she has moments of genuine kindness where she does the right thing- just like she has moments of taking a bat to someone’s knee caps. And Psycho-more like the DC villains we’ve come to know. No remorse for his actions; he’ll keep trying to take over the world and kill anyone who tries to stop him. Harley just does what she wants. Conflicting goals. So Harley realizing that she only used Darkseid’s army as a why of dodging her feelings got to him. “She could have taken over the world with an army of Parademons;” that she could. But in the end; it wouldn’t have made her happy. She knew it; you knew it; I knew it; the various people she kissed in that episode suspected it- EVERYONE knew.

Having ditched the plan to dominate with a Parademon armada; Harley begins confessing to Ivy- only for Kite Man to come in as a reminder that she’s taken. So Harley calls off the invasion-this being the last straw for the villainous Psycho. He quits the crew and sets out to take control of the Parademon horde.

Harley Crew and Gordon vs Dr. Psycho and The Riddler - Part 1 ...
To Great Effect

Psycho’s little rampage leads him into a “partnership” with Darkseid- on the condition that he bring the New God Harley’s head. To this end; he brainwashes the annoyed Ivy- discovering her and Harley’s “big secret.” They f*cked in Themyscyra. Like; drunk f*ck. That’s another thing I like about the season: We see what the world has become in the Justice League’s absence. Gotham in specific, but you also get to see how Themyscyra-home of the Amazon- has become without her: A resort.

Ivy, Harley, Mrs Friez, and one chick that Ivy made a deal with in Kindergarten that they would be bridesmaids at each others weddings go to said resort- where Harley and Ivy have(In Quinn’s own words) “Mind blowing sex.” The episode ends with Ivy softly rejecting Harley-stating that even though she loves Harley and trusts her with her life; she can’t bring her to trust Quinn with her heart. Harley has been described as “impulsive-” she moves on to the next thing when she gets bored with the current thing. Harley craves excitement- Ivy wants stability. And when that stability gets boring; Harley’ll leave her. Once again; her fear of Harley abandoning her shows. Meaning that these feelings towards Harley were ever-present. Foreshadowing from last season. D@mn, this show’s good.

The Riddler, voiced by Jim Rash (the dean), becomes dean of his ...
“Riddle Me THIS”

One of the best parts about this season: It begins the formation of the “Bat Family.” Of course; you have Damian Wayne Robin. But then you also have the introduction of Bat Girl in the episode “Riddle U.” Barbra is going to be an interesting case. In recent depictions; her relationship with Batman has become less of a “master/student” and more like an “inappropriate” relationship. it started in the critically acclaimed Batman: The Animated Series and made a resurgence in Batman: The Killing Joke. Knowing the show; they’ll probably end up doing it at some point. But I think the build up to that will be a lot more like the Harley/Ivy relationship. How Damian will react is anyone’s guess.

I was kind of surprised that Joker survived the destruction of his tower at the end of last season. Then again; he is one of the most popular fictional characters in the world at this point. Which means that he could just about survive anything and walk away laughing. So I guess it was only a matter of time. But I didn’t think we would see the Clown Prince of Crime this season. We met him earlier, and he was a completely normal guy named “Joe Kurr(“super on the nose,” huh?). ” And I thought that he would stay that way at least until season 3. But he turned out to be integral to getting the Justice League back to stop Darkseid.

When the Queen of Fables trapped the League in her story book-and subsequently died– Joker took and hid the book. And Joe Kurr kept it as a story book to read to his girlfriends kids. Only in adult animation, right? I think the part that was really odd(yet charming) to see that she accepted Joker based on his actions before becoming his old self. But I don’t think it’s a good idea to have one of the biggest mass murderer’s as the step father of your children.

Harley Quinn > Season 2, Episode 11 | WATCH FULL EPISODES
Wait; Where’s King Shark?

I think I’ve said everything I wanted to say about this show. With the Justice league back; the world should be returning to normal. And with Harley and Ivy together at last; things should be getting a lot more “lovey dovey” going forward. Although I don’t think this is gonna last. But maybe I’m wrong. I sure hope so! As much as I enjoy how this show handles relationship drama; I don’t think I could handle a whole season of “will they?/ won’t they?.”

I hope you all enjoyed this season as much as I have. For a much more in depth discussion about each episode; check out RJ Writing Ink. He’s reviewed every episode of the season! Later!

Tower Of God Season 1 SPOILER REVIEW: My Introduction To Webtoons Was AMAZING!

Hello, everyone! And yeah; this is the first webtoon I’ve ever seen. And I’m glad to say that not only did SIU’s Webtoon Original series meet my expectations- It FAR SURPASSED Them! So much so that I actually downloaded the app so I could keep seeing it! Man; this series is LONG. No wonder people call it “The One Piece of Webtoons.”

Tower Of God Anime Announced: Release Date And Key Visual Revealed ...
It Started Here

“Tower of God” is the story of a girl named Rachel(or, as I call her: B!tchel) and her quest to see the stars. And her “pet,” Bam- the boy who wanted nothing more than to be with her(for whatever reason). Bam- specifically “The 25th” Bam- is the protagonist of the story. He was an orphan in a cave- trying to find his way out. All seemed lost until light started shining through. And then; the person who would change his life as he knew it appeared: Rachel. She would take care of this Bam until the day she would begin climbing the fabled “Tower of God.”

Rachel-desperate to see the stars- entered the tower in hopes of finally seeing them(even trying to become one by the end of the season). She left Bam behind-only to find out that her fate-was not what she had anticipated. Because of how “Special” Bam is; he was able to participate in the test to climb the tower, make friends, even use “shinsu(the main power in this world).” However; she received nothing. She failed the test to get into the test to climb the tower-resulting in her having to take a “make up” of sorts(killing Bam and taking his place), could not even use low level shinsu, and was not even strong enough to pass the make up on her own. As a result; she became jealous of Bam, and tried to kill him more out of spite.

Tower of God Episode 13 Spoilers, Release Date: Did Rachel ...
She faked becoming a cripple to do this.

But that all happened in episode 12 of the anime- the penultimate episode of the season. And the stuff about her “make up” being to kill Bam was revealed in the season finale/episode 13. The actual season followed Bam’s part of the story: entering the tower, taking the tests, and meeting Rachel again.

Bam’s initial test was to defeat a giant monster with a weapon called the “Black March-” given to him by Princess Yuri Jahad. Yeah; the princesses of Jahad were a concept by which they would represent different clans of Jahad- the place supposedly before the actually top of the tower. Other princesses include Endorsi and Anaak Jahad. Out of the 3(or 4-not exactly sure how many) introduced in the series thus far; I’d have to say may favorite(as well as Best Girl) is Endorsi. I really like her design and character; she actually does act like a “princess.” But not in an annoying “I’ll have a pig like you executed” kind of way. More like a “Touch me and you DIE” way. And if you think that just because she’s in high heels means she can’t f*ck you up-You’re DEAD Wrong!

Meet the Characters of Crunchyroll's 'Tower of God' | Animation ...
ENDORSI SAMA~~~~~~~~!!!

I also like the way she fights. It mostly “hit and run,” but she’s also very capable. For the moments when she hits; it hurts. She can also be very manipulative and cunning at times- such s when she provoked Anaak into attacking and knocking off her competition.

I think the art style for the anime was better than the webtoon. From what I’ve seen; the art from the webtoon is good(especially when you compare it to my ugly stick figures), but a little bit “rough.” But then I looked at the art for the anime and I was greatly impressed. The animation was handled by Telecom Animation Film studio, with the character artwork done by Masashi Kudo(also did animation work for the Bleach anime) and Miho Tanino. The composer was Kevin Penkin(who also worked on the acclaimed The Rising of The Shield Hero).

I think the think that got me the most hyped each episode the theme song: “TOP” by the Korean band “Stray Kids.” Not only was the song really good, but the visuals were all well animated and…..really strange. Like; I think the thing that the opening was supposed to invoke was the idea that Bam’s goal is to find Rachel. And to that end; he’ll walk through desserts, strong winds, heatwaves, and the likes- just so he can be with her. Not in “romantic” way; I always got the feel that they were more “Older Sister/ Little Brother” throughout the majority of the season. Then Rachel was revealed as a bad word you should never use, and the relationship began looking more like “Puppeteer/Puppet.” Or……maybe more like “chosen one(Bam)/ jealous person(Rachel).” I think that would be a more accurate description.

Tower of God - Opening | TOP - YouTube
I can still hear “Never Let You GO, Never Let You GO!” In My Head!

Me and my brothers would make jokes all the time about how the opening was just shot after shot of Bam walking and looking up- chasing some kind of bird. Which tied into the ending because that Bird was some sort of “guide” to Rachel. And even in the scenery of both; you have Bam surrounded by nothing in each frame- a literal representation of what the narrator told us about the story: “Bam- the boy who wanted nothing more than to be with her.” And Rachel is found in a field by a the bird Bam was chasing. “Rachel-The girl who wanted to see the stars.” Fields are associated with watching stars. Telling a simplified version of the story in the opening and ending is a great use of “visual storytelling.”

Other characters I like: Anaak Jahad. She herself is not a Princess of Jahad-nor is she the real Anaak Jahad. She’s her daughter. One of the rules is that “No princess is allowed to sire a child.” Her moth broke this rule- and died for it. So Anaak’s story is that of a Revenge tale. It’s a simple story, but hey-it works. And who knows? Maybe she won’t continue her quest for revenge; maybe she’ll find something better to fight for. Or maybe she’ll suffer the same fate as Sasuke. Though I doubt it.

I think Bam was a fine protagonist. He at least has his priorities straight- even if they are misguided and wrong(following Rachel so far has almost gotten him killed on a number of occasions). But from what I’ve read so far; he seems to have become a much more “dark, brooding, focused” kind of character. It was Rachel’s betrayal that made him this way. That said; I don’t think he’ll remain stoic for the rest of the series. Also, to those who have read so far: I’m not opposed to spoilers(unless it’s about what the “One Piece” is. In which case; DON’T.). So if you were to tell me if Bam and Rachel were to meet aga~in……..much appreciated.

Anime Series Like Tower of God – Recommend Me Anime
That’s All Folks!

I think that’s all my thoughts. A 4.5/5 series that I will be reading and watching going forward. I’m greatly looking forward to season 2, everyone. Let me know your own thoughts in the comments, and until the next post-Stay Beautiful!

“Incentive.” Black Clover Chapter 255 BREAKDOWN

The magic battle that keeps raging on! We’ve come so far since chapter 1. And look at us now; chapter 255 and volume 25 is already out in Japan! With a stellar cover page depicting Dante and Yami. Like; you know how My Hero Academia has random scenes where the art gets CRAZY detailed? It looks like THAT! Then again; Tabata’s just always been a good artist. I’m glad that people are starting to see how great this series is. Enough of me gushing about the series; on with the chapter! Black Clover Chapter 255: “Exploding Life.”

She was stabbed at least!

Picking up from last week: Noelle managed to get past Vanica and Megicula’s attacks and stabbed through their shared body. But it didn’t even seem to tickle them. Their reaction was less of a condescending “What was that?” and more like a “Thanks, anyway.” Noelle, on the other hand, isn’t ready to just let them kill Lolopechika. So she uses her current position to launch a “Point: Blank Sea Dragon’s Roar!”

Vanica creates her “Crimson Beast” as a counter and destroys the Dragon before it manages to completely form. And with that; it would seem that Noelle’s used up the last of her mana. She can’t even continue to use Valkyrie Dress- she’s completely naked. They’re about to taunt her when Vanica sees that she’s about to awaken a New Spell. So Vanica simply asks: “And what’s your name?” Noelle-determined as ever- announces: “Noelle Silva- Of The Royal Family Silva of The Clover Kingdom and Member Of The Black Bulls Magic Knight Squad.” Thinking about all of this makes Vanica think differently about the situation. She makes a rather startling decision: To not kill Noelle.

“She Just Needs The Proper Motivation…….

Rather than kill the girls; Vanica decides to kidnap Lolopechika and bring her back to the Spade Kingdom. Remembering how well kidnapping a child worked to motivate Acier; she figures that the same logic would apply to Noelle. That’s right; she remembered Acier Silva! But which kid did she take to motivate her. Nozel? It would seem that way, based on how he acts and what he said to Noelle in chapter 176. And I doubt it was the other 2; they’re just d!ckheads.

With Lolo in toe; Vanica decides to dip. When that Tongue guy sees Lady Vanica departing, he asks to go with her. The annoyed Devil Queen decides that she’s had enough of the Dark Dsiciples. So she activates Megicula’s other curse: Exploding Life.” When it activates; the Devil power within them starts to expand until they explode.

“I’m Done With You, So You Can Die Now.”

All around the Heart Kingdom; the Dark Disciples she brought with her start to inflate- as they plead for their lives with Vanica. She’s not concerned with anything- as long as Noelle managed to survive; it doesn’t matter to her. As she makes her departure; she tells Noelle “I’ll be waiting in the Spade Kingdom, Noelle cha~~~~n! I hope you get a lot stronger by then…..” As Noelle screams out to her; the Dark Disciples begin to explode-taking a sizable amount of the Kingdom with them.

Mass Destruction- Courtesy of Lady Vanica

The blasts reverberate across the continent- which is a good segway to Yami vs Dante once again! The fights been progressing slow since the events of chapter 246: Yami cuts Dante, and Dante uses his natural Flesh magic type to recover. But he hates using such “unsightly” magic. So he decides to get serious. Yami, on the other hand, is getting serious, too. Black Clover Chapter 255 END!

Devil Possessed vs Average Joe!

Another quick-but-fun and action packed chapter! Tabata excels at this stuff. I know I made a post a while back about the Dark Triad, and I talked about how Vanica surrounded herself with people that adore her. I still stand by the label I gave her because I doubt that this is all the Dark Disciples under her command. I don’t think we’ll be seeing Vanica for a little while(unfortunate), but I think seeing what Dante and Lucifero can do against Yami will be something to behold.

That’s all I got for you lot, today. I’ll catch ya later!

The Demon Lord’s Army! My Hero Academia Chapter 276 BREAKDOWN

Man- Tomura’s just getting more and more powerful as he arc goes on! Now he has the Liberation Front working under him, as well as a fleet of Low End Nomu, High Ends that can be made going forward, and now THESE jokers! Not to mention his HUGE power up- not just with quirks, but also…..!! More on that later, though. My Hero Academia Chapter 276: “You Cheated…!

Army of Heroes vs 1 Guy

Rather than open on the cover page like I have; the chapter opens with news copters covering the events of the Jakku City battle: “Reporting LIVE of Jakku City- Are you seeing this?! Nearly a third of the city has been reduced to ashes! Below us now are dozens of Pro Heores and Police officers evacuating the citizens in large numbers. A truly horrific scene- reminiscent of Deika City(League of Villains vs Meta Liberation Army), or Kamino Ward(All Might vs All For One) from last year- events that will likely be recreated here today! Just what’s Going on in this country these days?! And just where is this era going?

The scene jumps around from Inko going to the store, to Fuyumi on her way to teach her class, to Natsuo doing classwork, and Rei tending to the flowers she received from Endeavor, and even Mitsuki(Kacchan’s mother) reading and sipping tea. And of course- the smirking All For One. I bet he’s thinking “Sounds like my new ‘clothes’ are ready……..”

Horikoshi Only Does This When Characters Will End Up Being Important For What Comes NEXT.

After the cover page; Tomura is seen holding a phone. He talks into it and says “Kill anyone in sight.” Endeavor has his sidekick Kido help him. His quirk: “Trajectory.” He can manipulate the trajectory of things. He uses his rapping for this: Endoeavor flies through and he starts going upward. He curls up in a ball before exploding with flame whips from his finger tips(if this attack has a name; I don’t know it). Tomura’s hit by it, but…. It doesn’t even work.

You see: Ujiko didn’t just give Tomura the original “All For One” quirk. No~~~- He also did major body modifications. So now not only does he have powerful quirks, but he also has a STRONG BODY. He may still look like a string bean, but that mad hop he did in chapter 274 wasn’t a super jump quirk of a levitation quirk-he just jumped. Ujiko confirms that he’s no “All Might,” but, you know- still TOTALLY STACKED. So the “surgery” process was probably for that, while the quirk transference was probably the easy part in comparison.

Why His Quirk Is Still Gone

However strong Tomura might be right now; he confirms that Endeavor’s flames are still hurting. And he’s not regenerating-thanks to Aizawa. However; his eyes are getting wicked irritated. He’ll have to blink soon. ENTER: Manual! He uses his quirk to keep Aizawa’s eyes moist for as long as possible. Hopefully; they’ll make headway against Shigaraki as long he doesn’t have access to his quirks……..right?

Unfortunately; Aizawa twisted his ankle thanks to that High End. So……..this strategy won’t last for too much longer.

Map of The Battle Field

Elsewhere; Gran Torino drops off the boys. Izuku notes that Aizawa’s down there, with Bakugo complaining that they didn’t land closer to the battle. Gran Torino says he’s going back to help Aizawa(as his “legs”). But Izuku doesn’t want to “sit and hide.” So Torino tells him that Tomura now has “All For One.” And if Shigaraki gets One For All- that’s pretty much the end of things.

We cut to a lot more heroes rushing to gang up on Tomura. But before they can get there; they first must deal with some tough customers. Ladies and Gentlemen: The Mid End Nomu’s. At least; that’s what Ujiko calls them. His description of them: “Mindless like the Low End Nomu, but are strong like the High Ends.”

Oh Cr@p.

I have to say; these Mid Ends have some pretty cool designs. A Bat looking one, the obvious Dog, one that looks like a head in a mouth that’s about to close, a Godzilla in the back there- Truly Grotesque. A fitting army for the Devil.

But while everyone was distracted by the Mid Ends making themselves known; Tomura dominated over Endevor and Ryukyu. And just to mock them; he raises his opposite hand- as a mirror image to All Might’s defeat of All For One, or Endeavor’s defeat of that first High End. Endeavor, refusing to back down, shoots off a flaming attack. But Tomura ignores the weakened attack and starts monologuing: “Since I gained control of my ‘Decay’ after waking up; I made sure it would spread to the Nomu capsules- even though it doesn’t seem to have worked for all of them.” It flahses back to a few months ago: he asks Ujiko if they’d go berserk after waking up. Ujiko explains that only move when they get a jolt of electricity- and then they’ll only move when Tomura gives the word.

The Symbol of Terror smirks: “Befitting servants for the King of Villains.” As for the “jolt” that got them up; Tomura’s little “Radio Wave + Shockwave” quirk combination to knock out the heroes comms also served to wake these guys up.

Let’s Get #MakeMoreHeroes Going!

Now that the heroes have more threats to contend with; Tomura makes his move for the “hindrance” Eraser Head. But Eraser, wanting to see his students graduate to become great heroes that cultivate more great heroes, calls Tomura the “hindrance.” He’s about to attack with a concealed weapon, but before he can attack- Izuku tackles Tomura away! He and Bakugo have resolved to save him this time! My Hero Academia Chapter 276 END!

The Long Awaited Fight At Last!

Well…………They’ve met. Izuku Midoriya- The 9th User of One For All and Successor To The Symbol of Peace All Might. And Tomura Shigaraki- The 2nd User of All For One and Successor Of The Symbol of Evil All For One. The inheritors of this age-old battle have made contact. The Long Awaited Battle BEGINS NEXT WEEK- In MY HERO ACADEMIA CHAPTER 277! See you soon!

All For One’s Master Plan- My Hero Academia THEORY

Man; it’s been a while since we last did a “My Hero” centric post that wasn’t a chapter review, huh? I know the last one probably wasn’t as good as the others; it definitely wasn’t my best work. That said- I think I’m ready for a second try! Today’s post will discuss the Symbol of Evil- All For One- and his grand plan involving Kyudai Garaki(Dr Ujiko), Izuku Midoriya, and Tomura Shigaraki in particular.

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The Face Of EVIL

Basically, the theory is: All For One Will Try To Steal Tomura’s Body. The evidence being how much he’s done for and to Tomura. Look at all of the facts: He took in Tomura at a young age, and “cultivated” him to be “the new him.” He’s trying to make Tenko into his ideal successor. But that’s just what he’s said. When you look at it more; you start to notice something.

The main point of evidence: He gave the boy his own quirk. All For One, since Kamino Ward, has been using a copy of his own quirk. All For One doesn’t strike me as the type to part with a quirk willingly- unless he were to get something out of it. He used this method to become a crime lord in the age where quirks first developed; he would take the quirks of someone who didn’t want them, and give them to someone who did. They’d both owe him now. Tomura owes him a much greater debt- a life debt. All For One saved his life, so All For One will be calling on a favor. What will it be?

As for why he needs to switch bodies with someone- that’s actually fairly obvious. He’s dying. Because of he and All Might’s unseen fight(the fight where he put a hole in All Might’s stomach, and All Might turned his face into a 4 year old’s knee cap); he’s beaten to h#ll and back.

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This also probably didn’t help either

He needs a new, fresh, younger body to continue his ambitions. Tomura may not be in the best of conditions(he lost 2 fingers on his left hand to Re-Destro), but he’s certainly better off than All For One. Not to mention the fact that he got the regeneration quirk present in the Nomu before any further damage occured. Look at it like this: The Regeneration quirk seems to heal you back to the point when you initially received it(when it comes to giving and taking quirks). Ujiko implied that they found the quirk after All Might beat the sh!t out of him. So if he were to posses the regeneration power- he’d just heal back to what he is currently.

In the case of Tomura; he’s only lacking 2 fingers on his left hand. Which doesn’t seem to be encumbering Tomura in the slightest. Not to mention that he can willingly control Decay now. And other than missing a few fingers; his bodies just fine. And he always has the regeneration to keep him that way. Not to mention he’s much younger than All For One. The way it seems; All For One was already in an older phase of life(late 30s/mid to late 40s), so a younger body would be able to do a lot more than his older one, anyway.

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Not That It Would Attract A Lot of Females; just a lot easier to use

And with Ujiko’s preservation quirk in conjunction with all the strength boosting quirks pre-loaded in All For One(or may even be implanted in Tomura’s body himself); he’ll stay this young and powerful potentially forever.

Another piece of “evidence” I just thought of: Tomura’s only 75% complete. And his desire for more power is driving him to chase down Izuku for One For All. But what about the other 25% of All For One that wasn’t completely transferred over? THAT is where the man himself comes in with the rest of it. Thus: 100% plus One For All. And that in itself is another reason: He can feel One For All’s power growing. And he knows in the back of his head that if he fights Izuku Midoriya himself- he will die this time. The first fight with All Might + Kamino Ward + One For All Mastered Izuku=The End of Evil. So another way you take this is that All For One needs Tomura to take One For All first before he makes the transfer.

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But WHY Does He Want It So Bad?

Now that we’ve discussed the evidence of why he wants to take Tomura’s body(potentially); Why does he want One For All so bad? One way of looking at this is “It’s the one that got away.” One For All was created to fight All For One because the quirk couldn’t be stolen. One For All is the one quirk that he could never take by force. Think of it like a girl: It’s the only girl in his life that’s ever denied him. And because of that; he became obsessed with her-following her throughout the years, awaiting the day he could finally have her.

Another way you could look at it: The quirk that allowed the user to access stockpiled power was given to his brother by him. So you could look at it like he’s “Taking back what’s his because it’s being misused” in his own twisted state of mind. He sees justice and peace as “foolish notions,” so seeing something he made himself being used to fight for those notions must be killing him- in both the literal and metaphorical sense. But I think the main reason for his obsession with this quirk: It’s the connection to his brother. It has his brother’s consciousness and essence in it- it was partially his brothers quirk, anyway! So this is probably his sick, twisted way of “missing” his brother.

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“I want to show him the world I created”

I think the evidence is all there- as shallow as it may seem. But I think now’s the time to speculate when the body swap can happen. I see it happening after the initial time skip. You know: Tomura comes to UA to take One For All while Dabi leads a prison break at Tartarus, All Might dies at Tomura’s hand, Deku vs Kacchan 3 happens to get Izuku out of his funk, his dad comes to offer to take him over seas for the rest of High School, and skipping ahead 2 or 3 years later to see that Japan has changed. Tomura’s become the biggest crime lord in history, and All For One’s time is just about ready to kick the bucket. Tomura, desperate to save his father figure, asks if there’s anything he can do to keep him from dying. Symbol of Evil: “There is…….one thing you can do…….” leading into All For One telling him to hand over his body.

I think all this is evidence enough of my theory. I think that All For One is building up Tomura to steal his body and become more powerful than ever. Thank you for listening to my theory, and have a magical day.