Let’s-Go-Next-Stage!!(An Exciting Announcement)

……………………. Had to redo this part. It sounded a little……….. “artificial,” I’ll say. And I want this to be “authentic.” Because what I have to tell you is of the Utmost Importance. It sounds a lot more serious and “bad” than it is: I Have A New Website. fictionoverlord.webresolvers.com is the name(of course- that will change soon), and it’ll be where I put my……. “Main” content; Chapter Reviews, Theories, Discussions, etc. Though that’s not to say that I’m just gonna “abandon” this one; I wouldn’t leave you guys like that!! But expect less from here; Storytimes, Nostalgia Corners, and whatever else I can think of. Though it’ll be over there, too. Like; they’ll be on the other site and here, and maybe of some of the other stuff, too. Won’t say “When” and “What,” though.

But I can already hear you guys asking “Why are you making another site?” It was my dad’s advice- he’s been helping me get set up and everything. And now my posts are shared to my Social Media pages automatically. The set up of the site, too. Though I recently changed the colors. The other, honestly PRIMARY reason: I Now Have A Merch Store Over There. Yeah, gonna be selling anime/manga merch, and maybe a few other things I’ll throw in to keep things balanced!! The first 2 products: Naruto Headbands and One Piece phone cases.

So……….. Yeah, guys. I’m gonna start making money off of this now! Well, not this site specifically, but you know what I mean! And like I said: I’m not gonna “alienate” you all, or “force” you to go over and buy my merch- I simply wanted you all to be aware of the changes that will be occurring. This was………. shorter and less “bombastic” than I had originally planned. I was gonna explain the origin of the name of the post, but……… Nah. I’ll let you look into that one(Hint: “Black Clover”). You can check at the merch at my shop now, and check out my reviews for the recent chapters of One Piece, My Hero, and Black Clover over there, too.

That’s all I got for you all for the day. Until we meet again, boys and girls- Have A Magical Day. By~~~~~e!!!!!!!!

The Big 3 vs A Fractured Mind! My Hero Academia Chapter 361 BREAKDOWN

…………………. This is the 3rd title I came up with, and the 3rd one I used. The first one was pretty plain when compared to this one, and the second one focuses on the end of the chapter. But because of that ending; I get this feeling that I’m gonna need to save that for the next chapter. So I went with this title because it’s a little more “inventive” than the first one, and tells you what the chapter is about.

Speaking of; This chapter sets up something pretty darn cool. Like, this is cool and all, but the next chapter I GUARANTEE will be a good one!! Just to let you know: We’re focusing on Best Boy Tamaki Amajiki!! But for this week; we’re focusing on the ever adorable Nejire chan! Which is always good. My Hero Academia Chapter 361: “Abnormal Happenings.” Let’s begin.


His poor, poor hand………..

We open in the Vestige World, where Tenko is being consumed by a mass of hands. But hearing what Mirio said last time about him not having any friends- made him speak. Tenko consciousness remembers his friends “Mikkun” and “Tomo,” and even his dog Mon. So All For Destruction ends up screaming at Mirio “OF COURSE I HAVE REAL FRIENDS!!!” Mirio immediately walks back what he just said now that he’s seen that he’s touched a nerve. Seemingly out of embarrassment that he just said that; AFD creates another typhoon of fingers that Mirio has to maneuver through.

Mirio notices that that attack he landed did NOTHING to the monster; his main body seems to be tougher than the fingers he’s making. All the while All For Destruction is feeling his mind “splitting;” he’s managed to assimilate Tomura, and All For One is in the drivers seat for the most part. But the sole outlier in this this hive mind is starting to cause some problems: Tenko Shimura won’t assimilate. So AFD doesn’t want to let this fight drag on for too much longer…………

Ah sh!t, here we go again…..

He turns his attention back towards Bakugo, sending a tsunami his way. He says it’s because he “doesn’t want to fight someone trying to buy time.” Mirio begins to think back to chapter 359, when he and the others came up with a plan to damage AFD. We saw the beginnings last time; Nejire chan and Tamaki began attacking so Mirio could grab Bakugo. And then he’d go back because he’s the only one here who can get close to him. But it’s up to Tamaki to deal a decent blow………….

AFD moves to attack, and Nejire chan and Jeanist try to strike back. AFD says that the “Entrapment Stage” they made for him is going to end up being their own caskets. Nejire continues to fight on, despite the waves of fingers cutting her beautiful face up. She admits to herself that she despises All For Destruction- because it’s like looking at herself from the distant past. Before; she was so “closed off” and “cold-” the complete opposite of who she is today.

But in truth; she wanted to know those around her better. But they all ran because she came off as the type who thinks they’re superior because of their quirk(much like Bakugo, once upon a time). And then Tamaki reached out- just as Mirio once did to him. And, well………….. you see the end result.

While off in the distance; Tamaki begins to make his Ultimate Attack: “Vast Hybrid’s True Potential.I can only describe it as a cannon made of the dozens of animals and foods that he’s consumed– filled with Nejire chan’s energy wave. Everything he’s eaten has compounded on this moment. The One Who Devours The Sun makes his move- NEXT TIME!! My Hero Academia Chapter 361 END!! I swear to f*ck if Horikoshi cuts away from this…….

I can’t even read all that sh!t. But I know he’s got some cool ones in there!


………………………. I had to do this part all over again. The first one was kind of a “contradiction” to what I said towards the end of the most recent Four Knights Of The Apocalypse post. I had said that I dislike Tenko because he “telegraphs the ending” of the series- which may have been the dumbest thing I’ve ever said up here. And I try to make sure that– even when posts don’t come out the way that I want them to- they are at least “consistent” and don’t have a whole bunch of “dumb statements” in them. I’ve always believed that it’s not the plotline that’s bad; it’s the way it’s handled. And how Horikoshi is handling Tomura’s redemption is………… not my “cup of tea.” You know what I mean?

Like; I go back to All For One’s quote about the different between “Heroes” and “Villains” enough- just visit this post for that. And I felt that that would come back up in the main story in that Tomura is………. not a “separate person” from Tenko, but Tenko “polluted” by his “Decay” quirk- that he is an example of “someone who’s quirk dictates their actions.” But now, in knowing that Tomura are 2 completely separate entities; I’m left to wonder 1)If this is just some case of “Multiple Personality Disorder” or if All For One had something to do with it and 2)How Tenko will overcome his own Quirk Vestige(that’s probably what Tomura is, thinking about it), and the vestige of All For One. And also: Does Tomura even “exist” in this thing? ‘Cause it feels more like All For One more than anything else.

The Inevitable

Other than that complaint; there wasn’t all that much that I really wanted to say about the chapter. It was just kind of me talking about how glad I am that Nejire chan and Tamaki are getting some spotlight. Nejire chan is cute as ever- even when looking like a………… Which “Dere” type would she be? She was always that “bubbly” girl we know and love, but she was “cold and distant” before Tamaki brought her out of her shell? I guess “Tsundere,” right? Still adorable, but her Tsundere look was a lot more “mature” looking than she does now. Now, she’s cute in a different way.

And then there was the spotlight for Tamaki. I’m not gonna harp on the “eating finger” thing, but I WILL say that I always knew he’d be important in the climax of the story- simply because of what was said about his quirk: “It Has No Real Limit.” Even seeing the canon he made here to fire Nejire chan’s energy shows that. Though………… I question how this canon is going to work. Like, the way I saw it last week: Mirio held in Nejire chan’s energy thanks to his “Permeation-” that he let it go when he finally got close enough. I have no doubt that Tamaki would be able to take the energy, but………. how long can he hold it? ‘Cause I’ll tell you right now: That suckers gonna take some build up.

I imagine the plan is to just “pump it full” in between all the attacks on AFD, but that’s gonna take a minute. And like he said- he’s not “interesting in distractions.” If he gets even a whiff of this plan- Hand Hurricane H#ll. So whatever they plan to do……………………!! Is he going to EAT the energy? She’s going to shoot a blast at him that’s going to slide down his throat(PAUSE) so he’ll be able to manifest the energy on his own! SO COOL!!! But……would something like that work? I don’t know what “eating energy” would even do to him! But other than that; he’s just gonna have to “hold it in” like a big dump. THAT’S the first place my mind goes. Meh; maybe I’m looking to far into it.

Absolute Faith!!


…………… Alright, that’s better. The previous take didn’t sit right with me. I may leave some stuff out, but I’ll at least say what I want with my full heart!! And now that I have; we can end it here. Also, sorry about the paragraphing; my posts are doing some weird sh!t where the………. “font?” of the paragraphs change and look smaller, making me think I have to make the picture more, you know, “Pronounced” to stand next to the paragraph. It’s done this once before, and it fixed itself afterwards. So I I just gotta wait it out……

…………. Okay then………..

But that’s all I got for the lot of ya today, duckies. Til next we meet; stay safe, stay strong, and stay weird. By~~~e!!!

Holy’s Vendetta! Edens Zero Chapter 202 BREAKDOWN

Pretty generic, but effective in explaining what the main thing from this chapter is. That said: I’m sorry, but this chapter wasn’t NEARLY as “hype” as anyone thought when the leaks came out. Like, we saw the leaks, and THAT happened, and everyone was thinking about what it meant- but actually reading the chapter reveals something completely different. I won’t say “false advertising;” leaks can only do so much for a chapter, but……… the chapter itself wasn’t “all that.” On the bright side, that means that this chapter won’t take too long. Edens Zero Chapter 202: “Unmasked.” It’s not at all what you’re thinking. Let’s get into it……..

Cool, but…… kind of “regular”


We begin on a shot of Crow after having absorbed Holy in last week‘s chapter. Kleene says that they’ve lost contact with Holy, so Connor suggests that they escape until they can think of a plan. Hermit turns off the Star Bringer, and all power is diverted to either escaping or the shields. Crow chases after him- activating his Overdrive and hitting the ship right in the shields, knocking it off course(basically into the ground).

Almost titled the review “Crow In Overdrive!” Decided Against It.

At the tower; we continue to she Shiki’s battle against Ziggy- the Machine King sends rubble at his grandson, and the boy uses his Gravity to crush it all. Ziggy warps behind him with Nero’s “Wormhole,” and knocks him into the building. Shiki rebounds, and lands a solid uppercut on his Grandfather, cracking her head apart to reveal a Human Head. Shiki can’t believe his own 2 eyes, and 1 of them is robotic! Yeah, this about to happen………

We then cut over to Holy in the Steel Sorceress 94- INSIDE of Crow! She’s not particularly upset, however; she’s in fact more than excited to finally melt Crow from the inside out. But she finds it difficult to use her Ether Gear. A voice tells her that it’s an “Ether Jammer” preventing her from activating her powers. That voice comes from none other than Deadend Crow Himself! Or, rather- the “Physical Manifestation Of His Personality,” which I took to mean A Solographic image of him inside his body. Either way you splice it; it means that taking this guy out won’t take down the Titan himself- you gotta take that one out to win this.

Seeing the object of her hatred there in front of her- at a size which would allow her to actually fight him hand to hand- Holy abandons all reason and moves to strike him with everything she has in her. But all it does is give Crow the opportunity to break her f*ckin’ arm. But seeing her up close and personal like this reminds him of someone. It is here that we get their full backstory: One of Crow’s victims during the “Bloody Atmos Day Incident” was her sister, Sara. And if that wasn’t bad enough; he would go on to strip Holy and in the Town’s Square for all to see. F*cking dirty b@stard.

He laughs about it, and she’s about to attack again, Crow grabs her by the neck, and jokes about doing it again. But decides not to because people “complained about the smell of her dung” last time. So he’s about to snap her neck- when his hand gets Chopped Off!! Kris and Laguna have come to her rescue. Thus; Edens Zero Chapter 202 END!! A “Storm” is coming, if you know what I mean!!

The Tag Team Of Wind And Water vs Darkness Incarnate- Next Time!!


I stand by what I said in the beginning, but I also want to say that this wasn’t a “bad” chapter. It was…….. “there.” It didn’t do anything really “big and important;” all it did was move the story along- it was just “and then these things happen.” Now I will say that I’m curious what Crow can actually do- even if this body isn’t real. I said I took it to be a “Sologram-” a Solid Holographic version of him, made in case he has intruders- but the more the I think about it; the more that I think that this might be a “Mechanical Enzyme” type of thing. Like; he has a factory inside himself that builds these smaller bodies for invaders.

But I think that we all know what the big take away from this chapter is: The Reveal Of Ziggy’s True Face. It’s no secret anymore; that was Shiki’s face under there! Or well; we’re left to assume. Until we get an actual look, it could be Weisz! We just know that it’s a guy under there!! But it’s probably Shiki. And as I proposed last week; I think the Flashforward to 20,000 years later is his origin story. I don’t know how he managed to come back to this time period, or what his motives are in coming back here specifically, but……….. We’re finally getting answers.

We also now know why Holy hates Crow so much. And after what he did to her and her sister- I don’t blame her. It also tells us her line of thinking when she decided to learn Ether Gear: it was made specifically to turn Crow into a puddle- very Slowly, and Very Painfully. Although, to focus in on Sara for a minute- Is She Truly Dead? I don’t know; I’m just thinking back to all the sibling relationships in Fairy Tail- like Simon and Kagura, or Yukino and Sorano, or the Strauss siblings. It’s like………. I don’t think she’s dead; I think we’re going to meet her again at some point in the future. Will she end up being friend or foe, though? And to whom? And then the flashback next week shows her violently vivisected or something. Oh well………

Seeing Kris and Laguna fight together is going to be interesting. I mean, sure; they probably have to get rid of that Ether Jammer to have a good fight(I hope they don’t offscreen something like that), but I’m sure Kris has a few upgrades that let him fight without Ether Gear. That should hold for a while while Holy and Laguna get rid of that thing. Then; Kris and Laguna could end up combining their Ether gear abilities to make some kind of miniature Storm inside the Giant. Or, you know; Kris could have a solo fight that shows us the full extent of his Ether gear better than Weisz’. He really “earned” his in the Aoi War, whereas Kleene, Homura, and Weisz were kind of just “handed” it. Though Homura’s made full use of it.


……………….. There wasn’t really much to say about this chapter. I don’t think it was “spinning its wheels” like the last few chapters of the Granolah arc of Dragon Ball Super, but……… Wasn’t all that “excited” despite the content being pretty good. I don’t know if Black Clover and One Piece took all my excitement with their chapters, but I just wasn’t feeling it for this one. I hope next week is different, because this is honestly one of my favorite manga from the last few years.

Doesn’t he kind of look like………?

Welp; that’s all I got for the lot of ya today, boys and girls. Until next time, everyone- Have A Magically Wonderful Day. By~~~~e!!!

…………….That’s F*cked Up, Man. Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 72 BREAKDOWN

Even the translator’s all like……..

No, I’m being serious; that is all kinds of messed up, Jericho. You’re hot and all, but……… this……….. This is Messed Up. I don’t even think I’d say “I still smash, tho(ugh; I can’t believe I just said that),” ’cause this woman is TR~IPPING. To let you know: This chapter reveals that Jericho is…………….. she’s………….. She’s In Love With Lancelot. Someone who viewed her as family- an older sister, his teacher! WHAT THE F*CK IS WRONG WITH HER? I’m getting ahead of myself, and I guess I’m not being completely fair to Jericho. Let’s just get on with it. Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 72: “A Freezing, Burning Heart.” I’m gonna need to shower after this……….


We pick up where the last chapter left off, with Lancelot arriving to help fight against the Traitor Jericho. She asks her former student if he intends to get rid of “the traitor,” but Lance says he only wants to bring her back to Benwick- as a family member; Ban and Elaine have been worried, and he feels responsible for why she disappeared to begin with. All This To Say: She’s coming back with Lance.

But she refuses to go; she threatens to shatter Guila if any of them get any closer. Jade thinks they should obey, while Chion takes the opportunity to chastise Lance. And Lance just walks on ahead. So she tries to attack, but Lance not only manages to save Guila, but even manages to knock Jericho away.

He hands over guila to Jade and Chion, and tells them to take her to Thetis before she freezes to death, and continues to chase after Jericho. He make his way through the dungeon until he comes to the Main Holding cell, where they’re keeping the suspected traitor. Lance find her again, and says that he’s been looking for her for the past 2 years to find out why she left in the first place. She brings up the events of the special chapter- when they were spirited away to the “World Beyond” 6 years ago.

Lance thinks that she left because in the 3 years they were trapped; all he ever did was cling to her side and make it hard for her to fight, and that she blames him for getting trapped there in the first place. She admits that what he’s saying is true, but it was still “The Happiest 3 Years She’s Ever Had.Why do you suppose that is? Lance wonders, and she admits the she “Loves Him.” But not in the “Brother/Sister/Master/Student” type of wayin the same way that a woman can love a man. Holy cr@p that’s messed up– and gets into some………… other serious issues. Which we’ll talk about later……

It is because of those unpleasant feelings that she felt she could no longer stay by his side; she never wanted to act on these unwanted feelings. “But if that’s why you disappeared,” he interrupts, “then why reveal them to me now.” She says that it’s because this will be their “last meeting.” See, King Arthur made a proposition to Jericho: If she were to do as he said, then she would get the world that she desired- a world where she would be alone with a Lancelot that loves “her alone.” Where the f*ck did this man come up with this plotline?

To live in this “ideal world” of hers; she’s prepared to face Lance with everything she’s got! Then she chants some incantation that takes her to Camelot. Lance checks the Prisoner; he was frozen to death. That- plus the blatant Mind control of his master- sends Lance into a rage, as he screams out “ARTHUUUUUUUR!!!!!!!!!!!” Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 72 END!! Seriously, Suzuki senseiWhat the f*ck?

they’ve got a name now……. I prefer “Galascula,” but whatever


As much as I’ve been harping on it; I’m not…………. all THAT disgusted by it. Creepy as h#ll and VERY messed up, but it’s not like I’m so repulsed that I’m gonna attack the creator on Twitter or boycott the series over it. Because I know better. Not only in the sense of “you shouldn’t attack the creator of a series-” or just anyone, to be honest– but also because I don’t think that this is completely the truth. Arthur’s definitely messing with her head- that’s not even a question. The question is really: “On What Level?”

How much of this is she really thinking?

I don’t know if Lance is already the “Prince of The Lake” that he is in the Arthurian lore(and was said to be at some point after that special chapter), but this might help us understand more. “Chaos” has given Arthur some pretty devastating power- power that we’re only beginning to learn about. He made Camelot from the Ground up- basically creating some kind of Separate Dimension for the kingdom to exist in; looking into his eyes makes you think you’re being violently murdered by monsters; and even revive the dead as we’re seeing with Melascula and Galand. He can even bend reality based on his mood, as we saw with chapter 336 of Seven Deadly Sins. Mental Manipulation is more than within his power.

Though I figure that the spell placed on Jericho is a fair bit stronger than the ones placed on Galand and Melascula. But how much is he controlling Jericho? Is it just the “World With Lancelot” that she wants, or…….. did he make her have these feelings. I have an idea that I want to propose: Arthur and Camelot were the ones who were kidnapping the fairies of Benwick. And they did this to draw out the first potential Knight Of The Apocalypse- Lance. They originally planned to just capture him and kill him, but having Jericho there presented a problem- at first. Then, Arthur figured he could use Jericho as a pawn to either bring Lance over to their side- or kill him with the help of someone he’d never be willing to fight.

I say this mostly because of Ironside’s mission in the very first chapter of the series; he went after Percival because he was a potential Knight of Prophecy- they had sent out a number of Chaos Knights to dispatch all potential candidates. Something to that effect. And how that leads into how Jericho feels towards Lance: Manufactured feelings from Arthur. That “love” that she has may been built up and planted in her mind by Arthur- he could have used the “power Of Chaos” to implant thoughts in her head every now and again- thoughts that she wasn’t actually thinking.

…………………. Maybe stil…………… Nah; not worth it.

But like I said: It may be a ploy to get one of those prophesized to be their downfall over to their side. And I think this primarily because of what I learned while looking into Arthurian lore for last week’s chapter- the bit about Lancelot being a “present” to King Arthur from the Lady Of The Lake. Maybe this is how that plotline kicks off; with Lance deciding to go over to Arthur’s side so that he can save his teacher. He’s too smart and has too much “Ban” in him to ever actually betray Liones or his parents, but………. he also isn’t the type to “go easy” on people, as we saw when he dropped the guise of Sin the Fox. He could make his “betrayal” VERY convincing.

Another thing I just wanted to talk about briefly was the idea of Lance knowing how Chion really feels. The boy reads minds- he knows how that @$$licker feels about he and the other Knights of Prophecy(except Tristan). But he clearly doesn’t give 2 sh!ts, whereas he had a whole tantrum in the special chapter because of what he heard from the Fairies in Benwick. It’s a sign of his growth that he hasn’t kicked that guys teeth in(Lord KNOWS how much I can’t wait for someone to do it). And I think that he’ll play some kind of role in whatever development Chion will undergo in the future- he and Percival. And possibly Gawain, due to the small similarities in their behavior.

Chion “only trusts in himself and those he believes in;” Gawain believes that his power is unbeatable- that he’s “The Strongest.” They only believe in themselves. So whatever development that Gawain undergoes thanks to Percival will be passed down to Chion; teaching him that he can “rely on others” or something to that effect. And Lance would be a catalyst in that development because he’ll probably call out Chion’s thoughts when it comes time for the big betrayal, or maybe he protects Chion at a “grave cost,” revealing that he knew and still chose to protect him because……….. I don’t know; “he’s important to Tristan” or something. Pretty obvious what’s gonna happen. But I know that Suzuki sensei knows what he’s doing.


………………. Wow; that chapter actually wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be when I saw the initial leaks. I’m not even really that grossed out. Though it puts in a “contradiction” that I originally said in my review for this week’s chapter of My Hero Academia. For that reason; I chose to put this one out before that chapter- I wanted to change some things because I wasn’t really proud of how it turned out. But don’t worry; it’ll be out sooner rather than later!

But yeah; that’s everything I wanted to say in regards to this week’s chapter of “Four Knights Of The Apocalypse!” Got it out in a timely manner and everything; I had a REALLY BAD headache yesterday(from when you’re seeing this), and slept for a few hours to try and get rid of it. Worked, and now- you get a really good post! So until the next post, duckies- Have A Wonderfully Fantastical Day. By~~~e!!!

Yeah- Arthur’s Gonna Pay.

Momonosuke’s Battle! One Piece Chapter 1,055 BREAKDOWN

I’m going to tell you right now: I’m talking about all 3 Jump chapters this week. It’s been a LONG time since I was able to talk about all of the series I usually do- my schedule just doesn’t permit me to do that anymore. BUT GODD@MN IT; I miss it!! Edens Zero and Four Knights Of The Apocalypse were a few days late- and I predict this and My Hero are going to be out later than usual(I NEED to talk about “Black Clover” first- It’s been Too Long!!), but I don’t care!!

If this movie ends up not being good; all this promotion is gonna end up a waste.

Now that “One Piece” is back from hiatus; we’re getting banger after banger! Last week was BIG ONE, and this one’s no different. Momonosuke faces off against Aramaki in One Piece Chapter 1,055: “New Era.” Oh you KNOW what this is gonna be.


Film Red Promotion

I’m guessing this is part 1 of 3

In lieu of a cover page; we have promotional material for the new movie- “Film: Red.” It focuses on the central antagonist of the movie: Shanks’ daughter, Uta!! She lies on the ground of her stage, exhausted from thinking about the tone of the song she wants to write. All the while; a Transponder snail is transmitting a message to her: “Uta, listen- Pirates have stormed the town!!,” “Uta, They Got My Dad!!,” “Save us, Uta chan- The House Is Burning!!” Pirates are attacking the towns people.

But all Uta can think about is her song, and starts drawing on the stage. After a few dozen pens; she finally finishes writing her song: “New Age.” She wipes the sweat from her face, as her “Magnum Opus” rises from the ground she wrote it one………………

Chapter 1,055

We open on the Flower Capital to see Nami and Tama having fun, while the Kozuki face off against Ryokugyu. Raizo unleashes a Fire scroll on the Admiral, but he was able to overcome “such an obvious weakness” by becoming wood that doesn’t burn so easy. He then pierces Raizo, and drains him of his nutrients, as he did to Queen a few chapters ago. And evenutally; he manages to capture them all…………

We cut over ot Sukiyaki’s secret room in the Castle basement, where he leads the intoxicating Nico Robin and Law(who went looking for them when he saw they weren’t at the party) to the Road Poneglyph- and to Pluton. Sukiyaki says that he never told Kaido or Orochi about this passage, but Jack being a Fishman let them find the Road Poneglyph in no time. The reason being made clear to them soon enough.


They come to a passage way on their way down, and find something unbelievable: A Submerged Version Of Wano– the Wano of 800 Years Ago. Though he doesn’t know why it ended up this way. But he does know this: Wano was much larger 800 years ago, and located at Sea level like other islands. It was actually at the base of Mt Fuji back in that time. At some point in the past(around the end of the Void Century, obviously); the walls that make up the current Wano were erected, blocking out invaders and the World Government.

But it also ended up keeping in rainwater from all those centuries of enclosure. The old Wano was eventually submerged in that water, and Wano’s natural borders were formed. Moving along; they eventually come to the room containing the Road Poneglyph- a room Sukiyaki says is in a cavern at the foot of Mt Fuji. And if they were to continue down the path- They Would Find Pluton. Though he’s never seen it himself, so he can’t really show them. The reason: The Borders Need To Close To Reach It. “Removing The Borders” is a very LITERAL Phrase!!

Robin asks why Oden would want to unleash an Ancient Weapon, to which Sukiyaki says he doesn’t know- Oden must have learned something while he was at sea. And then we jump back over to the Kozuki vs Ryokugyu.

They’re getting beat up by a Tree……………

Yamato suggests that they call Luffy and the others to face this guy, but Momo refuses to let they or Yamato help him win; he wants them to leave knowing that Wano- that he and his Retainers- will be able to take care of themselves. He needs to defeat Greenbull himself. As such; he tries to shoot off a “Boro Breath” to no avail………… the First Time. Second Time: Puts a hole right through the b@stard. Momo keeps on going- crying all the while so his aims all f*cked up– but he’s managing to get Ryokugyu enough to burn his entire body.

Unfortunately for him; Oda seems to have been watching Guardians Of The Galaxy and given Greenbull the ability to “grow a new body” from a sprout he placed in the ground. So even when they manage to beat his first body- he has DOZENS more to come, each one being fully healed every time, making him effectively immortal in battle. No wonder they made this man an Admiral……


He’s about put an end to the fight, when he sense some unbelievable Haki hit him- The Conqueror’s of Red Hair Shanks. It’s so potent that even the new members of his own crew get knocked the f*ck out. But he don’t care right nowHe. IS. P!~~SSED. He tells Ryokugyu from a distance:

Now I’m not accusin’ you of fighting “dirty,” Navy Man- but when the “New Shoots” that just changed Pirate History are exhausted from their feat; don’t you think that what’s you’re doing is a bit much?

Are you that afraid of the New Era?!

The Yonko- Red Hair Shanks

He may be eager to please Akainu, but……………… He Knows Better. He leaves as soon as he can move!! Off in the distance; we see that Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, and Jinbe were watching the whole fight- allowing Momo to do what he had to. But they don’t know who that Haki belonged to. However; it reminded Luffy of a “Familiar Face.” One Piece Chapter 1,055 END!! Less than the last timeOh So VERY Much More To Talk about.

Greenbull Wouldn’t Stand A Chance!!


Should I do this the same way as last week? There’s less to talk about, but the main thing that got dropped this week leaves us to talk about a few things. I think I will, but this might be the last time- mostly because I don’t expect too much to go on next week- he said and then will proceed to do the exact same thing next week.

Momonosuke vs Ryokugyu

This part is a little more straight forward than the other part: Momonosuke needs this fight to prove that he and his retainers can take care of things; he doesn’t want Luffy and the others to feel that they have to stay and protect them. They have their own lives and ambitions to seek; they can’t stay in Wano forever. I guess in a way: He sort of thinking like his dad.

“Everyone Is Finally Free now!! So you can leave whenever you wish!!’

Oden didn’t want to be locked up in Wano- he wanted to have fun adventures at sea, despite the borders around the country. Momonosuke isn’t opening the borders yet, but he still wants for Luffy and co to leave as they wish- the way that his father couldn’t. He’s certainly heard the stories of how Oden escaped from Wano, so………. he may not “close” them, but I think everyone will now be able to come and go as they please……..

Not enemies, though; them b!tches can drown for all he cares. I think this mostly because of the next segment of the chapter; if Momo hears what’s waiting when they close the borders altogether, then he may chose to keep them up until………….. the moment that it HAS to come down. Something like that……..

The Void Century, Wano, And Pluton

And now we come to THAT. Okay, how do I want to do this? You may have noticed, but I intentionally avoid talking about those “Big Mysteries” like “What’s The One Piece?,” “The Will Of D?,” and the Void Century. Like; what can I add to those conversations that hasn’t been said in the last 25 Years of serialization? I also want to try to keep things “unique,” but also reference theories I’ve heard. And right now; I believe the idea that Joy Boy- or really whoever was opposing the World Government at that time- erected these borders to keep Pluton away from their enemies. But I definitely don’t think that that’s all they were doing.

Omni-Directional Tsunami Incoming

Pluton is described as a “Battleship that can destroy an entire island in a single shot.” It has a “Main Canon.” I’ve always believed in the idea that Pluton would be used to bring down Marie Geois and the Red Line, freeing the World from the Celestial Dragons(Im) and the World Government. But I don’t think that it’s point in that direction yet. And even if it is; I don’t think it’s close enough for a shot of that magnitude to- you know– keep its intended impact. I’m basically saying that those “Walls” around Wano are going to do more than just “free Wano to the world.”

Me thinks that those walls are part of how Pluton moves– fins like that of a Sea King or some other fish. I wouldn’t even begin to know where you get enough power to make that thing move; making a weapon that requires people to power it is kind of……….. kinda the “antithesis” of what they want. Using people to power a DEATH RAY(let’s say) would kind of defeat the point of using it against the most Oppressive force in the world, wouldn’t it?

What they’re trying to prevent with a Giant @$$ battleship

Knowing Oda, it’ll probably run on cola or something. But I definitely think the walls will be the fins of the ship. Not to mention the SUPER TSUNAMI that will come from taking down the border- both from those fins “flopping” on the water, and all that rainwater that’s gonna be unleashed. Like; the releasing of Pluton is going to cause SO MUCH damage from more than just its main canon. Especially with the idea that I just came up with.

Here Me Out: What if the country of Wano itself was converted into Pluton, with Mt Fuji as the main canon? If Wano is supposed to be this “Big, Important” nation to the world, then it would make sense if it were to- let’s saydestroy every island in its path, but offer bastion to those on those islands. Wait, does that make sense? It sounded a lot better in my head!! WHAT I MEAN IS: Wano in its prime is this Self Sufficient nation; it doesn’t need the World Government’s help. As such; it would make sense if it were to help the innocent hurt in its path to Marie Geois. And when the whole thing is over; it can help the world repair itself- while also taking care of itself. There, that’s better.

I……….. I just lost all credibility, haven’t I?


……………………. Think that’s all, folks. Like I said: Not much that I can add to the conversation for bigger topics like that. But we now know more about Wano and how it was 800 years ago. I don’t know what they would find if they were to go into the underwater castle(not that Robin and Law could), but I think there’s something in there- something that may tell us a little more about what happened during the Void Century. We’re on the “Road To Laugh Tale,” ladies and gents- any theories you got; Now’s the time to make them known!

That’s 3…………….

That’s all I got for the lot of ya today, boys and girls. Let me know your own thoughts, and until the next post, boys and girls- Have A Magical Day. By~~~~~~e!!!

The One Who Never Gives Up! Black Clover Chapter 332 BREAKDOWN

That title was DIFFICULT to come up with. I REALLY didn’t want to celebrate the return of 1 of my favorite manga by saying “1001 Ways To Say The Series Is Back-” he says like the review for “One Piece” review from last week wasn’t exactly that. I wanted the title to be special to the chapter, like any other title I would use. And I chose this because this chapter is mainly to show us how Asta has grown in the last………………….

1 YEAR AND 3 MONTHS?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!

Okay, didn’t see THAT coming. Not that I’m complaining or anything!!! I’m kind of curious to see what’s changed since then. Not that I think we’ll be getting a lot of that; this series doesn’t tend to do those “Reverberation effects” to its society- at least in comparison to its sister series. But where are my manners? Welcome back, Yuki Tabata and “Black Clover.” Black Clover Chapter 332: “Final Declaration.” Did I mention that Tabata’s good at coming up with chapter titles? Let’s begin!!


I said that, but we instead open not long after the events of chapter 331(based on the fact that it’s time related; it could be happening at the same time Adrammelech took the heart in 330)- in the 7th Layer Of The Underworld, where the Former Devil King resides. Half of his power was still locked away, and, well- that half took all the same damage as the half that was topside. As such; he’s left vulnerable to a sneak attack from someone such as…………..Lucius.

“The Time The Binds All”

Lucifero lies on the ground after being chopped up by True Devil Union Asta. He lies carved up on the ground, spouting about how his magic was “the greatest in the world.” And Lucius agrees with this point; you can’t deny that Lucifero has a powerful magic type, and the most power of any creature alive. Or, well- he was.

Lucius takes out this one’s heart, and tells him “In this world; we are the one’s with the most Brilliant magic- We Humans.” He takes the heart, puts it up to his face, and………. we hear the “munch” sound effect. We don’t see it out right, but……….. he bit into that heart. He is eating that thing and taking Lucifero’s power. Or so we believe………………..

Cut To 1 Year And 3 Months Later: We’re in the Clover Kingdom Captial, where a Special Ceremony is being held- For Asta!! As of today; he becomes a First Class Senior Magic Knight!! Everyone from the Church in Hage, to members of the Black Bulls(Vanessa, Secre, Finral, and Noelle), Best Girl Mimosa O-Hime Sama, watch as he accepts his award from the Magic Knight Captains, who tell him that he’s only “one step away” from becoming the Wizard King!!

We also learn a few things, however:

  1. Damnatio has gone missing.
    • This in turn prolonged the Devil Trial, and put a halt on this ceremony.
    • Asta and Secre have both been acquitted, but there are some who are still mistrustful of them.
  2. Yuno has already received the title of Grand Magic Knight, and is off on a mission witht eh Golden Dawn and rest of the Black Bulls investigating Devil activity around the borders of the Clover Kingdom.

Nevertheless; Asta is happy just being acknowledged by all of the Magic Knight Captains and those around him. Though Fuegoleon admits he’s more than worthy of the title of “Grand Magic Knight.” Rill’s just upset that his record as “Youngest Grand Magic Knight” was broken.

A Little More Than Halfway There!!!

It’s time for the Afterparty! Asta asks Fuegoleon about the decision on the next Wizard King- he heard it would be between Nozel, Fuegoleon himself, and Mereleona. That WAS the case- but they all declined, and the matter was put on hold. Nozel and Fuego realized over a year ago that they aren’t strong enough to hold that position, and Mereo………. Is Mereo; she’s not looking to sit at a desk, do paperwork, and lead in battle- she’d rather do her own thing.

There’s that, and the Devil activity around the borders. The Heart and Spade Kingdoms are almost done with their reparations, so they’re trying to keep things peaceful. Cut away to Yami’s segment: He and Finral walk up to Jack and Charolette. But as soon as he starts talking she runs off in the opposite direction. Yami asks why she’s been acting weirder than usual since the Spade Invasion, to which Final tells him that Charolette Confessed To Him As He Was Dying. So he goes to the potty to think over what was just revealed to him.

Were You Expecting Anything Else?

All the while he tries to come to terms with his new reality; Asta realizes that he has put something to rest today: It’s Time To Confess. Secre overhears this, and comes up with a………. Sinister, Sinister idea. Ever since the Spade Invasion; Noelle and Mimosa have been feeling awkward and weird around Asta. It’s to the point where Noelle can’t even hold a conversation with him! And Mimosa Hime’s only thought has been how she can support Asta better. Secre sees them freaking out, and tells them Asta’s plan for the day. Evil, EVIL Woman right here; this was done for her amusement!

Outside the castle; Asta takes Sister Lily to the balcony. Noelle, Mimosa sama, and Secre watch from the doorway, as he makes his goal known:

Now- Or Never.

Now that he’s 18- that he’s a step away from his goal; he feels that this is the time to ask Sister Lily again. But this will be the Last Time he does so. It shocks the h#ll out of the girls, but what’s even more shocking to them is what happens next. Sister Lily:

Thank you, Asta. However- I’m sorry. You’re like family to me; my dashing, cute little brother. I really can’t marry you.

Sister Lily vs The Final Confession

After everything that’s happened; she still said “No.” And no matter how much he wants this; it’ll never happen. So the boy “takes it on the chin,” and accepts that there’s nothing that he can do to change the way she feels. So he instead asks her to watch over his “unchanging vow:” “I WILL Become The Wizard King!!” Hearing this vow, and knowing that he’s finally accepted this truth; she feels that she can say things like “I Know You Can Do It.”

The One Unbound From Time!

But then…………. with timing so perfect you’d think he’d done this a thousand times over; Lucius appears, and congratulates Asta for making it to this point. But he tells him that this- is “The End.” Black Clover Chapter 332 END!! Writing this post; I’m thinking everything is going to come WAY LATER in the week than I would have liked. But whatever; we won’t be confined to time!!


It feels good to be back. I missed these characters; the comedy; the art and character designs; the emotions; I’ve missed it all!! It’s why I had to scream like that at the beginning of the post. Just letting you guys know: It’s 8:58 pm on Saturday, July 30th, 2022 when I began this section of the post. I had work Friday, you see, and wasn’t really talk about anything yesterday. Crazy. I’m saying all this to explain why all these posts took so long to come out! I HAD to do all 5, man- I just had to!! Black Clover, One Piece, My Hero Academia, Edens Zero, and Four Knights Of The Apocalypse– I almost never get to do all of them!!!

Now that I’ve said that; I feel I can talk about the Highlights of the chapter. My Personal Favorite Moment: Secre telling Noelle and Mimosa that Asta would confess to someone!! She intentionally didn’t say to whom. It’s a small moment, certainly, but it shows 1)That she’s hyper aware of people’s feelings and the social dynamic of those around her and 2) She’s more willing to…….. “play around” like the rest of her squad. She’s becoming more “open,” guys; it’s a sign of character progression.

Do you guys see that slight smile in her face too?

I think we all know what the BIG Big things to take away from the chapter are. That said; I don’t think we can ignore all the romantic drama going on right now. This is important, I swear it is. Because of the role that “Love” played in the Spade Invasion- and how prevalent it’s been in the story. 1)Noelle and Mimosa sama now know that Asta was in love with someone else- for a long time. And they just saw him get rejected- for the LAST time. I don’t think they’d feel right being “rebounds” after something like that- for themselves, and for Asta……..

And then you have Yami and Charlotte. Come on now; were you expecting Yami’s face to change much after hearing that? The inner monologue kind of threw me off, but seeing him contemplate it on the toilet reminded me that it was still “Yami” thinking about the situation. So I guess the only question on how this plotline is resolved comes down to “How would a ‘Graduate Protagonist’ handle the confession?” A main character who’s reached the end of their story, and it’s now time for the “Next Generation” series?…………… He’s a former thug with a heart of gold, so I’ll say that he’ll give her an answer soon so as to let her, you know, just…… “sit on that forever.” What it’ll be, though? He’s gonna say yes. Though he may not have long to decide…….

That’s not good………..

There are………… probably many more theories than just the one I saw on Twitter. It was a theory that Lucius fed Lucifero’s heart to Astaroth to fulfill his end of their contract. But…….. come on. He ate that sh!t. Like an……… Apple. Could Tabata be bringing back an element of from his previous manga, Hungry Joker? In that series; Heidi- the main character- had to eat this thing called the “Newton Apple” to gain the power to manipulate Gravity. Lucius just took a chomp out of Lucifero’s heart. He now has Gravity magic– or at the very least more magic power than he did before, which was nothing to sneeze at considering he was using Time Magic at Wizard King level all while maintaining a disguise. Point is: He just got a boost. But is this a permanent thing, or is there a limit to what he can do after taking a bite?

This answer would seem obvious at first glance, but as the theory pointed out to deny this idea- the idea that Lucius ate it- is that Lucius didn’t transform from what we see here. The only thing on his that’s changed is that mark on his forehead 4 less lines than he did when we saw him in chapter 331. That’s a separate problem on its own, but I do agree that he’d look a little more “Devilish” after he ate it. Though………….. he could have also eaten Astaroth’s heart, gaining Time Magic without the need of a contract. And he isn’t displaying the “Weg” curse or any other Devil traits, so……………… he, uh…….. he probably most definitely ate it.

Does that mean that he’s already a……..?

2) Yuno is A “Grand Magic Knight.” That is LITTERALLY a step away from “Wizard King.” He is now the same rank as a Captain! But…….. does that mean that he is a Captain? If he did, then he would be patrolling the border with his own Magic Knight squad, right? Although the official has Fuego say that the people he’s with right now have experience in those certain areas. So…….. it’s kind of hard to tell. I don’t think he, like, took members from other squads, and I don’t think he’s ready for that level of responsibility. That last ones debatable, but I think he needs a little more time and experience before they let him lead a squad. I’ve never been quite clear on if “Grand Magic Knight” meant the same as “Captain.”


……………………. Was that all I had to say? I felt like there was more, but some of it was pure speculation, while the rest was probably just padding. As such; I suppose I’ll end it here. Man is it good to have this series back. I wonder if it’s going to be an actual Fight next time, or if Lucius is going to dump exposition, tease some sh!t, and leave. Probably……. Probably that 2nd one, right? Whatever the case may be; we’re getting answers to some BIG question- in the Final Arc Of “Black Clover!!!”

The Boy Bound To Be Great!!

That’s all I got for the lot of you today, duckies. Until the next post; be sure to like and follow, and share this around with your friends. It’s gonna be great, I just know it. By~~~e!!!

Explosion Fiend Guila! Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 71 BREAKDOWN

The Dynamic Duo- Together Again!!

This title is a reference to both Chainsaw Man and a review I did for Black Clover. Anytime I can mention those 2 in the same breath makes me happy. But the Chainsaw Man reference……… well; we’ll get to that in a little bit. For now; I want to tell you that THIS IS SUPER COOL!!! Guila displays a power that I thought she had lost if I’m to be honest- and on the same week that my copy of Volume 1 of the series and Omnibus 2 of Seven Deadly Sins arrive!!

Guila’s new powers are put to the test against her Sister-In-Arms in Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 71: “A Friend’s Transformation!” I could continue to harp on the “Fire And Ice” duality, but that already feels played out. Let’s begin………….


Picking up where last week left off: The Knight with the Star Visor is revealed to be none other than Jericho- a former Holy Knight of Liones and Lancelot’s Teacher! She admits that she always sort of knew that Lance was probably one of those “Prophesized Knights,” but it’s still a little much to take in for her………… But then she starts fighting again, and manages to take Guila’s Rapier. Though she’s left unable to pierce her armor(remarking that it may well be a present from her younger brother).

Hit The Nail On The Head.

She ends up trying to stall to come up with a plan, and asks what happened in the last few years. Backstory: 10 years ago; Jericho quite the Holy knights to become a Knight of the Fairy King’s Forest- under King Ban and Queen Elaine. Not knowing the events of this special side chapter; she asks if something happened regarding Lance. That got her, so she tries to end the fight quickly- separating her from Jade and Chion with a wall of ice. But she doesn’t want to kill a “Sister-In-Arms,” so she tries to walk away. But Guila’s the Vice Holy Knight now; she can’t just “walk away.” So she freezes Guila solid and goes about her mission….

Or so she THOUGHT. A black flame is summoned, and Guila is freed. Back in the day– during the era of the “Seven Deadly Sins;” Liones conducted an experiment to create stronger Holy Knights dubbed “The New Generation.” They would give Apprentice Holy Knights samples of Demon Clan Blood, giving them power beyond belief(if they were compatible, as Twigo demonstrated). Guila and Jericho took too much, and they mutated into monsters. Ban removed the hearts to turn them back to normal, and they ended up losing the “Demon Factor.” But Not Guila.

In her case; Gowther of the Seven Deadly Sins was able to help her suppress that power until she was able to control it. And Thus:

Guila The Explosion Fiend!!

And now; she can unleash the Demon Power at will. Though she’s not gained TOTAL control of this power yet, so she warns Jericho that she may lose 1 or 2 limbs. She lunges at Jericho and knocks the Rapier out of her hands. But Jade notices something………… dire. The Black Flames of the Demon Clan- the flames that were supposed to be “inextinguishable-” are turning to ice on the ground. Jericho’s ice is now strong enough to freeze the flames of the Demon clan- and Guila along with them!!

Because she knows Guila; she knows that this won’t hold her forever. And she really needs to be going for some reason. As suchshe plans to kill her Sister-In-Arms here and now. And then…….. she senses a presence she hadn’t in a long time- one she hoped she wouldn’t end up meeting here: Lancelot has come to the dungeon. Jericho asks why he’s come, to which the boy replies that they’re “family.” Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 71 END!! Time to see what you can do, Fairy Prince Lancelot.

Origin Story Inbound


The Big thing from this chapter, I feel, is that Guila still has Demon clan blood present in her. But as Jericho said; that blood is no longer present in any of the other former members of the New Generation experiment. So don’t expect to see it from Hendrickson or Jericho……….. maybe from Jericho. Though I wouldn’t hold my breath on that subject; Camelot seems to be big on “Human First.” He says when he’s still geeking out about Galland and Melascula. WHATEVER THE CASE MAY BE; the point is that this is going to be something unique to Guila.

I dubbed her “Explosion Fiend” as a reference to Chainsaw Man; “Fiends” are Humans possessed by Devils in that series. Guila’s a little different in that regard, but so are Demons and Devils for both series. So it counts!! That said, there wasn’t really much going on in this chapter. Other than the build up of something happening between Lance and Jericho in the time they were away.

Alright, something definitely happened here.

Like I said last week: She may have learned something that swayed her to Arthur’s side. And it looks like it’s something to do with Lance and the Knights prophecy- the part about them destroying the world. Could not tell you what it was, but it’s clear that Lance is supposed to do something that’s all the more egregious than the other 3. And that’s not even just my speculation; that’s something from Arthurian Legend. His relationship with Guinevere lead him to betray King Arthur, setting in motion several events that would ruin Camelot forever. Suzuki sensei is good at setting up these elements in the previous series.

Looking at that link gave me a rough idea of how this story will go- with Lancelot as one of the focal points of the story:

  1. He’s the son of King Ban Of Benwick(The Other Name Of The Fairy King’s Forest)
  2. He was taken by some mysterious force, corresponding to this “Lady of The Lake” in the Legends. He is already the “Prince Of The Lake.”
  3. Lancelot was present to King Arthur by the Lady Of The Lake to join Arthur’s court. He may betray Liones at the behest of the woman who raised him- the “Princess/Lady” of the Lake.
  4. Lance takes Guinevere from Arthur
  5. His love for Guinevere was such that he resisted the charms of a maiden called Elaine of Astolat, who died of love for him. He’s going to end up killing his own mother, huh?
The Real Main Character!!

There’s more, but you get the point. Percival ended up being the main character, but this is Lance’s story! All that being said; I think the situation will end up somewhat different from the lore. And that has a lot to do with Percival. I think what Suzuki sensei is trying to convey is the idea of this being Lance and Guin’s “Holy War-” that they’re the new Meliodas and Elizabeth, who are willing to go to war with the Gods, their people, family, and the world itself if it means that they could be together.

But another relationship that’s integral to this series: Ban and Meliodas’ friendship. And I think that the equivalent to that will be Lance and Percy. They even look the same. And I think that in this instance; Percy will end up helping Lance be with Guin by the end of it. Something poetic like that. I know that was a little “scattered,” but I think that’s how this story will play out.


…………….. Not really much to talk about with this chapter. So why did this end up taking so long? Work schedule. As well as looking after my Grandmother’s house while she was away. Kind of sucks that my boss would give me more days right as she went on vacation and I was basically left in charge. But I can’t complain; she deserves to rest, considering all she did. It just sucks that it all happened at once, man.

I also just wanted to talk about this chapter because I wasn’t expecting Guila to have these powers. I don’t know how important she’ll be to the story, but this was a cool way of keeping her in the same realm of power as the main cast. Can’t wait to see how far they progress passed her. Suzuki’s good at keeping even weak characters relevant to the story, so she might not end up being “useless,” which is good for her character.

So Cool

Welp; I managed to finish this! And all before Black Clover makes its triumphant return to my screen!! Though I don’t how soon I’ll be able to talk about it depends on how fast I get through my schedule and the likes. Oh well; so long as I can still blog! That’s all I got for the lot of ya today, my duckies- Have A Magically Wonderful Day. By~~~~~e!!!!

The Titan And The Witch. Edens Zero Chapter 201 BREAKDOWN


I was originally going to title this review “Attack The Titan!” as a reference to Attack On Titan, but I felt that was a little to “on the nose.” They’re both just fancy ways to say that we’re finally focusing on the fight against Crow. And I call Holy a “Witch” because……… she’s as evil and conniving as one, and she is in the “Steel Sorceress 94,” so……….. she’s kind of a Witch. One that I would let hex me anytime. Did I say that? Let’s just get on with it! Edens Zero Chapter 201: “Melt.” Let’s begin………


The chapter opens back in the core of Lendard, where Ziggy left the rest of the crew. They’re still shook up seeing their mother’s here- Weisz already knew she was dead, but seeing her body dug up like this messed him up, and Homura didn’t want to see her mother at all, but seeing her corpse like this is still pretty shocking. And then you have Rebecca; her earliest memories started when she was already an orphan- she didn’t know what happened to her parents, and decided to not think about it. So finding out the her mom is not only alive, but an important figure in some church- it’s not making any sense to her……..

Homura suggests that they grab Nox and begin Operation Planet Eater, but Rebecca doesn’t want to begin with so many people here on Lendard- dead or alive. Weisz agrees that he’d rather bury his mother back on Norma, so Homura suggests that they at least grab their own mom’s and bury them properly. Rebecca still doesn’t want to; she wants to get them all. So reminds her that their friends are still in combat. Rebecca’s Compromise: They use Warrior Maid 95 to grab as many capsules as they can, and THEN “Planet Eater” goes into motion.

My Power- My Choice.

Speaking of; we cut back over to the Edens Zero, still in combat with aerial combatants and the likes. Hermit returns to the Control Room. She tells Connor that the intruders have both been dealt with; Killer self destructed and Clown is powered off, with Sister keeping an eye on him in the brig. So now they can focus all their attention on Crow. Kleene says that the main canon “Star Bringer” is at 70% charge, and Hermit honestly thinks that’s enough. Problem: Crow Absorbs Energy– as Kris and the others learned swarming him.

And of course; physical attacks are nothing. So they’re not even sure they’re do anything if Star bringer reaches max power. But Holy says it’ll be enough- if they can hit him dead in his core. Which is what she aims to do with her Ether Gear: “Melt.Self explanatory. But first she has to find it, and for that she’ll have to find where the energy goes when it hits him. She looks for the flow of his ether, and finds it- melting a hole straight to it!!

So he’s an inny?

With a hole directly to his core and the Star Bringer at 100%; it looks like the Edens Zero has won this battle. But just then……….. Crow sends out these small metal tentacles that latch onto the Warrior Maid 95 and sucks it into himself- smirking as he does so. But she manages to get a link through to the Zero, and tells them to fire anyway. But Hermit knows Shiki, and what he said when Holy came aboard: “Treat Her As One Of Them.” Knowing that- They can’t do it.

The end of the chapter jumps back to that moment 20,000 years in the future. Big Piece Of Information: Humans are extinct at this point. These 2 droids have found Human bodies- male and female. The male specimen is alive, so they plan to recover their findings at their Home Base: Planet Eden. Edens Zero Chapter 201 END!!! It’s not much, but it’s Something!!

Oh some sh!t went down…………….


……….. I’m noticing something with Rebecca with the help of IronNancy on Youtube. There’s a bit of an “inconsistency” to her character when it comes to this sort of thing; she was the one whoe taught Pino that you shouldn’t abandon your friends when the Chronophage came to Guilst, but then turned around and said that they needed to get away from Nero 66 without even trying to think of a way to stop it. But here she’s stubbornly trying to save people who are already dead? Does that seem right? You could look at it in a few different ways:

  1. Each situation was different, requiring a different way of thinking- 2 cases in which they have the time do something, and 1 where there wasn’t.
  2. Knowing that it was her power that tends to summon these things; she’s being overly cautious with her powers now. She’s trying to find any reason not to use them because she’s still trying to reject that what happened to Norma was her fault.
  3. Each situation had a different number of people in crisis; she only had to save 1 person on Guilst herself; they only had 20 minutes to evacuate a WHOLE @$$ PLANET for Nero 66; but it’s this 1 room on Lendard.

It could just be that I’m looking into too much- that scenario 1 is the case and she needs to think differently depending on the situation. I don’t think that Mashima is ever going to address it directly, and it probably doesn’t mean anything. Or…………. is he pulling even more from Elie in Rave Master than anyone is thinking?

In that series; Elie……………………. was not “Elie.” She was “Resha Valentine,” the woman responsible for creating the Rave Stones. And sometimes; Resha’s consciousness would take over Elie, and she would do what important character like that do in stories. We have seen 2 cases in which Rebecca inhabits a future version of herself- chapters 69 and 149. What happens to her when she’s unconscious in the present? “She’s just asleep,” right? Yes, that’s what we’re told. But what if some of their knowledge of future events seeps into her mind, telling her what happened so she can either go along with it- or prevent it?

All I’m saying is that Shiki has only recently become conscious of his ability to “make people’s memories fall into him-” he actively did that with Brigadine. But he’s made memories “fall into this world” without knowing, as we’ve seen with Pino in chapter 97. This indicates that memories of yourself from another timeline can “fall” into you. So is this the case with Rebecca? I definitely think so, but I could just be looking too much into a perfectly logical situation. Either way I kind of liked the scene when Homura yelled at Rebecca.

Weisz and Happy are trying to ease her mind; Homura’s completely focused on the mission at hand and needs Rebecca to get out of her “feels” and play her part! Maybe a bit “cold,” but perfectly honest. This is a War– you can think about these moral quandaries when you’ve saved all Organic Life In The Universe, woman!! He says from the safety of his computer screen unable to fully comprehend what’s running through her mind now that she knows she can summon a beast that changed 1 world forever and potentially wiped away thousands if not millions of lives………

We’re in A War- We’re In A War!!!!!

Something that I just thought of having read and commented on RJ Writing Ink‘s review of the chapter is the idea of what the Flashforward is trying to accomplish. It has been heavily hinted that Ziggy is Shiki from an alternate time- one where things………. didn’t go so well; one in which he had to be completely rebuilt from the ground up as a robot. Things like Mashima originally having Shiki’s name be “Ziggy;” the double page from chapter 165; the countless times the Shining Stars have compared them; and likely other small details when you look through the story since the concept of time travel was introduced.

But with the male specimen in the Flashforward being alive, but in the VACUUM OF SPACE on a barren planet next to an actual corpse; I’m starting to think: This is Ziggy’s Origin Story. These 2 droids took him to the Planet Edens and rebuilt him, giving him the name “Ziggy.” And that Shiki came back in time for the purpose of stopping whatever happened!! I want to keep talking about this, but anything beyond the initial premise would be speculation- speculation that would go to waste if this theory ends up being untrue. But I think that you can gather where this scenario would be headed.

All this said; there would be gaps in the theory, such as “Why did he help build Granbell?,” “Where does Xenolith come in?,” the Shining Stars origins, and even “How did he manage to go back to the past?” But I think that this might it. It’s clear that this Flashforward is important somehow, but how does it tie into the main story other than “being the worst case scenario?”

Other than that; we have the fight against Crow. Very underwhelming part of the arc; I don’t know what Mashima’s intention with this plot line is. Open up a new spot on Galactica for Justice by having Crow killed off? I mean; if the crew doesn’t fire the cannon, then Holy’s just gonna melt Crow from the inside. Though that would also destroy the Warrior Maiden 95, thus making it more difficult to get all these moms off of Lendard before it gets rewound. If that even happens because of how Rebecca is acting right now. I don’t know man; I’m not as “psyched” for this part of the arc as I thought I was………………


Not, uh…………….. Not my favorite chapter. It might get better upon binge reading it when the volume comes out, but………. right now it’s kind of underwhelming. This arc has had more “downs” than “ups,” but I’m holding out for next weeks chapter. No spoilers, but……….Heh heh heh he…… So cool. And we only have the title: “True Face!”

This doesn’t pertain to the next chapter(or does it?); it’s just an image that I could use!

But that’s all I got for the lot of ya today, folks. Until the next post, everyone; Have a Magically Wonderful Day. By~~~~e!!

Katsuki Bakugou: The Evolution! My Hero Academia Chapter 360 BREAKDOWN

I know I’ve already used the “Evolution” theme to describe Bakugou just a few chapters ago(maybe not even that long), but I think I found another way that he’s “evolved.” Oh man the “End Of Series” post is gonna be HUGE. I’m actually going out of my way to PLAN OUT what I’m gonna say. Because I feel that it needs to be heard. Why am I brining it up? ‘Cause it has to do with said “Evolution.” All will be made clear in time. But right now; we’ve got a chapter to talk about!! My Hero Academia Chapter 360: “Despite It All…..


Is he gonna be okay?

All For Destruction is about to kill Bakugo just to get a rise out of Izuku when he gets here. The boy tries to fight back, but he’s kicked up in the air and caught in the fingers- being crushed half to death in the process. But as he’s being crushed; he notices something….. Just then; he’s saved by Nejire chan and her “Nejire Wave: Pike.” AFD uses him as a shield and she diverts the attack. But that leaves the beast open to an attack by Best Boy Sun Eater and his “Vast Hybrid: Octopus Mirage + Scorpion Toxin.”

The thing is, though: All For Destruction’s Body Is Continuously Adapting- it’s still “learning” what it’s going to need for when the BIG change comes. As such; he creates a mouth on his shoulder that spits out the poison, and summons another typhoon of fingers and hands that almost take everyone out. If not for Mirio’s intervention; Bakugo would be gone– crushed under a Finger Wave!!

All For Destruction remembers Mirio’s face from Jaku. He introduces himself as “Lemillion-” in charge of communications with the underground staff and making sure no Villains come to bring the place down. He asks AFD why he always destroys everything, to which he replies “Because the current framework has failed(indicating that Tomura’s leaking out ever so slightly).” Mirio takes this to mean that he’s never had any friends. He and Nejire chan make a combo move in which Mirio permeates his arm, and absorbs Nejire chan’s energy wave. He gets up close and personal with AFD- being the only person who can right now- and nails him right the get with the energy.

All the while; Jeanist takes Bakugo to help him stay in the fight. Bakugo remains silent– motionless with his broken body. Because they still need his raw firepower; Jeanist tries to talk him out of whatever mental crisis he’s going through. He thinks that what AFD said to him really got to the boy, and that he’s about to break. Oh My God That Couldn’t Be Further From The Truth; the boy just thought of something he saw that might help them kick @$$. “……..Right side…….Finger……..Feint………” It is here that Jeanist realizes: Katsuki Bakugou Is NOT DONE YET. My Hero Academia Chapter 360 END!! There’s a reason this is still my favorite New Gen Rivalrly- other than the fact that there’s only like 2 legit ones left………


This Is The Main Rivalry For This Era Of Shonen Battle Manga. Though it’s not much of a competition; most of the Battle manga we’re getting is “vs Monsters til the monsters get more sophisticated and reveal their tragic backstories.” But even amongst the “Big 3 Inspired” battle series; this Rivalry shines. Had All For Destruction said that after beating down Sasuke or Vegeta; they would have taken that sh!t to heart and let their emotions get the better of them, throw a tantrum, and get pummeled all over again. Not the boy, though.

If Black Clover is the “Redux,” “My Hero” would be the “Evolution” of the genre- the natural conclusion of those old tropes from series such as Naruto and the likes. That’s what this series has always been, and it looks like Horikoshi is going back to those roots a little. Which he should for the Final Arc Of the Story; a Final arc should always call back to those early series elements. The Buu saga did it; Naruto brought back the Sexy Jutsu against Kaguya…………….. maybe those weren’t so good examples. But You Know What I Mean!!!

And to focus on why the title of this review pertains to Bakugo; he’s the “Evolution” of the rival archetypes. Like I said; Vegeta and Sasuke were the types to take that sh!t and dwell on it. And had Horikoshi fallen into that trope more; it would have killed him, he gets a bit of a pep talk, and figures something out after having a character revelation. Bakugo skipped all of that, and figured something out that’ll help the Heroes hold out. They ain’t gonna win, though.

It’s also the fact that the Rivalry isn’t “Nice Guy In Orange vs Edgelord with inferiority complex;” it’s…………… less toxic without being “healthy.” The reason I like this rivalry more than Asta and Yuno’s is because………….. they’re not boring. For Black Clover; Yuno is “Limit Break Button-” especially when you look at the Elf Invasion and fight with Zagreb. It works for that series because of the way it’s set up, but………. I don’t feel like it works 100% of the time.

Whereas Deku and Bakugo’s interactions are funny, and the way they scale to each other makes sure they’re equal but not stronger than everyone else. You know what I mean? I see it as this generations Main Rivalry for all those reasons.

………….. I don’t know what he noticed. We’ll find out next time, but I really could tell you what he noticed. It was some kind of “Feint,” as in “a deceptive or pretended blow, thrust, or other movement, especially in boxing or fencing” or “make a deceptive or distracting movement, especially during a fight.” Either way; that means that he’s trying to distract from something– something significant with the number of hands he’s making to compensate for it.

Maybe Tenko and Tomura are getting through a little more than originally though; maybe they’re holding All For One back, which is why he’s still alive after getting crushed on the Finger Ocean. Or maybe there’s a hint in the previous chapters that’ll tell us something………….

Other than that; it was just a really good, really nice chapter. I’m always down to see more of Nejire chan- she’s just SUPER Adorable!! And I liked seeing Tamaki contribute to the fight with a new combination. Though I’m once again left with the question of what would happened if and when he eats a finger. It may be gross as sin, but…………… I don’t think that matters anymore. Plus, with Scorpion ven- OH MY GOD I JUST THOUGHT OF AN ABILITY HE COULD HAVE. All For Destruction says that he’s constantly “evolving.” Tamaki clearly has a few Animal powers stored in him right now. “Constant Evolution” + Scorpion Venom= Super Toxin that keeps this @$$hole weakened for a while.

And- just as a side piece of speculation: Would eating something like that- something that’s “constantly evolving-” help him evolve? Would he be able to tap into his own Singularity somehow? What that would be is irrelevant since I don’t think that will happen, but the idea of Tamaki accessing the “next level of evolution” would be cool. I do wonder what his personal Singularity would entail.

Either way; he’s still Best boy!!


Like I said; not really much to talk about with this chapter. Mostly because I haven’t picked up on the clues as to why AFD is using a Feint. But what I WILL say is that it seems like Horikoshi is getting back to normal. ‘Cause this was a Pretty Darn Good Chapter. And- as per usual for the last few weeks- art is on point. Seriously; it’s like every series stepped up in art in the last few weeks. I’m actually having to RESTRAIN myself to not use to many! So enjoy the ones I didn’t use earlier!

I mean; this was the only one, but still pretty cool!!

But yeah; that’s all I got for the lot of ya today, duckies. Let me know your own thoughts in the comments, and until the next post, boys and girls- Have A Magically Wonderful Day. By~~~e!!!!!

1001 Ways To Say IT’S PURE CHAOS RIGHT NOW AND I CAN’T HANDLE IT!!!!!!!! One Piece Chapter 1,054 BREAKDOWN

Dude……….. Bro………… Oda Understood The D@mn Assignment. This man……… This- MANGA WRITING GOD OF THE PEN– returned to his Magazine and told all these other series “This. This Is What You Have To Beat.” I don’t care what these other guys are bringing to the table- This Has Got To Be Chapter Of The Week- NeighYEAR. I mean; just look at the D@mn title of the review!! I COULDN’T PICK A TITLE; there’s just so much that I could have talked about with the title- so much that I could hone in on- so much that I speculate about that it’s driving me Fre@kin’ CRAZY!!!

It’s like Oda took everything I love and adore about the series, dialed it to 11, cloned it, had them breed, and spit out THIS!! This…….. this has gotta be my favorite chapter. Move over 1,044 and 1,047– You’ve been replaced!! L-let’s(oh man I’m tired) get into the chapter. One Piece Chapter 1,054: “Flame Emperor.” Hoo Boy……..


We open on the Party at the Flower Capital, but the Kozuki forces are assembling outside the capital because an enemy is coming and they’re not gonna dump the problem on a Luffy still recovering from………. ALL OF ONIGASHIMA. I don’t care what he says; he just fought a Yonko on his own and had to level up twice to win– there is no WAY he’s ready to take on an Admiral. When he’s all better, though…….

Ryokugyu is making his way to the Flower Capital- leaving a trail of flowers behind him as he walks. The Kozuki intercept him, recognizing him as one of Luffy’s enemies. He tells them that this country has no standing since it’s not allied with the World Government. As such; he’s prepared to wipe out as many people as necessary to claim Luffy’s head. Ladies and Gentlemen: The Woods Woods Fruit(Mori Mori No Mi)– a Logia Type that makes the user a living Forest.

He opens it up with “Groves Of Wrath,” making tree shaped like fists that cover the ground. He then makes his stance and character known:

The Celestial Dragons Are The Gods Of The World!! And here in this country, unaffiliated with the World Government- YOU HAVE NO HUMAN RIGHTS!! Don’t blame ME for it; it’s how the world works!!

Let me teach you something: Humankind has lasted through the ages by creating and defining “Inferior;” all the rest of us can look down our noses at you unaffiliated countries. DISCRIMINATION CREATES SOLACE!!!

Ryokugyu/ Aramaki

He immediately tries to kill everyone one of em, and threatens the country. But everything that he just said has sent Yamato into a rage, and he knocks the Admiral into the dirt. To divert his attention; he admits to being the son of Kaido(That’s Where The Bounty Poster Comes From). Momo also intervenes, but messes up the “Blast Breath.” So he bites the Tree Man. THAT fails, and he ends up getting captured in the vines. But he refuses to accept help from the others for some reason…………

Oh H#LL YES!!!!!!

Shanks And His Crew Appear And Do More Things Than Just “Show Up.” Then again, just seeing them is enough to tell you that this is important. They’re in the Seas Of Wano. They’re all reacting to the news of Luffy becoming an Emperor Of The Sea, while Shanks finds it surreal to be back in Wano after so many years. He wonders how much Momo and Hiyori have grown since he last saw them. Geh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh………

His crew wants to see Luffy now(except Yasopp who says he’s not ready to see Usopp yet). Shanks looks at Luffy’s new Wanted Poster- the Gear 5th Picture- and flashes back to……… The Day. The Day That His Crew Stole The Gum Gum Fruit. Beckman deduces that there are CP-9 agents on the Transport Vessel, meaning that 1)They were aware of that group and 2)How Important the cargo is. They still go for it, though. Then the meeting with Luffy, and……….the rest you know.

But as much as the crew wants to meet with Luffy- and how curious the newer ones are(the ones not depicted at Marineford)- It’s not “time” yet; they’ve still got some problems to deal with in their own territory. Like that Bartelomeo guy taking down their flag and replacing it with the Straw Hat’s. Can’t let that go lying down; THAT would heard his reputation, which would leave other islands in his territory open for attack. And besides; Shanks is feeling like it’s time the they for…….

THE ONE PIECE!!!!!!!!!

Oh Holy Sh!t This Series Just Got REAL.

And then we jump over to the Navy HQ to learn what the heck went on. You See: Sabo and co attacked the Marie Geios, destroying a Monument of their Symbol and openly declaring War with the World Government in the process. After a duel with Admirals Fujitora and Ryokugyu; they managed to free Bartholemew Kuma. But something else happened before they escaped. Based on all the evidence collected; it would seem that- and this is a Dousy

Sabo Has Killed Nefetari Cobra.

They blame it on the fact that Cobra is a descendant of one of the 20 Kings who founded the World Government all those years ago- that Cobra was assassinated for his family’s role in the current system. Which might also be why Vivi has gone missing. Sh!t just got RE~AL. Kurouma- Chief Of The Criminal Affair Units- is on the case, but the damage is done now that the news is out. Alabasta’s in chaos and Cobra’s closest Advisors won’t leave until they get to the bottom of this!

BOW TO THE EMPEROR OF FLAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And if that wasn’t bad enough; Sabo’s “Flames Of Rebellion” have spread to the world at large- from civilians and Pirates hailing him as the “Flame Emperor,” to even 8 different Kingdowms rebelling against them all at once. So they’re going to let Aigis 0 take care of the Charlos incident with Shirahoshi, while Akainu plans to F*CK THEM REBELS RIGHT BACK!!!! I enjoy saying that. One Piece Chapter 1,054 END!!! Oh My God I Love This Story And I Can’t Wait To See How All This Is Handle God Almighty Give Oda The Stamina Of Atlas To Draw This Story Non Stop. But they need to still give him a break.


I……. I don’t know what to say. Like- GENUINELY No Words for what I just read, guys. I’m gonna take a page out of RJ Writing Ink’s book and try to see if talking about this TITANIC SH!T in segments. This is going to be a long one………

Kozuki vs Aramaki

Aramki’s Devil Fruit is………… pretty cool, to be honest. It’s kind of like Caribou’s Swamp Swamp fruit in that it’s not specifically a “forest” or a “swamp,” but aspects of those(plants and mud respectively). He’s also not a bad character; I don’t hate hate him the same way I hate someone like Spandam- he’s hasn’t been a bad character thus far. Although………… his beliefs are troublesome. He’s aligned with Akainu’s “Absolute Justice,” and he’s got a powerful Devil fruit to back up his beliefs. That’s not good.

And Oda adding in Yamato to the fight was a nice touch. Now that he knows that Yamato is Kaido’s kid; 1)HIGH. @$$. BOUNTY. 2)Now his attention will be diverted to Yamato and away from the others. Which could work considering their Devil Fruits; plants don’t do well in winter, ya know!! I don’t know what it’s called when plants die in winter. Maybe it’s just “frostbite.”

Seeing Momonosuke joining the fight is cool! I heard a theory once that the reason he was able to make the final, massive Flame Cloud was because of some weird connection thing with Kaido’s devil fruit and Momo’s artificial copy made Momo weaker, and when Kaido was defeated- he was able to access his full power. If this is true, then Kaido might be up and about elsewhere. If not, then he’s still not in control of his power and can only access his abilities in times of great stress. Wonder when that’ll kick in……..

Will Luffy get involved? Can he even fight in the state he’s in? Okay, the answer to that is “yes,” but I mean…………… Luffy is injured right now; that fight with Kaido wiped him out. And he needs more recovery time to be ready to face an Admiral. But when he recovers- with all the sh!t he’s gone through- I think he’d be able to win against them. At least Aramki; I don’t know about the other 2 or Akainu himself. But even injured; there’s no way he doesn’t sense some powerful Haki outside the Capital. He’s on his way to help……………..


Simple as that: “SHANKS.He just made a move. You know; I had a feeling YEARS ago that Shanks would show up at some point in Wano. And I had this idea of a funny scene in which Luffy finds out he’s here, and he announces to the crew that it’s time to leave- because he doesn’t consider himself a “Great Pirate” yet. And he won’t until he becomes the King. And Shanks knows this. Which is why he’s trying to avoid meeting with Luffy again until………..

He said he’s not “planning” on it.

But Shanks is going to get the One Piece; the thing that Luffy needs to become Pirate King. I had a post Idea once- I asked and tried to answer the question of whether or not Luffy is “ready” to become the King- to do what Roger did and to see what he saw, and to make the choice that he couldn’t. “Is it finally time?” And in that post- before I scrapped it; I proposed the idea of Shanks being the “Final Hurdle” that Luffy must overcome to reach the One Piece. I think the next big enemy he’ll fight is Blackbeard, and that’ll focus more on his development as a character- staring down the man most responsible for the sh!ttiest moment of his life: The Death Of Ace.

Once he overcomes that hatred he has towards Blackbeard- that anger that I feel will consume him and lead him to almost murder Teech- it’ll be time to face Shanks. Because he needs to have stronger “character” if he’s going to battle Shanks. You know, some kind of Poetic sh!t like that. Shanks will stand before the Entrance to the One Piece(let’s be honest- it’s in some kind of cave), and challenge Luffy. He wins, and he gets to be Pirate King. He loses, and………. we’ll go from there……….

He’s about to do things………

Sabo And The Nefertari

This is the single most significant thing from this chapterI’m sorry; it just IS. As cool as it is to see Shanks, and as much as we joke about him just taking a dump is enough to get fans hyped; he didn’t do anything- he just set up an event 100 or 200 chapters down the line. Just because we’re going into the Final Saga doesn’t mean everything’ll starting going fast– we’ve got MORE THAN A FEW YEARS of this story left, and you know this. No, no- THIS WAS THE THING.

Okay, he so obviously did not murder Cobra in cold blood– I’m going to say that right now. It was more than likely a CP agent- be it the Aigis 0 still that stayed behind in Marie Geios, or 9 agents that were stationed there. And I think you guys know why this happened.

It was probably during the battle the Revolutionaries had against the Admirals; Cobra was there helping people get away, and Cipher Pol got the orders probably from the Gorosei themselves this time to kill Cobra “covertly.” And that’s just one of the things that I love about this series; the world is constantly “moving” beyond what Luffy’s main group is doing in every arc- all those moving pieces end up converging at some point to facilitate some interesting events. You could probably make an entire Side Manga to show off what happens when the Straw Hat’s aren’t on screen; it can be comedic, or it can be Wham Bam Thank You Ma’am serious!

But then you things like that end up becoming significant like this. Sabo is effectively the “5th Emperor” now; his bounty has to be higher than Dragon’s at this point. Still no excuse for that low @$$ 602 Million berry bounty, but now he’s got one fitting of his status. Also he started a number of revolts against the world. So, uh…………. he’s become some sort of Deity for those who have suffered underneath the Celestial Dragons. Kind of like the slaves reverence of Nika. “Flame Emperor………” “Sun God……..” “Revolution………” “Liberation…….

I want to propose an idea to you guys: Sabo has the Flame Flame fruit. There’s the legend of a “Sun God” that went around freeing people. Sabo freed Kuma(I wonder where that leaves Bonnie). As Ace showed us in his fight with Blackbeard; you could make a miniature Sun– dubbed the “Flame Emperor(nice touch on Oda’s part).” Are people going to start thinking that Sabo is some kind of “Emissary” for Nika- come to free them from the Celestial Dragon’s oppression?!


I could- and probably would– talk about this chapter for another few hours. But that would just be “Hype Riding,” and I’ve got other things to do. To be honest, I’m quite surprised that I was able to finish this post as soon as I did with all this content. I really SHOULD write down my notes before I go into these………

But I’ve honestly said what I wanted to say. This was a Great Godd@mn chapter, guys; Oda has made his return to the Manga scene in style. But it honestly doesn’t feel like it’s been that long. I kind of wonder how binge reading these last 2 chapters is gonna feel? Heck; when this all over- what’s binge reading even gonna be like? Should be the most fun anyone has ever had.

But in any case, guys; that’s all I got for you all today. Now all we need is “Black Clover” and life will be complete. By the way; Have you SEEN the leaks for the next chapter of Black Clover? I might have to change my pants a few times next week………. Well; whatever! Til next time, duckies- Have A Magical Day. By~~~~~e!!!