Manga Dump Post 11: The Complications Of “Life”

This Dump Post has a bit of a “Backstory” to it: Life is Complicated– at any given moment; it could throw you a curve ball that snowballs into………. a Boulder? You know; how a snowball rolling down a snowy mountain picks up more snow and becomes a giant ball? That kind of happened to me recently. Firstly; the internet where I’m living at was going in and out on Tuesday, when I typically work on the Edens Zero Reviews(I thought I could get it out in a separate post, but time doesn’t permit). So I had to get off my computer for a little bit.

Then my Job called me in because someone else called out. So I was faced with the choice of going in and getting more money or not. More money means I get to do a few more things– things that I HOPE will improve things here, so I went in. Thing is: I had started getting sick that day. I didn’t think too much of it that morning- I just took some medicine and the cold cleared up. But a little way’s into work; it started coming back- to the point where the coughing gave me a headache. So they called in someone else(why they couldn’t have called them in in the first place is BEYOND me), and I was sent home earlier.

And on Wednesday; I had taken a turn for the worst– I was coughing so much that I got a migrain; my nose started clogging; I had an ache in my lower back; I couldn’t breathe through this dumb@$$ mask I’m wearing- I just wasn’t feeling well. Thankfully I hadn’t lost my sense of taste or smell, so it’s not THAT. But I was still unable to work on posts or do much of anything for the past few days. Thus the Dump Post. Wish it hadn’t come to this, but it DID. Let’s begin.

Edens Zero Chapter 174: “Mind Getting Out Of The Way?

Those who have been reading my blog for awhile now know what I would have title this post. Even though it wasn’t the highlight of the chapter. There wasn’t really anything getting the main focus this week. Feather of the Oracion Seis Interstelar has the Shooting Starlight Guild hall surrounded. Because of his position, Noah is rendered unable to help- as little more than a diversion. But Shiki tells them they don’t need the help; they’re just gonna make a “Mad Dash” for the ship!


The Union Army opens fire, and Shiki uses his Gravity to divert the bullets- as Feather had predicted. She activates the “Ether Connect,” allowing her soldiers to use her Ether Gear temporarily. But even so; the crew just plows through em all, displaying what they’ve learned over the last 3 years. Weisz shows off a new use for his Arsenal Armor, and Rebecca shows her her Brand New OVERDRIVE!!!!

Connor is amazed by their incredible strength, to which Noah responds that they accumulated this strength to make sure they don’t lose anymore “family.” Hearing that they’re all orphans; Connor begins to think about something……..

The crew’s movements are too overwhelming for the Interstellar Union Army- even with “Eye Of God” allowing them to see what will happen. Shiki even manages to get in Feather’s face and holds her in place with Gravity! She calms herself, and warns them that they won’t be able to escape her “Racer Class” Ships.

Hermit and Sister think that it would be impossible to escape without taking out a few ships, but timely intervention from Connor presents them with a way out- bringing Edens Zero Chapter 174 to a Resounding END!!

2 things:

  1. Like I said in last week’s review; having Feather be the member that they fight next feels jarring. As in: if she had appeared earlier and shown what she can do before this encounter, then this would be a better way to show off what the crew can do. And while this is still cool; it makes Feather look pretty darn unimpressive– something you wouldn’t expect of either Oracion Seis Faction. So while I enjoyed this; I feel like we could have used a different character for this.
  2. Rebecca’s Overdrive. Visually; I think the ranking will stay the same- I don’t think it’s that “Impressive” itself. HOWEVER; it shows how well she’s able to fight in hand to hand combat. She’s certainly become much more agile, and I’m willing to bet that she’s much physically stronger now compared to 3 years ago. Plus, notice: She hasn’t lost her clothes AT ALL so far. Lovin’ it!!!
Kitty Kicks @$$!!!!!!

Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 46: “The Realization

Donny’s Resolve!!

This week’s chapter picks up with Anne standing over her defeated foe, while Donny struggles against Doronach “The Invincible.” The Goliath demands that Donny stand his ground and fight- even promising not to use his magic for the time being. Donny stands his ground, and the battle takes a turn in his favor, as he gets off a number of slashes on Doronach(much to his disgust).

Doronach literally flexes the wounds close, and moves in for the killing blow. So Donny uses his magic to make the Giant float. Doronach counters with “Impact,” freeing himself from Donny. It begins to look like a loss until Sin intervenes, telling Donny that the only “limit” to Magic is the user’s “Imagination-” it can be whatever the caster wants it to be. Donny never thought of what else he can do with his magic, so all he would do is make things float. But now that he knows he can do more, he takes Doronach, and tosses him deep into the Entangled Forrest!!


Donny is amazed at what he can really do, and Sin dubs this power “Telekinesis.” They celebrate their victories so far- but make sure to give Sin most of the credit since his advice is what’s been leading them so far. This leads Percival to ask the question on everyone’s minds: “Sin; Who are you really?

Before any answer can be given; Doronach reawakens. And to make matters worse: The Leader Of The Talismans Has Arrived- exuding and Potent Magic power that sends shocks up the kids spines. He chastises his comrades for their incompetence, and claims the Dragon Relief that Percival took- bring Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 46 to a Chilling END!! Oh they are SO Dead………

Now that Donny’s found his resolve and awakened his true power; this fight should help the kids not get their @$$e$ kicked TOO badly. Still gonna be beaten into a bloody paste, but less so. And hopefully Percival will get his Dragon Sword back, ’cause I don’t think the one he’ll make with his magic will do the trick this time………..

One Piece Chapter 1,037: “Drunken Dragon Bagua


After Judge let’s out a “Heavy Sigh” in the latest cover serial; we cut over to the Flower Capital, where the citizens begin to get their Sky Lanterns ready with their prayers. It’s indicative of the Fire Festival getting ready to End. Which leads into the PRIMARY part of the chapter: Luffy vs Kaido. The King Of Beasts is enjoying the battle so much that he takes a swig of Sake- and goes through his various phases of Drunk.

Luffy fights back against Kaido- displaying how much growth he’s made with his Haki since the fighting started. But as their battle continues to escalate; the Skull Dome’s structural integrity begins to deteriorate. Droves or Rebels and Beast Pirates begin to retreat from the Live Floor.

As their battle intensifies; we cut over to Marie Geiose with the GOROSEI talking about the events of the recent Reverie. But they put that aside for the moment, and discuss a more “Pressing ” Matter: Wano. They plan to capture Nico Robin at all cost, and hope that a battle involving 2 Yonko will be enough to get rid of any “Inconveniences.” The one with a Giant Mustache(The Bald One without the sword) says that “THAT Fruit” is little more than a Legend- even to them. But the youngest looking one says that they need to explain why the World Government gave a Devil Fruit a “Specific Name.”

We cut over to the Marines invading Wano. Their lookout gets on Comms, and tell them that he sees a “Giant Shadow-” which turns out to be Zunisha, bringing One Piece Chapter 1,037 to a Mysterious END!! What Fruit Are They Trying to Hide? And for what reason? And is Zunisha…….? NO……. But………. Also; One Piece Will Be On A One Week Break. Cr@p. But Oda needs his rest; I completely understand.

Who’s even talking right now?

My Hero Academia Chapter 340: “The Story Of How We All Became Heroes Part 3

Because the Heroes have decided to make Central Hospital the HQ for the “League Of Villains/ Paranormal Liberation Front Counter-Force;” multiple Police Stations have set up their Base of Operations in close proximity to the Hospital. But they’ve decided to limit the number of individuals in the Task Force- or at least the one’s who have access to such sensitive information- because of the Aoyama’s revelation. Such as Ragdoll of The Wild-Wild Pussycats; she’s here because her “Search” quirk is being used for Evil. The other’s aren’t here, leaving her bored and lonely.


All Might begins to explain the gist of their actions going forward. Whether it’s Plan “A” or “B-” it’s absolutely necessary that they split up the main forces of the Liberation front. Meaning they have to get All For One and All For Destruction a minimum of 10km away from each other, and make sure to get rid of Dabi and the others before they can interfere in this operation(primarily Dabi). And they key to this whole operation: All For One’s Little “Fly On The Wall-“ Yuga Aoyama.

While everyone seems to sympathize with him- and even to an extent on the Adults part Forgive him; He still committed crimes that have led to the Downfall Of Society. That’s something no amount of “Forgiveness” is going to erase. But Small Might is willing to trust in him- and in Aizawa’s faith in him. Speaking of; we see Eraser meeting with Aoyama in Central. The Doctor’s say that All For One didn’t implant anything abnormal in the Quirk Factor before he gave it to him. Aizawa figured as much- All For One wouldn’t have bothered with murdering someone in front of the Aoyama’s if that were the case.


He can see the fear in Yuga’s eyes- the fear of All For One’s power; fear of his own behavior; fear of what will happen if he doesn’t help- and even if he willhe’s scared. So Aizawa finds a way to “rip that fear out of him:” Fight. Even if it means being a “pawn” for the Heroes this time- even if he can’t stay at UA; he’s not allowed to sit and wallow in “self-pity” forever- He Has To Stand And Fight. ‘Cause it’s not like they’ll let him fight alone.

With new drive; Yuga sits up, and promises to help. But how can he? How do you trick the BIGGEST Trickster in History? Enter: Hitoshi Shinso– bringing My Hero Academia Chapter 340 to a Hopeful END!!

I think we all know where this one is going: Yuga is going to bring Izuku out into the open, and one of them will say something- only for it to be revealed that it was Shinso talking instead, and he makes All For One or All For Destruction go 10km in the opposite directions. Or………. does a certain Corpse have something to say to them. Considering we haven’t touched upon that plot point in a while; the reaction will probably be just like the Traitor Reveal. *Sigh*………….. D@mmit.

This is happening, but not in the way we were hoping- AGAIN.

Black Clover 319: “Great Magic Knights vs King Of Devils

And Lastly; we have the Magic Battle that won’t stop- “Black Clover!!” At just Half his full power; the Supreme King Of The Devil’s Lucifero proves overwhelming for our dear Anti Magic Brat. But as he struggles to stand up under the pressure exuding from the King; the Captains of the Magic Knights join the frey! But only thanks to Rill’s “Twilight Of Valhalla-“ that’s the only reason they an even stand right now. And as any Battle Shonen character knows: “If you can stand– you can Fight!……….”

But this is the Ultimate Devil so that’s all mute– he wipes the floor with the whole lot of them and tells them that they should have never stood up in his presence. But having been inspired by a certain Magicless Peasant- and being granted the title of “Strongest(which sends Lucifero over the edge); the Captains refuse to back down. And of courseNeither Will Asta and Liebe.

Black Guardian Asta appears behind Lucifero, and tells the Devil King that he “Could Never Understand How Awesome Great Magic Knights Are!!!!” His determined swing brings Black Clover Chapter 319 to an Interesting END!! I’ve been seeing people speculate that Lucifero is going to Break the Demon Slayer sword. I believe it. Because I feel like the Captains saying THAT– combined with the fact that they’re still Fighting back against them- might just make him go ballistic. He’s gonna break that sh!t out of Pure Rage.

Yeah- You DIE This Day, Anti Magic Boy.


Yeah………………. Not how I wanted this week to play out. Even as I begun writing this portion of the post(on Sunday); my job tried to call me in because someone else didn’t show up. I just……. did not want to go in today– they gave me an extra day of and D@MN IT I’m TAKING it!! My……… my store just kind of sucks. But it pays for my manga and games, so……. whatever. I just couldn’t deal with it today.

In any case; let me know your own thoughts down in the comments. What was your favorite chapter of these listed? And what do you think the future holds for these stories? That’s all I got for the lot of ya today. Until the next post, everyone; have a Magically Fantastical Day!! Later!!

There are several factors leading up to this moment…………

Anghalhad Struts Her Stuff! Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 45 BREAKDOWN

You know what Nakaba Suzuki- creator of this and the original “Seven Deadly Sins-” does REALLY well? Character Writing. He also handles romantic relationships the best of all the manga I’ve seen, but I’m sure we’ll get into that later on in the story. But the way he writes characters- both in terms of strength and who they are as people- is handled in such a way that no character feels particularly “unlikeable.” I’ve yet to come across a character in this entire story(be it the original or otherwise) that I can say I “Despise.” Sure; some can be over the top and annoying, but even THEY manage to have their own charm to them!

And that character work is on full display here as Anghalhad cements herself as one of my favorite characters so far! She and Donny begins their own battles in Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 45: “The Chivalric Code.” We’ll see what the title means a little bit later……….

Those are some ugly @$$ fish you got there……..


The chapter picks up where the last left off; the kids come up against 2 more of the Dark Talismans- Burgie “The Bewitcher” and Doronach “The Invincible(take a wild guess who’s who).” Percival announces that he’s one of the Four Knights Of The Apocalypse- everyone else has nothing to do with their fight. Anne pushes him out of the way, telling him that they wanted to travel with him- it’s as much their battle as it is his. So she tells Nasiens and Percival to hang back and rest, while she and a reluctant Donny take up this battle.

Donny wants to fight against Burgie, but her little crack about Anne sends the Holy Knight-to-be into a rage, and the 2 begins their battle- leaving Donny to fight the titanic Doronach. Donny manages to dodge Doronach’s attack, but after seeing his foes monstrous strength; Donny makes him float in the air. Unfortunately; Doronach’s magic power- “Impact-” activates, blowing Donny away just like Pellegarde.

Good thing those 2 are away from the Blast Zone.

Meanwhile; Burgie’s “Staff Of The Four Elements” puts Anne through her paces- she even ends up getting injury on her arm. Sin tells her that Burgie’s offense is reliant on her staff- she’s fairly weak without it. But getting it out of her hands is easier said than done- he uses that staff is actually rather impressive. So Sin intervenes with a plan: He has Donny lift Doronach again, making him use “Impact” and propel Anne into Burgie- knocking the staff out of her hand before kicking it away!!

But that doesn’t mean that she’s defenseless– her magic power “Mirage” allows her to make multiple copies of herself in front of Anne. She taunts that she won’t be able to find the real Burgie, but Anne’s own magic allows her to see through lies- letting her find the real Burgie and strike her down! Anne’s overwhelming confidence brings Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 45 to a Resounding END!! You know I didn’t see that coming……

Suck It.


Can I just take a moment to praise this art style? Particularly the art in this chapter because I feel that Anne’s design was perfect. Like; I really liked her facial expressions and the way that she “moved” throughout the chapter. Suzuki Sensei said in a recent interview that his own art style is inspired by Dragon Ball– how well Toriyama was able to draw a fight scene. And I personally think that Suzuki Sensei is able to convey a fight scene in a similar way.

I really like Anne’s portion of the chapter, too; her disposition in battle and how “in control” of her emotions she was. She said that she wants to become a Holy Knight, based on her behavior in her battle- she’s well on her way. Though I still think that she needs to learn some more “offensive” magic; the fact that she was able to see through Brugie’s Mirages was a very specific situation. Maybe we could finally see how one learns to use Magical powers in this story. Because you can learn Magic abilities, as shown with Meliodas and Chandler. We can learn how that whole process works. But what ability would she learn? And from who?


If we go with the logic of Pellgarde coming in to save Percival and the others, then I think that the best thing for him to do is drop them off on the other side of the Entangled Forest- on the border of Liones. From there; they could talk with the current King, who recruits them to do battle with Camelot. And who do you think that Percival will end up training with? The Knights whose “Eyes hold Holiness and Darkness-” Tristan!! And Donny’ll probably pick up training with Howzer again. Not sure about Anne or Nasiens, though. Maybe Anne can go with Veronica and Nasiens with……….. Hendrickson? His “Acid” ability is similar to Nasiens in effect……..

Though it’s looking increasingly like the kids are already strong enough to take on the Talismans; with Nasiens and Anne having overcome their opponents, all that’s left is for Donny to ocercome Doronach, and Percival to face the leader guy. And I get the feeling that the leader is going to be in a Whole Other League than these 3. I don’t know what his abilities are, but I get the feeling that he’s gonna put Percival through his paces. And when the others jump in- the other Talisman’s are gonna kick it up a notch. Maybe they’ll receive some more of Arthur’s “Chaos Power” and defeat the kids? Or the leader could bestow that power himself. All things that are possible.

The last thing I want to talk about in regards to the chapter is definitely Sin’s Knowledge. He seems to know a LOT about Camelot– between knowing the names of the Holy Knights in Arthur’s ranks; what the Mystic Beasts are; how the Chaos Staff’s work; and who knows what else I’m forgetting right now; he seems to have knowledge that he shouldn’t. I don’t know WHAT this would even mean for his secret origins, but I think it tells you that he’s been around for a little while- longer than we could have known. At least 16 years. Hm……………

In the review for chapter 41; I told you guys about the idea of Sin being Ban’s long lost son Lancelot. And that he was with the Princess of the Lake that would be Arthur’s wife- just like in Arthurian legends. If we continue this idea, then you could always say that the “Princess Of The Lake” has knowledge on Camelot through 1 means or another, and told Lancelot- who would take up the identity of “Sin The Fox-” all about Camelot’s strength and what Arthur is capable of. Which he’s using to make sure at least Percival makes it to Liones. Perhaps for a reunion with Papa Ban? Or is he going to his Princess? What’s your motive, Sin The Fox?

There’s more to this apology, isn’t there?


………… Think that’s it. It may only be the day before the next chapter, but- it’s out BEFORE then! Sorry this one took longer than usual- it’s honestly just my hectic schedule between reading other blogs; reviews themselves; work; video games and other hobbies- It’s all too much right now. But I’m not giving up– I’ll keep working no matter what the Universe throws at me!! I say that now, and then……..

But’ that’s all from me for today, guys. Until the next post, everyone- Have a Magically Wonderous Day!!

All Eye’s On The Crew Of Edens! Edens Zero Chapter 173 BREAKDOWN

Or on they on….. something else….

I was originally gonna title this “A God’s Eye View,” but I realized that title would have worked better for chapter 88. And even there it would have felt like some cheap pun. Plus; this fits the chapter better in more ways the one. The cover page; Rebecca; and believe it or notFeather! She’s one of the Oracion Seis Interstelar I was looking forward to the most– alongside characters like Jaguar and Eraser. And of course Justice. But that’s enough of the opener; let’s get into the chapter! Edens Zero Chapter 173: “Feather Alighting.” Don’t ask me what the h#ll that means……..


The chapter opens with Hermit explaining the plan to attack Lendard- it’ll be a joint effort with Elsie’s fleet. But before she can go on; Cpt Connor cuts her off, and demands to be taken somewhere safe before any battle is to take place. Kleene and Wiesz tell him to take a Starfighter and leave, but he doesn’t want to be caught by Ziggy’s army. So they decide to take him to the Shooting Starlight guild for safety.

As Rebecca is swarmed by a number of fans; Cpt Connor begins to reminisce about his own daughter. Shortly after she was born; his wife took her and left him. Why? Because he was a member of the “Freedom Force-“ a group similar to Oasis that was dedicated to stopping Nero. When they were defeated by the Empire; Connor abandoned his ship before it sunk. If his family is even still alive; his daughter would be around Rebecca’s age.


When they arrive at the guild; Clarisse immediately starts to cry upon seeing Rebecca- completely missing what she had said. She repeats that they need them to take care of Connor(much to his annoyance at being “dumped” like this). Noah arrives, and immediately starts bantering with Shiki. As they’re about to prepare for battle; a call from Hermit comes in: The Interstellar Union Army has come to Blue Garden. And Noah adds the Feather of the Oracion Seis Interstelar has also come to the planet to capture Shiki- and she has the “Eye Of God” just like Noah!

And to make matters even worse; a Fleet of ships has surrounded the Edens Zero. Sister suggests using the “Main Cannon(don’t know if this is the same as Etherion),” but Shiki refuses to use it- they’re not exactly his “enemies” right now. Meanwhile; Feather and her personal guard come up to the Shooting Starlight guild, waiting for Shiki and his crew to come out. Inside; Shiki tells the rest to leave out the back while he distracts them, but Rebecca and the others refuse to leave him- “they either return together or not at all.” So they decide to stand and Fight– bringing Edens Zero Chapter 173 to an Exhilarating END!! If she’s able to fight well, then Noah should be able to as well………Right?


FEATHER. THAT is how I want to start talking about this chapter. I have been hyped for her since I made the comparison to Meredy in my chapter 168 review, because of what I saw of that character Fairy Tail. If we compare her to Meredy, then it’s possible that she’ll become and ally to the crew- in the same way Meredy was ally to the Fairy Tail guild. Though I wasn’t expecting her to be……. “so developed” I’ll say. We had only ever saw her from the head up and from the side in chapter 106(forgot about that scene), so I was expecting her to look a little bit younger– probably the youngest character in Interstelar. And I still think that she is– younger than even Justice.

But something like that would get into the question of the requirements for being in the Oracion Seis Interstelar- age restrictions; strength of character; Ether Gear; legal history; prior affiliation with the Space Government and the Interstellar Union Army; etc. in which case; that brings into question the ages of these characters. I’d by that Feather is around the same age as someone like Shiki or Rebecca, but I also see her being as old as Justice or Elsie. Somewhere in the time frame. So how did she rise to the rank of Interstelar at such a young age? Is it a case like in My Hero Academia where they take in orphans and stray kids to raise them to be……… Living Weapons against crime basically?

Yo~~ur Tu~~rn……….

As for her ETHER GEAR– it’s not impossible for 2 people to have the same or similar types of Ether Gear. The bot that Weisz bot was used, and it taught Weisz how to use “Machina Maker.” Who’s to say it didn’t teach others “Machina Maker” before they made it to Weisz? Heck; how many Gravity Based Ether Gear users have we seen in the story so far(4)? Homura literally learn to use Valkyrie’s “Soul Blade!” Not Impossible. But for her to have this specific Ether Gear is an interesting prospect to think about. Because you get into the question of How she learned to use it? If we go with her being an orphan taken in by the Space Government, then she likely learned it from Noah– giving them a connection to explore. If she’s a case like Rebecca– who had an Ether Gear without even knowing it- then who learned “Eye Of God” from WHOM?

To talk about that for a minute; “Eye Of God” is proving very useful to both characters. It’s allowing Noah access to knowledge that most- even Rebecca herself– is unaware of. He knows exactly where Rebecca is at any and all time in every Universe and every world! But now he’s not that only one that might have been aware of everything that’s happening. Feather could possibly be keeping her eyes on Shiki in particular because of his role from Universe to Universe. I imagine she’s very wary of the boy who defeated 2 Oracion Seis Galactica members at this point. And I can’t imagine that she’d be willing to overlook Noah’s role in all of this……………

Is This About to Happen?

Noah told us right when we hit triple digits that if he was outed as the GIA Director of the Sakura Cosmos- he’ll lose everything. He used it as compensation for putting Rebecca and the crew in danger. What’s going to happen when Feather figures out how the crew was able to beat Drakken? Will Noah be in trouble for aiding a Now-Universe-Threatening-Character like Shiki in taking down a threat on an Equal scale? Or will he get off scot free because of how of his role in all of that? Interesting story Mashima could weave right there………

To move on from that point; I just wanted to note that when Hermit got in contact with them to tell them the Union Army was on Blue Garden- Shiki and Weisz got those little lines on their eyes. Shiki has an O-Tech eye now, so it makes sense that there was a communicator in it. But Weisz getting a communicator in his eye? Why? Is this just something that all the crew has now, or…….. has he begun making some Upgrades? Like; is it possible that he’s integrated O-Tech into himself over the past 3 years? So now he doesn’t need the Arsenal armor in battle- he can now just “modify” himself to fit the situation.

I’m probably looking too much into it, but……. I keep up with spoilers. And as I work on this part of the post; some spoilers came out. Won’t say or imply anything; they’re in French. And despite taking 3 years of it in High School and 1 in Community College– I can’t read it. All I’ll say is that I wouldn’t discount this theory just yet…………

Why did Hermit give this to Weisz over Kris…………?

Something that I didn’t bring up in the review to “streamline” that portion was Mashima directly addressing the audience through Weisz by having him ask “Why didn’t they ask Xiao Mei or Noah to locate Ziggy?” Mildian being a planet that “moves” from one cosmos to another is something that I would buy. The planet’s “frozen in time-” I’d buy it moving around a little bit. Probably wouldn’t even have to change Time Zones from one Cosmos to the other– to make as many Frozen Time jokes as possible. And it means that we may well see Xiao Mei off world as well. Before the events of the Mildian Arc; I thought they’d just casually run into her on another planet, and it’s just like “Oh, Hey.” I think that would have been hilarious.

As for the “Eye Of God” excuse- YE~AH. Don’t really think I’d buy that one. If you want to sell me some idea that it needs a “specific heat signature” to lock onto, and a droid like Ziggy would lack something like that(especially after having been inactive for several years prior to the Aoi War)- I might be willing to buy that. But if this is another version of Shiki- a version that began converting to a machine, then……..why would he not be able to find him? Now, if that theory is revealed as true; would that mean that Noah is unaware of other versions of Shiki? Or does it mean that this Shiki is less human that we thought? Or would it end up being a plot hole? Either way; it’s certainly curious how Noah came to know this Ether Gear’s weakness………

I super excited to see how the battle will unfold next week. We’ve already seen Shiki in action, but I don’t think that we’ve seen EVERYTHING that he can do just yet. He may be able to do a few more things that we aren’t expecting. Again: Not telling you a spoiler. Just proposing an idea. And I’m also curious to see what the others are capable of- how far have they come in their Overdrives? Has Rebecca tapped into hers yet? These are the Questions!


…………… I think that’s everything that I wanted to talk about regarding this chapter. It got a little “scattershot” because I couldn’t work on it in 1 sitting like I used to. But with Jump being on break once again this week; I should be able to focus better. And maybe even get to the review of a certain Movie before it’s stops being “The Thing To Talk About.” Sh!t; I HOPE I Will. But in in any case; that’s all I got for the lot of ya today. Until the next post, everyone; Have A Stupendously Wonderful Day. Catch ya later!

Gear For War! My Hero Academia Chapter 339 BREAKDOWN

Watch Out, Deku- She can Fly now!!

AhMei Hatsume. Beautiful and Brilliant. Powerful? Not really. But this chapter shows off something that we haven’t seen from her character before: Her Maturity And Awareness. I don’t necessarily want to dive into complex subjects matters like that- because I lack the “maturity” to do so myself. But I can appreciate when a character that one would think would lack the emotional maturity and understanding of her surroundings such as Hatsume is able to subvert our expectations.

Now that we have the opening to an essay about Writing Thesis or whatever– You guys can probably already guess what the theme of this chapter is, based on the title of the post. Do ya get the reference, too? I also hear that you have to respect your readers enough to let them figure things out for themselves. So I’m gonna let you do that while I talk about My Hero Academia Chapter 339: “The Story Of How We All Became Heroes, Part 2.” That title…………


Picking up where last chapter left off; Hatsume gets off of Izuku, who’s surprised that she managed to bypass his “Danger Sense.” They tell her they’re here for repairs to their costumes, and she asks why they don’t just take it to the Item Office. They say it’s been “crippled” by the current state of Japan, but she seems clueless about what’s been going on. Power Loader comes out to get Hatsume, and invites Deku and Ilda into the very Hectic Item Development Room. He tells them that this is because of their role in both upgrading AND controlling it when it gets up-and-running.

Welcome To H#ll.

Mei takes one look at Izuku’s Mid Gauntlets, and says that she can’t repair the amount of damage these things have taken- she would have to make whole new models from scratch. And they don’t have the material to do that, or at least not in the time they have. And she can’t repair Ilda’s suit without the specs for it. 2 other Support Item students offer to fix their stuff, but Deku and Ilda are too wrapped up in what Hatsume is doing: Strengthening The Barrier.

Everytime she comes up with a new idea; she adds it onto the barrier to make it stronger and make Evacuations easier than moments prior- revealing that she does know about the current situation, and this is her way- as well as the Support Course’s way- of “being Heroes.” She also gives them new equipment- it’s not on the same level as the stuff they had before(and she had to work on them with just her left handQUICK), but it serves the same function. With new gear; they meet back up with Class 1A and Mt lady to begin preparing for battle………

YAY!! They’re alive!!

As the kids prepare to throw down; we cut over to see Nejire chan, Best boy Tamaki Amajiki/ “Sun Eater,” and Fat Gum saving civilians from some kind of Gunk Villain. Ryukyu notes that the number of civilians out and about is dwindling. And while that’s a Good thing- it also means that they don’t have many more places to turn to for information on All For One. And Fat Gum says that the Next Attack will be “On A Far Different Scale Than The Last 2- An ‘All-Out War.’” As we then cut back to UA, where Small Might informs Nezu that preparations for “Plan B” have been made for the other “Decisive Battle.” Bringing My Hero Academia Chapter 339 to a Forboding END!! Time To Go To Work…….


Not really much to complain about this week, huh? Just more build up for the Final Confrontation between the Heroes and Villains. I think the first thing I want to talk about with this chapter is the difference between the translations- particularly in regards to what Class 1A is going to do next. The fan translation makes it seem like they’re going to start training for the Climax Battle. But the official release kind of looks like they’re going to start moving in to attack the Villains. But that obviously can’t be the case sense they don’t know where the H#ll these guys are. So is it just me, or is Mt Lady’s wording kind of misleading?

He’s wearing his Gym Uniform, but considering what the old suit is like right now……….

Bakugo and the others are in their Hero outfits, but Izuku isn’t. Though considering what his old suit is like; it might just be a similar case to the USJ- he’s wearing it because his regular outfit is too torn up. And his regular gear is too beat up, so he can’t really rely on his face mask or anything. And with Support Gear Manufacturer’s out of commission due to the current state of affairs- he’s going to have to go into the conflict the Ol’ Fashioned Way. Which is a shame since I really liked that design- even before it got all dirtied up.

As for the arm bracers Hatsume just gave him; I don’t think they’re as good as the Mid Gauntlets. She even says as much. If the Mid Gauntlets were able to last about a month before tearing apart(whilst using his Faux 100%), then I imagine that these will only last for 1 attack. And he’s begun to utilize both his arms and legs, so he’s going to firing on all cylinders next time. However; I’m glad he got the Air Force Gloves back- he’ll be able to keep his distance from All For Destruction that way. And since he’s not touching the ground; he’s capable of avoiding that infernal “Decay.”

But to move on from Izuku- and really Class 1A as a whole- What of Class1B? I know it’s a joke that no one gave a flying f*ck about the Joint Training arc(’twas acceptable), but i really did want to see more of those characters- specifically Monoma. If his moment with Eri was anything to go by, then he’s not a complete nuisance. I would like to see how he’s developed his quirk thus far, and how he’s reacting to everything. I think that he’s the type of character that would honestly stop and think about his future at this point. The most important question: Does he still want to be a Hero?

Because of the story’s current pacing; we haven’t been able to touch upon the idea of Hero Course students- or even characters like Shinso– reacting to the situation. The public has lost a LOT of faith in the Heroes at this point- and not without reason. Look at what trying to be “No 1” drove someone like Endeavor to do. Or look at all of the things that characters like Hawks and Lady Nagant were forced to do by the Public Safety Commission. Now that their whole deals been exposed; how do the kids feel about the idea of being asked to preemptively kill a threat? Or how do they feel about everything that Endeavor did just to make it to the top of a little, trivial Popularity Poll? Yeah; That sh!t needs to GO.

This Needs To Stop

But we also have to talk about Hatsume’s various upgrades to the barrier. We see in this chapter that her most recent improvement makes it so that portions of the barriers can lift civilians out of the shelter. That should make Evacuation a lot easier- especially if she’s made all of these upgrades to all of the barrier and not just a few portions. But wouldn’t this leave UA Defenseless? I’ve had this long standing theory that the League of Villains/ Paranormal Liberation Front would destroy UA at some point, which would result in the kids going to different schools– thus paying off what Izuku told Inko in chapter 97: “It Doesn’t Have To Be UA.” And it’s not like Shigaraki hasn’t been to UA before………

I thought that this would be a good way of “changing things up” as it were- reduce the fairly larger mains cast to it’s core components, and send the as-of-then-unrevealed Traitor to where Izuku ends up. In a way; I guess that also ended up weeding out the potential traitors. Or Horikoshi could have taken that moment to Reveal the Traitor, and the rest of that plot is Aoyama trying to both interfere in All For One’s plan, while also helping him. What I mean is: Give him information and follow his orders, but put his own spin on it. Use All For One’s words against him, and create a scenario in which everyone find out he’s the traitor, thus taking himself out of the equation willinglyif that makes sense.

It also would have added a few more characters into the main cast- having the MAIN main characters of 1A go to Shinketsu, as well as a few Class 1B characters to make a 3rd Hero Course Class over there! Maybe even bring Shinso along. It could have shaken things up in this best way possible- especially if it was executed right. But alasNot Enough Time.

A Purge Was Inevitable………

It was nice to see Best Boy Tamaki and Nejire chan again! I had hoped that he and Fat Gum survived Machia’s Rampage. It felt kind of dubious after chapter 283, and we haven’t heard nor seen them since then. And Nejire chan with short hair is just as cute as ever. She’s another character I would have liked to see react to the current situation- I feel like there’s also more to her thought process than just “bubbles.” Which gets into what I really like about this chapter: Hatsume’s characterization.

One of my Favorite aspects of One Piece is how well Oda has crafted the characters in that world; they’re never going to act how the story demands that they act- they’ll always be true to themselves. This is most noticeable in Sanji; as annoyed as we may get with his SIMP habits, or how much we would rejoice in him seeing him overcome his mental block and kick Charolette Flompy(I refuse to acknowledge her name) in the face(She’s not even involved in what’s going on in Wano right nowI just wants her to swallow teeth)- That’s Not Gonna Happen. No matter how much he may want to protect his crew; no matter how much he wants to live; No matter what the story may hold for himHe won’t do it. And we some a similar piece of characterization in Hatsume in this chapter.

As…….. Depressing as the current mood of the story is- as much Despair and sadness exists in everyone’s eyes; you see a character like Hatsume, who isn’t succumbing to the misery and desolation that’s accumulated in the world around her. It’s how she’s become such a great inventor; she never let’s the misery of a crippling Failure get her down- nor is she going to let everyone else’s dejection and defeated behavior get to her. She’s just gonna keep “chuggin’ along-” she just doing what she does best because……… it’s all that she knows. It’s her way of helping people; her way of holding on to “Hope.” I really would have liked to get her backstory- how she got into inventing in the first place, and where her dedication and mindset came from. If only we had more time………………


And LASTLY: The Heroes “Plan B.” I don’t know who Small Might is talking to; I don’t know their A Plan; and I don’t know what this “Other Battle” is. I think what they may be referring to the reformation of Hero Society. If I were more hopeful for the story- I talk about how much I’m going to enjoy that part. But I’m not, so I won’t. Instead; I’ll simply say that I think they need that whole “Popularity” gimmick out of here, and Heroes in general should be less like “Public Figures” and closer to what the Police are. It’s like; the fame and fortune you get results in cases like Mt Lady– which begets zealots and Fanatics like Stain.

I think that “Heroes” going forward should be more like “Glorified Police-” if that makes sense. They get to where the costumes and use Support Gear n’ sh!t like that, but they work in a…… less “flashy” way, I guess I’m trying to say. They still get paid; they’re still using their quirks to fight the bad guys; and now we don’t have to look at them anymore as……… “Saviors.” They become just…… Regular Policemen who just so happen to be in spandex. I think that the “Hero” profession is in for change– one for the better if it ended up like this……..

What The…….?

I don’t know what this “other battle” is supposed to be. I think that he’s referring to the inevitable changes that will come once they defeat the Villains; I imagine that the publics going to have a lot of “pushback” at whatever Endeavor and the others have come up with(specifically because Endeavor and Hawks are involved in coming up with a new system). I know Endeavor and Hawks might have suggested that All Might become the new head of the Public Safety Commission, but………. Nighteye’s Looming Prophecy. He’s NOT coming out of this– I don’t think I’d like it if he did. Because that’s a plot point that- much like the Traitor Reveal– has been touched on in a while.

I heard a Theory a Long Time ago(it’s either this video or this one– both are by the same person) that All Might exercising and keeping his reflexes sharp was all part of him preparing for the moment Nighteye predicted. A bit of low key foreshadowing and build up. Much More Than The Traitor Reveal. We all get this suspicion of how the scene will go– a parallel to chapter 1 that ends how it would naturally end if Izuku wasn’t the main character. But with the added “Save…… Tenko….!!” line just to REALLY hit us in the feels. I can’t say what’s going to happen in the story(at least- not anymore), but I really hope that All Might……… that was gonna sound meaner than I intended. Let’s just say: I hope this plot point isn’t dropped.

He’s Not Done Yet…………..


…………….Is this all? I feel like that’s all that I wanted to talk about in regards to this chapter. I can take a while to talk about a chapter. Like A LOT. But I tried not to with this one because there wasn’t actually that much to talk about. And I’m trying not to complain about the current state of the series. It makes it look like I don’t want to talk about it anymore. But I do want to keep talking about it– the reason I’m so upset is because I love this story, and I know that it can be Better than what is- that it has been- that it IS better.

When the series end; I’ll talk all about my relationship with the story- how I got into it; what I liked; why I wanted to talk about it and what it did for my blog. The whole story. But until that day comes(which may be sooner rather than later); we’ll keep on going. Until the next post everyone- Have a Magically Wonderful Day. Catch ya later……..

Can You See? A Fu-ture So Bright In The Dy~ing LightDon’t Give Into Fright. You Just won’t know– what you can do- even Fi~ght The Night When You Say So~~!(I parodied a fan dub of the 4th opening).

The “Dawn” Is Coming- FAST. One Piece Chapter 1,036 BREAKDOWN

Hey, guys! Probably didn’t get out a few posts before this one came out, did I? You guys are seeing this in the future- when this post is complete. I don’t know how much I managed to get out before hand, but…… I hope I managed to get out 2 at least. And you know the 2 I’m talking about! But enough of that; you saw the title of the post- you KNOW what’s about to happen. The narrator’s prediction from chapter 955 is about to come to fruition. This arc is coming to it’s closing acts. I hope you’re all ready!! One Piece Chapter 1,036: “Bushido* Is the Way Of Death.” *A reference to “Hagakure- A Guide To Being A Warrior.”*

The Straw Hat’s Ring In The New Year The Only Way They Know How: PURE CHAOS!!!


Picking up where the last chapter left off; Zoro has managed to defeat the surviving Lunarian- King. He ends up slashing King’s wing off, and the Lunarian begins to plummet to the ground. Zoro blasts himself back onto the island and passes out. A flashback begins that depicts King and Kaido sharing a drink. Kaido infers that King thinks that he may be Joyboy because of the world that he wants to create. But King disregards the Legend, and says that he “no longer seeks anything” from Kaido- he’s given his life over to him, with the vow to make him Pirate King. This is made to parallel Zoro’s first battle with Mihawk– he made a similar promise to Luffy to not lose until he’s become the World’s Greatest Swordsman. Even if he has to become “King Of H#ll” to do it.

The Ruler Of H#ll- Roronoa Zoro

The end of the fight is transmitted by a Harpy Marie to another who just so happens to be in the Meeting room with a member of CP0. He can’t believe that the All Stars and Tobi Roppo have been defeated. “But as long as those 2 Monsters are still standing” he starts; “Those wins are Meaningless.

A recap of what’s going on occurs- the battle begins to approach a “Disastrous End.” If Luffy defeats Kaido, then the Support bearing clouds will fade away and the island will fall apart. And the Gun Cache And Explosives will go off- sending Wano and everyone in it to Kingdom Come. Momonosuke does his best to keep this island from getting any closer to the Flower Capital, while Yamato and the Number Fuuga make their way to the Repository. Fuuga is to distract the other Number “Rokki” while he takes care of all that Gunpowder and Explosives. But the Kazenbo is on it’s way……….

We cut over to the Attic between the 1st and 2nd floors, where Usopp is fighting desperately to defend the heavily-injured Kin’emon and O-Kiku. They insist that Usopp should leave one of them and save the other, arguing over who it should be. But Usopp tells them that they should continue to live– even if it’s in disgrace. Izo agrees with him, as he comes in to save his fellow retainers. He tells Usopp to take them and go, and opens fire on the Beast Pirates!

Shadow Paralysis Jutsu!!!

We then cut between Raizo and Fukurokuju’s Ninja Battle(they’re using “Paralysis Jutsu” to hold each other in place), Orochi fawning over Komurasaki, Apoo ditching Drake and Zanki after fighting CP0, and a few other battles before CP-0 gets in contact Lucci, who’s been informed that the All Star’s have all been defeated. And even though the Worst Generations chances of defeating Big Mom and Kaido are still slim at bestit might still be wise to leave the island before it blows.

And we end up cutting to Luffy’s Battle With Kaido– Luffy unveiling his “Gum Gum Roc Gun” move. Ryuo/ Conqueror’s-Imbued Elephant Gun. The 2 fall to the ground in exhaustion, but stand back up to Finish This. Thus bringing One Piece Chapter 1,036 to an Enticing END!! Go Get ‘Em, Rubber Boy!!!!



Where do I begin with this chapter? I think the parallel drawn between King and Zoro- how they both made promises to their Captains. Whereas King vowed that he would make Kaido the Pirate King; Zoro promised “The King” that he wouldn’t lose until he fought Mihawk again. I think that this scene is used to depict how Zoro could have ended up if Luffy was more like Kaido. My youngest brother- who’s started getting more and more into the series- told me about a theory on the “One Piece” sub reddit that Zoro and Kaido would be parallels. It said that Kaido was the “Zoro” to Rocks’ “Luffy,” but whatever happen to make Kaido think the way he does about Pirate Alliances occurred, and…….. well; you can gather the rest.

I think that Zoro and King are the more prevalent parallel now- 2 people held captive by the World Government for one reason or another saved by someone with the ambitions of becoming the King Of The Pirates. And they made vows to their Captains- albeit somewhat different. But I don’t think this parallel applies to Luffy and Kaido. Aside from Kaido mentioning that Luffy couldn’t be “Joyboy” either in chapter 1,014. But whereas Kaido made an effort to become “Joyboy;” Luffy does not nor- nor would he care– to become this mysterious figure.

Spoken Like A True Failure…………..

However; I do think that this is a parallel to Whitebeard in that he’s not ascending to a a status like this. As said by Doffy in chapter 801; Whitebeard “sat before the Throne” of the Pirate King- guarding it until someone who inherited Roger’s will came along to take the former King’s place. But he never tried to reach the Throne himself. Whereas Kaido DID try to become Joy Boy, and couldn’t cut it. So now he’s simply “gate keeping” it until someone comes along an proves that they’re good enough- that they’re better than him. And I think you know who that person will be…………

To move on from that point; I think that Usopp’s speech was really impactful- and very telling. It’s a big joke that no one dies in the series(outside of flashbacks- Flashback character will drop like flies). But I think we all expect 1 or 2 more deaths before this arc is said and done. We’ve been expecting someone like Kin’emon or Kaido. We’ll table the Kaido discussion for another time, and instead focus Kin’emon. And I want to focus in on him in specific because of how long we’ve known him, and how much we’ve had revealed of his past throughout this entire arc. He has to see O-Tsuru– and then……….let come what may. Or so his thought process would be.

Of Days Long Past? Or…. Days To Come?

I definitely don’t want Kin to die- I think he’s a pretty good character. And if anything; Usopp’s speech may just help him dispel the Wano Samurai’s way of thinking. In the future; I think that Kin’emon will not only serve under Momonosuke as a Retainer- but also help to teach the Samurai of the future to “Live.” In a way; Usopp’s will to survive in disgrace may be inherited by the entire country of Wano. But how will all of this tie into the Finale of the story? And more importantly: What does it mean for Zoro?

This is not my own original thought– I’d like to credit Joy_Boy Theories on Youtube for the thought. He thinks that Zoro is also adhering to the way of Bushido with his line of thinking- that he’d rather die than lose. But like Usopp’s telling Kin and Kiku here: It’s better to live in disgrace than to die in honor. Because if you Live, then you’ll get to redeem yourself later. No “Redemption” if you DIE. Joy_Boy Theories is thinking that the chapter’s title is referring to Zoro’s way of battle, and Usopp is here to dispel that way of thinking. As for how he thinks it ties into the story- at least what I interpreted from his words– is that Zoro’s self destructive way of fighting and living is in direct opposition to what Luffy wants. And if there’s 1 thing about Zoro that Oda has tried to hammer home; it’s that Zoro is easily the most Loyal of any of the Straw Hats- he’ll follow his Captain’s orders no matter how ridiculous they become.

But if you recall in chapter 6 of the story: Zoro told Luffy that if he has to abandon his dream for any reason– he’ll Translation 1)Make Luffy apologize for it or Translation 2)Make him commit Hara Kiri. What if Luffy gives him the order to flee? You’re probably thinking that Luffy would NEVER do something like that- never make Zoro do something that goes against his beliefs. Except he made the Whole Crew run away from Kuma on Sabaody. He did that without hesitation, but that was a specific circumstance- Usopp had to carry him away. Not to mention that they couldn’t beat Kuma no matter what they did.

One Of My Favorite Moments of the story. Maybe one day I’ll explain why…………….

………………… I don’t know where that was going; I completely lost my train of thought. BUT THE POINT IS: If Luffy has learned anything from his adventure, it’s that there are people out there tougher than him. And if he cares about his crew, then he’ll do what’s in their best interest to keep them alive- even if that means retreating. But if retreating there goes against Zoro’s beliefs- they’re gonna have a problem. It could be a case much Water 7 in which Luffy and a member of the crew have a differing opinion; Zoro’s opinion of “Death over Defeat” vs Luffy’s desire for them to live to achieve their dreams(which is why he never kills his enemies). And that is how e get a proper answer to “Luffy vs Zoro.”

But again: Not my own thought- just and idea that I liked. Another thing that I like- and would have liked to see more of- was Raizo vs Fukurokuju. I think Oda dropped the ball on that particular battle; he could have shown us how Ninjutsu works in the context of “One Piece,” and also give us a glimpse at the history between these 2. And of course obligatory “Naruto” references because Ninjas. But beyond just that; I think it would have been a good way to characterize both combatants in a way that doesn’t paint either as the “Bad Guy.” Because at the end of the day: Fukurokuju was just following Orochi’s orders. He’s not a bad guy- just got stuck with a bad Shogun to follow. Speaking of- Hiyori has got him wrapped around her finger. I don’t know what her plan is, but BOY is he in TROUBLE………..


There’s probably a lot more for me to talk about- I’m also certain of that. But I feel like it’s all “self explanatory-” if that makes sense. Apoo ditched Zanki and Drake, and CP0 defeated them. Now they’re leaving. Law and Kid are continuing their battle against Big Mom, and…….. that’s all. I don’t have much else to dissect.

In which case; I guess I’ll bring this one to a close. Let me know your own thoughts in the comments, and until the next post everyone- have a Fantastical Day. Catch ya later!!

“Knowing One’s Place.” Black Clover Chapter 318 BREAKDOWN

…………………How do I even start this one? Like; what can I say about Lucifero right here? He’s powerful? He’s a S Tier Villain? I mean- he’s not and he is. If we’re judging based on just his introduction and strenght- YES. Character and motivations…….. none to speak ofYet. It’s still early for him. But I’m getting to “Analysis” stuff too soon. But I don’t know how else to get you guy’s as hyped as I am for this one. The King Of Devils REMINDS everyone present right now of who the H#ll he is, and that they should be VERY Afraid right now. Black Clover Chapter 318: “In The Presence Of The Devil King.” That’s not……….


Faced with the Highest Devil in Existence– the one responsible for killing the only person who ever treated him like- wellA Living Thing– Liebe’s RAGE boils over, and he angrily asks if Lucifero remember he or Licita. Lucifero of course does not remember some random chick he killed some odd years ago- he just wants to make this “Magicless Trash” pay for ruining his plans. His raw anger is enough to force Asta and Liebe to the ground. Liebe tells Asta that all he wants in this moment is to Defeat Lucifero. So they utilize Devil Union, and take the fight to the Supreme Devil.

With 4 minutes left in his Union time; Asta thinks that they should be able to defeat him. But No– he stops the sword, and runs his finger along the edge to see what it can do. It ends up drawing bloodsending him over the edge. The mere idea of “Scum without even a scrap of magic” has the potential to harm him if he loses focus is so…….. Ergregious that he…….He just slugs Asta with all he’s got. Not literally, but you know what I mean; he clocks Asta into the dirt. The Best Design Devil(what we’ll be calling him until we get an actual name) comments that even in this incomplete state; Lucifero is still unbeatable.

And now I’ve soiled my hands on TRASH.

The only reason the Black Bulls haven’t been crushed under the extreme pressure of Lucifero’s mere presence is because of Vanessa’s “Red Thread Of Fate.” But she can’t keep this up for much longer- and the weight just piles on the closer the Devil King comes to them. And he just knocked Asta right next to em. As everything begins to squish under Lucifero’s sheer might- the Captains Of The Magic Knights step up to face the Supreme Devil. Bringing Black Clover Chapter 318 to an Intimidating END!! The more the merrier……… but I don’t think Lucifero is in any kind of “Merry” mood……………


SO…… Lucifero is “Built Different. He’s NOT going to pull his punches on these guys- he’s using literally everything within his power to SMASH Asta and Liebe for what they’ve done. I’ll get into why they’re not dead yet in a little bit, but for now I’ll focus on talking about Lucifero as a villain and what I like about him: 1)His character design is Awesome– perfectly terrifying without being distracting; a Biblical design that invokes a lot of Christian depictions of the Devil; and has the potential to be even more. I feel like that Dark energy depicting on Devils is working well as a quilt. And while I do like the crinkles on his body- I hope that he forms a cloak of sorts. He’ll look more menacing that way.

Why do you keep trying?

2)His personality. I always enjoy it when a Villain is “Above it all-” one who gets as furious as THIS thing whenever Asta and Liebe manage to damage him. Like; they use Devil union to lung at him and try to cut him, but he STOPS it. But when he pulls his finger away; he sees this itty bitty teeny tiny cut on his finger- AND SLUGS ASTA INTO THE DIRT!!! Like; the mere idea of him this “Magicless Trash” and some “Low Rank Waste Of Space” daring to draw blood from his finger is enough to make him go cross eyed. His own Ego won’t let him process the fact that there’s someone in this or any world that not only stands up to him- but are able to draw blood.

From Megicula’s dialogue in chapter 300; we know that Devil’s have a very “Defeatist” mentality when it comes to their class system- they don’t even bother to fight back or disobey those above them; just role over and let come what may(which is more often than not torture in the Underworld). It’s meant to parallel the Clover Kingdom’s own caste system and how the world itself views Magic and power(to an extreme extent)- continuing the theme of “Rising to be More” present in the story. And the Devil’s mindset just further cements that. But there in lies Lucifero’s Contradiction.

He’s never met someone who was able to make him bleed- no one’s probably even tried to do so. He’s used to everyone and everything beneath him going lower– not trying to match him. His Ego can’t take it- and neither can his mind; it’s not clicking in his mind what’s happening right now, so flipping out and using a lot of power to try and crush this thing that’s made him bleed. Much like a certain Magicless Commoner. He’s fighting back despite this force that’s trying kill him with all he has- just like Asta’s been doing his whole life. Asta’s thematic connection to Lucifero is just a reaffirmation of his character and his own character arc. What will come after that, though? I don’t know- we’ve all heard it before, I shan’t bring it up. It’d be cool, but we don’t know right now.

AngerBut Also Confusion?

But that leads me into why Asta is able to take what Lucifero dishes out. You guys know where this is going– Asta being immune to Fate– Asta and Liebe’s use of Anti Magic is interfering with the God Of Fate’s Magic, undoing his “fate” to die the moment that Lucifero get’s his hands on him. Pretty simple, right? But the question then becomes: Is this God’s magic being undone on purpose or by accident? Like; did someone or something else bring Asta and Liebe together so they could undo fate’s “Cruel Design,” or did Fate bring them together so that they could resist their Magic and fight against Lucifero on equal terms?

You’re probably thinking “If they’re immune to Fate, then how did Fate bring them together?” There are a few possibilities for this one:

  1. Fate didn’t bring them together an they’re being together is just an “accident” that just so happened to work out for everyone.
  2. Liebe’s Anti Magic only activated after Asta received the Grimoire, and that undid any and all “Fated” to happen to them.
  3. They aren’t “immune” to it so much as they can “undo” it, which is why Rouge was able to affect Asta even when using “Black Asta.”

The first point continues the theme of Asta being “nothing special-” a random occurrence in the world that just so happens to have risen to be what he is now. The second may have been debunked by Liebe’s internal monologue in chapter 269– or at least the way it was presented. I heard the idea that the grimoire choosing Asta may have lead to Liebe developing Anti Magic, but Liebe depicts it more like he unlocked it a while before Asta received it. Though it was only his perception of time. And he was in a book at the time, so I don’t know how much you wanna trust that one.

Keep in mind: It was only in Liebe’s perception of time. We don’t know how well we can trust that.

The Third one seems to be the most likely- the idea that Asta and Liebe aren’t “passively” immune to Fate; they have to be aware of what’s coming. But that raises the question of how they’re “undoing” their own fate in this fight. That’s a simple Shonen trope that- much like all other tropes in the series and the genre- Tabata is trying to use to his advantage: Instinct. Make all the “Ultra Instinct” jokes you want, but the concept of a character fighting and using his powers based on “Pure, Animalistic Instincts” has been around ever since the day’s of Dragon Ball– since the dawn of the Battle Shonen Genre.

It wouldn’t even be the first time that a character- namely Asta– has used his instincts to battle. Just go back to chapter 4 of the series, in which the narrator literally states that his body’s “super reflexes” reacted to Magna’s attack. Who’s to say that Liebe’s Anti Magic isn’t “reacting” to Divine intervention in the same way- without he or Asta even being aware of the fact that it’s happening? But then why would Vanessa’s Fate Manipulation work on them? Because it’s not there to hurt them- it’s there to Help. And the Anti Magic only reacts to something dangerous. I’m bringing up and answering my own questions to make a point: This theory has validity. But let’s put that aside for some other time………

I think that the last thing I want to discuss is certainly the most prevalent right: The Captains Battle Against Lucifero. Things are about to get- HEATED. And I don’t just mean the Battle!!

Captains Of The CLover Kingdom vs The Ultimate Devil- NEXT TIME!!

I think that Fuegoleon and Nozel are going to play important roles- Fuegoleon moreso than Nozel because he’s already had a moment with Megicula. But I’ll put off that part for a little bit longer. What I REALLY want to talk about before that would definitely be Jack’s role. As of chapter 278; Jack gained the ability to “cut through Gravity.” That’s going to be a pivotal ability in fighting against Lucifero- especially if his power can cut through all of the Gravity and not just what’s holding him down. If he can cut through Lucifero’s pressure, then the Captain’s will be able to move about freely. This then opens the door for the Vermillions to take the stage.

Once again: Mereoleona has had her own battle against the Ancient Demon. But she’s still probably the Strongest Captain in this line up. Or at least; she has the potential to be considering “Hellfire Incarnate’s” ability makes her stronger and stronger the longer she fights. So she’ll definitely be an important factor in taking him on- at least getting a critical hit on him that opens way for the True star of the show: Fuegoleon. With the Fire Spirit at his side; he not only has the potential to utilize Spirit Dive, but- like Yuno before hand- has the potential to tap into Saint Stage the longer he fights “on the brink of death.” And that is where a Permanent injury is inflicted. I kind of doubt he’ll die here, but this would be a perfect opportunity to set up a way to defeat him- a permanent injury inflicted that Asta and the other’s can take advantage of.

Though this is all assuming that my theory about Lucifero being “scared” for the first time ever. If it’s true– if he really CAN’T comprehend that these people can damage him and his “Flight or Fight” instincts kick; he’ll run away, and begin trying to find a way to incarnate Fully in this world. And the next portion of the series will be focusing on how he plans to do that and stopping it- as well as finding and destroying him and Best Design Devil. We’ll learn his name soon, I’m sure.


I don’t know what it is about this series that gets my speculative juices flowing, but I LIKE IT. These posts are taking longer and longer to get out though- maybe I should actually start planning these posts out a little bit more. I want to get to reading and watching a lot of other series and other posts before the list gets too long. Maybe this year…….

But that’s all I got for the lot of ya, today. What did you think of the chapter? Or anything I’ve speculated? Let me know in the comments. And until the next post, everyone- Have A Magical Day!!

What Happened To the Scarf and quilt?

Hit And Run- And Hit Again. Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 44 BREAKDOWN

‘Ello, ‘Ello, ‘Ello; is everyone doing well? I know I am– both Weekly Shonen Jump and Weekly Shonen magazines are on break because of new years. So as long as I don’t slack off; I can basically take as long as I want making these. I’m making this before I even finished the Edens Zero review! All I have to do is work on these little by little, and I’ll be able to play on my NEW Nintendo Switch Lite as much as I want! Thank you, New Years!!

But that’s enough of me chanting “Hooray;” we still have to talk about the chapters that came out the week prior! I actually started writing this Wednesday of last week, but I had this sneaking suspicion that it would be out some time the week after. May not be able to ride the wave of that hashtag, but this should be okay. All this and I haven’t even given you guys the VAGUEST of information about the chapter. Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 44: “The Lost Children.” Let’s begin……………

Rest In Peace, Donny……..


Picking up where the last chapter left off; the kids have managed to defeat the first of the Dark Talismans- Elgin The Carrion Eater. But Donny and Percival got messed up pretty bad, and need to be healed. While Percival takes care of that; Nasien’s begins to feel the effects of the Cernunnos’ shavings he ingested: he saw a massive increase in his durability and power- but is extremely warn out after the power wears own. He berates himself for not have conducting an actual test before hand, and Percival reminds him of their “deal.” But Nasiens says embarrassingly that that was a “figure of speech………”

For Better Or Worse- He Lives!!

Percival decides to save Elgin, as he doesn’t think killing someone would leave him feeling alright. Sin calls him soft, and warns him that saving Elgin will come back to bite them later(and considering he’s a “Carrion Eater-“ that may be more Literal than Sin realizes). Taking this into account; Percival uses his magic to levitate everyone and fly as far and as fast as possible. But doing this for an extended period of time is beginning to take it’s tole on the boy. And that ain’t even the worst part: 2 more Dark Talisman’s show up! And they’re riding the Magic Beast “Sleipnir-” and 8 legged Horse who can run on land, sea, or air.

The Female Holy Knight chastises Elgin for his failing, and the duo get ahead of the kids. She uses her Chaos Staffs- the “Staff Of The Four Elements-” to create attack them with Wind Sickles. Percival uses all of his strength to dodge them, but ends up coming to a Sand Wall created by the staff. He turns his magic into a protective “bubble” that bounces off the wall and branches. But this leaves him completely spent, taking he and the exhausted Nasiens out of the fight and leaving Donny, Anne, Sin, and Sylvan to face the Dark Talisman’s alone……..

Anghalhad- Spread Em.


So I guess the Cernunnos Horn shavings won’t give Nasiens the power up I thought that it would. Half expected that; I had a feeling after I finished that post that this wouldn’t lead to what I thought it would. That said; I’m not sure what’s to happen with it in the Future. It could be a case where he ingests the Horn shavings multiple times and they begin to have a much more permanent effect on him. I’m holding out for a transformation Cernunnos Transformation. Although I don’t think that it would fit Nasiens very well now- he’s the “Enchanter” type. He’s not one for physical combat; he’s the one who casts a spell from long distance. I can see him getting a Magic Power boost, and it may help out his hand-to-hand combat, but……… I don’t know how well that would work for him.


Then you also have Elgin to worry about. Woo, BoyIs He P!ssed. The way he glared at them through the crack in his helmet let’s you know that he wants payback. I can imagine that he’ll come back once they’ve managed to defeat this big guy, and beat them up while they’re at their most exhausted. That– or it could be that he’s Grateful to Percival for sparing his life. Like; he’s still mad that they beat him, and I definitely think it’s an insult to him as a warrior- but he may well feel like sparing him in the same way. It’s just a thought………..

I also think this let’s us know a little bit about Percival’s personality- that he won’t kill an enemy. A lot of protagonist have this trait– for one reason or another. Percival’s reasoning here might be the fact that his Grandpa was murdered by his Father, and he doesn’t want to be anything like his dad. And while I’m personally getting tired of that trope; I can also see what the writer is doing by keeping characters like Elgin alive. I doubt that Elgin is going to be saving them, but again- he might choose to spare them for sparing him. “Now We’re Even” type of thing.

Wasn’t it 6 legs?

The Mystic Beasts. Seems like a new concept to the series; I can’t recall anywhere in “Seven Deadly Sins” where the Mystic Beasts are even alluded to. Oslo is not listed as a Mystic Beast- just a “Black Hound,” meaning it’s just a regular animal that you would find in nature. Meaning that this is a completely New concept in the franchise. Unless the most recent movie revealed them and their origin. I haven’t seen that movie yet. Feel free to tell me if you’ve seen it in the comments.

For now; let’s say they’re new to the story. Where would they have come from? I think the answer is a little more simple than anyone thinks: The Mystic Beast are ordinary creature imbued with “chaos” by Arthur, granting them extra abilities. Which would mean that Nasiens MOMENTARILY gained access to the power of Chaos. Man, I wish he would retain some of that power- just for a little bit. But in any case; the Mystic Beasts are certainly proving to be a powerful threat. I wonder how the kids are going to manage against Sleipnir here………..

As for what’s going on now; I think we can all see where this is going. Nasiens was key in defeating Elgin; Anne’s a girl; Donny’s shorter then this guy; and Percival is the strongest of the 4 of them. 4 Dark Talismans- 4 kids. The individual battles are being set up and teased. The kids are going lose this. But thankfully; Pellegarde is on the way to save them. And whenthey come back- the kids are going to separate these guys and fight them each alone. With their Brand New POWER UPS!!! Yeah; Training Arc Inbound. I could talk at length about what they could do, but we haven’t seen enough of the battles to say what the Talisman’s can do, or seen some more of what the kids can do to say what their “level ups” would be able to do for them…….

Help is On The Way!!!

I’m still stinking to my own idea that Nasiens body still holds all the some of Cernunnos’ power; all Anne can do is tell when someone’s lying- she needs something for battle; Donny can make things float, so maybe he’ll learn how to lift larger objects- or even gain a level of telekinesis; and good ol’ Percival– he may end up learning to make more constructs with his magic. Or even learn the full extent of the “Hero” Type. These are not things out of the realm of possibility……….


And…… There You Have It!! Second Post Of The New Year!! And because of several factors- we’re going to be on a bit of a “streak” for a little bit right now. Which I Enjoy. I just hope I can keep this streak going as long as possible!

Let me know your thoughts on the chapter in the comments. What do you think this new Dark Talisman is capable of? And how much longer is Pellgarde going to be? We’ll find out when “Four Knights Of The Apocalypse-” CONTINUES!! Til next time, everyone- have a Pleasant day. Later!!

Rebecca Bluegarden- Into The Multiverse! Edens Zero Chapter 172 BREAKDOWN

Ah, the Multiverse– the new “In” thing along with being anything but a Cisgender White Male(I’m a Cisgender Black Male, btw). I’m making a joke, of course, but I still feel like someone’s going to blast me for making it. Political commentary aside; it seems like everyone is trying to use the concept of the Multiverse these days- Sony and their “Spider-Verse;” Marvel and the MCU tapping into the Multiverse(Just To Let You Know: I went to see Spider Man No Way Home Monday nightthe review is coming); DC and them trying to wipe away anything Zack Snyder touched.

And now; it looks like Hiro Mashima is throwing his hat into the ring! Or; I guess he’s been building it up for a while, and he’s going to be paying it off. You’ll see what I mean in a minute. I was a little confused at first, but after sitting on it for a minute- I THINK I got a good grasp of what’s going on. Let’s see if I can put that into words! Edens Zero Chapter 172: “Universe 3.” Let’s begins…..

1 Reason I Love The Multiverse


Picking up where last chapter left off; the crew picks up the drifting Captain Connor- or ratherFactory Worker Connor. As they eat; they tell Connor that they’re the ones who’ve been liberating the planet’s Ziggy conquers. And they want to know EVERYTHING that Connor knows about Ziggy- including where Ziggy’s factory is. He tells them that it’s a “Living Factory-” a Planet that infinitely produces machines for Ziggy’s army. The “Perpetual Motion” Planet: Lendard.

As they receive this piece of information; Rebecca gets on call with Noah. When asked what “World” they’re currently in; Noah explains that- in terms of Numbers– this would be World 416. The reason for being this far down the line is because Rebecca’s used “Reverse” a lot over the last 3 years- between the Aoi saga and the time skip; it’s kind of a wonder there aren’t more.

Noah continues on to explain the 2 ways in which Rebecca’s “Cat Leaper” messes with Time:

  • “Reverse-” When Rebecca Rewinds time and uses her knowledge of future events to alternate the course she and her allies take. But the “Greater Future” does not change- she cannot undo the preordained future.
  • “Leap-” That’s not what he calls it; I’m just calling it that for simplicities sake. It transports her to a Parallel world completely. But he will now describe these as “Universes.”

The “Universe” in which Shiki died was “Universe 1;” Drakken’s defeat and everything after was “Universe 2;” and the defeat of Poseidon Nero put them in Universe 3. Apparently; they’ve been in this Universe since before the destruction of Nero 66. But Rebecca doesn’t remember moving through time! So Noah begins to think that some other force moved everyone’s “positions. Rebecca begins to think about the choice that Shiki made, and askk Noah if he knows that the future holds with his “Eye Of God.” But Noah says that it’s simple “deductive reasoning-” he only knows what the future might hold, based on everyone’s “positions.”

Rebecca then talks to him about Connor, and wonders why his role changes so drastically each time they enter a new Universe. Noah explains that that’s just “how the Multiverse works-” a person’s entire history could change with the “World” they enter. Rebecca joins back up with everyone else- watching Connor teach Pino swears again. All the while; Rebecca runs through the Multiverse concept in her head, and hopes against hope that everyone on the ship can reach a “Happy Ending.” This despite their fates being to Die in each Universe…….

Sister and Hermit get on call with Elsie, and tell her where Ziggy’s factory is. She says that it was always an Industrial world, but she heard it stopped operations years ago. Hermit contributes this fact to Ziggy taking over. So Elsie plans to head over- knowing that Ziggy is definitely on that planet. And we cut over to Lendard to see just thatZiggy is on Lendard. With an entire ARMY of Skeleton Soldiers and all 4 Dark Stars! Wizard; Clown; Brigadine Mark II; and Killer Mark II. And they plan to sit and wait for Shiki and Elsie to come to this planet- hoping to End. This. NOW. Edens Zero Chapter 172 END!! Edens Zero Will Be On Break Next Week For New Years. Not just this, but EVERYTHING. Hence why this posts are all coming out later than usual.


I think after sitting on this reveal for a few days- I’ve finally figured out how this “Multiverse” is going to work: Each time they defeat a “BIG Threat” like Drakken or Nero- they “shift” over to another Universe. Or maybe just when something “BIG” happens. You know what I mean? Like; whenever something happens that causes a major shift in the power dynamic of the Universe- everyone ends up in an alternate Universe. If that makes any sense.

The way that I’m thinking of it: Each Universe has it’s own number of “Worlds.” Rebecca uses Cat Leaper to move from Universe to Universe, and it’s sub-version “Reverse” to transport from 1 world to another. Where we are now would be “Universe 3, World 416.” Wow- 416. The crew must have messed up a LOT to go from World 31 to 416!!! I know it was probably just a few mistakes in battle that she “corrected,” but still, man………

But to talk about what Noah and Rebecca discussed; there was a moment on Nero 66 where “the position of many people changed-” but it had nothing to do with Rebecca. So how did things changed………..? Oh, wait: Shiki’s Decision. Ziggy said that Shiki’s made the “wrong choice,” and we went into the 31st World. But if Noah can see things like Rebecca moving through time, then why wasn’t he able to see that moment? Was Xiao Mei interfering with Noah in some way. Shiki’s choice led to Witch’s death- the “Wrong Choice.” So he should have made the choice to stay and die? At the time; I just thought that Ziggy meant that their death’s would have been “painless.” But now it’s starting to look like the other path would have lead to something else……..

A lot of things are happening right now with time travel and the multiverse. If I were to try to piece things together: Shiki’s choice propelled the crew from Universe 2, World 30 to Universe 3, World 31. Noah was unable to perceive that choice(be it Xiao Mei’s interference or a limitation in “Eye Of God”), but he was able to see the “change” from 30 to 31. As for where the other path would have lead- they would have all died. Or……. would they? You’ve all probably heard by now the theory that Ziggy is an alternate version of Shiki. And the theory is now being helped because of that 1 scene.

There’s A Human Under There

If nothing else; this panel from chapter 165 tells us that there’s a Human under that d@mn armor. I don’t know if it’s an alternate Shiki or even an alternate Shura, but this scene screams to me that he is– or at the very least was– Human at some point in time. And we all know what happens when a series introduces the concept of alternate timelines and Multiverses: Alternate takes on everyone we’ve met. We already have a special case like Weisz Steiner, but when Mashima really starts tapping into the Multiverse- we’ll be seeing a lot of “WHAT IF” scenario’s coming to life. Like; “WHAT IF Shiki never defeated Drakken;” “WHAT IF Shiki killed Shura;” “WHAT IF Shura survived Nero 66;” “WHAT IF Laguna stayed with Oasis-” and many, many more.

What Ziggy probably is is a version of Shiki who chose to stay and try to save everyone on Nero 66- thus killing his crew and heavily damaging his body. To the point where he had to effectively become a machine. But that still leaves us with a few questions:

  1. Why is he acting like this- like a “Machine Supremist?”
  2. How did he get to the past to make Hermit and the other Shining Stars?
  3. Why did he chose to raise this Shiki?
  4. Has he already met Mother?
  5. Where’s the rest of his crew?

Those questions are kind of “scatter shot,” but the points still stand. I don’t know how much I believe the theory myself- I LOVE that part of the Multiverse, but…….. I don’t have enough information to say what’s going on. It’ll all make sense when the twist is revealed(all this assuming the Ziggy is a version of Shiki).

Two Sides Of The Same Coin?

I think the last thing I want to talk about would have to be Connor– and what his “changing history” means for other character. Such as Amira. His history and “role” changes drastically from one Universe to another- and I don’t think he’s the only one. Granted; this is something I just came up with over the course of this post, but I’m starting to think Amira’s history and “Role” has changed from the spy she was in Universe 1 and 2 to here? Heck; going from 1 to 2 switch her place with LABILA. Please or Lord Up In Heaven let her be miserable right now. She doesn’t need to be a sex slave or anything- just homeless and miserable. I don’t like Labila. At all.

But moving on from that; if her “position” got switched with Labila from Universe 1 to 2, and she and Connor are some of the only people who got very noticeable shifts- then……..has she “switched places” with someone else again? If so, then Who? I doubt that Mashima would kill her off by having her swap with someone like Creed, and I can’t actually think of anyone else. I entertained the idea of Couchpo, but I don’t know the “When” or “Why” they would have swapped. It’s just something I though of at the last moment.

But to talk about Connor himself a little more: Does he have Cat Leaper, also? Because Noah teased at the idea of someone else having Cat Leaper because of Connor’s absence in chapter 100, and Connor seems to be 1 of the only people who’s being effected the most by these “jumps.” The same with the Shiki/ Ziggy theories; I don’t know how much stock I want to put into this one. I like it, and I certainly see it as possible. But I try not to get too deep into Fan Theories- some end up being better than what actually happens. And when they turn out to be wrong, it’s kind of disappointing. Like the cat said in “Rick And Morty” Season 4.

I Just want to use an image of Amira is all.


And……. there you go!! It may be a few days late(Not gonna make a joke about this coming out in a New Year), but I managed to finish! Almost caught up to myself. Now if only my work schedule would go back to normal- it should now that the Holidays are over.

Let me know your own thoughts on the chapter in the comments. Do you think other character’s histories and “roles” have changed? And how do you think the conflict against Ziggy will end? That’s all I got for the lot of ya today, boys and girls. Until the next post, duckies- catch ya later, gators! And Happy New Years!

Happy New Year! And May It Be Better Than Last Year!!

Granolah The Avenger vs Gas The Jealous! Dragon Ball Super Chapter 79 BREAKDOWN

Hello, my wonderful readers! If all goes accordingly; this should be one of my last posts in 2021. It’s been……… a year. CERTAINLY better than the previous one. But I sure hope that next year will start off…….. “Okay-ish.” That’s probably the most we can hope for at this point. As for my naming scheme in the title: Since Granolah is……… such a Sasuke Uchiha reference– I decided to go with on of my favorite quotes from him. “I AM AN AVENGER.It’s just pretty funny. And Gas- I took that part from Envy from Fullmetal Alchemist, and the fact that he seems to be “jealous” of Granolah. As you will see in the chapter. Dragon Ball Super Chapter 79: “Granolah vs Gas.” Let’s begin………


The chapter opens with Elec on his way to take care of “another errand.” When asked by the driver if they should get closer to the battle, Elec tells them to keep going on their current course- planning to go over when the fighting’s done so he won’t “get dust in his wine.” Back at the battle field; Gas continues to beat on Goku while Maki and Oil interrogate Monaito about Vegeta’s whereabouts. All while Vegeta gives Granolah the the Last Senzu Bean- restoring his strength completely. He sends Maki and Oil flying, and challenges Gas once again.

Monaito presents him with Oatmeel, who tells him to never thrown……….. them?- away again. He apologizes, and puts on his headset. As he powers up; his left eye changes like when he fought Vegeta. His power surges to new levels, and everyone can feel it. Gas throws Goku to the wayside, and turns his attention towards Granolah. Maki is panicked now that Granolah’s back to full strength, but Oil assures her that Gas is the strongest now.

The fighting starts- Gas creates these Energy shields on both arms to both defend and attack, but Granolah counters with a Rapid Fire attack. Gas would continue on to make a number of weapons- a javelin, some Kunai, a F*cking WRECKING BALL– but none of it can take out Granolah. Vegeta and Kakarot(as well as seemingly Maki) take note of Granolah’s prowess, and deduce 2 things:

  1. Gas only got this power a little bit ago. Much like Granolah at first– Gas isn’t used to this new power yet, and can’t fight properly.
  2. He only uses his ability to create energy constructs. At first; they think he doesn’t have the same abilities as Granolah. But it soon becomes clear that his pride won’t let him- he “Wants to kill Granolah with the technique he honed for years.”

But when it looks like he’s about to lose; his desire to “Win” surpasses that pride of his, and uses one of them himself…….

Yeah- F*ck That.

The technique holds Granolah in place while he blasts them. It’s an effective attack, but Gas considers it a “loss” for himself. Granolah rebounds and attacks, but Gas uses Instant Transmission to get up close and personal with Granolah. The fight continues, with both combatants showing off what they can do. And while Gas is using everything in his arsenal- Granolah’s battle experience is showing that he’s far superior with the usage of the techniques granted to them. This is enough for Vegeta to think that Granolah stands a fighting chance against Gas.

The Cerealian Avenger’s definat stance against Gas brings Dragon Ball Super Chapter 79 to an Empowering END!! This will not end well for Poor Gas………………


What can I say about this chapter? Well; I first off want to talk about the characterization of Gas and what it could potentially mean for the story. We learned at this(or considering when you’re probably reading this- last years) Jump Festa that this arc would be ending some time in 2022. No clue how much longer this is gonna be– I imagine that they kind of want to wrap this up in time for the “Super Hero” movie, which’ll be coming out in April(in Japan). I should clarify: I don’t WANT to say that they’ll rush the story- not that they wouldn’t. I wouldn’t put too much faith in Toyotaro if you want to enjoy this story anymore………..

He is the one who gave us THIS Sh!t show……..

All that aside; the only reason he rushed the previous arcs was because the anime had already covered them(believe it or not- BETTER), and he just had to “dreg through” them- doing things different because he was either following Toriyama’s original notes or just for the sake of being different. The Moro arc went on for 2 Years worth of serialization. And when you consider the fact that this is a monthly manga; it was actually rather well paced. Maybe a bit too long, but paced pretty good. ALL OF THIS TO SAY: I don’t think this arc is going to “rush” towards it’s end point. What I think is more likely is that the “Final Battle” of the arc will begin when the movie comes out- a little Cross Promotion– and end when it begins it’s Overseas release a few month’s after. I really don’t think this arc is going to rush its conclusion. Because I don’t think we’re DONE with the Heeters yet.

Now………. I think that the portion with Granolah as an enemy is over– it’s been over for a few month’s now. But I doubt that we’re done with the Heeters. We’re done with the “Granolah The Survivor” arc, but the overall story between he and the Heeters is still going to go on. As for how all of this pertains to Gas; we know from Goku’s exchange with Captain Ginyu and Broly that he can “tell” when someone’s not all bad. And in the case of Ginyu in particular; it was someone who followed Frieza’s orders to the LETTER, and he was still willing to let him go because 1)Goku and 2)because Ginyu showed a sense of Honor by not letting Jeice interfere in the fight. Gas showed a sense of Honor this chapter- by trying to avoid using the power “bestowed” on him by some Almighty Dragon!

This sense of Honor of Gas’ further lends to the theory that he- as well as possibly Maki and Oil- are just pawns in Elec’s greater plan; he doesn’t care about them, as shown by the fact that he basically Forced Gas to accept a power that he didn’t want. Or at least; didn’t want “handed” to him like this. He wanted to Grow– to hone his own skills with his own 2 hands. If Elec truly cared about them, then he would have respected Gas enough not to do this to him- especially if it shortened his lifespan like it did for Granolah.

What I’m getting at is the idea of Goku talking to Gas, and asking him if Elec truly has their best interest at heart. And when they realize that he doesn’tthey’ll double cross him. But that all depends on if Gas 1)Survives 2)Listens and 3)Thinks about it. I think making the exact same wish as Granolah is definitely gonna come back to and bite Gas in the @$$; Granolah shortened his life by 150 years. I don’t know how long these guys live for, but……. wait- how would Gas have access to these techniques? Hakai; Instant Transmission- How’d he get them? Are they literally just “attached” to becoming the “Strongest In The Universe?” Then again; you also have to wonder how Granolah got access to these techniques……..


Though all of this depends on Elec. I kind of want a subversion of the idea that Elec doesn’t care about his “siblings-” that he does care about them and whatever he’s going to do is really for them. I do like the idea that he just said “I wish Gas was stronger than Granolah,” and the Dragon could grant that wish- with his increased age just so happened to be a side effect of the power. Something like that wouldn’t be so bad, would it?

Speaking of which: What is Elec doing right now? I think he has an ulterior goal right now- one that may or may not involve the Dragon Balls. If we assume that he’s just in this for himself, then he may have struck up a deal with Frieza. One that has him turning over OG73-i to the Evil Emperor. Like he said: Money and Intel are the Best Resources In the Universe. Who would have more money than the biggest Real Estate Agent in this Universe? And that money can buy some pretty juicy secrets. If I were to summarize this one: Elec secretly made a deal with Frieza to have hand over OG73-i to him as part of a plan. Elec takes the money from Frieza, and uses the information they got from Zuno to continue building their own criminal Empire.

But then that would just leave the question of what Frieza could possibly want with 73………BROLY. Like Shimorekka said: He “copies you as you are now.” Perhaps the plan is to let Goku continue to train Broly to use his power properly, and then have 73 copy Broly’s power- in addition to his own. A warrior with his and Broly’s power in one with Infinite Stamina and guaranteed to obey him. Perfect plan– especially if his top scientist can make him and Army of these things like that 1 guy at the beginning of this arc.

Imagine An Army Of These Guys- With Broly’s Power

………….Anything else to talk about? I guess the developing relationship(STOP IT) between Granolah and Vegeta(DON’T YOU DARE). I like it for the same reason I’m liking Goku and Broly’s- characters with similar circumstances meeting, and the one who’s already been through the development “speeding up the process.” I think that Vegeta is going to train Granolah so he can use his power effectively and make it his own- just like how Goku is training Broly to control his own immense power. Though that all depends on if Granolah survives this. And that’s not even to mention his 3 years of life left.

Speaking of; I think that Granolah might choose to “get rid” of his power. He’s learning a lot from Vegeta, but I don’t think that the prince would let him live down the way he got this power. It’s like: Vegeta’s the type to thumb his nose at someone who “takes the easy way to power-” he’s EARNED the power he has. He didn’t use the ritual to attain Super Saiyan God, and learning Forced Spirit Fission helps him knock sh!t like absorption and Fusion out of the equation. Which is what would have made 73 forcefully fusing with Gas a little more interesting- but I digress.

Vegeta could offer Granolah the chance to avenge his people- the Right way. Rather than get his revenge and then die, thus letting the Cerealian tribe die out- he COULD tell Granolah to “live” and get his revenge. He could offer to reteach him everything that he would need to seek revenge on Frieza- cause he knows all the techniques he’s used. Hakai; Instant Transmission; Cloning- all things he knows. Well; he said he would only use Instant Transmission once, but we all know that’s a load of bull– the story will make him use it again. He’s been learning Hakai, and the cloning thing is something capable through Spirit Control, so I don’t see why he couldn’t use it. Or he could take him to Yardrat to have him learn them the proper way. Something like that…….

It looks like it’s already begun…………


……………….I think that’s all. I don’t think there’s really much left of this chapter for me to talk about. I talked about the main points, and gave a mini-theory. So I guess…… this post is done! That’s 2 NOW!! It may be on the very last day of the year, but I still managed it! And I’m glad that the last post I put out this year is a “Dragon Ball” related one. This just lined up PERFECTLY!! So, boys and girls- I bid you a good day. And until next year, all- Have A Magically Wonderful day. See you next year!!

Kawaki Uzumaki Takes A Stand! Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Chapter 65 BREAKDOWN

YeahHe’s an Uzumaki!! He has been for a while now! But if you weren’t convinced before- this chapter will change that. Sure hope I can get this and “Dragon Ball Super” out before the end of the year. But you never really know……. Speaking of which: How happy are you guys to start a new year? This year was…….. Substantially better than the previous one. But not by much. I don’t know what the next year holds, but……… it’s gonna be my 23rd of life in July. I’m getting old……. Existential crisis aside- let’s get right into the chapter!! Boruto- Naruto Next Generations Chapter 65: “Karma Power.” Let’s begins……..

Kawaki “Takes A Stand,” but– Will This Be Naruto’s Last………?


Picking up where last month left off; Boruto- after an exchange of blows with Code- ends up succumbing to the Karma in some manor. He grips his chest in pain, and his consciousness begins to fade. He passes out– and awakes almost immediately to find that he’s in the same state as when he first received the Karma! He is now having a conversation with Momoshiki Ohtsusuki. Time is stopped- just like before– as the Ohtsusuki descends. He recognizes Code as the keeper of the 10 Tails, and decides to kill him. He “pushes Boruto aside,” and takes over. And he puts that Rasengan to use against Code……..

Begone, Fake.

Code is impressed with Momoshiki’s current power, commenting that this would indeed be enough to take out Boro. As Borushiki promises to do the same to Code; we cut over to Konoha with Amado, Sai, and Sumire. Amado asks if they’re sure, as Code shouldn’t have the ability to sense chakra. And he doesn’t know of any Outer that would have sensory abilities like that, either. Though he JUST SO HAPPENS to leave out any information about Eida…….

Sai thinks that Naruto and Shikamaru will be enough to take care of Code, but Amado is doubtful- hoping that Kawaki doesn’t mess things up “after having come so far.” Sumire looks at him curiously, as we cut back over to the battle. Borushiki makes another Massive Rasengan. but Code uses his clawmarks to his advantage. But even so; Eida tells Code that it would be in his best interest to escape. But he doesn’t plan on leaving without Kawaki– he gets behind Kawaki and takes him hostage, knowing that Momoshiki can’t afford to let Kawaki die, either.

Borushiki compensates by creating a new move: “Rasendan-” he creates a small Rasengan beead in front of his index, middle, and thumb fingers, and sends it flying RIGHT through Code’s shoulder! He jets forward and knocks Code away from Kawaki, and then proceeds to make fun of his White Karma mark- even noticing that he can’t absorb jutsu with it. He begins to take Kawaki away, but the boy fights back. So he plans to break 1 or 2 of his limbs to immobilize him(what’s with Kawaki’s arm being busted up every time he gets in a fight?). Thankfully; Shikamaru uses his Shadown Paralysis jutsu to immobilize him.

SI~GH………………..Rasendan Barrage

Naruto grabs Kawaki, who yells at him for coming here. But Naruto reminds him of his position. And because of that- he can’t just turn a blind eye to an enemy threatening his village or it’s inhabitants. All the while; Code and Borushiki makes a deal to get rid of Naruto. Borushiki breaks free of the Shadown Paralysis, and Code takes Shikamaru hostage- promising to kill him if Naruto makes any sudden moves. Shikamaru tells Naruto to fight back, even if it means his death- he even taunts Code into killing him just to make Naruto fight back!

But since Naruto can’t fight back- Kawaki will. But Borushiki just knocks him to the floor, and keeps going to attack Naruto with a “Massive Rasengan.” Unfortunately for himKawaki gets in the way of the attack. And instead of it killing him; the boy ABSORBS the attack with his New Karma Seal. Granted to him by Amado; this new Karma seal his nothing to do with Isshiki or ANY Ohtsusuki- it’s his power to be used to accomplish his goal: Protecting His FamilyNo Matter What. His new form brings Boruto: Naruto Next Generations to an Impactful END!! To paraphrase the words on a certain Hispanic Maid: Come Get, B!tches………..

Bring. It. ON.


……………..Yes. But I feel like “No.” Because I feel like this kind of…….. “Brings Isshiki back into the picture.” And I mean yeah– he’s been the main antagonist for the vast majority of the series. But…… I feel like him giving Code the motivation to grow the Chakra fruit was the last thing he should have done in the story. At least- he himself. I feel as though his influence in the story would continue through Code and the psychological trauma in Kawaki. As such; I believed that Amado would bestow upon Kawaki an Advanced White Karma- like Code’s, but it still retains the ability to absorb jutsu. I never saw that as out of the realm of possibility.

I’ve had this working theory- and maybe a lot of you who’ve been reading along up to now have, too- that Amado used his inexplicable knowledge on the Ohtsusuki clan to give Code a- as Momoshiki so puts it- a “Blank Karma.” Because he recognized Code’s potential without the limiters placed on him, and the danger of letting Isshiki use that body once the process completed itself. I don’t even think the White Karma has Isshiki’s abilities- I think it has his battle experience, physical strength, and maybe a few other surprises that Code would unlock later in the story. It’s kind of like the theory I had for Gas in “Dragon Ball Super-“ I had this image in my mind that I think would have served the series a bit better.

The White Karma Manifests

Like; Amado said that he could give Kawaki a Karma mark that’s “purely a weapon.” A “dud” Karma sure seems the be serving Code well. Though that may just be his own innate strength boosted by the Karma. But isn’t Kawaki a Nindroid, as well? I also think that it would have made for a cool design choice for Kawaki. I don’t know about you guys, but I personally don’t like the horn look on Kawaki. I don’t really like Boruto’s either, but Kawaki’s really doesn’t work for me.

I also don’t think it’ll serve Kawaki’s character all that much- using Isshiki’s dojutsu and his powers to fight his personal Zealot. It doesn’t feel like it “fits” with his character; he spent his the vast majority of his life trying to get away from Isshiki. Then he turns around and uses his power? It doesn’t seem right. And I know that the story needs to sink up to match the flash forward at the beginning of chapter 1. Thing is: I HATE That Flash Forward. Not it itself- but the fact that they decided to do it. It’s like; the whole story now has to revolve around that moment- everything that this series does not HAS to converge on that singular moment.

Look; we ALL know that the protagonist- Boruto– is going to survive to the end of the story. He has to. And Kawaki- being the equivalent to a Sasuke or a Bakugo or Yuno– is obviously gonna make it to that point to. My problem with that fast forward is that it shows us what the story is building up to- we know that Kawaki and Boruto will have some sort of conflict that ends up destroying the Village. Who starts it and who betrays who is up in the air, but the story is now kind of hindered by the fact that it has to sink up to that. Because we KNOW that there’s a betrayal coming, so it’ll hit less when it actually happens. Not to mention that there’s very little flexibility for the character.

This Is All The Can Ever Happen

The story is bending over backwards to make sure that the betrayal of Kawaki happens- making him grow to love and care for Naruto; Boruto’s relationship with Sasuke; the progression of the Karma marks being in question; Boruto’s eye- the story is trying to make us question these things. But we know the end result. It’s the worst kind of spoiler, essentially. And because Kawaki needs to have a Black Karma to match up with this moment- he could only ever have that Karma mark. It’s like- that’s all that can ever happen. Likewise with Boruto; even if he manages to get rid of Momoshiki’s Karma- he’ll have to get it back to match up with this end point.

Though what I will say that they’re doing a good enough job to where I’m not distracted by the fact that the ending is already set in stone. And that’s not to say that a series without a “Concrete End Point” is bad- I think having an ending plan helps with the flow of the story. All I’m saying is that we already know how the story will end, so what happens next shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. It’s like if One Piece would have started on Luffy’s Final Battle in his journey; Oda’s statement of “changing” the ending if anyone guesses it wouldn’t work- it’s already happening. The whole story would just be one long, continuous flashback.

I could continue on talking about how My Hero Academia is handling the flashback story better, but I feel like I’ve talked enough about the subject. The point is: Kawaki getting a White Karma would have made more sense. And it would effectively separate Kawaki from Isshiki for good. This just means he’s relying on his power more; he’s never truly without Isshiki’s help now.

Kawaki- Back In Action

Moving on from the White Karma; I want to take a minute to discuss Kawaki’s current power. It seems he has all the same abilities he had with Isshiki’s Karma- with the added bonus of attaining his tormentor’s dojutsu(as shown with his left eye getting one of the triangles present in Isshiki’s right). Will he be able to use it automatically after receiving it? Yes– because of the way that Karma works as explained by Code. You know how to fight, and how to use their abilities. That will make sense. And being able to fight evenly with Code also makes sense because he now has Thousands of years worth of combat experience and full knowledge of the dojutsu all at once. It works.

As for how Amado knew how to give Kawaki a Karma mark without being an Ohtsusuki- No idea. This guy knows a LOT about the Ohtsusuki, and I very much couldn’t say tell you why. It HAS to be more than just studying Isshiki/ Jigen. I can’t even speculate on how he knows all of this– and it’s kind of p!ssing me off that none of the characters are asking him, either. Maybe it’s a case in which he was a previous holder of a Karma mark? Maybe from an Ohtsusuki who had Eida’s Senrigan(probably where he got the idea for it), and the “data” he got from it helped him to examine the Karma, find all its ends and outs, and learn the Ohtsusuki’s great flaw? Maybe something like that………

Where did he get the idea for that?

I think the last thing that I want to discuss is the idea of Momoshiki helping Code. When they were at odds; Momoshiki was fully prepared to kill Code. But when the chance to get rid of Naruto came up- he was more than willing to help. He keeps no loyalties- he’s only in it for himself. As such; would Code be able to convince Momoshiki to work with him at least until they feed Kawaki to the Chakra tree. But in reality; he’s planning to have Amado get rid of Momoshiki and let Eida have Boruto- while finally getting to kill Kawaki by feeding him to 10 Tails. He’s gonna get Amado anyway- might as well get rid of the clearly present threat that is Momoshiki.

Or we could always continue the idea that Kawaki proposed- that Boruto would implant a Karma of his own on Code and use him as a “vessel” to reincarnate. It could be a case of Momoshiki taking Boruto’s body and Code sacrificing himself to be Boruto’s vessel. In a way- that would mean that he achieves his goal of being with Eida; not having to kill and betray an Ohtusuki; and become an Ohtsusuki vessel like he always wanted. And instant win for everyone.…….. Did I skip something somewhere? I don’t think I did.

Kawaki’s Idea


In which case; I think that I’ve FINALLY managed to finish this month’s review for “Boruto: Naruto Next Generations!” At least I managed to get out one of these monthly chapters out before the end of the year. With that; let me know your own thoughts in the comments. And until the next post, everyone- Have A Magically Incredible Day. Later!!