Confessions Of A Thorny Tsun Princess! Black Clover Chapter 330 BREAKDOWN

I’m gonna be completely honest with you guys: I am working on 2 other posts at the moment– 2 that I really want to get out. So the “Analysis” section might be a little short. Especially since I’ve no clue where this is plot point is headed. I just know that this is probably the most significant thing to happen in this week’s chapter of “Black Clover.” After dealing the final blow to the Devil King; Asta finally collapses. But the Devil Of The 2nd Gate Of Qliphoth has some big plans coming up. Let’s see what it is. Black Clover Chapter 330: “Declaration To The Shadows.” Also Charolette has a Love Confession.


Following the events of last chapter: Asta and Liebe- having finally dealt the Finishing Blow to the Devil King- collapse from their over-exertion. The Devil of the 2nd Gate Of Qliphoth- Supreme Devil Adrammelech- FINALLY comes down from the platform he had been sitting on since he came to this world, and looks at Asta intensely. He thinks for a moment before going after his true goal: Lucifero’s Heart. Lucifero begins to dematerialize, and Adrammelech dips.

Well THAT’S Not Gonna Be Important Later.

Yuno- being the only one to come out of this battle conscious– looks around as everyone lies half dead. But none of them compare to the damage to Yami and Nacht. He uses “Conjunction” to bring Best Girl Mimosa O-Hime Sama to them. UnfortunatelyShe, too, is all out of magic; she used whatever was left to help Asta get back into the battle. Grey and Vanessa return to the scene, but Grey is all out of magic herself. They’ve all got nothing left.

Charolette does nothing but look on, begging and pleading for Yami to get up and continue being his “insolent self.” She even goes as far as admitting her true feelings in front of everyone, throwing Vanessa for a loop. But fortunately; she had just enough magic in her to keep Rogue around, who ends up brining the remaining Black Bulls onto the scene. They end up force-feeding Charmy’s Magic-Replenishing Food, giving her the Magic back to save Yami and Nacht. Relieved to be alive; Yami and Nacht banter about how they almost died.

Yami- in the state between this world and “the next-” heard Charolette saying something, but………her head explodes. Well, whatever– as I’m sure Yami would put it.

There You Have It Fandom: The First Death In The Spade Invasion Arc!!

Asta is super energetic that his Captain is alive- thanking Mimosa O-Hime Sama for saving him. But Yami is more concerned about his now ruined katana. However; he already got a new katana from William, so he just leaves the old one with Asta. As for Nacht; he decides to live with this band of misfits and do things “the right way” together. Which brings Black Clover Chapter 330 to a Happy END!! But we still have Adrammelech to deal with.


The majority of the chapter is the “Happy Ending” wrap up part of the arc; after that would come the small celebration. along with other little details that need to be resolved with this arc, and the fall out of everything set up in the end. We have the 4th Zogratis sibling to deal with, but I think we all know what we’re here to talk about: Adrammelech Makes His Big Move. What does he plan to do with Lucifero’s heart, and why did he look so hesitant to kill Asta?

Oh Cr@p.

I think the most obvious thing we expect Adrammelech to do with this heart is eat it, thus making him proportionally more powerful. Because “Devils.” And even though I can totally see it going that way; I’d also like to propose the idea of it being part of some kind of ritual. For what purpose? Well that all depends on what Adrammelech’s motivation in the story is- beyond just f*ckign with Humans, as Devils desire above all else. I certainly think that there’s more to him than that; perhaps the idea that he could plan to live up to the character he’s based off of.

In old lore; the Demon named “Adramelech” is the “President Of The Senate Of Demons,” which could tie into the story in some way. Perhaps- much like Lucifugus– he is a Devil that supports the Kings such as Lucifero. But maybe not Lucifero directly. He may be working for one of the other, like Beelzebub or the Time Devil. Which is why he refused to do as Lucifero told him in chapter 322. So he may have taken the heart as a means to reviving his true master. I think that that would be one way of bringing the Time Devil into the story and showing us what he can do. Though there is one thing that I would like to propose to you guys.

In chapter 286; we saw Nacht summon a Qliphoth Devil in his flashback. Meaning that there is a way to summon Supreme Devils for a Binding Ritual. Megicula is a Devil connected to Qliphoth who is not one of the 3 Kings. Dante and Zenon had contracts made with the Devil Kings, but Vanica did not. And the deal- what we assume the terms of their contracts were during their Binding Rituals- was to set them free utlitzing the Tree of Qliphoth. And to their credit; they managed to pull off the ritual. But then you have their 4th, Eldest sibling.

Who was his Devil?

Zenon’s was specifically to aid in the Spade Kingdom’s prosperity- to try and recapture the dream he and Alan had as children of becoming Commander In Chief– with Beelzebub, resulting in him getting Beelzebub’s power and eventually his heart. Dante and Vanica simply wanted power to enact their own selfishness, but the 4th– he seemed to have actually wanted something; something that he couldn’t have but wanted for everyone: An “Undying Body.” To this end; he made contracts with Devils for he and his siblings. Are you seeing what I’m laying down right now?

MY THOUGHT: The 4th sibling was contracted with Adrammelech. And the terms of their agreement was that- in exchange for setting him free from the Underworld- Adrammelech would help them to get their “Undying Bodies.” But what would they need with the Heart of a Devil King? It’s a little less complicated than you would think: The “Core” of their beings– rather than having their heart in them; it’s located in another place entirely and out of harms way, preventing them from dying. And also giving them a power boost because Shonen. I think that that wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility.

Though what happens when the terms of the contract are completed is the big question after that; I love Tabata, and I tried defending Lucifero last week, but even I have to say that I want a more engaging antagonist. And Adrammelech has the name and design for me to think he’s a good one; all he needs is the personality and he’d be perfect.


And- there you have it!! I got this out before the other 2 posts I have to do. Oh well. In any case, guys; those are all my personal thoughts on the chapter. I know this arc didn’t live up to everyone’s expectations following the Elf arc- or even really the individual fights with the Triad before hand. But it was a good arc none the less. Hopefully the next arc sees Tabata show us something incredible!!

That’s all I got for the lot of ya today, boys and girls. Until the next post, everyone- have a Magically enchanting day. Laters!!

Lancelot’s Bad Day. Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 58 BREAKDOWN

I don’t think I’ve gotten to talk about this series much since I started reviewing it. Kind of weird, ain’t it? I really enjoy this franchise, too; it’s kind of difficult to describe, but it kind of reminds me of Dragon Ball in a sense. The fight scenes; Percival’s origin story and character are kind of reminiscent of Goku; amongst other things like power levels. But this main cast doesn’t know about that yet. Some of them like Lancelot might, but not Percival’s group. This has nothing to do with the chapter, by the way. I just wanted to talk about why I like the series.

Let’s just get on with the chapter, shall we? Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 58: “Creeping Omens.”

……………Is that supposed to be Tristan?(Also- Really Nice Artwork, Suzuki Sensei)


We begin the chapter with Tristan’s group- he, Jade, and Chion- looking for the 4th Knight Of The Apocalypse, Gawain. But Chion cast doubt in needing the other Knights aside from Tristan. To him; Lance and Percival look like “Country Hicks,” and they don’t even know enough about Gawain to say that he’s not one, too. Tristan defends them, and Jade says that they shouldn’t doubt the Former King’s prophecy. But as they move through the crowd; Chion sees something and peels off without them noticing.

We see Gawain walking on a bridge above the crowd, trying not to be found. He comes down and looks around to see if he’s been spotted. But he fails to look above him to find Chion setting a trap for him. He explains to Gawain that he’s not a big “believer” in prophecies such as these “Knights Of The Apocalypse.” Rather; he only believes in his own power, and the power of those who prove “worthy” of his trust. Percival, Lance, Gawain- They’ve done nothing to earn that. So he plans to kill Gawain here and now.

That was Meliodas’ Idea, Wasn’t it?

We then cut over to Percival’s team- having trouble finding Gawain amongst the vast amount of Holy Knights in Liones. As they turn their attention to looking for “Golden Magic;” they begin to hear something……………

We then cut over to another part of Liones, where the man that appeared at the end of last chapter begins to eat and drink himself silly. He is then confronted by the Head Guard of the West Gate: “Ruby Holy Knight” Pelio. He questions this man’s intentions in Liones, sense he’s giving out clear intent to Kill. And the reason for that was that he wanted to attract the Strongest to him. And since Pelio came to him; this man decides that he wants to fight him. Pelio gives over his sword because it wouldn’t be right fighting an “Unarmed Man,” and the fighting starts.

Pelio is initally impressed, but he manages to dodge most of the attacks and gets behind him to get off a strike of his own. He demands that the stranger give over his name, until he notices something up with the hand he just attacked with- they’re burning up. He takes them off in a hurry. The stranger taunts that he’ll reveal his name if Pelio demonstrates that he’s “worthy” of it.

Oh Cr@p.

We end the chapter on Lance’s own search for Gawain. He’s reading everyone’s minds to see if any thoughts would lead him in Gawain’s direction. But he just ends up hearing a whole bunch of regular thoughts. A little girl comes up to him, asking why he’s out in the rain. He simply curses Tristan for making “more trouble for him,” and tells the girl to go back home. But then she does something that makes Lance turn around; she actual says what he was going to say. He thinks she’s a mind reader about himself, but she confirms this is not the case; she just knew that he would say that.

Seeing her; Lance begins to think about where he’s seen her face before. A gust of wind almost blows her off the ledge they’re on, but Lance catches her in time, leading to an……… Odd Moment. Apparently: She’s his “lover.” And they kiss. Which brings Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 58 to a Peculiar END!! Hearing what people are saying about “Spy X Family;” I hope that no one ever sees this moment. ‘Cause I TRULY don’t want to hear it……….



Last week; I wanted to talk about Chion’s motivations and why he’s so against the Knights of The Apocalypse. But it didn’t come out right. The chapter was late coming out, and by then I just didn’t see any point in the post. And while I do think that there is still more to his character and reasoning here; I feel like the more interesting story would have to be what’s happening to Lancelot. I think that I know what’s going on, but I’m not entirely sure about it.

Bare with me, guys: MY THOUGHT is that this is indeed Guinevere from Arthurian Legend- the wife of King Arthur in Arthurian Legends- and she is the “Princess Of The Lake.” And she has a degree of Future sight, which allows her to know that Lance is supposed to be her lover, or what he was about to say. That all seems obvious. But what do you guys suppose she’s doing in Liones right now? Is it just for Lance or……….

Even Lance had to break character for a minute……..

It’s become pretty clear that Arthur is looking for the woman that would be his bride, but why would his bride be hiding from him? Does she have something that he wants? Perhaps something to help him overcome Liones? Or is it just a plain love story– which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, given how Suzuki sensei handles romance in his story. He honestly handles it the best of any series I’ve seen thus far- aside from Kaguya Sama: Love is War(Season 3 is Out Right Now now- leave a like and go watch it). But what I’m saying is that Arthur may be in love with her, but she may not love him. And that may be in part because she knows a thing or 2 about the future.

I completely blanked on the fact that an older version of her appeared in chapter 32– she appeared to Lancelot in the middle of the night in a wedding dress. This kind of led to an idea I had a when I first started writing this post(I’m writing this over the course of DAYS– I forget some of my own points from time to time). My idea was that Guinevere used some kind of Magic to move through time when it comes time for the Knights to fulfill their namesake. And when that day comes; she’ll use a spell to travel back in time to ensure that it happens- while also keeping her identity a secret from everyone but Lancelot.

But why specifically Lancelot? Well that’s the obvious part: Because They’re Lovers. And if this series is anything like its predecessor, then I imagine that the fate of everything- the chose that the Knights of The Apocalypse make- is going to hinge heavily on the Love connection between the cast. Think about “Seven Deadly Sins:” The entire plot of that series was only spawned from Meliodas and Elizabeth’s desire to be together- they had to start entire Holy Wars and hordes of Demons just to hold hands! This might be a similar case.

Preparing For The Wedding That’ll Never Come To Pass……….

Maybe this whole prophecy comes about through Guinevere’s desire to be with Lance- a “Self Perpetuating Prophecy” that sees Guinevere come back in time at the end of the world to prevent the problem, only for the problem to have been start by she herself. Something like that; something like “Time Loop.” Depending on how Suzuki chooses to handle this type of story(story telling wise- he’s proven that he can handle MULTIPLE Romantic plotline), I think it could be interesting to watch unfold.


And- there you have, my lovely ducks! I think I said the main thing that I wanted to say. Let me know your own thoughts on the chapter, and where you think the story is going next. I know that this review came out at a weird time, but I needed to get this one out. Until the next post, my fellow readers- Have a Magically Wonderful Day. Catch ya later!!

To Defeat The King Of Devils. Black Clover Chapter 329 BREAKDOWN

I was thinking for a few minutes what exactly I should title this review. I tried to do a review for One Piece last week, and Four Knights Of The Apocalypse this week- but both would have been too late to really matter. I may not be stressing about time anymore, but I still got get these out while those hashtags are trending! And out of the spoilers that I read Thursday before the fan translations; I decided to talk about this weeks chapter of “Black Clover” because of all the Hate And SLANDER that I saw from all those tweets.

I’ll talk more about it in the “Analysis” section, cause that’s gonna take me like a minute for me to finish. I’m gonna need all of Saturday to do this one, ’cause………. I need to say something. Let’s just get to the review part. Black Clover Chapter 329: “The King Of Devils And The Boys With No Magic.Let’s see what everyone was so p!ssed about………..


My Fat, Black @$$ you’re the “Devil King…….”

Picking up where the last chapter left off; Lucifero lies cleaved in 3rds on the ground before the Anti Magic Boys. He laments in his status as the “King Of Devils,” refusing to believe that 2 Magicless “Brats” are able to defeat him. He screams that he would never lose to them- exerting his “presence” once more and presses them all down once again. His torso rises up, and reminds them that half of his power is still in the Underworld- they only won because he’s incomplete.

He further exudes his presence, trying to crush them under the intense gravity. But timely intervention from Nacht and Yami breaks his “presence” and allow everyone to move again. Asta picks up the Demon Slayer sword, and glares at the Devil King. Seeing his stunned face; Yami couldn’t help but taunt Lucifero by asking if he’s actually Afraid of their little Anti Magic Boy. So like the coward he is; he starts trying to hover away- vowing revenge when he gets his full power back.

However; his “Tactical Retreat” was stopped- courtesy of Yuno’s Star Magic. He uses “Conjunction” to teleport Asta right up in Lucifero’s face, allowing him to put Lucifero in the DIRT!! Everyone smiles- and even Adrammelech has to give the Anti Magic boys a “round of applause,” congratulating them on their victory. Thus bringing Black Clover Chapter 329 to a Climactic END!!! I……….. I don’t…. know a lot of adjectives. The American School system at work!!


The comments when the spoilers came out- the Anitwitter timeline for “#BC329/#BCSpoilers” were………….awful. Just……… they were just bad. It was enough for me to break the first rule of Anitwitter: DON’T GET INVOLVED IN ANITWITTER!! I had to come to this series defense because they were attacking Tabata sensei for the way that he handled this fight. Look: Was this is a little strange? Yes; yes it was. Did Lucifero feel like a 1 track, mediocre villain with no ideology to push and didn’t even use an actual spell? YES; I was kind of disappointed that Lucifero was defeated. I will play “Devil’s Advocate(No Pun Intended):” I did not like that he was defeated here.

I thought it would have said more about his character if he had just left and started searching for another way to get his full power back- to bring his “True Self” into the Human World. Because as fun as it was to see him literally b!tch slap Nozel when he told him “Status Doesn’t Matter;” it kind of got boring after a minute. I felt like this fight went on a little too long. I couldn’t write the story better than Tabata, but I definitely think that there was a better way to end this fight.

Oh Come On: This Is Still Pretty Darn Hilarious.

And he honestly could have conveyed what “Lucifero” was a little better. Because it might not be as clear to everyone that this is like a Faux Body he made from the remains of that Giant worm thing from chapter 314. It makes it more frightening that they were only fighting a “Meat Puppet” version of Lucifero with half power and NO grimoire to speak of, but that’s not completely clear, which is why people think that Asta’s actually defeated him here.

I also think that a lot of the Antagonists connected to Devils were kind of……….. “The Same.” We don’t know enough about Dante, Vanica, or Morris, so they more or less came off the same character that “just wants to do Evil things because they love being evil.” All Dante and Morris wanted was to see the “Overwhelming Evil and Destruction” that bringing the Devils into this world would bring, and Vanica just wanted to fight some strong characters- which she got. So her goal was achieved. Her arc is over. And if it wasn’t simply the “Bad Guy” Human characters; it was the Devils at their most Base level. The twins were frightening, but they didn’t linger long enough to be “boring.” Megicula seemed to be a little more on the “Tragic” side of things, and Zenon GOT his arc.

But those 3 were………. pretty much the same character over and over again.

……………….This is already starting to feel like my old stuff. But I’m on a roll, so let’s keep going for a little bit. I wanted to help people understand 3 things about this chapter and the entire battle:

  1. Asta did not defeat the Real Lucifero, and I mean that in more than 1 way.
  2. Asta is not “overpowered.”
  3. This fight is the Main Idea Of The Story.

If I’m smart enough; I think I might be able to fluidly ties these points together. Though I’ve already laid out this this is not the true “Lucifero;” he’s still in the Underworld. So there’s still the chance for him to be a great Antagonist. But as for Asta not being overpowered; I’d like to lay out that he did not defeat Lucifero on his own. He always has help from Liebe, but it goes beyond that.

Saw someone complain about Asta getting up here. I’m guessing he didn’t read the chapter.

Think about every major arc of the story, guys; every fight that Asta has been in and every villain he’s faced. I ask you: How many has he defeated alone? No assistance; No Healing; No Last Minute saves- straight up. Couldn’t name very many, could you? First guys took themselves out; Yuno and Bell took out a weakened Mars; the Eye of the Midnight Sun captured him and he had to get saved by Julius; he AND Yami won against Patri in that cave; he was puppet against Vetto; and I could go on and on and on. Point is: He’s a factor, but not always is he the “Deciding” one.

It’s laid out really well in this Youtube video by Ophanim, in which he explains that Asta is more of an “Equalizer” in the story; the element in the fight that negates any advantage the other guy has over him. Dark Magic sucks up Light Magic? Anti Magic nerfs that. Water trumps fire? Not Anti Magic. You have more power than him? Cuts through any attack you throw at him. It ties into one of the central points of the story: “Status And Power Means Nothing.

Different People- Same Basic Elements

Asta’s goal is to become the Wizard King- he, a Peasant Boy with not even a drop of magic to speak of. But he was fortunate enough to gain the power of Anti Magic, which negates the only thing that seems to matter to anyone in this world. “Magic Is Everything-” but Asta deletes that sh!t. Status and power are tied together, which is why Lucifero is the “Devil King.” Which leads into the other point: Lucifero is the point of the story– the narrative in character form. That is, at least, the conclusion that I arrived at after looking at it for a moment.

Looking at the story; it’s clear that- at least in the Human World– there are cases where your status and Magic Power aren’t as intrinsically tied to each other as one would think. You have royals like Noelle and Mereoleona who have DUMB levels of Magic, and Common folk like Magna doesn’t have all that much. But then you have cases like Finral and Luck; a Noble who didn’t have all that magic to start with and only had the power to make portals, and a Commoner who was able to beat a child of Noble birth in Grade School. You have some anomalies in the story that tell you something different is going on with power distribution in the Human world. But in the Underworld…………… things are very “cut and dry.”

Low Is Low; High Is High- End. Of. Discussion.

Liebe laid it out to us in chapter 290 that the Devil Hierarchy is a Set Concept– a Low rank like him could never have defeated a Supreme Rank- let alone The F*CKING KING– even if he tried day after day for the rest of his existence. It is only though his relationship and the “Devil Friending” ritual that he was ever able to kill all of these Higher Ranked Devils- just as having him around has allowed Asta to continue fighting to this level. The common theme of “Friendship” present in all Shonen stories.

But to bring this all home: The Underworld Is Just The Human World At It’s “Base Level.” It’s all coming together now. Just as the Human World believes that the “Magic Is Everything,” and “Your Status Is Unchangeable-” The Devils are that in “practice.” I laid out that there are 1 or 2 anomalies in Humans that doesn’t follow the world’s rules, but the Underworld is that to a “T.” In that way; Lucifero represents the Human world exactly: “Absolute Power= High Status…………..” This came out a little more “refined” in my head.

Basically; I’m trying to say that Lucifero is the series Central conflict personified– his magic acts as a way to prevent anyone from ever trying to rise above their status, and his behavior and character is simply everything we’ve heard Noble and Royal @$$holes spout over the last 328 chapters of the story. And I guess, after a while……… people kind of got “tired” of it. “After 328 chapters; we haven’t gotten anything……… really “New” for the story to tackle; it doesn’t really have anything more to say, so dragging it out anymore is just more of the publisher just trying to make a quick buck-” or so I think people’s reactions conveyed.

Anitwitter In A Nutshell

But getting back to it; my logic paints Lucifero as the “Central Thesis” of the story. Which should remind of an interview conducted with Tabata in which he said that “Asta is the Antithesis Of The Entire Series.” So if Lucifero is the “Central Thesis” of the story, then Asta would be the “Antithesis.” Ergo; Asta had to be the one to end the fight because it hammers home the goal of the series. But because this isn’t the true Lucifero; the goal of the series hasn’t been reached yet. So the story must continue……. or something like that!!


Wow……….. that came out way cr@ppier than I thought it would. But it’s my best shot at explaining why this is not the worst thing in the world. Lucifero isn’t done in the story yet; Adrammelech more than likely has a goal he wants to reach; and the characters have more than enough room to grow. I hope that Adrammelech is a really good, well rounded villain, and I hope that this hasn’t dampened Tabata’s spirits. He seemed a lot happier and positive in the Volume 32 Afterwords section; much more so than in previous volumes. Really hope this doesn’t get him down again……….

Until the next post, everyone; have a Magically spectacular day. Later, gators!!

The Power Players Begin To Move! Edens Zero Chapter 185 BREAKDOWN

……………. This one was actually pretty difficult to title. There’s not really anything that gets a particular focus this week; this is very much a “Set Up” chapter- just there to show what’s going to be happening over the next few weeks. The reason I titled it the way I did is because it has one of my favorite aspects of a war arc: The Characters Involved.

I always love it when arc arcs show off all the characters that are involved in them- bringing some major characters back into play and having them move for both the sake of the world and their own ambitions- clashing against each other in an environment of Pure Chaos!! And you’ll see what I mean with this chapter. Edens Zero Chapter 185: “Corroded Arena.” Let’s begin.



Picking up where the last chapter left off: Elsie had somewhat abandoned Shiki’s plan in favor of destroying Ziggy herself. But this results in Ziggy taking advantage of her emotions and stabbing her in the gut with her own sword. He yanks it out, and starts beat down on the Pirate Princess with a flurry of Gravity powered attacks- planning to finish it with a “Gravity Comet.” But believe it or not: “Help” comes in the form of Justice, who wisps her out of their before Ziggy can finish the battle.

I say “Help” in quotations because Justice did not save her; he simply wants to be the one that ends Elsie with his own 2 hands. He’s LYING to himself, but I’ll let him have it because he saved our dear Pirate Princess.


Unfazed and undeterred by the interruption; Ziggy simply passes on the job of ending Elsie and Justice to Acnoella. She complies to his “request,” but warns him that any form of “betrayal” will result in her Dragons devouring every single Machine on this planet. And as Ziggy embeds that message into his mind; we cut over to see the Edens Zero- Hermit, Sister, Kris, Laguna, Connor, Kleene, Holy(and Mosco)- on their way to face the Titanic Deadend Crow. The closer the get- the bigger Crow seems. While everyone else is thoroughly sh!tting themselves- Holy seems pretty darn excited to finally meet the monster that took something from her. And Crow looks about ready for Lunch.

We cut over to Shiki’s group, where he and Homura request to be in their regular clothes. Weisz reluctantly returns them to their regular looks- while putting Rebecca in a Bondage Suit. Having this lighthearted fan service moment gets Rebecca’s mind off of her role in all the Chronophage attacks, as she demands to be put back in the Battle suit(or just anything not scantly clad). Shiki puts her in a Super Sheer Maid Uniform, and then they give her her regular clothes back.

They start making their way to the core, noticing that the machines around them look to have “natural” quality to them; as if they were “growing” like plants. Weisz speculates that it is due to the machines here “eating away” at the planet all this time. Rebecca puts a positive spin on Operation Planet Eater: “The Chronophage Ate Its Time, Revealing The Beautiful Kingdom That Once Stood Here.” They begin to make their way to the core, but end up coming face to face with the Dark Stars in a Medieval Arena.

Dark Star’s- Rise.

The Dark Star’s tell the crew to prepare themselves, while this meeting tell the crew 1 thing: They’re getting closer to the core. They prepare to battle as Edens Zero Chapter 185 comes to an END!!! I didn’t have an adjective this time.


Like I said: One of my favorite aspects of any War arc is the Characters– the chaos a war can throw them into, and when unexpected characters(such as Justice) get involved. It’s a way for all the Villains to get defeated without hurting the power scaling, and provides us with cool moments and really- it’s just a way to “shake” up the story with new character motivations and reaffirmation of character arcs. It’s just so much fun to watch these action figures clash. But with all of that said: What am I gonna talk about in this section? The implications of Justice arriving on Lendard? Acnoella’s Power? More Ziggy/Shiki parallels? Or will I simply discuss the potential battles between the crew and the Dark Stars? I really want to do the last one- so I will.

The Ultimate Duel Of Man And Machine- NEXT TIME!!!

I have always gone back and forth on who would fight who when it came to the Dark Stars, or even how these fights would go down. With this “Arena” bit; it looks like it’s going to be 4 1-on-1 matches, where the Dark Star’s say that they’ll let the crew pass, but won’t as soon as they start getting their @$$e$ kicked. My official prediction for the crew agreeing to this is Shiki saying that “Yeah- they’re lying. But we’ve got no choice- we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.”

If this is anything like Xiao Mei’s little “Battle Coliseum;” Shiki’s going to fight first. Then Rebecca, then Weisz, and ending off on Homura. But I don’t think that this is going in that order necessarily. If I had to say the order, I’d say: Weisz, Homura, Rebecca, and Shiki. We haven’t really seen what Weisz and Homura are capable of after the Time Skip, while we’ve been seeing what Shiki and Rebecca can do. And that certainly isn’t all they can do, but I want to learn how far Homura and Weisz have come with their own respective Overdrives. If Shiki got that new design in chapter 170, then they’d certainly look different, right? Not that I hate their designs; I’m just curious what they look like now.

Now the “Who” of the fights is interesting. Back during Ziggy’s battle against Nero and Jaguar; Brigadine and Killer showed us what their functionality is, and Wizard showed us what he can do when the Zero fought the One. The only one that hasn’t shown us his capabilities is Clown, so you don’t want to show him off just to have him lose to someone who’s already had a cool showcase like Shiki or Rebecca. But you also don’t want to overshadow characters like Homura and Weisz or the new Killer and Brigadine. It’s hard to balance these characters in a way that they all look cool without pulling something out of your @$$.

Who Will They Fight?

………………..I must sound like I’m making a problem out of nothing; I honestly probably am. But I don’t want to hear people sh!tting on the new Brigadine and Killer because they don’t have any wins under their belt. For Christ’s sake- They Lost To A F*cking Anthropomorphic Jaguar and DICE!! That probably already hurt their “street cred” as is. So I think they need to actually “do something” that makes them “stick” in our minds as threats if they don’t defeat Ziggy here and now(which I don’t really see happening). To this end; I have thought up the order of the fights(in no particular order):

  • Shiki vs Brigadine
  • Homura vs Killer
  • Rebecca vs Wizard
  • Weisz vs Clown

Now; I went back and forth on the last 2 because I think that Weisz and Rebecca’s interactions with those 2 would be pretty funny either way you splice it. Weisz could make a crack about remodeling Clown into something “funnier,” and his own personality would clash against the “M’Lord, Art Thou Not Pleased?” Wizard. And where as I’m sure clown has something funny to do to Rebecca; I feel like the “Harlet Who Can’t Even Keep Her Clothes On” vs an uptight Mage class would be a lot more interesting. They’re both primarily Long Range Fighters- Rebecca’s a shooter whereas Wizard is a “Spell Caster” type. But what Rebecca might have over Wizard would be her Physical Abilities.

It’s actually a funny story; as I was writing, I had decided to put Rebecca against Clown so he could make fun of her Fan Service character archetype, but as I wrote- I found more reasons for her to fight Wizard. Especially when I consider that he’s a Spell Caster; he probably doesn’t have the best physical ability to rely on. Whereas I’ve just laid out several instances of Rebecca’s physical prowess in addition to the story showing us how well she is as a marksman. Which naturally left Weisz with Clown.

But I put Killer up against Homura for a similar reason: I think Killer’s faster than her. Like Ziggy said in chapter 161: “Killer’s power is Assassination.” And Assassins don’t have to be strong fighters; they just need to be Fast. Like; he sneaks her over and over, and then she goes Overdrive and she starts keeping up with him- and then takes him out. that’d be cool. And I just want to see Shiki fight someone taller than him. Though I’m curious if Brigadine- likely being the heaviest of the Dark Stars- has some way to counter Shiki’s gravity. Could he have an Ether Gear in addition to an Optimizer like the Shining Stars have? We’ve seen that Machines can learn Ether Gear like Xenolith, and I doubt Ziggy wouldn’t have given these guys the Shining Star’s Optimizers in case they’re restrained. Maybe they all have both?

vs Team Shiki!!!


………….. “Old Habits Die Hard” they say. What a very true expression. I slipped into my old “chatty” self there, and that ended up making this take longer than I ever intended it to be. Then again; my job called me in early Thursday, so it’s not ALL my fault. But in any case, guys; let me know your own thoughts in the comments. That’s all I got for the lot of ya, today, my dear duckies. Til next time; have a Magically Fantabulous Rest Of Your Day!!

The New Sun God: Monkey D Luffy! One Piece Chapter 1,044 BREAKDOWN

You know; it took me a whole WEEK to finish the latest My Hero Academia review. I’m trying to do better, guys- I intend to keep the promise that I made to you guys. So I’ll tell you that I didn’t think I would be able to cover this chapter of One Piece in the way that I used to- nor am I confident that I’ll be able to do it the way I’ve been talking in the last 2 posts. But I simply HAVE to talk about this one– as a content creator and a fan of the series. But I don’t have “all the time in the world” to do everything I want. SoLet’s Begin. One Piece Chapter 1,044: “Warrior Of Liberation.” Woah Boy.

Cover Serial: Germa 66’s “Aaah… An Emotionless Excursion” Vol 8

Oh They Are So Not Going To Be Okay.

Oven brings Niji and Yonji to Whole Cake Island, where his younger siblings are planning to dissect them. I’d leave it on that, but I want the “Analysis” to be focused on THAT. So let’s talk about the implications here.

Beyond just simple torture– making them suffer for what they did to them during the Tottoland arc; I think they might find something in their “Lineage Factor” that will allow them to achieve their mom’s dream of “Everyone at a Tea Party being at Eye Level with each other.” But will they also accidentally end up fixing them; returning their emotions and free will to them so they can be like Sanji? I don’t know what Oda is doing with this particular Cover Serial, but………….something is going to happen with this storyline.

And that’s not even getting into Judge’s and the others plans now that 2 of them are caught. Ichiji and Reiju don’t give 2 sh!ts, but their Judge’s “Precious Children.” Will he fight to get them back, though?


Following up on the last chapter; Luffy- seemingly rejuvenated after the interruption and subsequent loss to Kaido- begins to laugh uncontrollably, as he yells “I just lost- but I feel like I’m having a blast.” As he laughs; streams of Conqueror’s Haki comes off of him erratically- knocking out scores of Beast Pirates in the Skull Dome, and alerting anyone strong enough to stand that Luffy isn’t done yet. Momonosuke sees the display, and confirms to Yamato: Luffy Has Become “Joy Boy.”

Huh……. Okay then.

As everyone present at Onigashima takes in Luffy’s return; we cut over to the Gorosei, who discuss the importance of Luffy’s Devil fruit. You see: Luffy is in possession of the ultimate Devil Fruit- the Human Human Fruit Mythical Beast Model: Nika. It is the fruit with the name of a “God;” a power said to be the “Most Ridiculous Power In The World.” It has managed to evade the grasp of the World Government of all era’s for the last 800 years(confirming it’s from the Void Century). They speculate that it- like other Zoans- has a “mind of its own.”

According to them; this fruit not only gives the user’s body the properties of rubber, but its only limit is “the user’s imagination.” As a “Warrior Of Liberation;” the user of the Nika fruit would go around bringing smiles and laughter to all. And awakening it’s power further strengthens that. You’ll see what that means in a minute. Because for now; we cut over to the Treasure Repository on the 2nd floor to end the war between the Kozuki and the Kurozumi.

What A Loser. How pathetic can you get?

The sniveling, cowardly waste of a life Orochi tries to play to Hiyori’s humanity by talking about how much he “admired” Oden, and promises that they’ll “run away together” if she takes the Sea Stone nails out. Wow………. just……… WOW. Hiyori obviously doesn’t buy into any of it- instead deciding to berate and take out her anger on Orochi, reminding him how he spit in Oden’s face by breaking the last promise he made. As she remembers some of her last memories of her father; Hiyori removes the mask and reveals her angered, saddened tears.

It’s beginning to look like the end for this waste of a life until Kanjuuro’s Kazenbo comes to inform Orochi of its failure. He commands it to burn Hiyori and end this “Tragic Comedy” for good. But it backfires, and Orochi is the one burned by his own grudge! Huh……… that actually was kind of funny.

Back with Luffy; he’s still dancing around in the moonlight, as he proclaims that he can keep fighting now. With a “funny” heartbeat and power welling up like never before; he proclaims that this is the “pinnacle of what he can do-” Gear 5th. And with that power; he makes a GIANT HAND to grab Kaido’s Dragon Form, and drag him right back up to the top of the Skull Dome. Kaido cannot believe it- so much so that his eyes come popping out. Luffy……… he……… it’s not Gear 3rd, but he inflates himself, and starts swinging Kaido around. But Kaido’s too happy his Ultimate Opponent is back up to really give 2 sh!ts how he did it, and the fight enters Round 4.

Kaido thanks Luffy for being alive, and apologies for the interruption. Luffy laughs it off(which he’d usually do anyway), and says “Let’s Finish This Up!!” Which brings the iconic One Piece Chapter 1,044 to an comedic END!!!! How Very Interesting This Is Going To Be…………….


I could talk about the “poetic-ness” of Orochi’s fate- I honest and for truly want to. But for the same reason that I put off the discussion about the cover page this week- I want to get into the MAIN course of this chapter: Luffy; The Human Human Fruit Mythical Beast Model: Nika; The World Government’s plans; and what this all means for the story. I hope it’s clear with Orochi. And I hope that he dies here.

So……….. The Sun God Nika Fruit. After 27 years- 1,044 chapters in to a story that’s got at least 5 or 6 more years to it; the power that we thought our main character had was not in fact his true potential. I Want To Make That Clear: The chapter clearly tells us that he is made of rubber- that his body still has all the properties of rubber, but that was not ALL that it could do. There was more to it; Oda didn’t completely change everything……..for worse. Which I think is a testament to his writing abilities; he didn’t retcon and change EVERYTHING everything about the fruit, which he easily could have and just kind of ruined the whole story. Good on you, Eiichiro Oda.

Doesn’t he look kind of like…………

No, no; this is just an add on. But I wonder what Luffy will be able to do with it going forward? I’ve had this mini-theory over the last few days to help me cope with this reveal(I’ll get to that in a minute) is that the reason the Straw Hat’s are able to adhere to “Gag Logic-” regrowing teeth and bones just by drinking a carton of Milk, or Franky being able to build a bridge in seconds in Thriller Bark- is because the fruits been making his “imagination” real. You know who he ishow he is; He totally thinks that’s how it works. I had thought that was a good way to explain “One Piece’s” “Cartoony” behavior- why everything was so playful.

But my brother pointed out how not every gag in the franchise has involved Luffy in some manor; he wasn’t present when Sanji kicked a guy so hard that he turned handsomethen back to ugly. I……………. I feel like this fruit is still connected to why this world is so “silly,” though. Like with Bound Man or Gear 3rd; Luffy’s just always been making silly sh!t happen and doing comical stuff the whole series, making foes and allies alike laugh with his Rubber body and the power of his “imagination-” just like the Gorosei said.

Even Doffy had to take a minute to laugh at this!

Speaking of: What does the World Government Want With This Devil Fruit? Just to keep anyone from having it- be they Pirate, Revolutionary, or Joe Shmoo down the block? Or…….. does Im desire it for some reason? It is a popular theory that Im is the Original King Of The World from the Void Century- a theory that I myself am a subscriber to. And the reason that he’s been able to live for so long is because he had a Doctor from back then perform the “Ageless Surgery” on him, and he’s been the secret ruler of the World ever since. He may even be the origin of that tale in the first place; someone who saw it spread the word around, and now that Devil Fruit is one of the most wanted ones in the world- along with the Nika fruit.

But what could he want these fruits? He probably wants to prevent another Immortal from coming into being(it would only be a matter of time before they came across each other, and that would be a threat to his rule if his secret existence was leaked), but what about the Nika fruit? Could he- perhapshave something that he wants to make real? I’m thinking he wants the Nika fruit because it cane make his “Imagination” a Reality. And for a “World King;” there’s only 1 thing that he could want- something that seems to happen in every era that makes something called a “Great Cleansing” necessary: Absolute Control.


I think that Im wants to control the world better than he’s been doing- that he wants this next “Cleansing” to be the Last one. Perhaps the plan has always been to get this fruit so that he could take control of the world absolutely; no more “Joy Boys,” or “Poseidons,” or Pirates, Revolutionaries, and ESPECIALLY no more members of the D Clan. He doesn’t want anymore people who will defy him; for everyone to be under his absolute control; and maybe- just MAYBEHe’ll finally be able to come out of the shadows and make his existence known. So that he may actually……… meet people again. I know that would probably take down a “Friendship” route with the story- which is like the BANE Of The Anime Community’s F*cking Existence– but…….. I still feel like it would make since for “One Piece.”

To tie this into the core themes of the story(already breaking my own rules…….); think about the way that Luffy behaves with the Straw Hats. Now think about the idea that I proposed. 1 is a cohesive unit- everyone is themselves and has their own autonomy and ambition, and will take time out of that goal to help each other reach their own respective goals. They’re more like “family” than most blood related ones. The other has Forced Friendships– “Friends” who have no individuality whatsoever, and do whatever the guy in charge says they do like obedient zombies. 1 is only “in charge” when the situation calls for someone to step up and be a leader; the other is ALWAYS the Leader. Do ya see what I’m sayin’?

Imu doesn’t want “friends” in the same way that Luffy does; he just wants people around him to do what he says and jerk him off no matter what he does. And he may also want to have an “Adventure,” but I don’t think he wants the difficulty and challenge Luffy wants from his adventure; he wants to have fun- so long as he can’t get hurt. And as long as he’s in control of everything- he can’t be hurt. He is- at the very core of his being- a Coward. The exact antithesis of Luffy in ever since of the word. It all comes together. I imagine that he wants to travel because he’s been in a f*cking castle in hiding for 800 long years- like a coward.


There’s………. a lot more to talk about with this. Like the implications of the “Sun God” being an actual Deity in the “One Piece” world- the only confirmed deity so far, or what Luffy will be capable of going forward. And while part of me wants to continue; the other part knows that……… he needs to find out how to make this all work. ‘Cause restraining myself like this is KILLER. And I want to make more posts on this individually for 1)More Content 2)More “One Piece” Related Content and 3)To help me reacclimate to blogging regularly.

I have 1 other post I want to put out, but it’s taking a lot of time and is kind of difficult to talk about. Can’t seem to find the right way to say what I mean. I’m working on it. So until I can figure it all out; this is all that I have for the lot of you today. Have a magically wonderful day, duckies. Later!!

Luffy At The Summit!

Lover’s Quarrel! My Hero Academia Chapter 348 BREAKDOWN

Business Before Pleasure

You know? When talking about “My Villain Academia” and the “Paranormal Liberation War” arcs; “My Hero” would the series that I looked forward to talking about the most. And going into the “Final Act” of the story; I was hoping that I’d be talking about it for a little while longer. But with the series ending at some point this year, and me having to take breaks a lot……….. This won’t be happening for much longer.

On the one hand; that means less series to talk about, meaning(Hopefully) less breaks. On the other; this series has really helped my blog to reach people- my Discussion and Theory posts on the series are some of my top performing posts. They get the best reactions- the Most reactions- and even bring new people to my blog. I don’t know what’s gonna happen after the series ends; I hope I’ve built up enough interests to keep people around…………

But that’s enough of about my fears for the future; I only get a little bit of time to do this, and I want to use it to its fullest! And I’m glad I chose this week to review again because…….. It’s BEST GIRL HIMIKO CHAN CHAPTER!! My Hero Academia Chapter 348: “Unrequited.” My love for her is unconditional- and I will kill anyone who hurts my Vampire Queen.


This week; we end up getting a narration from Future Bakugoor so we would assume based on the usage of “D@mned Nerd.” He reminds us who Izuku is, and what his role in this War is- as well as One For All’s checkered past. He may have encountered Himiko chan a few times in the past, but the nerd never picked up on her True Feelings. Hearing them here and now; he couldn’t even comprehend it- because he knows that for ALL his triumphs over the course of the series- He’s still the same D@mn Nerd.

He gets all kind of embarrassed, and says that couples should be do………… other activities, like going to Amusement Parks and such. But Himiko chan responds that Izuku reminds her of her First crush, and that makes her want to Be him, because in her mind- being a “couple” means being “One And The Same.” As she lays her beliefs bare to Deku; one of the Mid Ends begins their assault again.

As the barrage of Nomu parts kicks up water; Himiko chan repeats the same question that she asked “Miss Shutaway:” “What Do You Want To Do To Me?” She disappears in the waves, and Izuku begins to panic- he can’t sense her because she’s not attacking him with any form of “malice,” and can hide her presence on top of that. So he begins to speak “from his heart:”

I……. always wanted to be strong like All Might. So I get how you feel, Toga. Like how trying to be like someone else can be fulfilling.

But…… I can’t imagine……. wanting to share the same heart and mind as him. And I would never- Want To Hurt Someone I Love!!

The D@mn Nerd- Sh!thead Izuku Midoriya
“The Curse Of Being Yourself?” “Not Allowed To Be You?” “Thought So?” What should I say?!

Himiko chan gives a very disheartened look- as if to say “Yeah……. I figured as much.” As all the memories of the things that people have said to here come flooding into her mind- from her parents to Uraraka; she begins to Reject “The World.” It rejected her, so it’s only fitting that she return the favor. She’s done being “unwanted” by “Real People,” so she’s going in for the kill this time.

Uraraka manages to grab Himiko chan before she can stab Izuku, but she ends up getting cut on her back herself. She says that Himiko chan has “been on her mind” ever since the War, but Himiko chan says that she “hasn’t thought about her once.” And now; neither is Deku. Before she can land anything as far as a “Killing Blow;” Tsu and Deku save her. Tsu tells Deku to get moving, but he’s a “Hero” so he’s unsure if he should.

As Himiko chan laments in her own life; Izuku makes a mad dash towards UA, bringing My Hero Academia Chapter 348 to an Uncertain END!! To quote a song I heard: How Do Solve A Problem Like Himiko Toga?


No, seriously- I’m asking you guys how exactly we deal with Himiko chan’s situation. I know that they’re going to; she’s probably going to be one of the villains they “save” along with Tomura. Dabi will not be saved. Before I get to rambling; I will address the topic of this discussion: Himiko Toga. So glad I decided to review this chapter.

Himiko chan is………….difficult to discuss. Mostly because I’m not sure I get what Horikoshi is trying to do; I know that her story ties into the effects of quirks on a person present in characters such as All For One and Bakugo- being somewhere in the middle of those 2 characters on the spectrum. There’s an effect on her personality like there is for Bakugo(he’s got an “Explosive” temper and very loud when it comes out; she’s obsessed with blood and “being that person”), but she hasn’t fully “given in” like All For One, who doesn’t see himself and his quirk as separate anymore. But it’s precisely that “imbalance” that’s making her life so hard.

The Tragedy Of Himiko Toga: “Always The “Juliet-” But “Romeo” Ain’t Comin’.

I always come back to that quote from chapter 92 of Vigilantes; he breaks down the differences in how society sees “Heroes” and “Villains” vs how he views them, and he gives us a little more of an idea of what quirks are as a concept. And honestlyI go with his interpretation over anything. I mean; who would know the effects of a quirk better than the guy who steals em? If we apply this to dear Himiko chan, then we get an interesting situation.

Whereas Izuku and “One For All’s” collective will are working in unison to become the Hero he will be at the end of all of this, and All For One has more or less given himself over his quirks “innate desire;” Himiko chan’s quirk and- well; Himiko chan herself– are at odds with each other, and affecting each other adversely. The quirks desire for blood is making Himiko chan confuse her “love” for people with………well; Envy.

She feels like a freak- like she’s and outsider that the world would rather just “toss away.” Her thought process since Twice’s death has made that clear. But I think her desire to “become” the person she “loves” is her own way of trying to……. be “normal. Like; she admires them BECAUSE they’re “average-” BECAUSE they “fit in.” And she may be thinking that “becoming” them will help her fit in and finally have Friends. They’re friends. It’s a complex situation that requires a little more time and work to understand- and even more effort to explain properly. But I think this complex situation is going to have a very…………Easy end to it. Horikoshi could always pull a Mashima circa Edens Zero chapter 98. But it’ll probably be more like a “Speech” than anything else.

What I’m talking about is how Shiki essentially sent Drakken Joe to his grave. For more; see my review of the chapter. But I’m getting at the idea that Uraraka could befriend Himiko chan- giving her what she had always wanted, and then knock her the f*ck out and send her off to prison. I really like how Mashima handled Drakken Joe in Edens Zero; he was redeemed in the end, but he still had to face the consequences of his actions. And having Uraraka redeem Himiko chan in the same way would be a fitting end to that particular part of the series: “You may have had your reasons for becoming a Villain- and society may have let you down in the grand scheme of things- but that doesn’t make it right. And you still have to face the consequences of their actions.”

Although……….. The League are her friends– a family, even. She can’t just…….. abandon them like that- she’d be no better than the society she’s helping to bring down. “The moment you make friends with a ‘Regular’ person; you abandon the people who took you in when you were a Freak?” No; doesn’t sound too good, does it? So it’s not like Himiko chan is going to stop because she takes Uraraka’s hand in friendship. They will fight. And because Uraraka is apart of the main cast- one of the protagonist- and above all else a Heroshe WILL win. Himiko chan will more than likely end up in prison, where she will sit for a very LONG time. But I’m more than certain that Uraraka will visit her more often than not!

But None Of This.


And……. there you have it, ladies and gents! I really don’t have much more to say about the chapter(well…… I DO, but I need to control myself). Let me know your own thoughts on the chapter in the comments? And let me know how you think the Nerd”s gonna get to UA. We know that he’s probably gonna be “too late” and someone’s gonna get offed, but let me know who you think it’ll be.

Until the next post, everyone- have a Magically Wonderful day. Laters!!

The Ultimate Nullifier! Black Clover Chapter 327 BREAKDOWN

I know what you guys are thinking– and the answer is…… “Let’s See.” I know what my what my schedule for work next week is, and…….. it’s rough. I probably can’t do an Edens Zero or Four Knights Of The Apocalypse post, but I can at least do 1 for My Hero Academia and “Black Clover.” I want to test something before I can get back to regular content. Let me know your thoughts about how this post goes; I appreciate the feedback!

Now……… I know I picked a weird chapter to cover for the first time in forever, but I’m happy I chose this. Because this proves once againI Was Right. Black Clover Chapter 327: “Anti Magic.” Let’s begin.


Duel Of The Devils!!

Picking up where the last chapter left off; Lucifero sees Asta grow a 5th Horn in the center of his head. But he doesn’t sense any real “change” in the boy and decides to ignore it. He moves to punch him once again, and it connectsand has no effect on the Magicless Muscle Runt. He(Asta) grabs Lucifero by the wrist, and delivers an epic speech:

It’s a weird feeling…….. Before; the things we felt “overlapped.” Now- It’s As If They’ve Truly “Merged.”

And so; it’s not really about “specific grudges” now. All I know is that I have to take you down- And Live!!


The image of Licitia telling Liebe to “live” before sealing him in the grimoire appears in his mind, as Lucifero begins to realize what’s going on: Asta is Cancelling the magic of everything that’s touching him. So his barrage of punches is like any…….8-10 ft tall person punching you. Probably still feels something, but there’s no gravity to make the punches “heavier.”

Both Remained Completely Calm In This Scene

Asta takes the Demon Slasher Katana and lops off Lucifero’s bonus hands- freeing Yami and Nacht. The latter of which begins to think that this might be “True Devil Union-” that Asta may have even gone further with Devil Union than even he himself! And for Yami; this only reaffirms his initial thoughts about Asta: “He’s An Interesting Guy.”

With 5 seconds left with Devil Union; Asta takes the fight to Lucifero- and his foot to the Devil King’s Face!! The counter attack begins, as Black Clover Chapter 327 comes to a resounding END!!! D@MN That Felt Good.


This is where I wanted to try something a little “different.” I can blame my job all day long for how often I go on break- what with people calling out every 5 minutes, others quitting, and my actual schedule. But I feel that I should also take some responsibility in it; I either need to get off my admittedly rigid schedule and let myself…… be “free.” So…… when I come back; don’t expect the usual Sunday-Thursday schedule. And 2: I talk too much. So much so that the things I speculate on usually don’t come to pass(like Saint Stage Fuegoleon vs Lucifero, for example). So I’ll calm down on that.


And to start with; I’ll simply talk about Asta and Liebe’s progression with Devil Union. A while back, during the climax of Zenon and Yuno’s duel; I talked about a problem that I had with Yuno’s scaling- he just got 1 level up after another. And I still stand by that point; you gotta space out the “bulks” at least a little bit- having him gain 1 power after another might limit how much further he can go. And based on the Author comments for this weeks chapter; “Black Clover” is going to be going a fair bit longer than its counterpart- My Hero Academia.

However; I will admit that it makes sense with how Tabata set up the power system. The more that Yuno fights- the more anyone in this series fights; the more power they build up, gaining new abilities and spells to use to win whatever fight they get in. So Yuno gaining Saint Stage in that fight is perfectly “in character” for the series. And that logic applies to Asta and Liebe here.

Not only have they been fighting “on the brink” like Yuno was, but they’re also fighting like Yuno did- A being with extraordinary power that’s “merging” with them and allowing them to fight at these higher levels(in the case of Asta and Liebe; Liebe’s just allowing him the ability to Fight!). Yuno’s fight allowed him to “resonate” with Bell more until he unlocked Saint Stage- this fight and the events of last chapter must have done a similar thing, resulting in this new Devil Union form and the 5th horn…………….. Any of this making since to you guys? I’m trying to say that this battle has helped them reach a True state of “Union.”

But what does that entail for them, I wonder? We~ll…………. Asta did say that it was like they were “truly merging” as opposed to Liebe simply “becoming his armor.” If it’s feels more and more like they’re becoming “1,” then………does that NOT sound like Fusion? The more they fight; the longer they fight; the more they “leave their limits behind-” The more they begin to Fuse and become of one mind. He had already proved himself stronger than Nacht, and I’d argue that he’d be able to beat the Dark Triad before he even got that “cloaked” form in chapter 316(except maybe Devil Heart Zenon), but NOW……….

You call that a punch?”


……………In the past; I would have talked a little more about his new ability as well. But like I said; I’m going to try to limit myself going forward. I hate long conversations in real life ’cause they hurt my throat(and my head in a lot of cases). Which is why I prefer to write than to talk. But if it’s going to prevent me from working on these posts at all; I think I need calm down.

In which case; I’ll end the post here. Let me know your own thoughts on the chapter in the comments. And let me know if you guys prefer these more “restrained” posts. Until we meet again, everyone; Stay safe and have a magically wonderful day!!

Spider Man- No Way Home SPOILER REVIEW: What It Means To Be “Peter Parker”

Is That Mephisto in the bottom left corner?!

……………..What exactly do I say about this movie? What CAN I say about it that hasn’t already been said? This movie was SPECTACULAR(no pun intended)!!! I had so much fun watching every minute of it- as a fan of the MCU and a fan of Spider Man; I can safely say that THIS is the BEST Spider Man movie out of the 3 Marvel Studio movies! Homecoming is super nostalgic for me, and I still feel like it holds up today. Far From Home was………. OkayThat was just alright. It was great the first time I watched it, but I feel less motivated going back to it than Homecoming. But then you have THIS movie, which ties back to Far From Home in where it picks up, and finishes the story started by Homecoming. I’ll get into all of that Thematic stuff later on; let me talk about this movie! SPOILER WARNING For Those Who Have Not Seen The Movie. You have been Warned…….


Following the events of Spider Man: Far From Home; Peter Parker finds his identity outed by Quentin Beck Mysterio for the World to see. Immediately; the crowd around he and Michelle Jones Watson/ “MJ” began to swarm the young couple, and Pete grabs her and they swing off. But they can’t outswing this problem; the press won’t leave Peter alone- both because he’s Spider Man and because he’s being framed for “killing” Mysterio and the Drone Attack on London Bridge.

He’s put on trial for his supposed crimes, and with help from Lawyer Matt Fre@kin’ Murdock; the charges are dropped. Still outed. And just because the Law let’s you off the hook; that doesn’t mean the Public is going to. All this to say: Peter Parker is a divided figure in society. He can’t do much of anything without people staring at him and his friends(Flash Thompson takes full advantage of the situation by publishing a book). It becomes a rare occurrence when they get a moment to themselves……………

NOT A Mephisto Easter Egg

His standing in society begins to leak into his regular life- and the lives of everyone he cares about- as he and May must relocate for their own protection, and MIT even rejects the trio’s applications to the institute. Feeling Guilty and desperate; Peter goes to the only person he thinks may be able to help him: The Sorcerer SupremeDr Stephen Strange. Or– should I say Former Sorcerer Supreme?

Yeah; in the 5 years Stephen was “blipped-” Wong ended up becoming the Sorcerer Supreme in his place. But he left a portal to the Himilaya’s open in the Sanctum, so it ended up freezing over. He asks if there’s a way to make the whole world forget that he’s Spider man, to which Stephen and a Reluctant Wong say that there is. Wong leaves, and Stephen uses the spell to make EVERYONE forget that Peter Parker is Spider Man- Friend, Family, and Avenger alike. Hearing this; Peter begins asking for specific individuals to be excluded from the spell. But the constant revisions ends up messing up the spell and fracturing reality a little bit. Which we’ll see in a minute………..

In annoyance; Strange kicks Peter out of the Sanctum, leaving him with the option he should have tried First: Appeal to the MIT Administrator. Tracks her down via Flash Thompson to the Interstate Highway on the way to the Airport. He tries to appeal to her, and it works– she says they’re smart enough to get it provided they “keep their heads down” and stay out of trouble. But to paraphrase what Ultron said in “Age Of Ultron”: “When things start settleGod Throws A Stone.And after about 10 minutes of wind up(movie time); God throws Peter a “Curve Ball” like he’s never seen.

That look like it HURT!!!

Out of the ground comes Alfred Molina’s Dr Octopus from Sam Ramey’s Spider Man 2!!! And he has bone to pick with “Peter.” The fighting starts, and Ock shows his immediately cruelty and ruthlessness by knocking over car after car while all Peter does is try to save everyone. Ock gets him up against a wall and starts stealing the Nano Tech in the Iron Spider Suit to upgrade himself. But this backfires on him because now Peter has control over his arms. Which he uses to save everyone on the bridge and restrain Otto.

But before anything further with the Administrator can happen- Willem Defoe’s Green Goblin makes his triumphant return to the big screen!! And Peter and Otto are wisped back to the Sanctum, where Strange tells Peter that his constant changes to the spell ended up backfiring- instead of making everyone forget that Peter Parker is Spider Man; it ended up bringing some very Sinister character’s from other Universes who already knew that! Character’s such as The Amazing Spider Man’s Lizard, Jamie Foxx’s Electro, and Thomas Haden Church’s Sandman to name them all. And now it’s up to Peter and his friends to round them all up so that Dr Strange can send them back to their own Universes- where the majority of them DIED.

The way the movie portrays it; these are the versions of them just before their deaths(in the case of Connors; before he was cured. Sandman- after he left in Spider Man 3). So sending them back would, well………… Finish their stories. And Peter Parker being “Peter Parker-“ he can’t let that happen. So~…………….. He ends up coming to blows with Dr Strange. Strange is clearly more powerful than Peter could ever hope to be- even taking him to the Mirror Dimension with intentions of leaving him there while he sends them all back.

Not the best of Quality- I know

Through the power of MATH; Peter is able to use his webbing to trap Stephen in place while he tries to “cure” the Villains. His plan is to cure them so that- when they return to their own Universes- they won’t have to die in a battle with Spider Man. This leads to him bringing the Villains back to Happy’s apartment, where he and May had been staying for their own protection. And to his credit; he does manage to fix Doc Ock’s inhibitor chip, allowing him to gain control of his own mind and his tentacles. But things do not tend to continue on an “upward trend” for Peter Parker.

To rewind time a bit: After Strange had “spirited away” Peter and Octavius; Norman touched down in an alley way and had his own version of “Spider Man No More,” in which he argues with the Goblin about what they’ll do next. Norman simply wants to be better- to get help. Goblin sees this as a new World for them to Rule. He ends up smashing the Goblin helmet, symbolically “leaving” one of them behind- Norman. The Goblin sneaks into Peter’s circle under the guise of a repentant and delirious Norman Osborn- with intentions of causing as much chaos as possible to keep Peter busy while he goes after the 1 thing that would help him rule: The Box Containing the spell. If he manages to unleash it, then a Number of Multiverse Villains with a beef with the Web head will come through. I.E.: Not Good.

They REALLY want to use Kraven in a movie

Peter manages to catch him in the act of tampering with Electro’s cure, but Electro decides that he prefers who he is now- and the “energy” of this Universe. He takes Tony’s old ark reactor(that Happy kept under lock and key), and starts to do battles with everyone Peter and Sandman. Things happen- Ock escapes; Lizard escapes; Electro and Marco fight…… and escape; and Goblin. Kicks. Peter’s. @$$. It seems like he’s a lot stronger now than he was when he first fought against Spider Man; he knocks Peter through floor after floor and wall after wall, taunting Peter for his “weakness.” Culminating in the first floor battle where he Kills Aunt May.

And Peter can’t even grieve properly, as the police and Jameson surround Peter- blaming him for the Villains breaking out and causing all this destruction. And in a way they ARE right– Peter did prevent Strange from sending them back to where they came from. Taking it all in stride; Peter escapes, and hangs his head in despair.

Meanwhile; his friends regroup at Ned’s house, where he learns how to use Strange’s Sling Ring. He tries to open a portal to find Peter. But what he finds are 2 Peter Parkers– played by Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire!! They say that they’ve been watching Peter since they got here- watching everything play. Now he’s missing, and needs their help- now more than he’s ever needed help before.

For Simplicities sake; let’s refer to them all how they do in the movie: Tom Holland Peter is “1,” Tobey is “2,” and Andrew is “3.” Peter 1 is alone on the roof- reeling from the consequences of his actions. Peters 2 and 3 arrive with Peter 1’s friends, and give him their own horrible experiences(giving us new insight into how the “Amazing Spider Man” franchise would have gone if Sony was……….. competent?), and tell Peter 1 that it’ll never get easier- but he can react to it better. And right now; he has to finished what he started and cure all the Villains- and send them back to their home Universes to finish their stories.

The Peters, MJ, and Ned go to their High School to work on the cures, revealing a few things about the Peter’s that we never knew, and full of references that just put a Big Ol’ GRIN on my face. When they finish; Pete 1 sends out a video message to the world- goading the Villains into coming to the Statue of Liberty to get the box. And then they Wait; await for their foes to get their. They talk a little bit(more comedy)- Then They Arrive. Fightin’ starts, and it becomes a big game of “Keep Away” with the box. The Original plan was to lure them in, and then give it to Ned and MJ via a portal back to the High School. But things never work out for ANY Peter Parker, and it ends up with Ned and MJ being present at the Statue of Liberty.

Self Redemption

They manage to cure a number of the Villains(Max, Connors, and Marco)- with some help from Octavius and Strange. But Norman is ANOTHER problem; he comes in on his glider and swipes the box when things are looking up, and blows it up– releasing the spell and cracking apart reality, bringing forth a sky Full of iconic Spider Man Villains. As Strange tries to contain it; Peter 1 does battle with Osborn once again– with every intention of Beating Him To A F*cking PULP for what he’s done. He beats on Norman with all of his might- and it just makes Goblin laugh and LAUGH as Peter gives into his darker desires.

Before Pete 1 can go through with stabbing Goblin with his own glider(bringing it Full Circle); Peter 2 jumps in the way, holding it back and looking Peter 1 in the eyes- telling him in no words at allNo.I will get into the rest of it later. For now- Goblin stabs Pete 2 in the back. But Pete 3 gets him with his specific cure, returning the Norman Osborn personality. While Pete 3 tends to Pete 2; Pete 1 goes up to see how Strange is doing. Strange says that he can’t contain the the spell- These Villains are Coming. And they’re coming for Peter Parker. Which gives Pete 1 the idea “Make everyone forget about Peter Parker-” erase the memory of him from everyone’s minds, thus preventing everyone who knows he’s Spider Man from coming to this Universe.

He let’s his friends know this, and has a heartfelt goodbye with them……….. for the moment; he promises to find them again and tell MJ……. you know. He bids farewell to his friends and Variants, and they’re sent back to their home Universes. And the MCU is left without any knowledge of “Peter Parker.”

Couldn’t Even Have One More Day…………….

2 weeks after the Statue Of Liberty Battle; Peter walks into the Pastry shop where MJ works. He’s about to tell her who he is- remind her of their relationship. But when he sees the bandage on her head……….. He Doesn’t. Specifically Because He’s Peter Parker; he cares about those around him- he doesn’t want them to be hurt. Whole point of a Secret Identity. So instead of reveal who he is to Ned and MJ; he decides to leave ’em alone– let them live their lives without worry for him or what may come. He hides his identity and connection to May from Happy when they visit her grave.

Some time passes; Peter 1 gets his own apartment, and starts preparing to get his GED(EVERYTHING about “Peter Parker” was wiped clean– No social security number; no date of birth; no ID; no Medical Records; No High School Diploma. There is no proof of “Peter Parker” anywhere). As he unpacks; he finishes his New Suit– made to always remember the other Peter’s and what they did for him, as he resumes his life as Spider Man.

MID CREDIT SCENE: Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock is at a bar drinking and asking the Bar Tender what this world is like. After getting a recap of the major stuff in the MCU, he decides that it’s time to have a conversation with Spider Man. But before he can even pay for his drink; he and Venom are sent a back to their Universe. But Venom leaves a small surprise for Spider Man………... A Piece Of Itself. Can’t find the image of it, but a piece of Venom is left behind on the counter top. So instead I have to use this image of Venom planning to Devour Peter.

Couldn’t find the scene……….

POST CREDIT SCENE: Dr Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness First Official Trailer.


………………. That took much longer than I expected it to. But now that I’m finally HERE; I don’t really know what I can say that hasn’t already been said. This movie is immaculate. I really did enjoy this movie- it was as much fun as watching Ben 10 vs The Universe The Movie!! Heck; it even managed to entertain me in a similar manor. It was all the neat callbacks and “fan service/ Nostalgia” moments that I enjoyed having watched the original Raimey movies and the Amazing Spider Man movies, with enough content in it that it can stand on it’s own as a REALLY GOOD movie!

I really like Tom Holland’s performance in the movie- more so than I did in Far From Home. I still feel like Homecoming still stands as a good movie; I enjoy it to this day(despite my brother being annoyed with how often I would watch it). His performance in that movie was also pretty good; he was a believable 16 year old boy with an actual life that he’s trying to live. But this takes that to a whole other level. If Homecoming was bringing Spider Man into the MCU and outfitting him with Iron Man level technology, and Far From Home was his struggle to live up to the Iron Man’s legacy; “No Way Home” would probably be “Moving Away From Iron Man-” in the Best Way Possible.

They spent money on a scene that they didn’t even USE in the movie……….

One of peoples complaints in regards to MCU Peter Parker is the “over reliance” on the technology bequeathed to him by Tony; the whole joke with him being “Iron Man Jr” and all. When it came to Homecoming, this was very much the case, as he even went as far as saying that he “was nothing without the suit” in reference to the Civil War suit Tony gave him. And if you remember; that movie ended with Peter turning down the Iron Spider suit. He chose to stay a Street Level Hero instead of rising to become and Avengers Level one- something that he had been neglecting his “Peter Parker” responsibilities to do.

Far From Home saw “Spider Man” inherit Tony’s legacy with the EDITH program- in a way, finally getting Tony’s trust and faith as he wanted in the first movie. It was finally his chance to prove that he could handle the life of an Avenger- but “Peter Parker” rejected the Power of the Avengers, and thus the Responsibility. It’s basically been the core of the Spider Man character: Trying to juggle his responsibilities as Spider Man and Peter Parker. How many times have I said those names in the last 2 or 3 paragraphs? Probably a LOT.

But in any case; this movie brought that whole idea full circle. His inability to handle the responsibility of being the “Next Iron Man-” something that the Homecoming Peter would LEAPT AT the moment the option presented itself- lead to him creating a powerful enemy in Mysterio. An enemy who effectively “Took The Choice Out Of His Hands,” and brought down the metaphorical “wall” between the 2. And the end of the movie was him making a Decision that would forever change the course of his life: Getting Rid Of “Peter Parker.” I’m not saying he’s going to be a “Full Time Spider Man,” but now he doesn’t have the connections that Peter once did- only those made through Spider Man.

What went through Happy’s mind when he saw a stranger at his X’s grave? I shouldn’t joke about thisbut I did.

I think that……. my choice of phrasing has made it seem like “Peter Parker” is a completely separate character from “Spider Man-” like how most modern media treats Batman and Bruce Wayne. And on some level; I do think that they are intended to be- I think that the concept of a Secret Identity is made to separate them on a more personal level. “Peter Parker” is a Social Awkward Wall Flower with few people that would ever actually speak to him- Spider Man is beloved by most people he meets(aside from Jameson and his enemies).

I guess what I’m trying to say is that the “Home Trilogy” has been doing what writers who’ve worked on Marvel Comics have been doing since the creation of the character: Trying to have Peter juggle his personally and the responsibilities that come with the great power he’s been gifted. And while I feel like Far From Home is definitely the worst of the 3(or more like the least interesting to go back and watch as repetitively); it does continue the trend in a very believable way. Credit to John Watts and everyone who worked on all 3 movies; way to keep the theme consistent.

Moving on: I REALLY want to talk about Jamie Foxx and Andrew Garfield. They. F*cking. KILLED IT. Andrew Garfield was able to emote in a way that I don’t think we saw in the TASM movies. He definitely looked older from then(which makes sense), and his dialogue suggest that he went on his own little “Symbiote Saga” minus the Symbiote. It now makes me wonder what happened to Rhino at the end of TASM 2. Spider Man isn’t supposed to kill. And to the movies credit; it did depict a Happier Peter 3. But life tends to go one after the “credits” role. He began with denying that Gwen died, and was depressed for seemingly months after that one. If we go with the stages of grief; he still needed Bargaining, Acceptance, and Anger. And it seemed like that was the stage he got stuck at for the longest time.

The Amazing Spider Man: Denial

I think the best moment for him in the movie was definitely him saving MJ. Come onWould it be anything else? Well; maybe his little interaction with Electro when the fighting started. But I definitely like this moment more for the same reason that the actor did: It was his Redemption. He had failed to save his own “MJ-” now he was presented with the chance with the chance to save another Peter’s love, who was in the very same position Gwen found herself in in TASM 2. And instead of using his webs to catch her- likely reproducing what happened to Gwen; he instead dived after her, and used his webs to delay his fall. Learning From Your Mistakes!!

And then when he held her in his arms, asking her “Are You Okay?” In an interview after movie(’cause he refused to talk about his involvement in the movie BEFORE hand); Andrew Garfield talked about what was going through his Peter’s mind in that moment: He was asking her if she was okay over and over because he couldn’t believe it himself. He needed to hear confirmation from her that she was fine because it means that………. He Saved Her………… if that makes sense. Going back to the dichotomy between “Peter Parker” and “Spider Man;” I think this scene is meant to convey that Peter Parker can do things that Spider Man couldn’t.

Like; The reason he took off his mask(other than to confirm that she was alive with his own 2 eyes) on a thematic level was to convey to the audience that likes to analyze stuff like that(such as myself) that Peter Parker is more of a “Hero” than Spider Man- that Peter Parker is able to save people in a way that Spider Man just can’t…………. I just got changed work at the time of me writing this part; I kind of forgot what I was going to say. I think it was something along the lines of “Peter Parker 3 Needed To Be The One To Save MJ- Because The Amazing Spider Man couldn’t save Gwen.” Yeah; that sounds about right.

It had to be a Actual Hand This Time………

And then you have Electro. In case you didn’t hear the story; Kevin Feige- The Head Of MARVEL Studios and a man who’s worked for the Marvel Brand ever since the days of the very first X Men Movie(As an Intern, but even so)- famously sent Sony Pictures and the Producers of The Amazing Spider Man(Amy Pascal, Avi Arad, etc) a 2000 Word Email in response to their plans for TASM 2. 1 of those changes to the script was having Jamie Foxx Not Be Blue. He also wanted to change a few things about the character’s story in the movie in regards to his relationship with Spider Man, but that’s neither here nor there. The Point Is: They took none of his advice. And we got the movie we did. Leading to Now. It all worked out in Feige’s favor.

I think that this movie was Kevin Feige kind of “getting back” at Sony for not listening to him(and throwing a Sandwich at his head); he was now left to make the Electro that he wanted. And let me tell you: THIS Max Dillon was So Entertaining. This felt like the Electro that I read in Elementary School in the Library. I’m not kidding; we actually had a hard cover copy of Electro’s Origin Story in my old Elementary School. “Spider Man: Identity Crisis-” Electro appeared and started robbing banks. Jameson twisted it to make Spider Man and Electro the same person, leading to Electro attacking Jameson, and Spider Man saves Jonah…………… you know how it goes.

Max Dillon(Beta)

The Max Dillon from TASM 2 was a…….. unique take on the character. His story has always been “A Nobody Given Great Power,” but they “doubled down” on that concept by making him- for lack of a better term– a Beta Male; A Timid, short guy who slouches over and keeps his head down, doing whatever his told no matter what it is. They added that part about him being obsessed with Spider Man- thinking that they’re “friends,” when Spider Man was only doing something that no one had before then: Treated him like he’s a “Human Being.” He didn’t really want much; just for someone to say “Hi Max,” or “How Ya Doin’?” Something simple.

The OG Max Dillion seemed to be more of a “down on his luck” type of guy, who blames the World for all of his problems in life. It is here where I would like to discuss a what Jamie Foxx’s Electro has become for the modern rendition of the Spider Man Character: A Mirror. In his series reviewing the 3 eras of Spider Man Live Actions movies; Totally Not Mark brought up the original incarnation of Peter Parker- the one from Amazing Fantasy No1. It was revealed to me that the Original version of the character was only physically a weakling; he was actually rather outspoken. The problem was that he was…….. kind of a jerk himself. That scene where let that Robber get away wasn’t done out of Revenge; he just let him go because he didn’t really careit wasn’t his problem.

That original version only cared about May and Ben; the rest of the world- in his own words– “could go hang.” It was only after losing Uncle Ben that he would learn what his actions would lead to. It left such a profound impact on him that he became the Peter Parker we knew today. Max Did Not Have That. He may have been the same in the sense that he was a jerk before, and got the “Great Power.” But there wasn’t a moment after that point to fill him with that same sense of “Responsibility.” So he became a version of Peter who continued on the path he was down before, and reached the conclusion of that Path: Being A Super Villain.

It’s All About ELECTRO!!!!!

When you look at them in that light; it helps you to like Andrew Garfield’s rendition of Peter Parker all the more- because it was……. a little more Faithful to the original character; he may have come off as a bit more of “Suave Jerk” than a “Wallflower,” but that’s how his story started. And when you view Electro in the way that I described; it’s almost like the Writers of TASM 2 were giving the fans who disliked Andrew’s interpretation version of the Peter Parker that we’ve come to know in media today. This movie makes the TASM movies look a little better, doesn’t it?

But to go back to Jamie Foxx- Oh Man This Guy Was Cool. Wasn’t blue, and I think he delivered the same persona of Comic Book Electro that I knew in Grade School; that of a character her who’s “in it for himself” and would be willing to do anything to get what he wants. He’s finally able to put himself first and stand up for himself- and there’s nothing anyone can do to stop him this time. I really like Electro as a character because I feel that he represents a version of what a lot of people- myself included– wish that they could do: Put Themselves First. Obviously he takes it too far, but you get what I mean; “Nice Guys Finish Last.” Sometimes you gotta be a little selfish to get the things you want- just don’t be a jerk about it!

If Only………….

Another character in the movie that I really liked: Willem Dafoe’s Gree Goblin. A few weeks ago; I watched a video on “What Makes Willem Dafoe’s Green Goblin So Terrifying-” the way that Dafoe’s facial features change from when he’s “Norman Osborn” and the Goblin. The slight way that Dafoe convey’s it through how he chooses the position of his eye brows(no, I’m being serious) and how his voice changes ………. in a more subtle way than you think. It’s a visual way to let the audience know which one of them is “in the driver’s seat.”

I’m not gonna pretend like I ever noticed this seeing the Sam Raimey movies 10,000 times– and I won’t act like I saw that in this movie. I’m not nearly observant or smart enough for that. No, no; i just think that’s a neat little tidbit that makes the portrayals of Norman Osborn cooler and Willem Dafoe look better. He’s a good actor; this movie more than proves that. In fact, hearing that; I’m starting to wonder if it was the same case when it came to the end of the First Raimey movie and when he was asking Peter 1 for help. Was it Goblin letting Osborn “take the wheel” while he watches in wait for his time to strike? Or was it………….. Have you guys ever seen Total Drama All Stars? I imagine that even if you’ve seen Total Drama; you stopped after……….season 4? The show didn’t go bad for me until we got to Pahkitew Island(and that wasn’t even unwatchable).

In any case; there’s a character in this show with Multiple Personality Disorder. And when he’s most “Evil” personality takes over his mind; he was able to “use” aspects of the other personalities for X Y and Z reasons. One episode saw him manifest one while he was still in control. It’s kind of difficult to explain if you haven’t seen the show. Nostalgia Corner Baiting.

Who Remembers This? Please Someone Remember So I Don’t Feel Old.

I’m kind of thinking that Norman and Goblin were in sort of a similar situation as Mal and Svetlana in that sense; that Goblin was using Norman’s personality to weasel his way into the Peter’s life. For a simple reason: To Make Him SUFFER!! Like; 1)More than likely blames Peter Parker for his death. Even if it’s a different Peter Parker he wants revenge on. 2)I feel that Peter and Spider Man’s dynamic(when you treat them as separate identities) is somewhat made to mirror the Norman/Goblin dynamic. Like; the Goblin personality is made to do “What Norman Can’t-” be it physically or morally.

Goblin- much like Spider Man for Peter- is an “escape” from his reality; the reality where he’s not as powerful as he’d like to think; the reality that he does care about his son and would put him over his own personal gain; the reality that he had to crawl and scratch and bite and fight his way to “The Top-” only to find out that there’s More Mountain To Go.………… I think. I’m not as aware of Norman’s publication backstory as I am of Electro’s. And I’m not even that aware of his life before that- just what his character and dialogue implies for his character. But I hope you get what I mean; I think the Goblin’s dialogue in the movie is extremely telling of Norman’s Mindset:

Quote 1)”No More Darker Half-” Did You REALLY Think I’d Let That Happen? That I’d let you take my power just because you’re blind to what TRUE Power can bring you?

Quote 2) I saw how she trapped you- Fighting her “Holy Moral Mission.” We Don’t Need You To Save Us- We Don’t Need To Be “Fixed.” These are not “Curses-” They’re Gifts.

Quote 3)I’ve watched you from behind Norman’s cowardly eyes- Struggling to have E~verything that you Want, while the World tries to make you Choose. Gods Don’t Have To Choose– We Take.

Quote 4(Personal Favorite))Poor Peter; Strong Enough To Have it AllTOO WEAK TO TAKE IT!!!

Quote 5)You’re weakness, Peter- is Morality; It’s Choking You!! Can You Feel it?!

Quote 6)Norman was RIGHT- He got it from YOU; that PATHETIC SICKNESS!!

Quote 7)Peter Peter PETER- No Good Deed Goes Unpunished.

The Green Goblin(As Portrayed By Willem Dafoe, Written By Chris Mckenna and Erik Sommers)

It’s dialogue like this that makes it clear what Goblin represents to Norman: The Power To Take What He WantsD@mn all who try to stop him. And whenever he tries to entice Peter into joining him; it’s kind of like Norman is trying to “Justify” the Goblin’s existence. But because Peter always rejects his offer, and he always ends up winning their fights- the Goblin persona feels less and less justified. Thus the persona feels threatened and attacks the “Peter Parker” side of things. I enjoy talking about these kinds of thingseven if I can’t do it very well.

The Return Of The Green Goblin

I feel like I can’t move on from talking about the Villains before I talk about the One And Only: Dr Octopus!! Not to say that Rhys Ifans Lizard and Thomas Haden Church’s Sandman were bad– just……… not anymore interesting than they were in their original movies. Like; I think they delivered on their characters the best in their debut movies- this really didn’t add anymore to them. They weren’t really as heavily focused on for most of the movie(Lizard legit spent Hours in a truck), and Sandman was……… maybe a little “One Note.” He wasn’t really interested in getting cured; he seemed rather “indifferent” to the whole idea.

I would have liked to know his personal thoughts on having the powers he does- if he sees them as a “curse” or a “gift” like Goblin said. And The Lizard didn’t really seem to have any other plan that the whole “Evolve Humanity” thing. They both had nice interactions with Electro, and Lizard had a funny line when Peter 1 was getting kicked around by Goblin- but that’s all.

But when it comes to Alfred Melina’s Otto Octavius/ Dr OctopusHe CRUSHED It….. again. He already had people’s hearts in Spider Man 2– portraying a man who lost everything and gave into a combination of Highly Advanced AI and his own ambition. And he carries that over to his performance here. But in his debut film; I kind of feel like the Tentacles were- in a narrative sense and possibly literal one- Octavius himself. Li~ke; the arms did not express enough personality or “awareness” to make their own desires known. It more felt like they were “pushing” Octavius to pursue his own goals, even if it means people get hurt in the process. The arms were just “The Devil Over His Shoulder.”


In this movie, however; it seemed like a form of Schizophrenia- a condition that causes people to hear “voices” in their head that makes them…….. do certain things. In this case; they seemed to be making him act more like a Villains than before- fighting Peter 1 and the arms actually “conversing” with him in a few moments throughout the film. But whereas Spider Man 2 had him “reject temptation” and regain his sanity; this movie has him- for lack of a better term- “take his medicine.” Please O God Up In Heaven Don’t Let Me Get Cancelled. But if I thought I was gonna get cancelled I wouldn’t have used such an analogy. I trust my audience.

All jokes and cancel culture aside; I think he was played more or less the same as he did in the original movie- Smart; Disturbed; Determined; and “distant” from everyone else. He seldomly interacted with the other Villains while under the influence of his tentacles, while also interacting with Peter 1 and his friends while they were working on rounding everyone up. I think that may have been the writers of the movie trying to honor his ending from Spider Man 2. He may have been taken from the moment before he regained his clarity- but he was still in the process of regaining it. The process was simply more extended and required a little more than just some “pretty words” from Peter 2 to bring him back. At least; that’s how it felt to me– I could be totally off on that………

Caption This

Something to point out when it comes to the 3 villains we’ve discussed is their Upgrades. Look, guys; as good as these movies are, and as much as I love this movie(the longer I talk about it- the more I start to like it)- we can’t deny what these movies are: Glorified Toy Commercials. With other merch, but mostly toys. Especially when it comes to Spider Man. That man makes more money off his merchandise and toy sales than he ever does as a Photographer. But when it comes to characters like Electo, Ock, and Goblin; they got new suits and new gear(Electro whole life got a Complete Redesign). And that was largely for the purpose of selling their toys. Not to say that they aren’t “Welcomed;” I think that Ock taking the Nanotech from the Iron Spider suit and Retrofitting it to his arms was a nice touch- and a bit of deep cut.

For those who don’t know; Kevin Feige originally tried to integrate all of the Marvel Movies that came before the first Iron Man movie into the early version of the MCU(see this Deleted Post Credit Scene). They were even planning to retcon Spider Man 2 by saying that Tony was the one that made Ock’s arms. ‘Cause keep in mind; this was like X Men Origins/ Tobey Maguire-Going Into Andrew Garfield era Marvel Content. For legal reasons; the scene was never used. But now that they have the X Men back with them and have the deal with Sony; Marvel could release that scene on the DVD release Avengers: Endgame(I believe that was the DVD that scene was put on).

I kind of feel like the use of the Multiverse is Mr Feige’s way of doing what he set out to do when the MCU first started. All those exec’s refused to listen to him when he first pitched these ideas to them. Sony fell on hard times with TASM; Fox had to sell out; they’re slowly-but-surely getting all their Hulk characters back with She HulkAll Of Which Could Have Been Avoided If They Had Just Listened To Him.

Soon The Mouse Will Have All………………….

Now that I have finished with the Villains; I can talk about the Heroes of this movie: Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, and Tom Holland. I already loved Tom Holland’s Spider Man– ever since the days of his reveal in the Civil War trailer(Oh My God Was That Trailer Hype Or WHAT?). He was young enough that he could play Spider Man for a good long time, and he would be that High School aged character that the fans fell in love with. But………. I can also see people’s problem with him before. He was a little more than “reliant” on the Stark Tech he received in Civil War– that was the whole theme of Homecoming.

The primary complaint was that he had too much “MCU” in him- if that makes sense. Like; one aspect that fans of Spider Man enjoyed was how “self contained” and “grounded” he was in comparison to characters such as Black Panther, Iron Man, Captain America, The Fantastic 4, The X Men, etc. His villains were never really that threatening to the “Higher Ups” in he Marvel Universe(unless brought in by one of the Big Time Villains like Doom and Magneto), and he wasn’t brought in by the Avengers every time they had to deal with Ultron or Loki. Street Level Character, with Street Level Tech, and at BEST City Level Villains(except for the Symbiote Characters like Venom and Carnage).

Iron Spider Suit(MCU Edition)

Even those who were in defense of this new Spider Man would say things like “He’s a good MCU Spider- but not a Good Spider Man.” And what I took this to mean is that this version of the Wall Crawler is used as an “Audience Surrogate;” someone for everyone to identify with in the movies. But Tom Holland as Peter Parker wouldn’t work well outside of the Marvel movies. There’s the tech example, and the “Fanboy” energy he exudes whenever he’s around the Avengers. And I can understand that stuff. But I also feel that him making the Advanced Suit in Far From Home was an indication that he was going to start making his tech- like he was before. But he was still using Stark Tech, which was peoples main problem in the first place: Too much reliance on Stark. This movie effectively rebooted him; he’s back to making his own technology, and back to working on his own without help from the Avengers(aside from when a Thanos-Level threat comes along).

…………………I’m having trouble finding the right way to explain how well Tom Holland played his role in the movie. It’s not that different from his roles in Homecoming and Far From Home, but it’s definitely more………. serious? “Somber?” Mature? It doesn’t feel like the “Fanboy, nerdy High School Kid” from Homecoming, or someone who wanted to enjoy being young while he still could(something I think a lot of people can relate around Junior and Senior year of High School); it felt like he was………….. “Moving Along.” He realized that he’s more suited to the “Friendly Neighborhood” thing, and was able to find a level of balance to his life- all that was left for him to do was……….. “keep moving?” Was that the right way to say it? Like; I’m trying to say that his life as Peter Parker was just going to end up going like everyone else’s: Either go into the Workforce right after High School; College; the Military; etc. Just normal people stuff.

And Maybe…………..

This movie hammers that idea home(no pun intended) by having the catalyst being Peter and his friends worried about getting into their Dream School. Yeah; all of this happened because Peter wanted to get into MIT. Silly Peter ParkerYou’re not allowed to be happy!! Something that Sam Raimey’s Spider Man 3 tried to convey, but didn’t come through as well as I think was intended. Instead of clunkily trying to explain it as I had done before re-writing this portion- 5 Different Times– I’ll let you guys watch the Totally Not Mark video covering the Sam Raimey’s original trilogy. He’s a really good Youtuber that I happen to agree with. And I want to show him support because of……….. The Incident with Toei Animation. You’ll……….. find the specifics on his channel.

To summarize: Peter’s life was looking up in that movie- College grades were good; In a Happy relationship with the love of his life- who herself was living her dream; and being Spider Man wasn’t costing him any of it- he could even hold down a job! But as I said: Peter Parker Is Not Allowed To Be Happy. He’ll always sacrifice his personal Happiness to save total strangers- and the people he often neglects. Being Spider Man- being Peter Parker– has cost him jobs, relationships, his Personal Health with that whole “Mutation” deal. And that’s not even to mention the physical AND emotional tolls that fighting characters like Green Goblin(be it Harry or Norman under the mask) or Dr Octopus(in the PS4 game) puts on him. Not to mention all the loss that he goes through- from romantic partners such as Gwen Stacy, to allies like her father– family like Aunt May……….that’s his only family, but that’s a separate matter- even Friends like Harry Osborn!

His Father Died Trying To Kill Peter; He tried to kill Peter(with and without knowing); tried to steal his girlfriend; and sacrificed himself saving him: Harry Osborn, Everyone.

And that’s what I mean when I said that this movie got into the “core” of the Peter Parker character: He always does what’s right even if it costs him his happiness!! Ignoring “One More Day;” he gives up a lot of his happiness for the sake of everyone- “He’s not always there for them, but he’ll always be there to save them.” Homecoming showed this idea with him choosing to go and stop Vulture rather than go to the dance with Liz. The same idea is repeated in Far From Homewith the absolute worst outcome. That being Peter choosing his class trip and MJ over taking that great responsibility Tony handed him. My point has been made.

………………I feel like I’m talking a bit to much about that kind of heavy stuff. I may have been repeating myself with that last point- more than just twice. I think I need to tone it down a bit- otherwise I’ll never finish this post! I’m don’t think the movie is trending by the time that you guys are seeing this. Let’s focus on something else: Andrew Garfield And Tobey Maguire. I started talking about the 3 anyway, and got wrapped up in my own thesis.

Tom Holland definitely killed it this time around; he was definitely a lot more serious and felt like he was somewhere between the “Nerdy, Quirky” kid he was in Homecoming and the Depressed Guy he was throughout some of Far From Home. I think……….. that he’s grown; that he’s……… “nto a kid anymore.” He’s almost a completely different person from the kid from Queens we met in Captain America: Civil War. And………….maybe that’s a Good Thing. Because now the fans who liked him from the get-go got to see a compelling character arc for Peter Parker, and those who weren’t can now see a new Spider Man disconnected from the Avengers and can’t rely on Stark Technology like before. This is where I’d say “Everyone’s Happy,” BUT- Fandoms SUCK. Can’t please em all!

Tobey. Fre@kin’. Maguire. THE Spider Man(for many people)- the Original Live Action Wall Crawler makes his triumphant return to the Big Screen…….. in a smaller role than was originally planned. Yeah; they originally had him ALL OVER this movie- like he’d be more of a lead than even MJ or Ned. But one of his conditions to come back for the role was “Less Of A Focus” on his character; he didn’t want to be the focus of this movie because it wasn’t about his version of Spider Man- he wanted the movie to keep its focus on Tom Holland. And as I laid out before getting sidetracked: It worked out for the best.

But that’s not to say that we don’t get more of his same character from the original trilogy; he’s serious when he needs to be(much like he was in the Raimey films), but was still kind of dorky like his counterparts. Even though he’s a fair bit older than them. Then again; I’m 22 and talking about manga for fun- Who am I to talk? In any case; we also get to learn a little about what happened after Spider Man 3 in regards to how his relationship with his MJ went. He said that they “made it work.” Mayday Parker, anyone? Their daughter in another Universe where Marvel respected their relationship and let them continue? Possibly. And with Sony doing projects such as Kraven The Hunter, a Black Cat movie, and they’ve even discussed several TV projects- I think a Mayday Parker Movie is up their alley. Especially if they use Tobey Maguire’s Spider Man as her father.

May “Mayday” Parker- The Spectacular Spider Girl

I think that……….. this older version of the first big screen Peter Parker we saw was kind of a “reminder” of how old the original fans of those movies were. Like; the kids that saw Tobey Maguire swinging through the streets of New York in theaters the first time now more than likely have kids of their own to show those movies to- which leads into No Way Home in a brilliant way in that those kids are growing up with Tom Holland’s Peter. Which ties into the scene in which Peter 2 stops Peter 1 from killing Goblin. Which was a really good scene to see; a whole conversation being conveyed through their eyes while Peter 2 just looks at him like “Don’t” and then “I get it, but this is not the way(to make as many Mandalorian jokes as possible).”

………………I forgot the point I was going to make. I don’t even think I had 1 other than the idea that it had to be Peter 2 that stopped him- because he was unable to save Norman from his own Glider the first time, leading into everything that happened with Harry(which he told to Ned). It was a perfect way to “redeem” his folly from the first movie, and may have been his own way of making it up to Harry for letting him die the first time. It works on so many levels for the fans and the characters- I’m really glad that they included it in the movie. Also his interaction with Ned was priceless.

And then you have Andrew Garfield– The “Black Sheep” of the trio. The one that fans will always point to as the worst of any portrayal of Spider Man. What a f*cking Redemption Arc this movie was for him. I liked hearing about what happened after the end of TASM 2– hearing that he started to get a little more “Violent” as time went on. It actually makes me wonder what happened to The Rhino at the end of TASM 2. You know what I mean?

What really happened here………….?

Like; at what point did he stop “pulling his punches?” When he came back to fight Rhino; he had just heard Gwen’s speech from Graduation- which is what inspired him to go and fight Rhino in the first place. But as anyone who’s gone through incredible loss the way Peter 3 did; you’ll know that “picking yourself back up” isn’t as simple as that. It takes a minute. And with that version of Rhino being the type to run his mouth off- Could he have potentially said the Wrong Thing? Which would have lead to a bit of a more aggressive end to the fight……..? I don’t necessarily think it happened so soon. I think after about a month or so of fighting he started to get a little depressed not having Gwen around- and he may have found an outlet for the Anger that came with it.

What my point is here: Peter 3 may have been going through the stages of Grief. I don’t think that the initial “Denial” isn’t the rejection of the fact that the person died- it can also be taken as “The Rejection Of Emotion………..” if that makes sense. I talk about Grief in 2 of my Edens Zero reviews(a more “recent” 1 depicts it better than the original– or at least I discuss it better); I like how Mashima is able to properly convey that emotion to his readers. And seeing this version of Peter Parker; I think he may have gone through a similar thing. He denied his emotions- rejecting Gwen to protect her, and rejecting the emotions that came when he lost her. He ma have thought that he was “right as rain” when he went to fight Rhino, but………….. Maybe Not.

Agro Peter 3

So we’ve got “Denial” and “Anger” pretty laid out. But what of “Depression,” “Bargaining,” and “Acceptance.” The way that this movie portrays it; he went through his “Acceptance” arc not too long before this movie picks up, which is why he was able to bring Peter 1 out of his funk so effectively(though he was also going through the Stages Of Grief during the course of the movie, and was not totally in the “Acceptance” phase until the end). His “Depression” came during the course of the ending of TASM 2; he stopped being Spider Man for a while and just sat his room sad and mopey. I don’t think we ever saw or even got an inkling into the “Bargaining” stage, and I don’t know how you guys would categorize the initial “No No No You Can’t Be Gone” part in the beginning of the process. 4 out 5 ain’t bad, though.

I also liked his interactions with Electro when the Statue Of Liberty fight began. You can tell that Andrew was a lot happier playing the role of Spider Man in this movie in comparison to everything that he said after the filming of TASM 2. If you remember; he said that he was just……… really miserable in that movie– he didn’t have fun making it. It’s honestly kind of similar to Ben Affleck’s mentality during his time as Batman; these 2 didn’t enjoy anything about those films because of all the studio interference going on behind the scenes(Joss Whedon’s behavior during the filming of the Theatrical Justice league movie is currently being looked into by the Authorities). But when it comes to filming a movie with Marvel Studios; a lot of the actors will famously improvise lines to make the characters feel more “real-” they play these characters like they’re- for lack of a better phrase– “Actual People” and not “People reading from a script.”

Not this- This Is Pretty Darn Hilarious.

I think that works out in favor for Actors who’ve been doing their roles for a long time like Robert Downey Jr and Chris Evans. Tobey feels like the “Final Form” of his character from the Raimey trilogy, and Andrew………… I think he’s closer to it. Like; I feel like he’s almost a fully realized Spider Man with this movie, and he needs just a little more time to become what we see in the comics. He may have been a more “accurate” Peter Parker, but I felt that his Spider Man was a bit too “Over The Top.”

He was definitely the joking, falsely confident Spider Man that we know and love. But sometimes his bits could go on for a bit too long. Something that Tobey and Tom’s portrayals were able to do was “get serious” and “Shut Up” when the situation started getting heavy. It’s kind of hard to explain; I feel like the “wise cracks” Spider Man is so known for isn’t present enough in the Raimey movies- he was more less serious the vast majority of the time with the comedic moments coming from the more awkward Peter Parker side(which would sometimes carry over to the role of Spider Man). Holland’s portrayal is serious when it comes to the climax of the movie, which is usually where things begin to get serious.

Whereas Andrew Garfield’s portrayal felt a little too talkative for my liking- like he could talk his way out of any situation presented to him given the time and effort. It’s like…………. he did too much. And it got annoying after a minute. But considering everything that went on behind the scenes while making the movie- says a lot about his dedication to the role. And with this movie being a lot more fun for him to work on; I feel like he may be willing to come back if Sony needs a Spider Man for………… whatever the actual f*ck they’re trying to do over there. Movies can be as good as anything Marvel spat out in phase 3(Captain America: Civli War- Spider Man: Far From Home)- Still Don’t Know What They’re Building Up To.

It’s Not Like All Of The Movies They’re Making Are BAD– I just don’t know why they’d want a Kraven solo movie.

I also found the strain being put between Strange and Peter an interesting part of the movie. I think Strange was a pretty good addition to this movie in general. Though the way they bait switched us with the trailer was………. honestly just Marvel being Marvel at this point. The add and subject stuff to the movie that either was or was not in the trailers or TV spots for their movies; it makes it hard to get an accurate read on the movie. The trailers told us that Strange would disobey Wong’s warnings about the spell, but the actual movies says that he just………. kind of let it happen. He knew he couldn’t very well stop Strange; he’s more powerful than Wong. And he knows this.

I know it’s a big joke that Peter should have thought a little more thoroughly before going to Dr Strange- that he should have included the people he wanted to keep their memories in the first place. These correct statements; he should have given Dr Strange a list of people he wanted to remember his secret. Doing it while he was mid spell like 5 or 6 times would irritate anyone. And smart as he is, he went to a Wizard to solve everything for him before he tried to talk the MIT Admission Boss lady despite wanting everything to go back to “Normal?’ Come on, Petethat’s just childish. Then again- Perfect Nerd Logic.

Spider Man vs Dr Strange

I made that sound like I think that their dynamic in the movie is “Forced Tension.” And I do feel that it may have been on some level– Peter’s bumbling isn’t totally his fault. Stephen could have asked him before hand if there was anyone he wanted to keep their memories of him being Spider Man. But Peter messing with the Spell so much did cause a lot of problems for the Multiverse, and New York with the Villains coming through. You, too, would be a little more than p!ssed at Peter. And I think Benedict Cumberbatch depicts that annoyance pretty well. We’ll more than likely see how this movie affected him in the upcoming Multiverse Of Madness film(hopefully I get to see it), so look forward to that!

Ned and MJ were also pretty good. I’m a little curious where Ned’s connection to mystic arts came from; I feel like they’re going to tease that out as they make more MCU Spider Man movies. Perhaps that Magic will lead into his decent into becoming the Hobgoblin. The MCU loves to mix and match different characters and comic storylines(this movie is effectively the One More Day storyline done Correctly). So maybe they’ll mix the Ultimate Universes(Mile’s Universe’s) Green Goblin with the Hobgoblin and add Magic to the origin so he becomes that giant monster? That one requires pre-existing knowledge of what I’m talking about– hopefully you guys know what I’m talking about…………..

ULTIMATE Green Goblin!!!

I also think that MJ……………. Lost Something. She wasn’t the……… “Radical” she was in the first 2 movies. You know what I mean? She was still superb in this movie- even the reveal that her full name is “Michelle Jones Watson” put a smile on my face, and she and Peter were…………. some cringy new age way to say “A Good Couple.” But I don’t think she really “challenged an idea” in the movie. Her interaction with Dr Strange was pretty funny, but that was the only “challenge” she did. All that said; I also feel like she didn’t need anything like that to be an interesting character. Like I said: Her relationship with Tom Holland’s Peter were really adorable.

I like how she was kind of his “anchor” amidst his secret becoming public knowledge; keeping him from just “buckling under it all” and making him feel………….”Normal.” I kind of hate that word for reasons I won’t specify. What I will say, though, is that their relationship was mostly perfect. I really hope they don’t introduce some kind of “wrench” in things for them. I SAY THAT- And Gwen Stacy is announced as a character in the next movie.

Speaking of: THAT MID CREDIT SCENE. I know that people are kind of upset that it won’t be Tom Hardy’s version of Venom going up against Tom Holland’s Peter- but I can see a few ways that Marvel can make it work. For 1; we have the Venom: Let There Be Carnage Post Credit scene in which Venom says that he has “Hive Mind Intelligence Spanning Across Universes.” He is connected to the other Variants of the Venom Symbiote– be it the original 616 version; the one Topher Grace’s Eddy Brock(Spider Man 3) wore for a time; the ones from the various Animated Series and numerous Video GamesAll Of 1 Mind. Which means that all of them know who Peter Parker Is- Who His Loved Ones Are- His weaknesses and MORE!! We’re getting a VERY interesting version of Venom on the way.

“They’re Poison To Peter Parker And Spider Man- They’re VENOM!!!!

It may be another version of Eddy Brock played by Tom Hardy again; Topher Grace coming back to reprise his role and give a more faithful rendition of the character- or possibly the same one from Spider Man 3(You never really know what these companies are going to pull on you these days- maybe he managed to slip through before the spell was complete or something); a completely new actor; or- my personal choice- Mac Gargan from Homecoming.

Portrayed by Michael Mando; he was originally a member of Vulture’s band of thieves who routinely stole Chitari technology from the Department Of Damage Control following the Attack on New York by Loki. The end of that movie saw the whole group arrested and sent to prison, where Gargan told Tomes he had “Friends On The Outside that would Love to know who Spider Man is-” another tease for the Sinister 6. But in the context of the MCU- it’s been 5 YEARS since that happened. Maybe 1 more sense the MCU moved kind of like our own did time-wise. And then you have the whole thing with the Blip. Using that as a plot device; the MCU is now able to bring in characters such as Charlie Cox’s Fre@kin’ DAREDEVIL by saying they “blipped out,” and characters like Vincent D’onofrio’s Kingpin by via the end of that shows original 1 on Netflix.

The end of that show saw him placed in prison. And he comes into Hawkeye with explanation that he wasn’t blipped and was able to rebuild his Empire in secret without Daredevil around to stop him. MY POINT: Thanos’ attack presents the opportunity to bring characters such as Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Cloak and Dagger, the Runaways and more into the Main MCU through saying “blipped or not.” Let’s say Mac Gargan wasn’t blipped, and for 5(or 6) years since the events of Homecoming– he was just……… “picking up where they left off?” He, Vulture, Tinkerer, Shocker, and more resume business where they left off without the interference of Spider Man and the fractured Avengers hindering them. Maybe not Vulture persay, but the rest of them keep stealing- now having tech from Thanos’ invasion of Wakanda, and less security because- you knowless people.

He could already be The Scorpion

If we go with the logic that Tomes went to Oregon to be with his family and have a peaceful life; we could say that Gargan/”Scorpion” is the “Muscle” of the group that takes care of problems and breaks into trucks n’ sh!t like Vulture did. And then along comes back the Spider Man to stop them all over again. The next movie could tell us that they’ve fought a few times before, and Spider Man stopping him again is the most recent occurrence of their little “Dance.” And Gargan begins to get tired of it. In prison for the unteenth; he starts to get really frustrated with his repeated losses. Which is when that little bit of Venom comes his way.

Like I said earlier: All Venom Symbiotes Are Connected– and several storylines and series have seen Gargan get the Symbiote. He knows of Gargan– they ALL do. And they also remember what Peter does to him in every Universe, so he’s got a bit of bone to pick with him. And instead of look around for Eddy Brock- who may not even hate Spider Man in this Universe- he’ll go to the guy who also wants to squash the Spider. And if you remember his stent as Venom from the comics; you’ll know that that version of Venom was a Cannibal. This version of Venom loves to eat people. Put em together, and………..well; Parker better watch his back.

I’m Coming For You, Peter!!


………………………..I’m Done. It took me 3 months and the majority of yet another Hiatus to do it, but I finally completed my review for “Spider Man: No Way Home.” And It’s Not Even Trending Anymore. Oh well; “Better Late Than Never.” I definitely could have cut some stuff out- I feel like I spent too much time talking about the duality of “Peter Parker” and “Spider Man,” and not enough really talking about characters like Sand Man and Lizard. But the way the marketing was set up; it was definitely supposed to focus on Ock, Goblin, and Electro. Which they did REALLY well.

Let me know your own thoughts on the movie(if you’ve seen it) in the comments. And what did you guys think of my review? Even if you guys agree; I feel like I didn’t need to say all of this. I’m gonna try to “reign it it” a little more when I can come back. Hope you guys like what I have in store for the lot of you. Until then, everyone; have a Magically Wonderful Day. Later, everyone!!

Shippers Rejoice! Edens Zero Chapter 176 BREAKDOWN

This is a reference to something…………..

In my review for My Hero Academia Chapter 341(that I am still diligently working on); I talk for a minute about this generations female characters- how well written they all seem to be and how powerful they are without being Super “In Your Face” about it. This chapter furthers that sentiment- in a manor of speaking. Because this chapter shows that the women of Hiro Mashima’s “Edens Zero” are BALLSY. I legitimately DID NOT see that coming. I gotta give it to Rebecca: She knows what she wants, and she. Will. GO For It. You’ll know what I mean in- AH You already know: Rebecca Kisses Shiki!! Edens Zero Chapter 176: “The Planet Dahlia.” Let’s begin………


The chapter begins with narration from our dear Xiao Mei- in a bikini no less!! Why? I didn’t question it– but she says that she just wanted to this time. She reminds us of the events of the last 2 chapters between picking up Connor, going to Blue Garden, and leaving with a new “Captain” to steer the ship. They had wanted to get some maintenance done on the ship’s Ether Drive, but…….. Feather. So they decide to go to the Planet “Dahlia” in the Kaede Cosmos- home to a place to get that done, and to Ryuzetsu Land(which is a “Fairy Tail” reference). Thus the swimsuit.

You know how these kinds of chapters go: People doing their own things; one of the girls loses their bikini for a minute; and just a relaxing, fun time all around. Kleene is a MENACE, by the way, as she and “Lagurino” cause……… a Tsunami, effectively. Hermit likes doing her coding by the pool; Sister…………..; Connor checks out Rebecca(much like the rest of us); Homura’s training makes her lose her whole swimsuit; and………. pretty much that. Very simple pool chapter until……….

Rebecca wants to take pictures to “always remember their visit.” She and Shiki end up taking a few under a waterfall. Normal Friend stuff. Then she gives him a “peck” on the cheek. Shiki didn’t see that one coming(neither did most of the fandom), and Rebecca says it was for “always being so helpful to her.” But Shiki says that she’s also help him out just as much(looking rather flushed), so Rebecca says they’ll just mark their relationship as “Mutually Beneficial.Whatever that means.

Their little “Turning Point” is interrupted by a congregation of guys huddled around……. LABILLA. She came here on Vacation, but some @$$wipes recognized her and started messing with her; they think she’s doing a bikini vid to get more views. So they begin to “help” her by forcing her to strip. Needless to say; Shiki makes that sh!t stop instantaneously. They don’t get the memo, so they begin to attack Rebecca. But before Shiki can end them; we get an appearance from Holy of the Oracion Seis Interstelar. She threatens to arrest the @$$hole’s if they don’t get lost, and they scurry off.

Shiki and Rebecca get ready for an Intense Battle, but she hasn’t come to apprehend them- she instead wants to Help them. In fact; she asks if they can be Friends. Meanwhile; Labilla just sits quietly in the background like she should have the entire series. Thus; Edens Zero Chapter 176 comes to an Interesting END!! You’re up, Granbell………


This is not my first attempt at writing this section, I’ll be honest; the first draft didn’t “get across” what I meant as well as I would have liked. It’ll be a miracle if this post comes out the way I want it too– the images of Holy above keep going down every time I come back to work on this post. I think it’s because I didn’t edit them, so I went ahead and did that. But if they aren’t up after that then I don’t know what to do.

But on to the chapter- There’s a LOT that I want to say about this one in particular. He says like 1 or 2 chapters haven’t come out by the time he gets out this review. I’ll try to keep it “un-influenced” by the events of the next chapters when doing speculations. The first thing that I want to talk about in regards to this chapter would be the ever infamous Labilia. I’ve……. been saying her name wrong the whole time. Don’t Care, but Mashima’s gonna try to make me…….

What do I really say about her right now………?

I want to start off by saying that- even thought I HATE her for what she’s done to Rebecca and how she’s acted- No one deserves to be harassed and touched in this manor. It’s just plain wrong. I’m glad that she’s been “knocked down a peg” and is facing the consequences of being such Mean B!tch, but these @$$holes are just wastes of life. Going to ignore the latest chapter at the time of me writing this(Thursday February 2, 2022, 7:53pm)- I was hoping Shiki would lift ’em all up and toss ’em into orbit.

But to focus on her bad karma finally coming for her; she’s broke. As Couchpo told us in chapter 85; malicious B Cubers such as Labilia lose their ads, and thus their revenue. And that was 3 Years ago. Whatever money she’s had saved up is likely already gone, and she doesn’t seem like the type to have done some “smart investing decisions” in the past(may have received some options but probably didn’t listen). And I can’t image many companies wanting a Bully as the “Face” of their brand. Her brand is effectively dead, and she’s up a creak without a paddle at the moment. So I want to ask you guys a question: How did she get to the Kaede Cosmos?

She has no money- and even if she scrounged up what little she had left to treat herself and take her mind off it; it’s not like she can go anywhere without people messing with her. Her re-introduction is the Extreme end of that, but I can image people pouring food on her the same way she did to Rebecca, or calling her the B word everywhere that she went. And now; she doesn’t even have people around to protect her. So……… How’d she get from Sakura to Kaede? is she here with someone who just isn’t around right now? That’s just something I find curious……..


Next: Holy. 1)Holy F*CK she’s hot. 2) How the H#ll did she know Shiki’s weak spot? Has it just become “common knowledge” now that Shiki’s a “Big Name,” or did Amira have something to do with it? There is NO WAY her wording is a coincidence; this woman is Conniving. She had to have known that she had the particular character quirk when it came to the word “friends.” In chapter 106; Justice pointed out that it was most likely someone on the Edens Zero that defeated Drakken- something that he probably brought up when it came to not only that first on-screen “Prayer Council,” but also when it came to naming Shiki as one of the Oracion Seis Galactica. And I image that that gathered up as much information on Shiki and his crew as possible– which is where the GIA would come in.

Amira explained to Homura in chapter 36 that her ability allowed her to copy peoples appearances, personalities, and memories. So most of their information on Homura would come from her- including Shiki’s biggest weakness. Or rather- FORMER weakness. As he showed in his first bout with Shura; he knows when people are trying to trick him-or at least can see through CLEAR bullsh!t, which Shura displayed. He might not be as quick to accept Holy like he did Amira, keeping this experience in mind.

That said; I can’t make heads or tails of Holy. She may well just be trying to trick him and manipulate him into getting into a conflict with this “Deadend Crow” character, or……. she may be Genuinely extending a hand to him. Because she- like her fellow Interstelar members minus Justice- realize how much more of a threat Ziggy is than Shiki or Elsie. And they’re getting ready to team up on him. If she brings the backing of a fleet of her own and adds it to the Edens Zero’s forces and Elsie’s crew- maybe no one has to die. It’s hard to make heads or tails of this woman because she’s so………. “Coy.

She’s the type of girl that has “a face for every situation;” it’s hard to figure out if she’s just f*cking with you or flirting. And even then; is there an ulterior motive behind what she’s doing, or is she just doing it “for the H#ll of it.” She certainly strikes me as the “Agent Of Chaos” type of character- she gets her “hands” in a bunch of different “soups” based on her own personal enjoyment. But I don’t think she’s doing this just for sh!ts and giggles. She wants something from Shiki, and I don’t think that she’s used to hearing the word “No……….” To make as many Innuendos as possible- ’cause she’s RIDICULOUSLY Attractive. Maybe her “charm” is part of her Ether Gear?

I’d also like to take a moment to talk about Weisz’ development. Bet you were thinking it I was gonna talk about Shiki first, weren’t you? I’ll touch on him in a minute; I wanted to talk about Weisz for a minute because it was just a nice character moment for him to not have shut off the water on Homura. The Old Weisz Steiner(pre-time skip X442 Weisz- NOT the Professor) I know would have shut off the water the moment her top came off. This Weisz Steiner; he helped Homura with her “training” without a dirty thought in his mind; kept the water running because her clothes came off; and even jumped down Connor’s throat about him leering at Rebecca- whereas before he would have leered right along with him, and THEN got on his about it. He can do it– old men cannot!!

NOW we can talk about Shiki’s development! I don’t think he’ll accept Holy’s offer. I definitely think that this needs to be a Group decision- a discussion held by the crew to determine if this is really something the believe in. Because I can see a few of them(Rebecca, Happy, Pino, Kleene, and maybe Connor ’cause Look at her d@mmit) playing “Devil Advocate” and thinking that she- at the very LEAST– wants to defeat Ziggy because he’s CLEARLY a bigger threat than Shiki or Elsie. On the other hand; you have the more “Pragmatic” characters like Kris, Laguna, Weisz, and Hermit telling Shiki the danger of teaming up with an Interstelar- she could help fight Ziggy, only to try and take out Shiki and Elsie when they’re exhausted from the fight. Obvious stuff, but given who they’re about to go up against and how hard they’ll have to try- Effective.

I also think that Elsie is going to want a say in this decision, considering how close she and the Crew of Edens have been working over the last 3 years. She’s certainly proven to be one of the more “level headed” characters in the story- she didn’t even really seem to be mad at Jesse for betraying her. And didn’t even change her policies on who joins her crew. She’s………. logical. And she’ll likely agree to Holy’s help. But with a Condition. I don’t know what that “condition” would be, but I feel like it’ll have something to do with Elsie “watching” her- making sure that she stays where she can watch her and AWAY from her little brother. Logical– but still protective of Shiki.

The very last thing that I feel that I should mention before I end this post- the “Main Event” of this chapter: The Kiss. What the FLAGNARD did she mean by “Mutually Beneficial Relationship?” You could see the moment after it happened that she was kind of embarrassed that she did that- but that she knows what she did; it wasn’t a case of “Did I just do what I think I did?” She was well aware or what happened. Which would mean that she knew the ensuing conversation was coming. I GUESS this means that she has been thinking about their relationship over the last 3 years?

I think that what Mashima is trying to convey is that………….. It’s “Complicated.” Like; they’re still in the “Friend Zone,” but……… Rebecca is starting to either catch some feels, or learning she already had them. And while she doesn’t want to “muddy things up” with all of that stuff; she’s not just gonna ignore these feelings. She’s experimenting with their relationship; seeing if Shiki’s into her at all before she actually “makes a move.” This was the test. And since Shiki didn’t dwell on it very long; that means……….. “Hard To Say.” So now they’re moving from “Friend Zone” to……… whatever a “Mutuallly Beneficial Relationship” is. Not quite “Hanging Out,” but “a little more.” This here is why I’m single.


Messed up that explanation of the relationshipI know that I did. But I also know that you can’t put this moment into words. When the anime does this scene; I wonder how the Anime-Only’s will react to it. Based on the Manga Readers reaction- The series should TREND for DA~YS. Or at least I would HOPE it would; the anime isn’t as popular as your Jujutsu Kaisen‘s or your Attack On Titans– I wasn’t really expecting it to. Hoping certainly, but never expected it to. It being a “Netfli Original” kind of limited it’s “reach” if you know what I mean. Here’s to hoping it can get a bigger audience. Oh yeah, did you here? SEASON 2 CONFIRMED!!

Low Resolution- But it still gets the point across.

To quote a certain mouthy merc: “This sh!ts gonna have NUTS in it.Still haven’t had the time to watch season 1, but I get the feeling that’s getting ready to change. That’s all I got for the lot of ya today, boys and girls. Until next we meet; Have Magically Wonderful Day. Later, gators!!

1001 Ways To Say Kawaki Kills Boruto. Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Chapter 66 BREAKDOWN

You read the titleyou know what happens. Not really much left for me to do except talk about the chapter. But because I’m writing this a few days before the chapter actually comes out; I’m going to have to pad this out a little. But only a little. I’m gonna have to save some stuff for the “Analysis” section. But what I will start off by saying is that I’ve been watching a lot of Writing Analysis videos about “Naruto” lately, and this chapter feels in line with the theme of the videos I’ve been watching- specifically with regards to the “Curse Of Hatred” theme, or the theme of “Sacrifice.”

Kawaki would kill me for calling him this: “Isshiki Ohtsusuki 2.0.

I’ll get into it more in the “Analysis” section, but I wanted to make sure you guys take note of where this is going. Let’s see if you guys are thinking what I’m thinking. Boruto- Naruto Next Generations Chapter 66: “Do-Or-Die.” Let’s Begin……..


We begins the chapter with Kawaki remembering what Amado told him: “Take the power to protect the Hokage for yourself.” And that power has manifested in the form of a “Karma that is purely a ‘weapon-‘” a power that Kawaki didn’t know Amado had given him. Yeah; that whole thing about Kawaki having a choice in the matter was a lie– he reconstructed Isshiki’s Karma the same time he regenerated Kawaki’s arm. Eida tells Code as much, with the “motivation” he needed being saving Naruto from Borushiki. Shikamru takes not of Code speaking to someone, figuring that he has an “Ally” somewhere else………..

It is his power now, so………….

Kawaki looks down at his hand in surprise, as is Borushiki. But there’s no time to worry about that; Kawaki begins putting this power to use– using Daikokuten to summon Chakra rods from the Ohtsusuki World and Sukunahikona to enlarge them and sends them flying at Borushiki. He dodges, but the cubes start to rain down upon him. His display of control and power is enough for Code to think of him as a “Second Isshiki.”

Naruto is shocked to see what Kawaki is capable of, as he asks how he got these abilities. But Kawaki reminds him that Code said not to move or he’d kill Shikamaru(not that he really cares if it’s not Naruto or the Uzumakis). Hearing this; Naruto’s next questions becomes “How far are you willing to go?” Kawaki: “I’ll Do What Needs To Be Done- For You.” Afterwards; he continues his bout against Borushiki- displaying his abilities as both a Karma user and as one enhanced with Scientific Ninja Tools(to borrow a name from “LEGO: Ninjago- Masters Of Spinjutsu(as series due for a “Nostalgia Corner” in the Future):” Nindroid).

Kawaki comes close to winning the exchange until Naruto intervenes to save Boruto’s body. This breaks the rule Code had laid down- but Code doesn’t see much of a point in killing Shikamaru at this juncture. Naruto asks Kawaki if he really intends on killing Boruto, to which Kawaki repeats what he told him earlier: “He’ll Do What Needs To Be Done.” Naruto says that Boruto is his son, but Kawaki responds that he’s “also a Demon After Naruto’s Life.So Yesyes he will. He tells Naruto to move aside and face reality, but the Hokage refuses to move. So Boruto MAKES him.

Alright, Let’s Do This.”

Much to the annoyance of Momoshiki; Boruto wakes up, and begins to try and suppress Momo’s consciousness. He laments that the meds were only a Temporary solution, and how close he came to killing his father. Kawaki reminds him of their promise, and Boruto agrees with what must happen: Kawaki Has To Kill Boruto. He tells Naruto to give Himawari and Hinata his best, and sends him back a ways with “Wind Style: Gale Palm.” He stands firm, as Kawaki closes in- piercing him in the torso.

No one can believe what just happened, as Boruto lies on the ground with a hole in his chest- bringing Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Chapter 66 to a Tragic END!! That just happened– you’re reading it right. But……….



It’s Saturday Night, January 22, 2022 at 8:20pm when I started writing this part of the post. I have only watched 1 video regarding the chapter- I try not to so I don’t unintentionally copy their thoughts and opinions. I want any thoughts on the chapters I read to be my own. I say all this because I feel that I need to for this particular post. My thought when I read this chapter for the very first time was that Boruto and Kawaki planned for this- for Kawaki to “kill” Boruto while Code was around. It was all necessary for their plan to go into effect.

The Brother’s Vow

I want you guys to think back to when Boruto got his Karma mark. What happened? Time Froze, and Momoshiki appeared before Boruto, bestowing the Karma on him. And in this fight; Boruto showed a level of control over Momoshiki’s power that we’ve never seen before- thanks to Amado’s meds. Not only that, but we also know that these 2- at this juncture- are more Ohtsusuki than Human at this point. All of this put together(as well as Kawaki’s earlier statement in chapter 56– which should probably be the main piece of evidence) tells me that Boruto should be able to do the same thing. He should be able to freeze time- just like Momoshiki did– and put a Karma of his own on Code as they planned to.

If he gets that much access to Momo’s power, then using Space-Time Ninjutsu shouldn’t be too hard. And sense all the Ohtsusuki memories are “downloaded(which is why Boruto and Kawaki were such good fighters under its influence),” then Boruto would know how to plant the Karma mark on someone. He’s going to “mark” Code, and “reincarnate” in his body. That is what will happen– I’m almost willing to put money on it(I’m 95% sure- I’d never put money on something unless it was guaranteed). Which leads into the question of What He’ll Get out of “becoming” Code. A few things, when you think about what the story has set up for his character.

The next batch of images come from the very First chapter of “Boruto” I ever reviewed- chapter 56! They depict Code’s latent potential thanks to his White Karma mark. And as we learn from Resident Karma Expert Amado; the Ōtsutsuki will also gain all the memories, skills and knowledge from the vessel. Meaning if Boruto implants his own Karma on Code and manages to manifesthe’ll gain Code’s abilities.

He would gain Code’s claw marks, and the power granted to him by the White Karma!- probably. I’m not sure how a regular Karma and a White Karma would interact on the same Vessel. But if he did get the White Karma’s power, in addition to Code’s modifications, then that would make Boruto even stronger than before. Especially after Amado remove those Infernal Limiters. What all of this is leading to- the set up with Code and Boruto’s Karma- is made to give an idea of how powerful he and Kawaki must be going into The Flashforward.

If what I’ve predicted turns out to be correct, then that let’s you know what level Boruto will be at when it comes time for the “Clash Of Brothers;” he’s got effectively and Android with no clear limits on his stamina, can make claw marks and appear anywhere around the battlefield, and has thousands of years of combat experience from thanks to the White Karma- and possibly a few other surprises by the time we get there(clearly possessing the Regular Karma by then). Kawaki has his Karma back, and he’ll continue to learn Ninjutsu from Naruto and the others in the Leaf. Not to mention Amado potentially hooking him up with a few more “modifications” that’ll help him “Protect the Hokage.” I look forward to seeing what Kawaki’s build up to that moment will be like……………….

Whatever It Takes……….

After that rather Lack Luster speculation on my part; I think that I just thought of a Parallel in the story: Kawaki and Code. Both are strong Karma users- potential even stronger than those they admire so devoutly. Both are border line Zealots when it comes to the ones who took them in(in the case of CODE- there is no line). And both are being built up as stronger than those they revere. DIVERGENCE: Code had Limiters placed on him because it would have “undermined” Jigen’s authority. Kawaki has been granted new power and is able to- saytrap Naruto in another Dimension? And with Naruto lacking the Insane reserves of chakra he had before and the Uchiha lacking a Rinnegannot like it’s gonna be all that difficult. In short: Kawaki is what Isshiki was trying to keep Code from becoming- an All Powerful Warrior so devoted to his safety that he’ll end up getting in the way of whatever he intends on doing. I’d be very worried if I were Naruto………..

There are 2 things that I want to discuss when it comes to this chapter: The Long Awaited TIME SKIP- And Momoshiki’s Resurrection. The Time skip would be pretty easy to explain; Boruto would implement his plan and embed the his own Karma mark on Code. And while Code and Eida do whatever they’re grand plan is to capture Kawaki- the Karma mark begins to progress and Code will gradually become Boruto. Meanwhile; Kawaki continues training and growing stronger with his Karma, get more modifications from Amado, and prepare for whatever Code and Eida are going to do. But there’s a problem in all of this: Eida.

She wants a “Knight-” someone to love her for her and not the ability Amado gave her. And the only 2 people in the world that it can be are Boruto and Kawaki. She doesn’t really care which one it is(though she seems to be fawning over Kawaki more). So if Code can’t use Kawaki, then he’s have to use Boruto to feed to 10 Tails. But if all I’ve said comes to pass, then that won’t happen. Unless he were to use……… Momoshiki before Boruto comes back?

What about a Hole in their gut?

As seen with Jigen/Isshiki in chapter 47; when an Ohtsusuki vessel dies in the medical sense, then the Ohtsusuki is able to revive. “Boruto” is certainly dead in that sense. But as long as it bears Karma; it can still be used for Momoshiki to come back in. And I can imagine that when the vessel is dead, then the Ohtsusukification process will get an Immediate Boost in speed- like when you’re downloading something when the Internet is at its best. If I were to continue the analogy Amado started: Boruto being on the “internet” in the same “house” as Momoshiki is slowing down Momo’s download. But now that Boruto’s “disconnected” from the internet- the download is finished before Momo knew what hit em.

In this way; I see Code’s body taking a lot longer to upload Boruto’s “self” into his body- much longer than either Boruto or Kawaki. Kawaki’s had the Karma mark for……….. most of his life, it would seem. Like; say he’s around Boruto’s current age of 12-13(let’s say he’s on the older end at 14). His flashback to receiving Karma depicted him around 9 or 10. Not long, but it’s the longest point in his life we have to go on. Since he got sold off to Jigen at no older than 5 or 6, and likely had to have a few years of modifications and training to make it to this level. And we don’t know how long he was in the test tube. Point is: He’s had the mark for a while, and only made to 80% before it left him.

This image wasn’t from the last 20 chapters!!

Whereas Boruto couldn’t have had it for longer than a Year at most. And he’s almost as complete as Kawaki. I don’t know why this is the case(you can’t even make the argument that it’s the usage of Karma between the 2 because Kawaki logically would have been using it more than Boruto)- hopefully we can get that part explained a little more. But I guess we’ll leave that for Amado to explain when the Time Skip finally gets underway!!


…………..That should be it. I guess I could talk about the strain this will put between Kawaki and Naruto- as well as the rest of the Uzumakis. But……… I think that I’ve talked about all that I wanted to. I don’t really want to cover that “Family Drama” stuff until after the current arc is over. Because I feel like this arc will end next chapter, leading into the Aftermath- whether my speculation about a Time skip and Boruto’s plan is correct or not. So I think that I’ll cover that stuff in the next review(if I’ve managed to come back before then).

So I guess I’ll end things here. Let me know your own thoughts in the comments below. And until the next post, everyone- Have an Incredibly Magical Day. Later, everybody!!